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Secondary 4 Class Visits Home for Depressed

The 10th of September 2016 was once again a scintillating day as the
secondary 4 class of both Wisdom and Grace took the initiative out of love
and kindness to visit an institution for depressed people called Rumah
Pemulihan Soteria for their community service.
The community service began from 9 a.m. and ended at around 11
a.m. The flow of events that the secondary 4 put together was started with
an introduction, followed by games, a session with music played by the band,
a sharing of donations, a reflection and finally a conclusion. The secondary 4
bought the donations with the money that they had raised by selling in
Not only that the secondary 4 raised money, but they put together
arrangements for the songs that were played by the band. The instruments
in the band include two violins and two guitars. Some of the songs that they
played were: Still by Hillsong, Fight song by Rachel Platten, and many more.
Jeanette The, as the leader of the band gave her comment about her
experience of being the leader of the band. She said, Being the leader of the
band was fun, its quite difficult at first to find the time to practice and
choosing the songs. We had disagreements. But at the end, it was all good.
The community service involves interacting and sharing stories with
the people in the institution. The secondary 4 did not only offer
performances, but they also offered their love and compassion. They listened
to all the different stories that the people there told them, and replied them
with both understanding and encouragements.
It was awesome. The most memorable moment I had was when I get
to see the people in the institution happy and smiling. Those things would be
something I will never forget, Ervina Theresa said as she explained how she
felt when she was one of the violin players that played in the band.
Through this community service, the secondary 4 class gained another
experience and teachings that they could learn from, as well as understood
with their hearts and minds what people at the home for the depressed are
actually going through. In the future, the secondary 4 class would definitely
find various other institutions to be inspired from, not only from their
community services, but also in their daily lives.