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|| Om Devrahaya Digambaraya Manchasinaya Namo namah ||

Eko Brahm Ramasya. There is one brahma: Ram. Ram is Brahma in Sattva in the form of Name
In our daily life we see, happiness and sufferings come and go in our lives but in some peoples
life sufferings come to stay, they are born with sufferings and die with sufferings. To remove
that I want you to give you a samkalpa, for removing the sufferings out of your lives. I dont ask
for money or any other thing, but a promise. That is the japa of the name of Ram. Our Shri
Devraha Baba Sarkaar used to say
Baccha (son) there are two woods, one is the heart
And other is the name of Ram, when the two are rubbed together,
One will realize the ultimate lord Ram.
(The Samkalpa to remove sufferings is ) Now you all do
One Mala (Round) of Maha Mantra
Six Rounds of Guru Mantra
That is the daily rule. In everyday life in eating, living and truth lie etc. whatever you do daily the
six rounds are used. If you want more in life and to remove sufferings you need to do extra
twelve rounds daily of guru mantra along with the usual rounds. Sufferings will vanish from your
Along with this in morning when you get up and when you go to bed, just before sleeping, sit
cross legged in bed and remain silent for two minutes, dont see hear or think anything, just
dwell in peace. After that breathe rhythmically with deep inhaling and while exhaling do Ram
Ram Ram Ram and so on. Do this japa for five minutes. There are some people who have mental
problems , no medicine or doctors are able to cure that there problems will be cured and mind
will become extremely peaceful and healthy So two minutes of peace and five minutes of japa
will make your activities beautiful and works will find the right directions. Do this in morning in
bed and at bed time on bed after japa sleep as you desire. The name of Ram is the elixir which
will cure all diseases will destroy pap and will destroy your worldliness.
In the morning after the Japa in bed. Look at your breath, which nostril is more active. Air in one
nostril will be moving more freely than the other. Touch the earth with your right hand from bed
after japa and say O Mother (Earth) and touch the earth with that leg which nostril is active (
If right nostril is active then with right leg and vice versa. And move three steps putting that leg
forward then assume your regular walk and attend your natures call (Going to the bathroom etc.
or any other activity as per your wish) only after that. With these many of your works will
succeed and beautiful health will ensure. One of Babas disciple had tried this on many subjects
and verified this. According to him the earths energy is absorbed by the body with this practice.
The science of breath is called Swar Vigyan . According to this the left nostrils is called Ida and
the right is called Pingala, when breath flows through both nostril equally it is called Sushumna.
Usually one nostril will be more active than the other but only when both flow equally it is called
When going out of house observe the nostril and put that leg out of house first. All of your
works will succeed. If by mistake one uses the wrong feet then all his works will fail.

In Left nostril or Ida moon presides and is of cool nature and in Right or Pingala Sun presides and
is of hot nature. When food is eaten Pingala should be active, this will ensure digestion and the
best of health. Gastric acidity and the stomach paunch will disappear. Dont drink water
immediately after or before drinking but in middle one can sip a little to wet his/her throat. But
dont drink along with eating.
When drinking water ensure left nostril or Ida is active, Water will become like amrita or
ambrosia. To make your Left nostril active clench your left fist and put it firmly in your right
armpit and press firmly with your right arm to put pressure there within one and half to two
minutes the left nostril will become active. Same for the other nostril too. Or one can lie on the
right side with pillow beneath the right armpit too to make the left nostril active and vice versa.
If one wants to bathe in Triveni (The Junction of the three rivers Ganga Jamuna and Saraswati )
then when Susumna is active(Breath is coming out of both nostrils equally) it is triveni. Doing
japa and/or meditation at that time, will be bathing in triveni. If one has severe headache or
fever then observe one nostril will be totally closed, open that nostril and that malady will
vanish. Lord Jagganatha also gets sick he is offered ayurvedic medicine
This science of breath, Shri Devraha Baba had taught Shri Bade Sarkaar.
God is for everyone, weak or the mighty, and welcomes everyone with open arms. If Lord Ram is
the giver then one will have no shortage. If one wants something, ask from Ram. Lord Ram even
gives without asking.He will never leave you. In worldly affairs(except the lord or Guru whatever
you call him) love someone only as much as it is required, more love and that relationship gets
Many house holders are also Sadhu or Yogi at the same time.One who does Sadhana is a
Sadhu.A sadhu has Sadhana Truth, practice, discipline etc. Sadhus perfect practice and Yogis
perfect Karma.
Yogi Joins the Two Prana and Apana with yogic practice. Prana is the breath in the lungs which
we inhale and exhale and Apana below the navel.Vyana in the head,Samana in the back.. If
both gets joined then one gets to see Shiva and Shakti. Prana is Shiva and Apana is the form of
Kids who are eleven or twelve years old you can bend their mind whichever wayt you want, for
their minds are not yet matured. If they get a special guide they can easily turn towards God.
There was one Guru brother (of Shri Bade Sarkaar) called Ram Bharose Das Ji, people used to
call him Ram Ragre Baba. He used to chant the name of Ram 150 to 200 times in every breath.
Bade Sarkaar had also told us how he had seen subtle bodied yogis of the puranas, with their
bodies of pure light, at kumbh time by the grace of Baba and the rules of Kumbha etc.
He had also told us about a saint whom Lord Shiva had sent Kabir Das Ji to remove his doubt as
he was still not fit for seeing God but fit for Gods grace, in these instances lord sends his servant
. Also how due to serving Guru he had ignored the lord, and had got Gurus grace etc and had
also told us many other things which I couldnt write down.