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You Can Fly / Fly to Your Heart (Part 2) cuE: PETER: Yup. Justa little bit of pixie dust. Tinker Bell Tink... [order you! gee PETER: —3 Now, think of the hap - pi - est same as hav-ing wings. Le’s all ony it just once more, Wish 1 could rise eying eo tour mere (rureg) PETER: Okay, now you. PETER: Of course I'm sure WENDY: It's three stories down. WENDY: I'm scared. PETER: So? PETER: Believe! WENDY: Are you sure it will work? — Ete th Te T T. T+ i) 1 iq pyre fire 1% Ee E WENDY: (screams) MICHAEL, JOHN: Wendy! You can fly! ALL THREE: We can f PETER: Come on! Never Land's just past the second star to the right. N ew Tempo > ha ie 3 pt os #8 You Can Fly/Fly to Your Heart (Part 2 and straight on till morning! TINKER BELL: Watch all the fow-ers dance with the wind Lis-ten to snow-flakes —whis-per your name. Feel all the won- der You can fly, you can fly, you can fly, you can % You Lan Hy/Fly to Your Heart (Part 2) believe -sS youll find your wings. Fy to your heart, NS NS Te FAIRIES: opt pa o # z = a Z Touch ev = ‘ty rain- bow painting the sky, Look at the ma ~ gie