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SILKBANK 7 Yes we can Schedule of Charges — Silkbank Personal Loan Mark-up Rate Grid ‘Segment Mark-up Rate Salaried and Self-employed Businessmen & Self-employed Professionals | One year KIBOR + Predefined Spread Note: ‘+The applicable rate will be adjusted every year based on prevailing KIBOR — One year rate (Offer Side). Miscellaneous Charges ‘Type of Charges Amount Processing Fee Up to 1% of loan amount or Rs. 5,000/- (whichever is higher, subject to approval) Pre-Payment Penalty Full penalty charges as per the following grid: at Year 204 Year 3rd Year 12% 8% 6% Partial payment penalty charges as per the following grid 1 Year 206 Year 3rd Year 125% 8% 6% Penalty willbe charged on outstanding balance in case of fll settlement and on adjusted amount in case of partial settlement. year is equal to 412 installments from the date of disbursal and only 1 partial payment is allowed in a year and no partial payments are allowed in Ast year. Late Payment Charges Rs. 1,200/- per missed installment Credit Protector 0.50% of the outstanding balance TTop-up Facility Up to 1% of loan amount or Rs. 5,000/- (whichever is higher, subject to approval) iigation Charges Atactual Pay Order Re-tssuance Rs. 500/- Pay of Sheet Re-Issuance Rs, 500/- Motes © Allregular bronch banking charges will be applied for the transactions through branches ‘+ In addition to the above, Commission/Service Charges, Recovery of Courier/Postage/Fax Charges will also be made according to the prescribed tariff (where applicable) © In addition to the charges above, all applicable Government levies, duties, FED will also be recovered The above mentioned detoils have been given here for information purpose and is subject to change from time to time. Please refer to the Schedule of Charges (SOC) placed on our website (www. silkbank.com.pk) or at our branches for amendments ~B wwwsilkbank.compk © 111-007-455 SILKBANK 7 Yes we can NELLA STE SOAS IA USA 2 wal uteols + KIBOR Ji FSi Lowe Dien Guava | we LW RS Cr AE Ae KIBOREM beck ATUI ET Senge é Seu (Ber Si nibs Koi S2 e000 £16 ASIF LndrL eng tine 2p Sigh Kane zybiighniae ek c= seks o% 2% 12% Lundblentioonydoy king sae dee dem Le om 2% 12% Baud pn teusEmszcraRLunt Sized tate mie p Kore Pugin tee et SENS IIALN A PONS AL Lo Ldr ile cone satiyd be 11,200246 Bel Poul btu 0.50%K Zhan Biehl Cee Pen Fa )e 15,0016 1966 BS PF Seigt ee RL Sut bie 9/500). Wehbe $11500/- Wied Sie wi Lents, Lb sarnt pipet hE PLL fie © Wha sled ays APhLieds © SUPA RED pc EKO LO ANE Usd @ PLE Ped aKresoz ytd Oi See VAL Piieie tating © Ab tae Sassi, Kwon sikbank.com pk) ger tind Lele LLL IAHEL (nda ret YE) wnnwsilbankcom pk © 111-007-455