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NUST Debating Society

Your name: Muhammad Hamza Ejaz

Team (Finance, Marketing etc): Logistics
Contact number: +923125620563
This form is to help us design a more standardized procedure for our teams to make our
work more efficient and effective. Please fill this out and help us make NDS a more
successful organization.

1. What is your current working domain?


Tracking of Minute sheet

Maintenance of all financial record of
every event i.e. Slips, Cash Memos etc
Closing of minute sheet after the event


Placing orders for Panaflexis, Posters ,

shields etc
Hanging of Panaflexis in Cafes, Gates etc

Marketing & Sponsorship

Poster display in all schools/departments

On ground marketing of the events
Ticket selling apart from ticketing desk( if
Preparation of sponsorship proposal
Bringing sponsors ( At least 2 long term
sponsors )

Admin events

Hall Booking (Must be booked a week

before the event )
Administrative duties on event day

Protocol duty ( May take help from

another team if required )


Providing Descriptions for event page

Tag lines for event related posts
Preparation of the invitations letters/
Event report within a day or two after the
Updating Wordpress

P & MR

Handling all social activity

Constantly updating social networking
Creating Posts but the templates will also
be provided by team creativity


Handling Graphics during the event

Preparation of Panaflex, posters, shields
etc design
Helping P & Mr with template
Video making

General membership drive

Ticketing of events
General members data maintenance
Sending mails/ messages to different
schools regarding events (It must be
delivered 2-3 days before the
commencement of the event)
Finding contacts of different speakers and
inviting them to speak in NUST

2. Are there any other roles that come under your teams domain?
(Anything else that you might be doing apart from the aforementioned
descriptions for your team)
The team is intermediate between the market and the society. The task also
includes Food arrangements, transport arrangements etc.
3. What are the current procedures that you follow while doing your
routine work? (eg. While making posters or ticketing of events) Kindly
briefly jot these down in order
The task are mostly assign by the event head. Members of the team are
assigned different events by Director or Assistant Director.

4. How can you make these procedures more efficient and effective? Any
new ideas or suggestions to improve the current procedures? (This one
is important)
Communications between different teams can be improved to avoid certain
errors such as printing mistakes etc.
5. Anything else that you would like to add in regarding your roles, team
or NDS in general?