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Formwork Scaffolding Engineering

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Edition 04 | 2014

Formwork Scaffolding Engineering
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Important Notes
Without exception, all current safety regulations and guidelines must be observed in those countries where
our products are used.
The photos shown in this brochure feature construction sites in progress. For this reason, safety and anchor
details in particular cannot always be considered as conclusive or final. These are subject to the risk assessment carried out by the contractor.
The systems or items shown are not necessarily ­available in all countries.
Safety instructions and load specifications are to be strictly observed at all times.
Separate structural calculations are required for any deviations from the standard design data.
The information contained herein is subject to technical changes in the interests of progress.
Errors and typographical mistakes reserved.

Content Wall Formwork 2 Column Formwork 4 Slab Formwork 5 Shoring Systems 6 Working Scaffolds 8 Access 9 Protection Scaffolds 10 Climbing Systems 10 Civil Engineering Technology 12 Special Formwork 13 System-Independent Components 13 Services 15 Formwork Scaffolding Engineering 1 .

70 m sized panels Clever Few panel sizes and well thought-out accessories. extensive range of accessories VARIO GT 24 Girder Wall Formwork The flexible wall formwork – also for high-grade architectural concrete surfaces Cost-effective Variable. reduced number of ties Neat and tidy arrangement Improved concrete finish.40 m x 2.the DRS alignment coupler Uncomplicated Inset tie points. project-specific arrangement of lattice girders and walers Adaptable Tie positioning and joint pattern design according to planning requirements 2 Formwork Scaffolding Engineering Well thought-out Elongated holes in walers and couplings allow continuous compensation . extensive range of accessories LIWA Panel Formwork The lightweight wall formwork with a cleverly designed corner solution Versatile Low weight. regular joint and tie arrangement TRIO Panel Formwork Fast forming operations due to large-sized elements with only one connecting part Simple Only one connecting part – the BFD alignment coupler Generously-dimensioned Up to 2.Wall Formwork MAXIMO Panel Formwork Time-saving forming with MX tie technology resulting in the best concrete finishes Faster One-sided tie operations without spacer tubes and cones Efficient Systematized tie points. only four system heights and five panel widths Special feature Each standard panel is simultaneously a multi-purpose panel with a perforated strip Uncomplicated Inset tie points. flexible application possibilities DOMINO Panel Formwork The lightweight panel formwork for building construction and civil engineering Lightweight Low dead weight and only four panel widths Practical One component for all connections .

DOMINO.00 m – without panel alterations Uncomplicated Three different panel widths and one connection part Reliable Continuous adjustment of the radii of all panels Variable Flexible and easily adjustable for wall internal radii of 1.50 m and more User-friendly Only 0. can be telescoped to reach a length of 14. fine adjustment with only a few turns Durable Galvanized to ensure a very long service life Safe All length extensions are carried out safely from the installation area Variable Accessories have been designed to ensure safe fixation even on prefabricated concrete elements Formwork Scaffolding Engineering 3 .75 m high Fast All required connection parts are already mounted on the brace frame Mobile All individual components have been designed to fit the load capacity of trucks and containers Compatible Can be combined with MAXIMO. RUNDFLEX and RUNDFLEX Plus RS Push-Pull Props A complete programme. TRIO. VARIO.RUNDFLEX Circular Wall Formwork Continuously adjustable formwork for radii greater than 1.00 m and more RUNDFLEX Plus Circular Formwork Easy operations and adjustment of all curvatures for diameters of 2.00 m Extremely quick Rough adjustment in 10 cm increments within seconds. easy adjustment of radii Cost-effective Anchoring above the top edge of the panel saves one layer of ties in the concrete GRV Articulated Waler Circular Formwork Economical forming without ties – for all radii Cost-effective Closed formwork ring without ties. very economical for watertight containers Continuously adjustable Adjustable for concrete internal radii of 90 cm and more Versatile Can also be used for arches in bridges or vaults SB Brace Frame Reliable concreting of single-sided walls up to 8.54 ties per square metre of wall Efficient Low number of spindles.

Standardized Each waler line has only two clamping parts taken from the VARIO standard programme Robust Regular fresh concrete pressure up to 100 kN/m². integrated ladder for safe access . adaptable to higher pressures if required TRIO Column Formwork Panel formwork elements for columns Versatile Adaptable in 5 cm increments for rectangular columns with edge lengths of up to 75 cm Clever No nailing of chamfer strips thanks to the clamping mechanism and PERI strips 4 Formwork Scaffolding Engineering Useful Concreting platform is continuously adjustable.Column Formwork QUATTRO Column Formwork The column formwork which can be moved as a complete unit Time-saving Tightened or separated with only a few simple movements Variable Cross-sections in 5 cm increments with edge lengths from 20 cm to 60 cm Safe Concreting platform with integrated access ladder and ladder safety cage RAPID Column Formwork For highly demanding concrete surfaces without nail or screw impressions Fast Three frame heights allow optimal height adjustment Crane-independent Basic assembly by hand with lightweight aluminium elements Neat and tidy Freely-selectable formlining for the highest architectural concrete requirements Continuously adjustable For cross-sections of up to 60 cm edge length LICO Column Formwork The lightweight column formwork for cost-effective forming by hand Practice-oriented Well thought-out details simplify the application and reduce shuttering times Flexible Only three different element heights Combinable Rectangular cross-sections in 5 cm increments up to 60 cm x 60 cm VARIO GT 24 Column Formwork All heights and all cross-sections regardless whether square or rectangularshaped Continuously variable Column cross-sections of up to 80 cm x 120 cm.

early striking is possible after only one day Lightweight Aluminium individual components weigh a maximum 16 kg Efficient With a systematic assembly sequence and a minimum number of slab props Complete With a comprehensive range of safety accessories such as platforms and guardrails GRIDFLEX Grid Element Slab Formwork The flexible slab formwork for simple and safe assembly Safe Systematic assembly of the girder grid from the slab below Uncomplicated Few system components: prop head.SRS Circular Column Formwork High-quality formwork made of steel for the best concrete surfaces Variable Column diameter adaptable in 5 cm increments from 25 cm to 70 cm Two-piece Fast assembly with only two column halves and integrated spanner Extendable Four element heights for height adjustments in 30 cm increments Slab Formwork SKYDECK Aluminium Panelized Slab Formwork The slab formwork with short forming times Fast Depending on the strength of concrete and the slab thickness. one standard and two filler elements Adaptable Fast adaptation to the structural form with filler elements Variable Free choice of formlining according to project-specific requirements MULTIFLEX Girder Slab Formwork The universal girder slab formwork system for any ground plan and all floor heights Adaptable Adaptable to all floor plans due to the flexible arrangement of the girders Cost-effective Girder and prop selection depending on the slab thickness and support height Variable Free choice of formlining according to project-specific requirements Formwork Scaffolding Engineering 5 .

VARIODECK Steel Waler Slab Table Formwork for large areas and heavy pre-fabricated parts Ready for use Pre-assembled tables with almost 16 m² forming surface Strong For large cantilevers and heavy prefabricated parts such as parapet elements Compact Props can be folded up for quick and easy movement Table Module VT Slab Table The completely pre-assembled standard table for a low frequency of use Complete Completely pre-assembled in 4 standard sizes Practical With bracing also usable as cantilevered edge table Useful With swivel-mounted slab props for moving under beams SKYTABLE Slab Table The large-sized slab table for areas of up to 150 m² – movable in one crane lift Fast Easy lowering without effort and large lowering ranges Safe Remote-controlled moving procedure from a safe position on the slab edge Adaptable Can be used for different storey heights with props or shoring towers Shoring Systems PEP/PEP Ergo Slab Props Made of galvanized steel with high load-bearing capacity and low weight Robust PEP props can carry up to 50 kN Trend-setting Adjusting nut with lowering nib and captive handgrip 6 Formwork Scaffolding Engineering Well thought-out Prop heads can be mounted on the inner and outer tubes .

MULTIPROP Post Shores Used as a cost-saving lightweight individual prop and cost-effective shoring tower High load-bearing capacity Up to 90 kN in accordance with the type test Well thought-out With self-cleaning thread and robust. can also be used as a shoring tower PERI UP Rosett Flex Shoring The maximum level of flexibility in shoring solutions Modular With uniform grid size in all three dimensions Dimensionally stable Can be moved in large units due to the high rigidity of the ledger connections Compatible Load transfer aligned with PERI formwork systems HD 200 Heavy-Duty Prop The lightweight prop for loads up to 200 kN Uncomplicated Tool-free assembly of the individual sections with captive connections Extremely practical Even loads of 20 t can be lowered in a controlled manner – simply with a cordless screwdriver Connections with high tensile strength Can be coupled with system main beams for longer structures ST 100 Stacking Tower The efficient shoring system consisting of framed supports with few system components Fast assembly By simply fitting the components together with no pins and connectors Quickly planned Every working height is simple to plan without the need of combination tables Quickly explained Assembled to any required height using only five system components PD 8 Slab Table. free-running collar Practical The integrated measuring tape on the inner tube shows the complete length of the prop Expandable With MULTIPROP frames. Shoring and Stair Tower The proven shoring system for large loads Simple Standard connecting parts and identical frames Huge Used as slab table for high clearances High load-bearing capacity As shoring tower over 20 m high and more than 60 t load High As stair tower up to 100 m high Formwork Scaffolding Engineering 7 .

VARIOKIT Heavy-Duty Shoring Tower Heavy-duty shoring for civil engineering projects Strong For leg loads of up to 700 kN Cost-effective With rentable system components taken from the engineering construction kit Flexible As shoring tower. width and length Extremely easy to assemble Fast and safe assembly with the “Gravity Lock” Reassuringly safe No additional components required due to the integrated lock against lift off PERI UP Reinforcement Scaffold Easy implementation using the modular design principle.80 m without anchors Very stable Can be assembled in front of formwork and walls without anchors and ballast Quickly planned Fast calculation of material requirements thanks to the modular design principle 8 Formwork Scaffolding Engineering Movable large-sized table units Complete units can be moved due to connections with high tensile strength . birdcage scaffolding or main beam frame Working Scaffolds PERI UP T 72 / T 104 Frame Scaffolding The facade scaffolding with safety integrated in the system Safe Collective fall protection without additional components through the guardrail in advance Lightweight Easy to handle parts with low weights Secure After the deck has been placed and moved sideways. the integrated lock against lift off is immediately secured Comprehensive Reliable side protection – outside and inside PERI UP R 72 / R 104 Modular Scaffold For challenging building forms and complex facades Practically unlimited Optimal adjustment possibilities regarding height. shoring tower frame. tower with legs. standing heights of up to 10.

PERI UP Rosett Flex Modular Scaffolding The working scaffold with a 25 cm grid system and maximum flexibility Safe working conditions Working platforms completely covered without any gaps.00 m height grid arrangement up to 90 m high Easily erected Lightweight flights of stairs for quick assembly Simple to plan Quick planning thanks to the modular design principle with three units (Basis. simple conversions to accommodate any obstructions Non-slip High level of slip resistance thanks to the perforated decking surface Easy to install Quick and safe assembly with the “Gravity Lock” and self-locking decks High load-bearing capacity Special node rigidity and high loadability of the connection Access PERI UP Rosett Staircase Alu 64 Lightweight stair tower with a 2. for high load-bearing requirements and convenient accessibility High load-bearing capacity 3.00 kN/m² for a run of staircase and landing of 20 m Comfortable accessibility With sufficient space for site personnel to pass each other on the stairs Erection without the use of tools Mounted stringers are covered with steps that safely interlock during installation Formwork Scaffolding Engineering 9 . all bays can be completely closed leaving no gaps Easily adapted For accessing building openings with small flights of stairs on suspended brackets Stable design With fewer ledgers in the staircase tower PERI UP Rosett Flex Staircase Steel 100 / Staircase Steel 125 For heights up to 50 m. Plus and Top) Extremely versatile in use As scaffold for accessing higher-positioned working areas. as suspended scaffold for reaching lower-positioned areas. as access from buildings to climbing formwork PERI UP Rosett Flex Staircase Alu 75 Lightweight stair tower in 25 cm grid dimensions of modular scaffolding up to heights of 90 m Consistent grid dimensions High flexibility even in the smallest of spaces.

PERI UP Public with Steel Decking Fulfilling the highest requirements for use in public areas Wide range of scaffolds Assembled as single or linked continuous staircases.50 kN/m² Protection Scaffolds PERI UP Rosett Flex LGS Weather Protection Roof Reliable protection against the effects of the weather – also for large spans Lightweight Pre-assembly by hand on the ground due to the low weight of the individual components Variable Can be realized with different roof inclinations and geometries Movable With the rolling system. dog-legged staircases or as stair towers Complies with all current regulations Stair geometry and landing arrangement in accordance with requirements for public access For large public gatherings Permissible live load 7. the roof can easily be moved by hand Climbing Systems FB 180 Folding Platform System The universal working and safety scaffold Simple Requires little effort even with complicated ground plans Advantageous Compensation areas as well as internal and external corners without special platforms 10 Formwork Scaffolding Engineering Efficient The corner platform can be used for both left and right sides .

can also be delivered pre-assembled Permeable surface Minimum of contact surface for the wind to gain a hold due to the mesh panel design Variable Used as a protection panel or with supplementary working platform RCS Rail Climbing System The universal modular system for a wide range of applications Secured As formwork scaffolding or climbing protection panel – always rail-guided Flexible Climbing shoe can be attached to the walls as well as slab edges Variable Particularly adaptable due to the modular system with a regular hole arrangement ACS Self-Climbing System Safely moved upwards with hydraulic drive without a crane Crane-independent Shuttering. for storing materials or accommodating the placing boom Formwork Scaffolding Engineering 11 .g. striking and hdydraulic climbing in a fast working sequence Weather-independent Comfortably-designed platforms. also protected against wind and weather if required High load-bearing capacity With high load-bearing working platforms. e.CB 240 / CB 160 Climbing Systems The climbing brackets for supporting large-sized wall formwork Strong Large-sized bracket units thanks to the high load-bearing capacity of the climbing brackets Time-saving Platform including formwork movable in only one crane lift Safe Completely free of tripping hazards – in front of and behind the formwork SCS Single-Sided Climbing System Stable and flexible brackets for single-sided applications Optimized Large-sized climbing units thanks to the high load-bearing capacity of the brackets. alternatively. good utilization of the anchoring Well thought-out Same formwork and components for the starter and subsequent standard cycles Adaptable Safe working conditions on inclined platforms LPS Screen The lightweight climbing protection panel with a mesh enclosure Fast Assembly without a crane in a very short time.

calculations and assembly drawings Tunnel Formwork with VARIOKIT Engineering Construction Kit Project-specific solutions for tunnel construction Continuously adjustable Height adjustments and gridless assembly variants for a wide range of crosssections Economical Fewer anchors in the wall areas due to high load-bearing system walers User-friendly Optional with hydraulic support for shuttering and striking as well as lifting and lowering Bridge Formwork with VARIOKIT Engineering Construction Kit Formwork solutions for bridge superstructures and cantilvered parapets Comprehensive Broad range of solutions for cantilevered parapets and bridge superstructures Ready at short notice Fast availability of materials due to the modular construction system 12 Formwork Scaffolding Engineering Systematic Time-saving and cost-effective assembly through standardized connections and fitting pins .Civil Engineering Technology VARIOKIT Engineering Construction Kit Economical supporting structure with system – materials and know-how from one source Ingeniously simple Versatile core components with standard connections using bolts Load-optimised Efficient use of materials through statically optimized utlization of the components Cost-effective Rentable system components which remain unchanged and are extremely versatile Framework construction with the VARIOKIT engineering construction kit Customized constructions for virtually all geometries Load-bearing High load-bearing capacities and a wide range of applications Combinable Load-optimized solutions with walers. combined with spindles and struts Complete With all technical documents. rails and main beams.

similar to a system formwork System-Independent Components Formwork Girders Decisive factor regarding the profitability of many formwork solutions VT 20K Formwork Girder The cost-effective solid web girder with robust steel caps on the chord ends GT 24 Lattice Girder The versatile formwork girder with high load-bearing capacity and excellent rigidity PROKIT EP 110 The safety system for temporary edge protection Technically sound Reliable fall protection for open edges on building shells and formwork Fast assembly Very few different lightweight system components and self-securing posts Flexibly mounted Variable mounting possibilities on walls and slabs as well as PERI formwork and scaffolding systems Formwork Scaffolding Engineering 13 .Special Formwork UNO – for the monolithic construction method Same building structures efficiently formed – horizontally and vertically in one step Simple assembly Customized prefabricated individual components are quickly connected Simply unique Re-usable conical ties installed from one side only Fast and simple striking Fast striking of the walls. early striking of the slabs through the drophead system 3D Formwork Units Precision-made for an individual design Custom manufactured Precision manufactured in the PERI formwork construction workshop on the basis of a 3D model Cost-effective realization Always realized with the highest possible proportion of system components Fast assembly Easy and simple assembly on the construction site.

protects construction equipment and machines against rust Pallets and Crate Pallets For safe transportation and optimized storage Re-usable Extremely long service life thanks to top quality workmanship Optimal solutions Stacking devices suitable for system components. craneable wire crates for small parts 14 Formwork Scaffolding Engineering Easy to transport Can be stacked to save space. with a third tension belt for height enclosures up to 3.00 m high side protection for increased requirements Multi-purpose protection Protects against falling and prevents materials falling to the ground Easily mounted Lightweight foldable barriers. forklift truck or pallet lifting trolley .90 m Stopend Systems Site-compliant equipment for setting of stopends for slabs and bottom plates Wall Clamps For strip foundations and smaller beams Slab Stopend Angle For slab edges and smaller beams Slab Stopend Bar 105 For shuttering of up to 50 cm thick slabs flush with the wall Formwork Bracket-2 A single equipment for forming cantilevers as well as slab edge stopends Stopend Trestle For forming bottom slabs of up to 60 cm thick Plywood The right plywood for all requirements A very extensive programme Ranging from plywood for simple facing formwork through to coated formlining for the highest architectural concrete requirements In all sizes Available in a range of standard dimensions. special sizes on request Release agent PERI Clean Release agent as well as providing protection for formwork and site equipment For the best concrete surfaces Allows the problem-free release of the formwork from the concrete surface Harmless Solvent-free and manufactured on a mineral oil basis Protection for formwork equipment Ensures smooth-running prop threads.PROKIT EP 200 The 2. transported using a crane.00 m. quickly installed with tension belts and cable ties Especially high design Standard height 2.

Services Technical processing of formwork and scaffolding projects Individual planning and advice from formwork experts. in the right place Optimal stock availability Through a large rental equipment park with numerous locations around the world Safe transportation Thanks to optimized standard packaging with craneable pallets and wire crates Uninterrupted construction sequences Due to flexible reaction times of the PERI rental park Formwork Scaffolding Engineering 15 . at the right time. time and costs Transparency and planning reliability Thanks to site-compliant and comprehensible methods of payments Rental Parks and Distribution The best material in the right quantity. customized solutions from scaffolding specialists Optimized solutions Project-related customized formwork and scaffolding planning with sitecompliant drawings and parts lists A personal contact person Continuous project support and technical advice from a PERI specialist Planning reliability Through regulation-compliant or verifiable static calculations PERI Software The most appropriate planning software for each user PERI ELPOS The fast and simple software for standard applications PERI CAD The professional software for experienced CAD users 3D Planning Tangible and easily comprehensible modelling of complex and demanding construction projects Cost transparency Through the tangible visualization of the technical solution Improving the construction process Thanks to animated sequence simulations before the project starts Efficient construction work Due to optimized work preparation and model-based information Coordinated processes Uniform solutions – from the CAD design through to assembly Field Service Professional support from supervisors and project managers Professional on-site briefings Through experienced PERI assembly foremen and supervisors Increasing the cost-efficiency By means of individual on-site project management Continuous control Target/actual performance comparisons for the continuous monitoring of material.

experienced personnel Produced just-in-time Assembled and delivered to the construction site on-time according to the construction progress Cleaning and Repairs Special service for special systems Individually coordinated Definition of the required services according to the state of the materials with the PERI experts Professional repair service With the latest plant technology conducted by PERI specialist personnel 16 Formwork Scaffolding Engineering Fast processing Rapid processing and return deliveries thanks to PERI´s network of service centres . materials and costs in view at all times with the help of clearly presented reports Simplifies work processes Helpful support through useful work aids and templates in all phases of the construction process Regularly updated Information is always up-to-date and the numerous evaluation options available at the click of a mouse saves time Formwork Assembly From plywood cut-to-size through to complex 3D elements – customized to suit all project requirements Perfectly assembled Adapted to match the component or structural shape With high quality Best quality finish due to stationary prefabrication using state-of-the-art manu- facturing equipment and well-trained.myPERI Online Portal Faster and easier access to project data around the clock Provides an overview Project data.

Formwork Scaffolding Engineering 17 .

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