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Xu Xiaochun the chairman board of Boyalife companys which is the biggest

cloning company factory in China, said that the firm is actually has technology
advanced enough to replicate humans and is only holding off for fear of the
public reaction.

How far does perception influence ethical views.

Often, people perceive an ethical issue based on what they see, hear, and feel to
decide what's wrong and right. Referring to the chairman board of Boyalife
company, Xu Xiaochun, human cloning is feasible as the company has the
technology, but the company will not be able to do that since they do not have
people's acceptance. Therefore, we try to study the way in which people use
their sense perception to decide whether human cloning is ethical or not.
We intend to investigate how does people reaction towards an issue that is
related with ethics. For example, our main real life situation is regarding the
arising issue of human cloning where the company director of Boyalife Group
claimed that they have advance technology to clone human. However, their
statement has raised disapprovals from public because it is viewed as unethical.
This has contributed to our main knowledge question which is how far does
perception influences people's ethical view on an issue? It is because most of
people aware of Dolly sheep's case which had only survived for 1 year, so people
perceive that human cloning will face the same risk or worse.

However, we realized that not only our sense perception that can influence our
ethical view, but also other factor that is faith. So, we came out with our related
knowledge question: How do people interpret moral reasoning in religion? In
regard to this, we study a real-life situation about feats of piercing on display as
Hindus celebrate Thaipusam in Malaysia. Other believers would assume that
these people are just hurting themselves, on the contrary, the Hindus consider it
as an act of devotion to their Lord and that they will be granted forgiveness. So,
faith also plays an important role in shaping one's ethical views.

Often, people's perception is influenced by authority views in a way to accept an

ethical view. On the other hand, does authority can be really trusted? If we take a
look at spontaneous generation theory, a scientist claimed that an organic
matter can create living organisms from inanimate object. At earlier, this fact is
believed by people but in 19th century, a newer and more reliable theory has
found that opposed the spontaneous generation. But, if a claim is related to
subject that is less subjective such as Mathematics, then, the claims from the
authorities are easier to be believed in.
According to our derived real life situation, we can see that human behavior
towards an ethical belief can changed and it differs from one another. For

instance, human cloning issue can be perceived differently depends on one's

external factors that is sense perception, faith, reasoning.