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TECOSIM celebrates: 10 years of TEC|BENCH virtual benchmarking.

Dbut: TECOSIM launches marketing for its self-developed CAE software.

Expansion: the Neckarsulm and the Ingolstadt locations acquires new, larger offices.

Growth in the UK: subsidiary secures new office in Basildon and opens second location in Coventry.

Main location: the TECOSIM group holding company (TECOSIM Venture AG) acquires new business
premises at Bahnhofsplatz 3 in Rsselsheim, Germany.
Go East III: With a new office in Pune, TECOSIM is now present at two locations on the sub-continent.
The engineers in Pune will develop solutions for clients in the local automotive sector.
Reorientation: The TECOSIM office in Wolfsburg is closed. Service for clients in the North German region will be provided at the Cologne branch from now on.
Main location: the TECOSIM group holding company (TECOSIM Venture AG) acquires new business
premises at Bahnhofsplatz 3 in Rsselsheim, Germany.
Top employer: TECOSIM receives the coveted Top Job seal of approval and is thus one of the 100 best
employers among German medium-sized companies. TECOSIM was even ranked 5th overall in its category, "Companies with 101 to 500 employees."
New look: With the new brand claim "better life by simulation", TECOSIM is emphasising that it contributes to higher security and ease of use, as well as improving the environment, with its developments. The whole look is being enhanced. A modern website is communicating expansion into new
fields of business.
Expansion: TECOSIM's seventh German branch is opened in Neckarsulm and Stuttgart`s branch moves
into larger offices.
Family-friendly: TECOSIM receives the 'Job and Family' certificate from the non-profit-making Hertie
Foundation for its highly family-friendly personnel policy.
Happy Birthday: TECOSIM is 20 years old.
Honoured: TECOSIM receives the 'Top Innovator' seal of approval and is one of the 100 most innovative
companies among German medium-sized-businesses.
Commitment: TECOSIM is a member of the 'Rsselsheim 2010 Sustainability and Mobility' study
Extraordinary: TECOSIM helps to develop the Olympic torch for the 2012 summer games in London.
Opened: TECOSIM sets up another branch in Ingolstadt.
Scientific: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research funds four TECOSIM projects for virtual
product development.
Go East II: TECOSIM sets up a company in India.
Cooperation: TECOSIM and ForceFive sign a cooperation agreement. TEC|ODM (One Day Meshing) and
FCM (Fast Concept Modeller) - Integration and development of software components in CATIA V5.
Date: March 2015

Being precise: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research funds TECOSIM project for direct
conversion of scan data scatter plots into finite element models.

Re-organised: TECOSIM spins out operational business to form TECOSIM Technische Simulation GmbH.
Administration, Services and IT remain in former company, operating under the name TECOSIM Venture GmbH (today: TECOSIM Venture AG).
Expansion: Dr Torben Birker is appointed as new member of the Management Board.
Multicultural: At the end of the 4th quarter, TECOSIM employs over 240 CAE engineers from 26 countries worldwide.
Top employer: Wolfgang Clement, the former German economics minister, awards TECOSIM the 'Top
Job' seal of approval. This means that Europe's largest full-service provider for calculation and simulation is one of the 100 best employers among German medium-sized-businesses.
Go East I: TECOSIM company is opened in Japan.
Innovative II: TECOSIM and DYNARDO set new standards in software development. The ST-ORM software application (Stochastic Optimization and Robustness Management) is integrated into optiSLang.
North-south connection: TECOSIM branches opened in Munich and Wolfsburg.
Market entry: TECOSIM wins major contracts for leading Korean car manufacturers.
Successful sales: Kostech and Advance Caliber become TECOSIM partners for software distribution in
Korea and Japan.
TEC|BENCH: Patent application and market launch of virtual benchmarking.
Growth: TECOSIM GmbH employs approximately 100 CAE engineers worldwide.
Innovative I: Dormant partnership set up with Mittelstnd. Beteiligungsgesellschaft Hessen MBG H.
TEC|BENCH: Development started on virtual benchmarking.
Market launch of TEC|ODM (One Day Meshing) and TEC|PROM (Process Manager).
Distribution contract: IGENIE International Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, becomes TECOSIM partner for
software and service sales in Japan.
TEC|ODM (One Day Meshing) and TEC|PROM (Process Manager): Development of the Beta versions.
All systems go: TECOSIM begins developing CAE process software.
International: Company set up in the UK.
Branch opened in Stuttgart.

Date: March 2015

Corporate move: Management buyout. Qualified engineers Udo Jankowski and Jrgen Veith take over
company management.
Go West: First branch opened in Cologne.
Relocation: Business relocated and new corporate headquarters opened in Rsselsheim, near Frankfurt.
Founding date: TECOSIM Technische Simulation GmbH is founded with its head office in Warstein,
North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Date: March 2015