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Dream Quotes:

Im very eager to get every one to share with me their visions and their dreams, because
God speaks to man through the medium of the dream, and unveils Himself through the
medium of a vision. Neville, The Man Within (Lecture)

Certain dreams are simple and need no interpretation, but most of our dreams are
symbolic and few understand the language of symbolism.
-- Neville, Behold the Dreamer Cometh (L)

Right now you think this room is real, and tonight you might have a dream and - if you
are lucky - remember it as a dream, but not as reality. Well, if to dream is to dwell in
unreality not knowing it as such, what is life but one uninterrupted dream? Until you have
certain experiences, you will no doubt question my sanity, but when you have them you
will know that this which seems real is no less a dream than the dream of the night.

While I remain in this body of blood and flesh, I must abide by its restrictions and
limitations; yet remembering it is a dream, I can change it. If this world is reality I cannot
change it; but if I am its reality, I can change my world relative to myself. I can imagine a
desire fulfilled and watch it come to pass in my outer world. But first I had to know it
was a dream.

A very dear friend of mine is in the audience tonight. I am so thrilled for him and for
anyone who comes and has such an experience and shares it with me. This is his
experience. While in his living room watching TV he felt drowsy, closed his eyes, and
allowed himself to fall asleep. Remembering he was watching TV, he finds himself
driving his car with his wife at his side. Feeling a sense of impending disaster, as his wife
grabbed the wheel he awoke in the dream, and succeeded in getting control of the wheel
again. Up ahead he saw a man he recognized as a great actor, and suddenly remembering
where he was when the dream began, he inwardly proclaimed I AM. At that moment he
awoke seated on his chair facing the TV. Then he said, "Since this is the first time I
awoke in a dream to know who I am and where I am, I can't help but be pleased with
myself." Well, he should be. All of these experiences are little breakages to the brain that
bind us to the dream, which means that he is on the verge of awakening from this dream
of life.

Unnumbered times I have sat in my chair and found myself slipping into what reason
tells me I should not see. I have stepped into that world; it closes around me and becomes
just as real as this. I am in a terrestrial world, talking to people who are just as solid and
real as you are and I am. Awake, I am aware of where I was when I entered this section of
time. and I also know that there is no road to take me back to the year and place I left.
You see, all things are taking place now. Eternity exists and all things in eternity
independent of creation, which was an act of mercy. Entering a certain section of the
dream, we animate it and become aware of that which already is. The past has not ceased
to be. It is taking place as it took place and still takes place when anyone enters that
section of time. The same is true with the future.
-- Neville, Behold the Dreamer Cometh (Lecture)
The revelation of purpose gives everything meaning. You could have a million dollars
and die tomorrow. Those who inherit your estate will give you lip service, but even after
one generation the caring will cease and within three generations they will forget you.
That is this world, but there is a plan buried in you which reveals God's purpose and
gives meaning to all life! When that plan is unveiled in you, you will know why you do
what you do and dream what you dream. You will know why you have certain visions.
You will realize that everything contains within itself a symbolic significance. I will show
you in a very simple way.
Tonight you may dream that you have an intimate relationship with another. Upon
awakening, ask yourself what the one you encountered represents to you, and a
wonderful answer will come from the depth of your soul. You will discover that, on a
certain level, they represent a glorious state.
For instance: I know a brilliant man who graduated from Yale at the age of 19 and
remained there for many years to teach higher mathematics. As an American of many
generations, he once said to me: "We should have only English speaking people in the
world," and he meant it. He was a very positive, brilliant person. If in dream you should
see this man in a relationship, upon awakening you would realize he represents
something positive, strong, and intellectual. Then watch, for whether one knows of the
events or not, soon thereafter the one impregnated will be inspired to do something
creative; for God is a creator who goes about creating, and you saw God's creative act.
On this level you may think this is sordid, but that is because you do not know God's
symbolism. Speaking to everyone in the language of symbolism, that which the world
may condemn is a glorious act of God.
God, being protean, plays all the parts. Wearing the garment of another, you see an act
which could be a horrible one, based upon your concept of that individual. But if it is a
lovely act, a glorious child - such as a poem, painting, or a design for a new home - will

appear out of that union. That's all the experience means; but man is so rooted in the
flesh, he gives it a Caesar's concept, which blinds him to God's symbolism.

There is no dream, no vision, without meaning, for God speaks to man through the
medium of dream and unveils himself in a vision. What you experience in vision is right
for that particular level of your being, but when it is reduced to this level the thought
would be totally wrong. Man, having eaten of the tree of knowledge of good and evil,
decides what is right and what is wrong, thereby descending into the mire of confusion.
But when he turns around he discovers that nothing is either right or wrong. On a certain
level it is right and on another level it is wrong. So learn to accept every level, and as you
do you will ascend the tree of life to discover that every level - when viewed from there is right when you know how to interpret it. -- Neville, Divine Signs (Lecture)

In the 33rd chapter of the Book of Job we are told that God speaks to man in two ways,
but man does not perceive them. It is said: "In a dream, in a vision of the night when deep
sleep falls upon men while they slumber on their beds, he opens the ears of men and seals
their instructions." Tell that to a psychiatrist and, because he separates the dreamer from
God, he will tell you that all dreams come from the individual dreamer and not from God.
But I tell you: Gods eternal name is I AM, and if I asked who is dreaming the dream
would the individual not say, "I am?" And are we not told that that is Gods name forever
and ever?

Now back in 1954, I awoke from a dream hearing these words: "You do not move in
waking any more than you move on your bed in sleep. It is all a movement of mind. The
intensity is determined by the strength of the vortex you create, which is just like a
whirlwind with a center of perfect stillness. You only believe that you are moving when
you are awake, as you think you move in sleep." Well, I am a rational being and reason
could not accept that statement, but I wrote it down and placed it in my Bible to await
further revelation.
Psychiatrists would say this message came from myself. I will not deny that, but I do
know that it came from a depth of my own being which my rational mind does not reach.
Today our three astronauts returned from a trip of half a million miles. You and I came
here tonight in our cars, and throughout my lifetime I have traveled all over the world in
ships and planes. And like Blake, in my dreams "I have traveled through a land of men, a
land of men and women, too. And heard and seen such dreadful things as cold earth
wanderers never knew." We have all traveled, yet I know what I heard and wrote down. I
know that I have traveled in my dreams and yet I know I have not physically left my
room, for when I awoke in the morning I was still on the bed upon which I fell asleep. So

I ask you: is this waking state no more than a dream? Is there a dreamer in the depths of
my being who looks upon this world as a dream, just as I who - having gone to a little
lower of the dream at night - awake to find I havent left my bed at dawn?

Today I watched the exciting touchdown of the astronauts who had traveled to the moon
and back. Then I reread what I had written back in 1954: "You do not move in waking
any more than you do on your bed in sleep." Now, reason could not accept that statement.
I saw the astronauts return. We have a record of their journey of a half-million miles, yet
they did not move? Well, I must confess that I have traveled in my dreams, as I am sure
you have; yet we always wake on our bed in the morning, do we not? Could there be a
dreamer far deeper than the one who is dreaming this seeming waking state? And when
he awakes from the dream of life, would he not look upon it as you look upon the dream
of the night?
I know that when I awoke from within, I realized that I had been there for unnumbered
centuries, dreaming violence, love, hate, concupiscence, and pain - dreaming everything
to be real, just as I did in any dream. I awoke to discover that I had been in that skull for
centuries, dreaming I was a man walking the earth, dying, being restored to life to die
again. This I continued to do until that moment in time when I awoke in Golgotha, the
sepulcher where I was buried in the beginning of time. Thats my Calvary.
I seem to move here. I get up and shave in the morning, bathe, eat, make an effort to earn
a dollar to pay the rent, and do all sorts of things; yet its all a dream, a dream with a
purpose. God limited himself to the limit of contraction and opacity called man and
began to dream this world into being. Now believing himself to be you, you can dream
noble dreams or ignoble ones. I urge you to dream noble dreams, because when you
know you are the dreamer you can make all of your dreams come true.
A dream is a very fluid state. Knowing what you want to dream, bring your inner circle of
friends before your minds eye and allow them to see you as you want to be seen. When
you are self-persuaded this is now a fact, relax in the visions gestation period. There is
an interval of time between impregnation and birth. Having seen the expressions on their
faces and heard the sound of their voices, break the spell and wait for that impregnation
to take place in the world of dreams, while you live in the world of Caesar awaiting its
Neville, A Movement in Mind (Lecture)

God speaks to Man through the medium of dream and reveals himself in vision, and we
are past masters of misinterpreting his words. A dream is a parable containing a single jet

of truth. Dont try to give meaning to every word or event of the dream. Perhaps there
will be several dreams, several stories in a single dream - then each story contains its own
jet of truth.

Now, in anothers dream, he is driving his wifes car over a mountainous road. Suddenly
the hair on the back of his head catches fire and he turns and rubs his head against the
back of the seat to put out the fire. But in so doing, he loses control of the car and it goes
over the cliff in slow motion. Seeing that the fall is about 300 feet, he opens the door of
the car and jumps, saying to himself This is a dream. I AM! With that thought in mind
he descends to the ground below as light and softly as a flake of snow, and awakes on his
bed, saying to himself: I have had this dream three times, and each time I have written it
to Neville, but this is the first time I have awakened in the dream.
What is the single jet of truth in this dream? He is riding in his wifes car. A wife is that to
which I AM [is] attached. A state which bears my name. There are infinite states in this
world and when you enter a state you are wedded to it. The state may be one of luxury or
ill health, the state of being ignored or famous; but any state is Gods emanation, his wife.
The dream denotes a departure from the state in which the God in him has been residing,
into an entirely different state. Perhaps he is presently wedded to a state in which he is
making $10,000 a year and he desires to live in the state of earning $40,000 or even
$100,000. Theres nothing wrong with that. Every state is a garment, ready and waiting
for you to slip on, and youre free to wear - and thereby marry - any state you like.
If you want to be important in the eyes of shadows, you can; but when the God in you
awakes all the shadows will vanish and you will return enhanced and glorified to the
being that you were prior to your descent into death, for this is the world of death.
Everything here appears, it waxes, it wanes, and it vanishes. You do not die when men
call you dead. You are still clothed in the same garment, but younger than you were when
you made your exit, to again wax, wane, and vanish, to repeat the act over and over
again. This is what the Bible teaches.

I can tell him tonight that the dream doesnt mean he is departing this world. He has a
wife to support and little children to educate. The dream has nothing to do with breaking
his neck here, or divorcing his wife, for he is not married to her, but to a state in this
world. He leaves a state and enters another - be it noble or ignoble - for he was driving
his wifes car when he awoke to realize it was a dream.

If you want the shadow of worldly fame you may have it, but it will not aid you in
waking from the dream of life. If you will fall in love with what I am talking about, and
set your heart fully upon the grace that is coming to you at the unveiling of Jesus Christ

in you, you are on the verge. But if that doesnt interest you, and more money does, then
get more money. If you want more cash, more fame, whatever you desire - get them, for
they are all shadows. A big home is a big shadow, and a little home a little shadow, so it
doesnt really matter.
-- Neville, Election and Change of Consciousness (Lecture)

Now let me share another experience. We are told in the Book of Genesis that when a
dream is doubled, God has fixed it and it will shortly come to pass. This lady had three
dreams of elephants. In her first dream she said: "It was the mating season, and I saw
many elephants, all in the creative act." This dream was followed by a dream in which
she found herself standing by a river, surrounded by mountains. On the river's bank stood
three stone elephants, and as she looked at them they became animated, entered the river,
and swam downstream. Watching them she said to herself: "This is the second time I
have seen stone elephants. The last time was when they came out of the mountains." Then
she added: "When I awoke I realized what I had said was true."
There is a language of symbolism that is universal. Regardless of whether you are in
Africa, in China or here, in the depth of the soul the elephant is the symbol of God's
creative power and wisdom, which is defined in scripture as Jesus Christ. In her dream
she remembered another dream, so this dream is bordering on self-revelation, which is
God revealing himself in her.
God's creative power has made itself known to her and she will, in the immediate present,
have tangible proof of the fact that her own wonderful human imagination is Christ Jesus.
All things are possible to God, and by the exercise of this power she can prove that she is
the creative power of the universe. Symbolized as in the creative act, this power appeared
as stone which has not been made alive. Something was seemingly dead in her world, but
it doesn't matter, the power is not there. It's not in space, in the stars, or teacup leaves.
Power is not in anything outside of the human imagination. All that you behold, though it
appears without, it is within, in your imagination of which this world of mortality is but a
shadow. To prove this to herself, she saw the elephants as dead, all made of stone. Is there
anything more inanimate, more dead, than stone? Yet the moment she beheld them they
became animated and entered the stream of life.
She was in a wonderful mountainous area, and all through scripture revelations took
place from the mountaintops. Jesus was on the mountaintop when he transfigured
himself, and now, here in this mountainous area, her own creative power was revealed.
So I repeat: God the creator and your own wonderful human imagination are one and
inseparable; therefore, he will never be so far off as even to be near, for nearness implies
separation. Now she knows - as does the other lady - that she incarnates God, and God
radiates from her as her own wonderful human imagination.

Neville, Faith, Hope and Love (L)

Let me begin by telling you what happened to me last Tuesday morning. Early in the
morning, desiring to check the time I switched on the television to the "Today Show."
Hugh Downs, the master of ceremonies, having been giving a cue to ad-lib for the next
thirty seconds or so, said: "Let me tell you of a dream I once had. In the dream I was
viewing a tape of one of my shows, when I said to the producer: 'Do you know, I don't
remember having seen any of these people,' and the producer replied: 'That's
understandable, for this show is to be taped next Friday.' When the following Friday
arrived, the show I had dreamed of only a few days before was taped." In his dream,
Hugh Downs merged with the future and lived an experience he did not remember.
Now, let me tell you [of] one who merged with the past and lived an experience of long
ago. The lady writes: "I am seventy-two years old. In my dream I am a ten-year-old girl,
asking my father to write in my autograph book. Having memorized a verse I wanted him
to write, I dedicated it to him as he recorded it in my book. Then the dream ended.
Although I could not remember the poem prior to the dream, upon awakening I recalled
every word in detail. A few days later, while visiting my daughter I told her of the dream;
and when I recited the poem my daughter went to her library and - removing an old
autograph book I had given her many years before - turned to the page where the verse
was autographed by my third grade teacher." Returning sixty-two years, this lady merged
with a fact and remembered an experience of long ago.
The she told me of a little boy of four, who - living next door - comes to see her often.
One day he told her he had always known her and that there would never be a time when
they did not know each other. Describing an incident of long ago, he looked out of the
window and said: "Do you see that bush? As many leaves as are on that bush are the
years, and I will know you when my head grows and reaches the sky." Then one day he
told her he had a dream that everything was nothing.
Modern man now concludes that the entire history of the world is laid out, and we only
become aware of increasing portions of it successively. That you can merge with a
section of the beginning or future relative to this moment, and experience that portion of
history. How can that be? Because you are now merged with a dream.
Awakening in the morning, you think you had a wonderful dream last night; yet while
you were dreaming, the experience was a reality. Awake, the dream becomes subjective.
Why? Because you have once more merged with this section of time. While you are
experiencing the dream, it is objective and real.

If you would only realize that the depth of your own being (which is your human
imagination) is trying to instruct you, trying to persuade you, to get you aroused, as my
friend's dream of the other night. Starting from the center God is working towards the
surface, so it takes a while for Him to awaken and reach your surface mind. But while he
is moving He is influencing your surface mind, and when He arrives you and He are no
longer two, but one! You can tell when He is moving toward the surface, for He begins to
question the reality of the world in which he lives.
If a lady can return and so merge with the past that she can relive an experience of long
ago in detail, and a man can advance into the future and interview those who will be
taped the following Friday - where is the experience of the past and where is next
Friday's show? Is everything already finished and we simply tune in on certain states?
Yes, for this is a dream which you can modify or radically change. In fact you are called
upon to revise every day of your life and sometimes even to eradicate it.
This is a world of death and everyone here is dead, dreaming the dream of life. In the
beginning we all agreed to dream in concert and no one has ever violated that agreement.
There are those, however, who would not agree to this cruel experiment, as told us in the
15th chapter of the Gospel of Luke in the form of the parable of the prodigal son.

You can take off this section of the dream, and as you merge with another, it will seem to
be the only reality. The whole vast world is finished, and you and I are merged in a dream
from which we are awakening.
-- Neville, He Dreams In Me (Lecture)