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Top Consumer Insights

from 2016
By Social Media Analysis


Makeup &

E - Commerce



Food Delivery

With the evolution of social and digital media in the last decade, the way brands & consumers
communicate & share information has changed drastically. The passive activity of brands speaking to
their customers has evolved into an active brand - consumer engagement, one that is much more dual
in nature than most imagined. Apart from the changing marketing landscape, the social media realm is
ripe with conversations, opinions & feedback loops that could offer brands insights that lead to
exponentially higher ROIs, reduced research time & increased capital efficiency. The questions, that
remain however, are primarily along the lines of what data is authentic & relevant & how one can access
& efficiently analyze everything.
With rapidly evolving consumer preferences, brands realize that they need to provide versatile
products, services, colors and fashions to stay on trend & appeal to a dynamic and sensitive customer
base. This is clearly evident given the millions funneled into market landscape & research, SWOT
analyses, competitive intelligence reports by firms of all sizes. Each company may assure that they
have done in-depth market research, but have they truly looked for consumer insights which would
make their product more desirable? Instead of retrospective analyses, what if your analyses could
continue as you launched your product and really had your eyes & ears among your consumers,
legally of course?
Consumer insights provides a deep grasp of the audience (customers, fans or consumers). Today,
consumer insights are not derived using mere surveys or research but from Big Data Analysis, that
originate from a thoroughgoing analysis of consumer data which includes their buying behaviours,
queries, sentiments, verbatims and social affinities.
PropheSee analyzed some social media data of 5 different industries in order to uncover relevant
consumer insights. This white paper provides findings and their impact(s). Most importantly this paper
aims to highlight two things:
1. How can a business leverage an automated and insightful Consumer Insights Engine.
2. Why a brand needs to focus on iterative automated research, rather than a stop & go strategy.

Data and Analysis Details

PropheSee tracks more than 15,000 brands across 40 different industries. The data is captured from
different social and digital channels such as social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc.),
web analytics, press pick up & several others. For the purpose of this analysis, all the referenced data in
the paper contains audience comments and messages for 28 brands and is extracted from their
Facebook pages, Instagram profiles and Twitter handles. All data tracked falls into the interval of July December 2016.
The complete data set consists of over 1.3 million data points with details such as comment text,
timestamp, name, gender and location, subject to publicly available, non proprietary data. All of this
data is public and extracted using PropheSees in built data mining modules. This data is first stored in
our servers and then pushed to a preprocessing pipeline which takes care of duplicate content, format
issues and noise removal. The preprocessed and cleaned data is then passed to the analytical layer
where all the concept identification and entity tagging techniques are performed.
The analysis engine is composed of Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval modules
such as Grammar Analysis, Part of Speech tagging, Entity Extraction, Sentiment Analysis, Text
Normalizer etc. A dedicated team of data scientists and business analysts then prepare consumer
insights by observing the key results from the analysis engine. The complete system is wrapped in the
form of a single package - Consumer Insights Engine, which is scalable, robust and extendable to
different types of data and industries.

Industry : Fashion & Beauty

Loreal Paris IN, Maybelline, NYX Cosmetics IN, Estee Lauder, Kiehls IN, Clinique IN
PropheSees Consumer Insights Engine analyzed all the data from last six months and categorized them
into five different themes Product Queries (questions asked by consumers about the product),
Makeup Looks (celebrity looks and specific trends),
Colors & Shades (shades of different makeup products),
Brand Conversations (generic conversations such as - I like this brand),
Contests/Events (promotional contests of brands mentioned by consumers)

Product queries

Makeup Looks

Colours & shades

Brand conversations



Contests / Events

42% (Availability - 17%, Colors - 12%,

Prices - 8%, others - 5%)


Consumer Conversation Breakdown

Top 4 Hashtags used by consumers











Key Insights & Takeaways

Colors: "red" (1,078 mentions), "pink" (450) and "black" (306) are most talked about colors by consumers.
"Red" is mostly used with keywords - "love", "favourite", "dream", "best" leading to highest positive
sentiment. A majority of these color related conversations centered on new shades of lipsticks and
nail paint colors - indicative of the fact that color & shade oriented marketing communication may work
best for lipsticks & nail paint.
Such data can be retrieved to forecast what colors (or other aesthetics such as shapes, designs
etc.) that may trend in the future, what people are actively interested in purchasing, changes theyd
like to see & so on.
Products: Among all products, Matte Lipstick" tops the consumer conversations, followed by
Maybelline Mascara & Drama Gel Liner. A number of mentions of Matte Lipsticks were queries along
the lines of which colors should be purchased, which colors are trending & specific product availabilities.
Maybellines Vivid Matte Lipstick was the most mentioned product in this category, further, red
emerged as the most talked about shade for the product line. About 70% of the conversations about
Maybellines Vivid Matte Lipstick are positive with the remaining 30% falling into either neutral or
negative categories. A key driver of negative sentiment was the products unavailability in different
stores. From a product usage perspective, conversations about "Lips" (2710) were the highest followed
by Nails (825) and "Eyes" (610). Lip related conversations focused primarily on the new colors & their
availabilities & prices in different stores. Conversations that focussed on eye products were related to
eyeshadow designs & a significant amount of conversation here centered on Maybellines Eye Studio
line.Nails conversations were limited to color oriented questions & nail enamels.
Contests: Maybellines #guesstheproduct (836 mentions) and Kiehl Indias #whereisjim (222 mentions)
were the top contests with respect to consumer interactions.
Events: "Maybelline at fashion week" (1000 conversations) was the most popular fashion and makeup
related event/activity. Among the most talked about topics from this event were:
1. Looks inspired by the American model, Emily Didonato,
2. Graded vivid look from NYFW and
3. Popular vivid looks.

Please note, the time period during Diwali Season and Online Ecommerce Sales (hosted by Flipkart,
Amazon and Snapdeal during Oct 01 to Oct 10) yielded the maximum consumer interactions (3122 and
1993 respectively) for Makeup and Beauty brands considered in this analysis. Consumers specifically
mentioned makeup looks such as smoky eyes, nude lips and pure vivid during the festive season.
Large events (global/local) can unearth deep insights into consumer preferences & their
seasonality. Such data can also yield insights into what is likely going to a be just a trend vs. what
consumers are actually likely to purchase.

Industry : Fashion Retail

Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Aditya Birla, Allen Solly, H&M
PropheSees Consumer Insights engine has categorized all the conversations into four major categories Brand Conversations (generic conversations ex.- SS is great, H&M is my fav etc)
Gift Options (consumers mentioning about gift options from a brand),
Contest and Offers (promotional offers/discounts mentioned by consumers),
Products (knowledge, availability of products, prices etc.)


Brand conversations



Gift options




Consumer Conversation Breakdown

Shoppers Stop (19%), Lifestyle (8%),

H&M (5%), Others (16%)

Top hashtags used by consumers











Key Insights & Takeaways

"Shoppers Stop" (1000+ mentions) is talked in majority by the consumers, More than 90% of the
conversations are highly negative and are about their services. Keyphrases such as "poor shopping
experience", "worst online services", "no exchange available", "wrong delivery", "fake promotions" and
"poor services" are used.
"Lifestyle" on the other hand is mentioned half the times as Shoppers Stop (500) but obtained highly
positive sentiment from the consumers. "Better shopping experience", "amazing collections", "cool offers
and gifts" and "product satisfaction" are top consumer mentions related to Lifestyle.

Social media lets you interact with your consumers directly. Brands can use PropheSees listening
features to keep a close tab on what their consumers are saying, quickly identify problem areas &
even gain insights on the best solutions for the same, directly from their customers.
In general, consumers are very satisfied with offerings by Allen Solly. Top conversations lauded the
formal clothes & collections from Allen Solly, "Allen Solly gift hampers" & " the best jeans and jacket
fittings from solly". All of these are associated with moderate to strong positive sentiment.
Gifting appeared as one of the top themes in the fashion retail industry. Conversations included birthday
gifts, diwali gifts, gifts for brothers and dads and gifts for girlfriends. Consumer preferences indicated
that Perfumes were most closely associated with presents, followed by Jeans and Tops. Interestingly,
males were more expressive about about their own birthdays and girlfriends however, females
emphasized on family traits such as Dads, Mothers and Brothers much more.
Consumer conversations can often lead to subliminal messages & insights into spending patterns,
preferences & relationships. For example, knowing that females were more likely to prioritize
familial relationships over others, perhaps brands could have better targeted a different
demographic that may have led to higher ROIs.

Contests are actively used by retailers to increase consumer conversations, "#goodtogift" by Lifestyle
was the most successful campaign (267 mentions) in terms of consumer conversation. Some other
contests included - "#colourme9", by Shoppers Stop and "#bestshoppingmate" by Lifestyle.

Industry : Travel
Yatra, Goibibo, Clear Trip, Makemytrip, HolidayIQ
This industry includes all the major ticketing platforms and travel related brands. Prophesee consumer
insights engine has categorized the conversations into five travel themes. Beach Destinations (Consumers mentioning visiting beaches),
Religious Destinations (Consumers mentioning religious places)
Family Vacations (Consumers mentioning family vacation destinations)
Natural Beauty Places (This includes places known for natural features, such as mountains and lakes)
Popular Cities



Popular cities


Family vacations

Natural beauty


Religious places

Consumer Conversation Breakdown

Top mentioned locations by consumers






Key Insights & Takeaways

Most of the consumer queries observed were centered around vacations with queries related to where
people should go on their next vacation - keywords such as "place to visit next" and "holiday seasons"
were observed throughout. In terms of vacation destinations - "Kerala", "Mumbai" and "Hyderabad" were
the popular Indian cities mentioned by consumers. Further, conversations on weekends grew by 15%
compared to weekdays.
Conversations about "Kerala" were strongly associated with negative sentiment on all brand pages &
presences. Consumers talked about the following keywords that led to large spikes in the negative
sentiment associated with Kerela:
"killing of innocent stray dogs in kerala",
"poor kerala food" and
"foreigners being scared to visit Kerala"
Mumbai is another popular city mentioned by the consumers, topics included - "resorts near mumbai",
"walk on marine drive", "things to do in mumbai " etc.
Popular Cities, "Natural Beauty" and "Family Vacations" were the most talked about travel themes
among the consumer insights with 39.8%, 36% and 16% mindshare. "#heritageofindia" is the only
noteable hashtag during the reporting period in travel industry.
It is interesting to note that highest peak in consumer conversations was observed during long
weekends in October, and a major dip was observed on Nov 10 - 12 - when the Government
demonetized the 500 & 1,000 Rupees bills/notes.

Industry : Food Ordering

Zomato, Swiggy, Food Panda India, TinyOwl
The buckets food industry included Delivery (Delivery services including time, orders, location etc),
Mobile App (Mobile App services mentioned by consumers).
Website (Website of delivery apps mentioned by consumers),
Payment Gateway (Payment options mentions by consumers),
Customer Services (Customer Care services)




Consumer Conversation Breakdown


Customer care services

Payment gateway

Sentiment breakdown 76% - moderately negative

11% - highly negative
12% - neutral
1% - positive

Mobile App & Website

Key Insights & Takeaways

Delivery: Over 50% of the consumer conversations were centered on this topic & in general, consumers
seem to be very dissatisfied with deliveries - a large sentiment dip is observed in this case. Keyphrases
such as - "never delivered the item", "delivery delayed by 2 hrs", "delivery guy behavior", "not delivered",
"high delivery charges" are the key talking/pain points of the customers.
Brands can track competitor consumer conversation to furnish insights on their problem areas. The
same could be potential disruptive opportunities for a brand itself that can be leveraged in a timely
manner to yield high ROIs & bolster consumer affinity.

Customer Care Services: Although among the most used by Indian consumers, conversation about
Zomatos customer care received highly negative feedback. Consumers expressed their strong
dissatisfaction & anger with the unavailability of customer care service in Zomato such as the lack of
helpline/phone number. Conversations included - "company with no customer care", "not answering the
queries", "No Customer Care, "no number" (mentioned about 1,500 times)
Payment Gateway: This theme also garnered high negative sentiments, particularly for the Zomato
mobile app. Top keyphrases are - "payment failure", "no returns", "payment options", "incomplete
Mobile App and Website: Inconsistencies between the desktop & mobile versions of some platforms
caused negative sentiments. For example, "no filters in mobile as compared to web" & "app crashes"
were frequently observed.
Top Consumer Queries 1. Centered around launches in new cities, such as when will zomato launch in Raipur?
2. Customer privacy concerns stemming from things such as auto saving of credit/debit card details.
3. Discrepancies between usability of desktop website version as compared to android mobiles.
4. Concerns over confirming the orders and not fulfilling them.

Industry : E-Commerce
Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, ShopClues
PropheSees Consumer Insights Engine analyzed all the data from last six months and categorized them
into different themes Delivery (services including delivery time, staff etc.)
Merchants (sellers on E-commerce websites mentioned by consumers),
Offers (Promotional Offers/Sales mentioned by consumers),
Order Status (Order status,cancellation,replacement and refund related).
Customer Service (Customer Care services including online chat etc.)



Customer sevice

Offers / Sales




Order status



Sentiment breakdown 32% negative

41% neutral
26% positive

Consumer Conversation Breakdown

Top hashtags used by consumers











Key Insights & Takeaways

Delivery: About 37% of the consumer conversations were centered on Delivery issues & in general,
consumers seem to be highly dissatisfied with deliveries - a large negative sentiment is observed in this
case. Keyphrases such as - "very fraud workers delivery boy, amazon changed my delivery date", very
cheap delivery process, bad delivery system and lies about delivery are the key talking/pain points
of the customers.
Customer Care Services: This theme also received highly negative feedback. Consumers expressed
their strong disappointment & annoyance with the customer care services not answering the consumer
queries. Conversations included - "cheat customer service", customer care is careless, customer care
is useless and customer service sucks (mentioned about 1,200 times)
Order Status : A large discontent from consumers was observed from the order details. Number of
consumer queries (931) were about replacement order, wrong order status tracking, order status
changed unexpectedly and no messages received related to order status.
Merchants and Seller opinions among among the consumers also garnered high negative sentiment.
Top consumer conversations consisted of keyphrases such as - seller customer response, damaged
product seller , worthless sellers , international duplicate sellers

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