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Brand Love and Marketing

When it comes to marketing you have many strategies you can

take on in order to successfully gain the attention of the consumer, get
him to purchase your product and eventually gain his loyalty as a
customer. One of these strategies is the use of brand love. Now, what
is brand love? The phrase itself consists of two words, the word
brand and the word love, it is pretty simple actually as it is a
marketing strategy, and it is the use of the love people have for the
brand in order to get them to buy from that brand. Weve probably
heard the phrases I only buy from that place and I adore this place I
cant help not buy every time Im there, these phrases resemble the
affection people have for their brands. Brand love has been supported
by studies that it boosts marketing and it even has stages to being
able to use the brand love strategy to a brand.

Brand love is like free marketing states an article on

marketingzone.com, as the consumers who love your brand dont just
buy your product but also spread a good word about it.
(Marketingzone, 2012) Logically speaking, brand love isnt the same
as the love youd have for another human being and that is in fact true
as studies made by Tobias Langner and his colleagues at the University
of Bergische have deduced that brand love is more logical and is
dependent on personal benefit as it generates from selfishness
whereas human love is more selfless in character.(Dr. Paul Marsden,
2015) When you come to think about it that is very true, since we do
not love the brand for the sake of benefiting the brand but we love it
for different reasons such as the quality of the products is really good
therefore they are of good use to you or the sake of wearing their logo,

such as Nike, Adidas or Calvin Klein. The Journal of Marketing states as

well that brand love could lead to a positive image forming over your
brand, loyalty to the brand, consumer would have a decrease in price
sensitivity and to forgive the brand for any possible failures. (Rajeev
Batra, 2012). An example of a company who was capable of winning a
$430 million JC Penney contract was Saatchi and Saatchi by using the
brand love in an innovative way and creating the lovemark
framework. (Langner, 2015) Studies do prove that brand love is an
effective marketing strategy and creating such a strategy isnt that

Brand love has its effects on your business as well in many

positive ways and to build such affection it has normal stages as well.
In order to create this brand love youll need the affection of the
customers, in order to gain the affection of your customers you will
need to build your relationship with that customer in order to make him
love that brand, simply give him something thatll make him want to
come again and buy from your brand. As stated earlier this love is
based on selfishness and if he does not find a positive outcome from
buying at your brand who wont bother to come again. Several ways
can be used in order to achieve the brand love strategy youre aiming
for states John Jordan in business.biz. Being genuine and honest with a
customer is one way to go at it, when you are honest with your
customer you will deepen your bond with that customer and while
sustaining that over a period of time you will cement that bond as well.
Another way is by getting your employees to be top-notch, that means
giving time and expenses to make sure your employee is ready to fulfill
whatever the customer wants in logical terms of course, a great set of
employees makes a great store which leads to a great brand thus the
consumer will eventually love the brand from how the employees are.

An additional way which seems logical with the creating top-notch

employees is by creating a great work atmosphere, doing so you are
bound to have happy employees that are satisfied, yes satisfied
employees lead to better work results, that doesnt mean though that
there are no rules. (John Jordan, 2016) An article written by Tim
Halloran talks about the phases of brand love as well and he relates
these phases to a normal relationships phases. He states that there
are 8 phases that start with knowing yourself and what your brand
represents, then who the brand appeals to the most and who are your
target consumer by knowing your type. After that theirs the meeting
memorably phase, just like a normal date youd get to know if it going
in the right direction or downhill, then you make it mutual where you
get the customer excited about your brand to the point where he
wants to spread the word. Finally you deepen the connection with the
customer and you make him think that this brand is made for you, you
then keep the love alive by always giving the consumer a reason to
keep coming for more, after that the two stages are make up, where
in cases where you go through a crisis or fail the customer, that
customer would remain loyal, or break up where we sadly ultimately
fail with that group of consumers and we learn from our mistakes and
work towards a better brand the next time.(Tim Halloran, 2014)

Brand love is ever growing as the number of brands grows day

by day and people end up loving these brands. Smart marketing
strategies are being made in order to boost the brand love method, by
using the public opinion in the making of their own products or famous
people advertising and using their products. Such methods are only
normal since the love dedicated to that brand will lead the brand to
success and it can come down to the fact that the most lovable brand
can end up being the most successful brand, as it goes with being

popular as well. I believe this strategy is very effective and whomever

should start a brand he or she naturally goes for such a strategy as
loyal customers are beneficial for the business and creating
customers for life should as well be one of the main goals even if minor
sacrifices have to made in the beginning, as it will lead to a possible
great ending.

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