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Thank you for using MV-600IBinfusion pump!
Please read this manual carefully before using it so as to operate the pump correctly and safely.

Brief Introduction....3
Intended Use..3
Safety Precaution......3
System Structure...5
Packing ...5
Main Key Features and Functions......6
Basic Operation Steps..7
Bolus Function..10
Fat Emulsion Infusion .10
Method to Change Different Brand of Infusion Set.10
Load Infusion Pipe Parameters 12
Battery Charge 13
Cleaning, Maintenance, Transport and Storage 13
Alarms Indicator and Remove. .14

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1. Brief Introduction
1.1 Product Introduction
MV-600IBInfusion Pump is a combination of microelectronic technology and modern nursing,
an important outcome of microcomputer applied to clinical nursing. It can control the speed
and general quantity of infusion precisely and continuously over long hours on a large scale,
which can completely meet the various requirements of modern clinical treatment on different
occasions and is now widely used in hospitals.
MV-600IBInfusion Pump is an economical product of intellectualization, collectivization and
high technology oriented to oversea customers. It can be used in all clinics or wards, thus
promoting the previously single pump intravenous infusion control to mass control. The
patients' infusion situation and alarm information (e.g.: infusion completion, pipe occlusion)
can all be seen at the Nurse's Station. This greatly improves the medical nursing quality,
reduces the nurse's workload, and ensures the patient's nursing safety.
1.2 Intended Use
It is used in hospitals where patients need to be given steady and continuous intravenous
infusion or precise medication.
1.3 Safety Precaution
1. The user must be thoroughly familiar with the infusion pump describe in this manual prior to
2. Attention for setting up the pump:

Place the pump in dry place.

Do not place the pump in places where atmosphere pressure, temperature, humidity,
sunshine, dust, salt and ion air may bring damage to the pump.
Pay attention to the safety of the pump. Do not drop, vibrate or bump the pump
(including during transportation)
Do not use the pump in the place which keeps chemical medicine or gives out
poisonous gas.
Pay attention to the frequency of voltage and allowable current of voltage.
Make sure there is no high frequency cacophony maker, medical equipment or cell
phone etc. near the pump.
3. Attention before using the pump

Confirm the power cord is safely and correctly connected.

Confirm the ON-OFF function and operation of the pump is ok.
Confirm there is no high frequency cacophony maker, medical equipment or cell phone
etc. near the pump.
Confirm the patient's vein passage has been established.
4. Attention during using the pump

Do not exceed the time the doctor diagnoses for the treatment.
Observe and confirm the condition of the patient and the pump operation are both good.
Once any abnormal situation is found on the patient or machine , first assure the patient
is safe , and then turn off the machine and take proper action.
5. Attention after finishing using the pump

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Turn off the power supply according to the requirement, and pull out the AC Power cord.
In order to use the pump conveniently next time, please clean it and then keep it in
1.4 Product Functions

1. Precise control of the infusion rate.

2. Precise control of the infusion volume.
3. Smooth flow, no pulsant.
4. Audible and visible alarm in case of infusion completion, near completion, occlusion in
the pipe, low battery, control abnormal, air bubble in the pipe, installation error, no AC
power supply and so on.
5. Intellectualized control of infusion.
1.5 Specification




Flow rate range


Volume limit

1-9999 ml


KVO flow rate

1ml/h, keep vein open(KVO) rate

Power supply

AC100-240V, 50/60 Hz,25VA

Max. power consumption


Battery recharge

Displayed information

Alarm function

25Wcan run for more than 5 hours continuously after fully

Rechargeable lithium polymer battery,7.4 V1650mAh.

When the pump is connected to the AC power, the battery will

automatically recharge (about 8-14 hours to recharge fully.)
Flow rate, volume limit, accumulated volume, power indicator light,
bed No., air, occlusion, empty.
Infusion completion, occlusion, air bubble, low battery, control
abnormal, no AC power supply, installation error.

Max. size of outer shell

120140190 mmlength width height

Max. weight

2.5 kg


Type IIB.

Outer shell material

ABS plastic

Operating condition

Environment temperature +5-+40atmosphere pressure 86

106kParelated humidity 20%90%

Storage and transport

Environment temperature -15-+50atmosphere pressure 86


106kParelative humidity 20%90%.

Applicable infusion pipe

All standard infusion pipe (use "dragon Heart" to test)

Work mode

Continuous work mode

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1.6 System Structure

MV-600IBInfusion Pump contains the following components:
1. The microcomputer system: the brain of the whole system, giving intellectualized
control and management over the whole system and processing the detected signals.
It uses two single chip Micyoco (SCM) systems for mutual backup copying and
supervision. When something is wrong with an SCM, the other one can give timely
warning and cut the power of the host computer, which will then stop running
completely, so that the patient's safety can be ensured.
2. The pump device: The heart of the whole system and the main driving force of the
infusion. It drives the peristaltic pump with stepper motor.
3. The inspection device: Various kinds of sensors, such as infrared sensor (detecting
air bubble and flux), pressure sensor (detecting occlusion), etc.. They can give
corresponding signals, and after magnifying them, send them over to computer for
processing, and then operate correspondingly with the control instruction educed.
4. The alarm device: After the signal induced by the sensor is processed by the
microcomputer, an alarm signal will be educed, which will be responded by the alarm
device to arouse peoples attention for right treatment. There are mainly two kinds of
alarms, photoelectric alarm (LBD) and sound alarm (loudspeaker and buzzer).
5. The input and display device: Key in part of the various parameters in charge of
infusion enactment, such as infusion volume and infusion rate. It will display various
parameters and the current operation progress on the LCD displayer.
1.7 Packing
1.Product label patternsticked on the back shell

2. List of Accessories:
infusion pump
AC power cord
instruction manual
certificate of approval
maintenance card

1 unit
1 set
1 set
1 set
1 set

Notice: If any accessory is missing in the box, please contact us or our agents in your local


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1.8 Main Key Features and Functions








100 key

Used to add 100 to the initial value in the setting.

100 key

Used to reduce 100 from the initial value in the setting.

10 key

Used to add 10 to the initial value in the setting.

10 key

Used to reduce 10 from the initial value in the setting.


Used to add 1 to the initial value in the setting.


Used to reduce 1 from the initial value in the setting

"STOP" key

"CLEAR" key

"SET" key


"SELECT" key

Stop infusion or stop the alarm

Make the accumulated value to "0" in "STOP" status.
Enter into setting of flow rate, volume limit, bed No. , setting
interface and save the new settings.
Used to select the parameters for setting in the setting interface.
1. START: start to infuse



2.BOLUS: Press this key in the infusion without release, the pump
starts to fast infusion at the maximum rate; release the key, the
pump comes to infusion at the initial rate.
Turn on/off the pumpPress the key for about 3 to 5 seconds until


"POWER" key

the self-inspecting monitor screen displays that the infusion is on.

Press the key for about 3 to 5 seconds until the turnoff image turns
black followed by a "bb" sound showing that the pump is off.



Display the data and information

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2. Basic Operation Steps

2.1 Basic Operation Steps
First step: Fix the infusion pump

Rorate the knob anticlockwisely

Diagram 1

Diagram 2

Second step: Connect to the power

1. Plug the power cord into the outlet

of the infusion pump as Diagram 3 shows.
No ce: Applicable power supply scope
is: AC100-240V, 50/60 Hz.

Diagram 3

Third stepTurn on the power supply

1. Press the "power" key for 3-5 seconds as Diagram 4 shows. The pump starts self-diagnosis
and the LCD will display the version No. and serial No. of this pump. A er that it di spl ays as
Diagram 5 shows.
No ce: If LCD displays AC power supply symbol, it means the pump is supplied by AC power,
and the ba er y is char gi ng aut oma cal l y.
No ce: During the night or in the dim light, press "power" key (just one touch) to turn on the
night vision.
AC power

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Rotate the knob clockwisely

1. Rotate the knob of the pole clamp anticlockwisely, and leave enough room to put IV
stand in as Diagram 1 shows.
2. Fix the infusion pipe on the IV stand, and rotate the knob of pole clamp clockwisely to
get the pump fixed on the IV stand.


Diagram 5

Fourth stepInstall Infusion Pipe

1. Pull out the door lock as Diagram 6 shows.
2. Draw the infusion pipe straight and then put the infusion pipe into the groove making sure it
reaches the bottom as Diagram 7 shows.
3. Put down the door lock gently by holding the top of it until it reaches back in place as Diagram
8 shows. When the green indicator light is on, it means proper installation. Otherwise reinstall it
until the light is on.
Notice: The infusion pipe must be discarded after 24 hours' continuous using.

the pipe

Pull out the door


Diagram 6

The green indicator light on top left should be on.

The infusion pipe should reach the bottom of
the groove
Put down
the door

Diagram 8


Diagram 7

Fifth stepSet Basic Parameters

1. Press "SET" key as Diagram 9 shows. The LCD shows 3 values. The upper one is flow rate,
the middle one is volume limit and the bottom one is bed No..
2. Press "SELECT" key as Diagram 11 shows to choose the parameter which needs to be set.
When the value is flashing, it means it is selected and can be adjusted by number keys.
3. After setting all the parameters, press "SET" key to save the parameter and exit.
Notice: When the infusion pump is used together with our infusion supervision system, you
should be set the bed No. when the infusion pump is used single, there is no need to set bed

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Diagram 9

Diagram 10

Diagram 11

Sixth stepEliminate the Accumulated Volume

1. Press "CLEAR" key for once as Diagram 12 shows, then the accumulated volume becomes
"0" as Diagram 13 shows.
Notice: During the infusion process, the accumulated volume can only be observed. If you need
to eliminate it, you should stop the infusion and eliminate it.

Diagram 12

Diagram 13

Seventh stepStart Infusion

1. After setting all the parameters and properly installing infusion pipe, its time to infuse.
Press "START" key as Diagram 14 shows, and the green indicator light is flashing as Diagram
15 shows. The motor begins to run, and the pump starts infusing.
Infusion is in
progress if this
indicator light is
ashi ng .

Diagram 14

Diagram 15

Eighth stepInfusion Finish

1. When the accumulated volume meets the volume limit as Diagram 16 shows, the LCD

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displays "OVER" and sends an audible and visible alarm to remind the user that the infusion
is finished. Press "STOP" key to stop infusion as Diagram 17 shows.

Diagram 16

Diagram 17

Diagram 18

Ninth step: Turn off AC Power

1. Press "POWER" key for 3-5 seconds as Diagram 18 shows, and then release it, the power is
turned off.
2.2 Bolus Function

During infusion, if the on-going rate is lower than 600ml/h and yet you need a moments
fast-rate infusion, you may press the "BOLUS" key by keeping nger on i t for a wh i le. The
pump shall infuse at 600ml/h as long as you keep your nger on BOL US key. A er remov i ng
your nger from the key, i t wi ll run at the or i gi nal i nf us i on rat e that you have set . If the
on-going rate is higher than 600ml/h, there is no Bolus func on.
light is not
a er
installa on
the pipe

Diagram 19

Diagram 20

Diagram 21

2.3 Fat Emulsion Infusion

1. If you need to infuse fat emulsion for patient after you install the infusion pipe filled with fat
emulsion and press "START" key, the green indicator light on top left will not be on as Diagram
20 shows, and the pump will not start operation (The indicator light is usually on when
installing the infusion pipe with simple medicine).You need to press "DOWN 10" and "DOWN
1" keys together as Diagram 21 shows. Then the pump shall start operation.
Notice: Only when the concentration of the fat emulsion is more than or equals to 0.833 can
it be infused.
2.4 Method to change different brand of Infusion Pipe.
We test and set the parameters under the brand of "Dragon Heart infusion pipe. If you use
other brands of infusion pipe, please reset the parameters as following steps.
First stepSet the Occlusion Value for Alarm

1. Install a new brand of infusion pipe filled with liquid. Press "UP 100" and "DOWN 100" keys

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together as Diagram 22 shows. The LCD displays 3 values as Diagram 23 shows. Record the
upper one: pressure value.
2. Press "SET" and "STOP" keys together as Diagram 24 shows. The LCD will display another 3
values as Diagram 25 shows, and the upper one is the occlusion value for occlusion alarm.
When the occlusion pressure is about 50 to 150 higher than pressure value, the occlusion alarm
shall sound.
For instance, the pressure value we recorded is 50, so we should set the occlusion value within
the range of 100 and 200.The higher the value, the less sensitive the pressure sensor shall be
and thus the slower the occlusion alarm shall sound. The lower the value, the more sensitive the
pressure sensor shall be and thus the sooner the occlusion alarm shall sound. Adjust a suitable
occlusion value by pressing number keys as Diagrams 26 shows. At last press "SET" key to
save the setting.

Diagram 22

Diagram 25

Diagram 23

Diagram 26

Diagram 24

Diagram 27

Second stepAdjust the Accuracy

1. Set the infusion rate at 150ml/h, and the volume limit at 10ml.Start infusion after installing the
new brand of infusion pipe properly. Use the measuring cup to measure the liquid volume flowed
from the infusion pipe.
2. If the liquid flowed into the measuring cup is 1ml more than 10ml, add 1 to the accuracy value.
If the liquid flowed into the measuring cup is 1ml less than 10ml, reduce 1 from the accuracy
value. If the liquid flowed into the measuring cup is the same as preset volume 10ml, no need to
adjust the accuracy. To change the accuracy value in "stop" status, Press "STOP" and "SET"
keys together, press "SELECT" key to select the accuracy value (the middle one) as Diagram 27
shows. Adjust a suitable accuracy value by pressing the number keys as Diagram 26 shows.
Then press "SET" key to save it.
Example 1The actual liquid flowed into the measuring cup is 11ml, and the initial accuracy
value is 50, we should adjust the accuracy to 51.

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Example 2The actual liquid flowed into the measuring cup is 8ml, and the initial accuracy value
is 50, we should adjust the accuracy to 48.
3. Repeat step 1 and step 2 until the accuracy value is accurate. (That means the actual liquid
volume flowed into the measuring cup is the same as volume limit.) The accuracy of infusion
pump is 5.
2.5 Load the Infusion Pipe Parameter
1. MV-600IBinfusion pump can save three kinds of infusion pipe parameters. It displays A, B or
C on the top right corner of the LCD as Diagram 28 shows, and the "A","B" or "C" stands for the
type of infusion pipe in use.
2. Press "STOP" and "SET" key together as Diagram 29 shows. The LCD shows the infusion
pipe's parameters in use as Diagram 30 shows.
If you want to load the parameter of Type A infusion pipe, press "CLEAR" and "DOWN 100"
keys at the same time as Diagram 31 shows, and the LCD will display A on the top right corner.
If you want to load the parameters of type B infusion pipe, press " CLEAR" and " DOWN 10"
keys at the same time as Diagram 32 shows, and the LCD will display B on the top right corner.
If you want to load the parameters of type C infusion pipe, press " CLEAR" and " DOWN 1"
keys together as Diagram 33 shows, and the LCD will display C on the top right corner.
3. Load the type of infusion pipe you need, and then press "SET" key to save it as Diagram 34


Type A

Type B

Type C


Diagram 29

Diagram 30

Diagram 31


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Diagram 32

Diagram 33

Diagram 34

2.6 Battery Charge

1. After turning on the pump, the AC power supply symbol is as Diagram 35 shows. The pump
begins to charge automatically.
At this time, press "UP 100" and "DOWN 100" keys together as Diagram 36 shows. The LCD
displays 3 values, the middle one is the battery capacity as Diagram 37 shows. When the
battery is fully charged, the pump automatically stops charging and the value is 640.If the
value is lower than 640, it will charge automatically.
2. When pulling out the wire cord as Diagram 38 shows, it will display the battery supply
symbol, which means the pump is supplied by battery and the grid means the capacity of
battery. When it is blank, the pump will send out alarm to remind user that the battery capacity
is low and needs to recharge.
Notice: It will take about 14 hours to fully recharge the battery after it is used up.
AC power supply symbol

Diagram 35

Low ba er y capaci ty

Diagram 36

Diagram 37

ba er y


3. Cleaning, Storage, Transport and Maintenance

3.1 Cleaning
1. Use the cloth to clean the pump at once when there is liquid dropped on it.
2. Pay serious attention to cleaning the pump. Use a tampon moistened with 75% alcohol to wipe the
pump shell.
3. Be sure to turn the pump off and disconnect it from the AC power supply before wiping it.
4. Dont use xylene, acetone or anything analogous to clean the pump, as such chemicals may
cause damage to the plastic module.
3.2 Storage and Transport
The pump should be stored in environment with temperature between -15-50, atmosphere
pressure between 86-106 Kpa, relative humidity between 20-90%.
3.3Preventive Inspection

Routine Maintenance Procedure

As per Hospital Policy

Thoroughly clean external surfaces of the pump

before and after prolonged period of storage.

At least once per year(Refer to TSM for

identification of parts)

1. Inspect AC power supply plug and cable for damage.

2. Perform functional tests as outlined in the Technical
Service Manual.


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3. Operate the pump on battery power until the low

battery alarm sounds. Then charge the battery to
confirm operation and charging.

3.4 Maintenance
The warranty year is 1 year beginning from the purchasing date. We can offer free repair
service within the warranty time on condition that the product is operated properly. The
following situation is not within the range of free maintenance and repair:
1. Malfunction caused by false use, repair or reconstruction by any unprofessional, disqualified
or untrained people.
2. Malfunction or damage caused during the transportation.
3. Malfunction or damage caused by fire, salt, poisonous gas, earthquake, hurricane, flood,
abnormal voltage and other nature factors.

4. Alarms and Solutions for Alarms

4.1 Common Alarm Symbols and Solutions for Alarms



Press "STOP" key to stop the

Alarm for

Preset infusion

infusion and the alarm. Then press



"CLEAR" key to clear the



accumulated volume. After that,

press "START" key to start infusion.

Solution for No.1

1.Air bubble in
the pipe
Air bubble

2.Infusion pipe
installation error
with the infrared

Press "STOP key to stop infusion

and silence the alarm, remove the air
bubble in the pipe, and then press
"START" key to restart infusion.
Solution for No.2
Reinstall infusion pipe properly.
Solution for No.3
Contact manufacturer or agent to
Solution for No.1

1. Infusion loop

Press "STOP" key to stop infusion


and silence the alarm. Press

2.The occlusion

"START" key to restart infusion after


value is much

removing the occlusion in the loop.


too sensitive.

Solution for No.2

3. Something

Refer to this instruction manual2.4

wrong with the

Method to change different brand of


Infusion Pipe: First step: Set the

Occlusion value for Alarm

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Solution for No.3

Contact manufacturer or agent to
1. Too low
Alarm for low

2.Battery aging
or something
wrong with the
battery charge

Solution for No.1

Connect to AC power supply to
charge the battery.
Solution for No.2
Contact manufacturer or agent to

1. No AC power

Alarm for no
AC power

supply for the

Solution for No.1

infusion pump.

Check if the power cord is not

2. Something

plugged in or not properly plugged in.

wrong with the

Solution for No. 2:

power supply

Contact manufacturer or agent to

circuit of infusion


Solution for No.1

Alarm for

1.Air bubble in

Press "stop" key to stop the infusion

the infusion pipe

and silence the alarm. Then restart

2.Infusion pipe

infusion after removing the air bubble

installation error

in the pipe.

3. Something

Solution for No.2:

wrong with the

Reinstall the infusion pipe properly.

sensor of

Solution for No.3

infusion pump.

Contact manufacturer or our agent to

Press "STOP" key to stop infusion

Alarm for



wrong with the



and eliminate the alarm sound. Then

press "START" key to restart
infusion. If such alarm sounds again,
please contact manufacturer or agent
to repair.


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