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Tonne of oil equivalent

2 Conversion factors

The tonne of oil equivalent (toe) is a unit of energy dened as the amount of energy released by burning one
tonne of crude oil. It is approximately 42 gigajoules,
although as dierent crude oils have dierent caloric
values, the exact value is dened by convention; several
slightly dierent denitions exist. The toe is sometimes
used for large amounts of energy.

1 barrel of oil equivalent (boe) contains approximately 0.146 toe (i.e. there are approximately 7.4
boe in a toe).
1 t diesel = 1.01 toe

Multiples of the toe are used, in particular the megatoe

(Mtoe, one million toe) and the gigatoe (Gtoe, one billion
toe). A smaller unit of kilogram of oil equivalent (kgoe)
is also sometimes used denoting 1/1000 toe.

1 m3 diesel = 0.98 toe

1 t petrol = 1.05 toe
1 m3 petrol = 0.86 toe

1 t biodiesel = 0.86 toe


1 m3 biodiesel = 0.78 toe

The International Energy Agency denes one tonne of oil
equivalent (toe) to be equal to:[1]

1 t bioethanol = 0.64 toe

1m3 bioethanol = 0.51 toe[4]

1 toe = 11.63 megawatt-hours (MWh)

1 MWh = 0.086 toe

kWh) [6]

1 toe = 41.868 gigajoules (GJ)


(therefore 1 toe = 11630.0

at thermal power plant, 1 MWh generated with 0.22

toe fuel or 0.39 MWh with 0.086 toe[7] (39% thermal to electrical conversion eciency)

1 toe = 10 gigacalorie (Gcal) using the international

steam table calorie (calIT) and not the thermochemical
calorie (cal )[2]

Tonne of oil equivalent should be used carefully when

converting electrical units. For instance, BPs 2007 report used a factor of 38% eciency (the average eciency of OECD thermal generating units in 2006), or
roughly 16 GJ per toe, when converting kilowatt-hours to

1 toe = 39,683,207.2 british thermal unit (BTU)

1 toe = 1.42857143 tonne of coal equivalent (tce)
Conversion into other units:
1 toe = 7.11, 7.33, or 7.4 barrel of oil equivalent

3 Derived units

Some other sources and publications use divergent de- For multiples of the tonne of oil equivalent, it is more
nitions of toe, for example:
usual to speak of millions of tonnes of oil equivalent; kilotonne of oil equivalent (KTOE).
1 toe = 10.7 gigacalorie (Gcal) using the thermochemical calorie[2]

4 See also

1 toe = 41.85 gigajoules (GJ)[3]

Conversion of units

1 toe = 44.769 gigajoules (GJ) based on using thermochemical calorie (cal )[2]

Energy density

1 toe = 39,683,205.411 british thermal unit (BTU)

TNT equivalent


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