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Mobicip Named Top Mobile App for Kids and Teens by Parents’ Choice Awards

Parents Choice Foundation gives Mobicip’s Safe Browser a Silver Honors award, a
cknowledging their intelligent content filtering technology and simple remote mo
nitoring that allows kids to safely browse the mobile web, putting parents and e
ducators at ease.
Thousand Oaks, CA, June 30, 2010 -- Mobicip.com, the leading internet safety and
parental control service for mobile devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPa
d, received the prestigious 2010 Parents’ Choice Silver Honors Award as a top mo
bile application software serving children and protecting their mobile experienc
e. Parents’ Choice has been reviewing and recommending quality children’s media
for more than 32 years. According to leaders at Parents’ Choice, “not only is it
clear that children must be adept in the traditional areas of learning, they mu
st also be competent and skilled in the learning opportunities digital media pro
Parents’ Choice recognizes the best in children’s media. They rate and award org
anizations with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. Mobicip’s mobile internet browsi
ng security technology received the Silver honor with one or more of the evaluat
ing groups at Parents’ Choice, a high prize for their child mobile internet safe
ty technology’s production and human values. Parents’ Choice honors are given to
excellent media products that are designed to entertain and support globally et
hical attitudes. Products are also awarded based on how they help children culti
vate skills while maintaining rigorous product standards.
“This is a very prestigious recognition from an organization that, for years, ha
s been such a trusted source of the best in children’s education and entertainme
nt,” says Anitha Swaminathan, Director of Customer Experience at Mobicip. “Paren
ts need to be in the know about how to protect their kids who are mobile users a
nd using them in mobile ways, without total parental supervision. We are so impr
essed that Parents’ Choice has a mobile category to cater to the trends and are
equally proud to have been a part of their rigorous screening process and recogn
“The Mobicip Safe Browser s intuitive design is easy-to-use. It looks almost ide
ntical to the preferred Safari browser resident on many Apple products,” says Te
resa DiFalco, a reviewer for Parents’ Choice. “Searches on inappropriate content
produce a simple "access is denied" message and a link to the Mobicip website w
here a parent or administrator can, if they desire, change the filtering level.
There are three age-appropriate levels: elementary, middle school, and high scho
"The way children, tweens and teens learn today is becoming more and more mobile
. Safe mobility fundamentally transforms how children learn and we are so please
d that Parents’ Choice sees our mobile app technology as playing a significant r
ole in the process," says Suren Ramasubbu, Founder and CEO of Mobicip.com. "Mobi
cip s service is being used by thousands of parents around the world, and by sev
eral school districts. This award is so appreciated.”
Parents’ Choice has been reviewing and recommending quality children’s media sin
ce 1978. To learn more about Parents’ Choice, visit www.parents-choice.org
Mobicip’s Safe Browser app for kids and teens is available on the iPhone App Sto
re, and the service is available at www.mobicip.com.
About Mobicip’s Mobile Application for Children and Online Content Filtering for
Mobicip is the most powerful Internet filtering and parental control software de
signed specifically to work with mobile devices. Parents and educators use Mobic
ip’s custom web filtering so kids and teens can use the internet safely, securel
y and specific to their age, interests and parent/educator requirements. The Saf
e Browser iPhone app is the most popular parental control app on the iPhone App
store. Kids are mobile – parents use Mobicip to ensure their mobile kids are saf
ely using their mobile devices, even without supervision. Learn more about Mobic
ip at www.mobicip.com.
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