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The movie clearly showed the applicability of the Rules on Evidence. It was a criminal
case; the victim, William Santiago and the accused, Pfc. Louden Downey and Lance Corporal
Harold Dawson, charged of murder and conspiracy to commit murder. The counsel for the victim
was Captain Jack Ross while for the accused were Lt. Daniel Kaffee, the lead counsel, Lt.
Commander JoAnne Galloway and Lt. Sam Weinberg.
It was observed in the movie the application of the different Rules on Evidence. Rule
128, section 3, the evidences presented in the case were relevant to the issue. Regarding to the
witnesses, Rule 130, section 49 and 50 were also applicable. Wherein, the doctor was called to
testify as an expert witness to further explain the chemicals used by the two accused to William
Santiago because he has the special knowledge about it and to further explain to the court the
real cause of death of the victim. During the cross-examination of LT. Kaffee to Dr. Stone, he
also asked the signature of Dr. Stone in the medical report. Dr. Stone admitted it was his
signature. Therefore, his testimonies may be received as evidence. The other witnesses were
considered as ordinary witnesses, they were asked to identify William Santiago. Their opinion
may be received as evidence because they were able to identify the victim based on their
adequate knowledge about him. The defense counsel applied also Rule 131, section 1 of the
Rules on Evidence that they have the burden of proof in establishing their claims and defenses.
It was showed also the admission by conspirator. During the cross-examination of
Downey, he admitted that he was not present when the Code Red order was received. Dawson
was the one who received the Code Red order. Rule 130, section 30 states that The act or
declaration of a conspirator relating to the conspiracy and during its existence, may be given in
evidence against the co-conspirator after the conspiracy is shown by evidence other than such act
or declaration.
It was showed also in the movie the repetition of objection. Lt. Commander Galloway
asked the trial judge for an objection and the expert testimony of Dr. Stone should be stricken
out. The repetition of objection was unnecessary. Rule 132, section 37 provides that When it
becomes reasonably apparent in the course of the examination of a witness that the questions
being propounded are of the same class as those to which objection has been made, whether such
objection was sustained or overruled, it shall not be necessary to repeat the objection, it being
sufficient for the adverse party to record his continuing objection to such class of questions.
During the trial, we heard the objections of the parties. The trial judge will say overruled
or sustained. The ruling was given immediately after the objection.
Offer of evidence was also shown in the movie. Lt. Kaffee offered to the trial judge about the
flight sheet logs. He offered it as defense exhibit. The purpose for which the evidence is offered
was specified.
Lt. Daniel Kaffee presented also to the court the document pertaining to the phone calls
made by Col. Nathan Jessup and transfer documents of William Santiago.
Both counsel presented their evidence to the court. Rule 132, section 1 provides that The
examination of witnesses presented in a trial or hearing shall be done in open court, and under
oath or affirmation. The entire proceedings of a trial or hearing, including the questions

propounded to a witness and his answers thereto, the statements made by the judge or any of the
parties, counsel, or witnesses with reference to the case, shall be recorded. (Rule 132, section 2)
Every witness has rights and obligations. A witness must answer questions, although his
answer may tend to establish a claim against him. This happened when the defense party called
Col. Nathan Jessup to sit on the witness stand. During the examination, Lt. Kaffee tests the
accuracy of the statements made by Col. Jessup. He wants to establish the existence of Code
Red and Col. Jessup was the one who ordered his men to apply it and his two men just followed
the order. In the Marines, they have honor, code and loyalty. Follow the Order or Die.
At the end of the trial, Col. Nathan Jessup was arrested because he was the one who
ordered the Code Red. Capt. Jack Ross read the rights of Col. Jessup, including the right to
remain silent. The jurys verdict on the charged of murder and conspiracy to commit murder, the
accuseds were not guilty. However, the jurys found them guilty of Conduct of unbecoming a
Marine and they were dishonorably discharged.
The movie has shown the application of different Rules to Evidence. As to the
admissibility of evidence and those evidences presented were relevant to the issue. The opinions
of the expert and ordinary witnesses may be received as evidence. The presentation of evidence,
the rights and obligations of witnesses, order in the examination of an individual witness and
leading and misleading questions. When to make an objection, when repetition of objection
unnecessary and when to offer evidence. The weight and sufficiency of evidence as to whether
the accused will be entitled to an acquittal or his guilt is shown beyond reasonable doubt.