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contending for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints. jude 3 vol. 4 no.

Federal Probe Rocks

Adventist Church

Betraying Sacred Trusts

Below: SDA General Conference Leaders with the Roman Catholic Bishop of St. Louis, a ReLake Region Conference accused of financial formed Jewish Rabbi, and a prominent Lutheran clergyman at the 2005 General Conference
irregularities, immigration violations
Sessions in St. Louis, Missouri.
South Bend Tribune, July 25, 2005
Tribune Staff Writer
BERRIEN SPRINGSThe Lake Region Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is
under federal investigation in connection with
misuse of funds and illegal immigration activities, which could threaten the organization's nonprofit status.

From left to right: Jonathon Gallagher, GC representative for the United Nations; John Graz, GC Director
for Public Affairs and Religious Liberty; Roman Catholic Bishop of St. Louis, Robert J. Hermann; Rabbi
Susan Talve from Central Reform Congregation in St. Louis; Dr. Samuel H. Nafzger, executive director of
the Commission on Theology and Church Relations for the Lutheran Church; an unidentified Adventist
church administrator; and Eugene Hsu King-Yi, general vice president of the GC.

The revelations shocked many of the estimated

730 delegates who attended a special meeting
Sunday at Andrews University. Theres been a
lot of instances of lying and a case of personal
enrichment, Walter Wright, president of the
Lake Union Conference, told delegates.
Most delegates knew about the financial crisis
and poor internal audit. That news was relayed to
about 25,000 churchgoers in 109 worship centers
in the Midwest on July 16.
Many knew that the conferences vice president
of multicultural ministries, a treasurer and four
pastors were on paid administrative leave in the
wake of the Lake Region Conference audit. But
the harsh reality, voiced by Wright, silenced
many delegates who earlier in the morning raised
serious objections about the competency of conference leaders and lack of input they have in
selecting leaders.
Many, such as a woman from a church in Cassopolis, said they felt disenfranchised. Late in the
afternoon the gymnasium where delegates met
fell silent when Wright began talking about federal authorities being on the doorstep of Lake
Region Conference leaders. He noted that the
ramifications of the inquiries could affect the
entire church.
The effect can be devastating, Wright said. If
the church loses its tax-exempt status because of
things in our conference, that is a real possibility, he told delegates. According to an internal
audit of the conference in 2003 about $18 million
in assets were understated or not reported to the
The conference also did not report financial
statements of at least six charitable gift annuity
agreements in 2003 and 2004. The result means
that in those two years auditors could not
reasonably determine the conference's total
assets and liabilities, according to a memo dated
February 2005 to the executive committee of the
Lake Region Conference.
Wright also told delegates the church's employment of immigrants who may be in the country
illegally has raised eyebrows of federal officials.
What if the Department of Homeland Security
comes into our offices and says were going to
close you down because youre not reporting illegal aliens and they threaten our national security? Wright asked.

God has promised that where the shepherds are not true He will take charge of the flock Himself. God
has never made the flock wholly dependent upon human instrumentalities...Those who have proved
themselves unfaithful will not then be entrusted with the flock. In the last solemn work few great men
will be engaged. They are self-sufficient, independent of God, and He cannot use them. Testimonies,
vol. 5, p. 80.
Today we stand 161 years removed from the prophetic period of 1844, and still the preaching of the
present truth, the three angels messages, an exceedingly simple request by God, is not being done by
the church at large. God is having to raise up faithful layman to carry on with this work. In fact, on
several occasions, the churchs new approach of
evangelism seems to deliberately omit any reference to the present truth.
Impact St. Louis 2005
Take for example the 2005 General Conference
Session in St. Louis, Missouri. The General Conference Communication Department sponsored an
outreach ministry in St. Louis which was broadcast
to the entire world during the 58th Adventist
Church World Session. Impact St. Louis 2005
was the name given to this evangelistic campaign which was made up mostly of musical performances, dramatizations, and puppet shows. Impact St. Louis 2005 performances were conducted
at Kiener Plaza located in the historic downtown
area of St. Louis and also at the Worlds Fair Pavilion in Forest Park. These free concerts were
sponsored by the GC, they were held in conjunction with the GC Sessions, and were held during
the noon lunch hour to attract people who work in
the citys downtown area. The purpose of Impact
St. Louis 2005 was to raise awareness and introduce the world to Seventh-day Adventism.

This new style of evangelism within Adventism is

an alarming development that has led to the sudden
disappearance of our distinctive truths and of our
work of calling people of every nation, kindred,
tongue, and people to embrace them. Instead many
Then he answered his own question. That can have fallen under the influence of this new evanhappen because of our conference, he said. gelism with its vague presentations of truth, generated by certain leaders
Wright made it clear
continued on page 5
continued on page 2

Pastor Giovanni Leonardi, a SDA minister born

in Italy and a graduate of Andrews University,
dressed as a member of the Sovereign Military
Order of the Knights of Malta during the 2005
Parade of Nations at the GC Sessions in St. Louis.
Next to him stands an unidentified young girl
dressed in red carrying the flag of Malta.

Roman Catholic Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo

presides over a swearing-in ceremony of the
Knights of Malta, at the Cathedral of St. Matthew, in Washington, DC.

page 2

the eternal gospel herald volume 4, no. 3

continued from page 1 in the church. The

leaders of this new sinister movement have
clothed themselves with ecclesiastical authority,
legitimacy, and respectability, thus persuading
the faithful that they speak the mind of the
Church and ought to be followed.
The Neo-Modernist Assault of the Faith
When Christ entered the most holy place of the
heavenly sanctuary [1844] to perform the closing
work of the atonement, He committed to His servants the last message of mercy to be given to
the world. Great Controversy, p. 433.

Youth prepare to Impact St. LouisKay Blaklock from Riverside, CA; Greg Nakashima from
Portland, OR; Michael Polite from St. Louis,
MO; Ruth Lisa Paul from Montreal, Canada; and
Joel Vaiti from Martinique.

This last message of mercy has been under attack by a modern movement within Adventism
whose aim is to break away from the fundamental truths and historical principles by replacing
them with new modern ideas, new methods, new
styles, and a new thinking. And no one has been
more successful in overthrowing the work of
God than the neo-modernists which pay lip
service to the Seventh-day Adventist faith while
attempting to undermine it completely.
The Impact St. Louis 2005 puppet team demonstrates one of the programs they have been putThis new movements purposes are directly op- ting on around the city of St. Louis. During the
posed to the very existence of the original faith Youth on Parade report, which details the activiwhich was incorporated in the early days of Ad- ties of Adventist youth, the puppet team perventism during the 1840s. Neo-modernists are formed before world session in St. Louis, Mo.
like a cancer that works within the church and
attempts to eliminate every trace of its former
history. This new movements objective is to
undermine the precious Adventist message either
through blatant heresies that are easily identified
or through more subtle techniques that eventually
lead to the overthrow of our mission and message. By these means, todays neo-modernists
have caused many to lose sight of the true work
that God wants to accomplish in this world
through His people.
The Spirit of Prophecy has warned us regarding
this modern assault on the historical, foundational Seventh-day Adventist truths:
The burden of the warning now to come to the
people of God, nigh and afar off, is the third angels message. And those who are seeking to understand this message will not be led by the Lord
to make an application of the Word that will undermine the foundation and remove the pillars
of the faith that has made Seventh-day Adventists what they are today. Selected Messages,
vol. 2, p. 103.
I saw a company who stood well guarded and
firm, giving no countenance to those who would
unsettle the established faith of the body. God
looked upon them with approbation. I was shown
three stepsthe first, second, and third angels
messages. Said my accompanying angel, Woe to
him who shall move a block or stir a pin of these
messages. The true understanding of these messages is of vital importance. Early Writings, p.
The three angels messages are foundational.
The Spirit of Prophecy cautions anyone who
would dare undermine the foundation that God
has established. We have been forbidden from
tampering with the pillars of the faith or from
stepping off the foundation.
God had led them along step by step, until He
had placed them upon a solid, immovable platform. I saw individuals approach the platform
and examine the foundation. Some with rejoicing
immediately stepped upon it. Others commenced
to find fault with the foundation. They wished
improvements made, and then the platform
would be more perfect, and the people much
happier. Some stepped off the platform to examine it and declared it to be laid wrong. Ibid., p.

The false misleading appearances made by the

neo-modernists is what makes them so dangerous
to the faith. The enemies of our faith are many.
Some do not hesitate to openly and explicitly
proclaim their contradicting views [heresy]
against the Seventh-day Adventist faith, and by
doing so we can easily choose to exclude them
from our fellowship. However, many neomodernists are far more clever. They endeavor
to remain inside the fellowship of the church
while attempting to bring her in line with their
distorted views, passed off under the guise of
Adventist terminology.
The end result by the Jesuit infiltrators, the
neo-modernists, the new theology, and the ecumenicals will all be the same:
Standard after standard was left to trail in the
dust... Testimonies, vol. 8, p. 41.
Just like the Pharisees of old, while claiming
obedience and loyalty to God and His truth, this
movement has completely emptied the truth of
its true meaning by replacing it with corrupted
human interpretations and human ideas. Today,
this new religion of ecumenism and interreligious dialogue has far removed Gods people from the great truths given to us by Christ
regarding the closing work.
God has outlined the course in which His people
must follow up until the close of probation.
We stand as the remnant people in these last
days to promulgate the truth and swell the cry of
the third angels wonderful distinct message, giving the trumpet a certain sound. Eternal truth,
which we have adhered to from the beginning,
is to be maintained in all its increasing importance to the close of probation. Manuscript Releases Volume Nine, p. 291.
A Simple Request Unheeded

Adventist Youth trying to Impact Your World

with Christian Rock music through one of the
many festive musical concerts sponsored by the
outreach ministries of Impact St. Louis 2005.

It has been more than 160 years since God has

given a special work for Seventh-day Adventists
to do. Like the prophet Nathan who was not
sidetracked from his mission plainly bore his
message to King David when he declared, Thou
art the man (II Sam. 12:7), we too must faithfully declare every word that God has given us
in spite of difficulty or opposition. And here we
are today, still struggling to understand the first
angels message. Here we are today refusing to
give the second angels message to the popular
churches. Here we are today reexamining to see
whether or not the third angels message is suitable to give to the sin-loving multitudes of this
modern world. Adventists today are reexamining the foundation that God Himself has laid!
What kind of erroneous, deceptive, mindset has
taken over our thinking? Who is poisoning our
minds? Why do we tolerate these outrageous
opinions? Why cant we see that all this work is
part of the devils assault against the Seventhday Adventists faith and his final attempt to completely take over the Seventh-day Adventists

Minister Fred (Fred Whitlow) of Louisiana, right,

performs Christian rap at a Sabbath concert in
Kiener Plaza, St. Louis. The concert was part of
the churchs outreach ministry during the world
The third angels message, the modernsession.
ist/ecumenicals argues, is so out of harmony
with the new progresses that this world is making
and it has too much shock value; therefore, its
just not the best way to gain influence over others. This class of neo-Adventists believes that
we need to find better ways to reach souls, such
as puppet shows, rap/hip-hop concerts, and fancy
dramas, instead of the straight preaching of the
first, second, and third angels message. They
reason that we just cant straightforwardly tell
people the truth because they wouldnt be able to
handle it. Their solution is to overwhelm the
peoples senses with light shows, musical concerts, programs, and continued on page 3
Childrens drama during the GC world session.

the eternal gospel herald volume 4, no. 3

An almost naked, unidentified Seventh-day Adventist

dressed like the Aborigines, a pagan indigenous tribe
from Australia.

continued from page 2 other activities so that we can

somehow slip in the gospel without them noticing. The failure
to boldly preach the testing truths to the world for fear of offending them is only the result of this modernism/ecumenism/liberalism that has entered the church. These
new disastrous ideas of human origin have crept into our
thinking ever since weve opened our doors to the world
through ecumenism. The preaching of the final warning message has been impeded by the falsehoods of ecumenism and
dialogue which suddenly appeared in the Church during the
late 1950s and early 1960s. Too late did we realize that when
we opened the doors to ecumenism that this would result in the
invasion of the church by worldly thinking. Therefore, it
should come as no surprise that our traditional/historical evangelistic activities are virtually at a standstill and the missions
are practically extinct.
Refusing to Abandon Gods Call
Christ has made His people the depositaries of His law. They
are to keep and to teach the commandments of God, and to
show their binding obligations upon men. Christ has promised
that to those who obey His commandments He will be as a pillar of cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night, guiding them
in and lighting them along the pathway cast up for the ransomed of the Lord, that they may enter in at the gate of the
eternal city. The Signs of the Times, January 24, 1895.

Above: The Vatican Flag [standard] being flown at

the 2005 General Conference World Session. When
the idolatrous standards of the Romans should be set up
in the holy ground, which extended some furlongs outside the city walls, then the followers of Christ were to
find safety in flight. The Great Controversy, p. 25. Below: An unidentified Catholic clergymen sponsoring
an exhibition booth at the 2005 GC Session.

page 3

Christs entrance into the most holy place in 1844 and the
work which has begun since that time was not so that we could
simply entertain sinners through performances or enter into
ecumenism with them. Christ has entered the most holy place
to perform the closing work (GC 433) of His atonement. In
the most holy place stands the law of God, and in the very
bosom of the Decalogue is the fourth commandment. (Ibid.
434). This law is a revelation of Gods will and a transcript of
His perfect character, which will forever endure. And as God
tested Adam and Eve in the garden to see if man would obey,
so will His law, particularly the Sabbath, be a test to the entire
world before probation closes. God himself has decreed
through the Spirit of Prophecy that our historic messages are
precisely what this world needs today. And Heavens own
affirmation to our historical truths should be a sufficient reason
for us to affirm those truths the same. The Editors

Street Art Ministry leader

Manny Cruz, from California,
instructs six-year-old Shaniya
Bryant on the intricate details of
graffiti art during Impact St.
Louis 2005.

Back from the dead? A. G.

Daniells, president of the General Conference from 1901 to
1922, portrayed by Richard
Stenbakken, recently retired director of the General Conference
Chaplaincy Department, talks
about the advances of Adventist
Health ministry around the
globe during the 58th Session of
the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Mike Curzon of North American Division Adventist-Jewish

Relations and Temple of the Advent Hope pastor in Hollywood, Florida, plays a Jewish instrument called a shofar.

Debra Claymore and Fred Rogers directors of the

North American Division Native Ministries.

A spectacular array of lights dazzled the spectators.

Eric Winter, retired pastor from

Sydney, Australia, helps assemble the ark, where he will play
Noah during the 58th Adventist
Church world session. The exhibit is sponsored by the Adventist Church world headquarters
Ministerial Association.

Abraham Lincoln was

signing autographs at the
GC session, played by Chet
Damron, Uncle Dan of
Your Story Hour, based in
Berrien Springs, Michigan.

Blessed Hands, from the

North American Division,
performed for the Saturday
evening music program on
Shirtless Polynesians played
July 2, 2005.

seashells and sang.

page 4

the eternal gospel herald volume 4, no. 3

President Bushs Address to the 2nd Annual National Catholic Prayer Breakfast
For Immediate Release
White House Press Secretary
May 20, 2005

cially the Catholic schools that educate millions

of our fellow citizens and deliver hope to innercity children of all faiths. This morning we first
thank God for the shared blessings of American
liberty. Catholics have always known that a society built on respect for the religious beliefs of
others would be a land where they could
achieve and prosper.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you for that warm

receptionespecially for a Methodist. Its an
honor to be here at the 2nd Annual National
Catholic Prayer Breakfast [NCPB]. This is a
new tradition, yet, its promises are timeless
for Catholic Americans: to thank the Lord for
the blessing of freedom, to renew our shared
dedication to this great republic, and to pray
that America uses the gift of freedom to build
a culture of life.
Its an amazing experience to be the President of a nation where strangers
from all religions pray for me and Laura. And I will tell you, it gives me
such peace of mind, and enables me to do my job much better when I'm
lifted up in prayer. Thank you for your prayers. I want to thank Leonard
Leo for his kind introduction. I want to thank Joe Cella, the President of
the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast. I want to thank His Eminence Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. What a fine man. What a beacon of hope. His
Eminence shines brightly in the nation's capital. I appreciate Archbishop
Chaput of Denver, thank you for being here, sir. I apologize to him for not
being able to listen to his address. He said, were paying you a lot of
money. Get back to work. Fortunately, he didnt say, we're paying you too
much money, get back to work.
I appreciate Archbishop Gomez from the great state of Texas. Sister, thank
you, very much. Admiral, thank you, very much, sir. Carl Anderson, the
Supreme Knights of Columbus, is with us today. Carl, thank you for your
[Editors Note: Do you know who the Knights of Columbus are? They
are the largest Roman Catholic laymans organization whose mission is to
promote and defend Catholicism here in America and abroad. In the next
paragraph you will read how the President praises Roman Catholicism for
its contribution to American freedom during
the founding of this nation. Obviously his
history is wrong, or maybe he is trying to
rewrite history. Pope Pius IX, in his Encyclical Letter of August 15, 1854, said:
The absurd and erroneous doctrines or ravings in defense of liberty of conscience are a
most pestilential errora pest, of all others,
most to be dreaded in a state. The same
pope, in his Encyclical Letter of December
8,1864, anathematized (cursed) those who
assert the liberty of conscience and of religious worship also all such as maintain
that the church may not employ force.
Great Controversy, pp. 564, 565. How could
Catholicism have contributed to our early
American freedoms when in the 1850s and 1860s they were condemning
the principles of our US Constitution that guarantee liberty of conscience?
One thing is sure, this nation was mainly founded by those who were fleeing persecution and intolerance. Some came from predominantly Roman
Catholic countries.]
The Catholic contribution to American freedom goes back to the founding
of our country. In 1790, a newly inaugurated George Washington addressed a letter to all Catholics in America. He assured them that your
fellow citizens will not forget the patriotic part which you took in the accomplishment of their revolution. Im honored to stand before you to offer my gratitude for the work American Catholic sons and daughters are
doing for our nation. This work includes the incredible acts of compassion
through our faith-based institutions that help Americans in need, espe-

President Bush shakes hands with U.S. Cardinal Theodore McCarrick; Joe Cella [center].

When the French writer, de Tocqueville, visited

these shores back in the 1830s, he noted that the
most democratic country in the world was also
the one where the Catholic religion was making
the most progress. He called Catholics the most
faithful believers in our land, yet also the most
independent of citizens. As Ive learned from dealing with Senator Santorum.
[Editors Note: Once again President Bushs history is incorrect. History
has proved that when Roman Catholicism has had control over the affairs
of the state, the church would show zero tolerance to those who would not
conform to her dogmas. Study the history of Europe during the Dark
This morning we also reaffirm that freedom rests on the self-evident truths
about human dignity. Pope Benedict XVI recently warned that when we
forget these truths, we risk sliding into a dictatorship of relativism where
we can no longer defend our values. Catholics and non-Catholics alike can
take heart in the man who sits on the chair of St. Peter, because he speaks
with affection about the American model of liberty rooted in moral conviction. This morning we pray for the many Catholics who serve America
in the cause of freedom. One of them is an Army Chaplain named Tim
Vakoc. Hes a beloved priest who was seriously wounded in Iraq last May.
We pray for his recovery, were inspired by his sacrifice. In the finest tradition of American chaplains, he once told his sister, The safest place for
me to be is in the center of Gods will, and if that is in the line of fire,
thats where I'll be. Father Tims sister, Anita Brand, and her family, are
with us today, and a grateful nation expresses
our gratitude to a brave Reverend.
Catholics have made sacrifices throughout
American history because they understand that
freedom is a divine gift that carries with it serious responsibilities. Among the greatest of these
responsibilities is protecting the most vulnerable
members of our society. That was the message
that Pope John Paul II proclaimed so tirelessly
throughout his own life, and it explains the remarkable outpouring of love for His Holiness at
the funeral mass that Laura and I were privileged
to attend in Rome. It explains why when the men
were carrying his wooden casket up the stairs,
and they turned to show the casket to the millions that were there, that just as the casket crests, the sun shown for all to
see. The best way to honor this great champion of human freedom is to
continue to build a culture of life where the strong protect the weak.
So, today, I ask the prayers of all Catholics for Americas continued trust
in Gods purpose, for the wisdom to do whats right, and for the strength
and the conviction that so long as America remains faithful to its founding
truths, America will always be free. Thank you for allowing me to come.
May God bless you all, and may God continue to bless America.
[Editors Note: Let the restraints now imposed by secular government be
removed and Rome be reinstated in her former power, and there would
speedily be a revival of her tyranny and persecution. Great Controversy, p.

Archbishop Chaput of Denver and Sr. Margaret

Mary Jerousek with President Bush.

The event began with a mass followed by a tribute to John Paul II.

the eternal gospel herald volume 4, no. 3 page 5

continued from page 1 the conference is cooperating with all federal
entities while the investigation continues. In a separate interview, Gary
Burns, director of communication for the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Lake Union headquarters, could not elaborate about alleged illegal immigration practices of the church. Burns said the Seventh-day Adventist
church is a world church, headquartered in Maryland, with operations in
200 countries. Wrights Lake Union Conference is the parent organization of the Lake Region Conference and four other conferences.

Shaping Politics from the Pulpits

August 2, 2005USA Today, by Susan Page
CANTON, Ohio Pastor Russell
Johnson paces across the broad stage as
he decries the secular jihadists who
have hijacked America, accuses the
public schools of neglecting to teach
that Hitler was an avid evolutionist
and links abortion to children who murder their parents.

Only the Lake Region Conference, which is championed as a multicultural ministry with growing Hispanic membership, is embroiled in the
financial irregularities and alleged immigration violations. The Chicagobased Lake Region Conference was organized in 1945. Wright remained
optimistic that the conference would survive. Look at our dear friends,
the Catholics, he said. We cant shuffle people. They didnt act when
they shouldve, he said referring to Catholic leaders who sometimes
moved priests to new parishes instead of punishing them for sexual misconduct. We wont do that, he said.

Its time for the church to get a spinal

column and push the seculars and the
jihadists ... into the dust bin of history,
the guest preacher tells a congregation
that fills the sanctuary at First Christian
Church of Canton.

The following changes were made at the Lake Region Conference

Headquarters as a result of corruption charges:
Norman Miles, president, resigned
Hugo Gambetta, vice president, terminated
Greg Baker, treasurer, resigned
Leroy B. Hampton, treasurer, resigned
Lillian Williamson, treasurer, terminated
Vernice Shorey, accountant, suspended
The following pastors were placed on administrative leave of absence, pending further action by the conference executive committee:
Pastor Ciro Aviles
Pastor Osmin Hernandez
Pastor William Rojas
Pastor Alfredo Solis

Adventists Settle Sex-abuse

Suits for $3.5 Million
June 4, 2005San Jose Mercury News, by David L. Beck
The Seventh-day Adventist Church has agreed to pay $3.5 million to
settle lawsuits brought by five men who say they were molested by
teachers at the churchs Monterey Bay Academy during the 1980s.
The church has also agreed to alter school policies to become more
responsive to reports of sexual abuse.
I refused to discuss money with them, said one of the victims, Michael Weston, until they could prove to me that radical changes in
policy have been made, and that they would provide free counseling to
victims of sexual abuse in their churches and schools.

President Bush and Laura

Bush attend First Baptist
Church of Glenarden in
Landover, Md.

That is his mission. Johnson leads the

Ohio Restoration Project, an emergent
network of nearly 1,000 Patriot Pastors from conservative churches across
the state. Each has pledged to register
300 values voters, adding hundreds of
thousands of like-minded citizens to the
electorate who would be salt and light
for America.
Evangelical Christian leaders nationwide have been emboldened by their
role in re-electing President Bush and
galvanized by their success in campaigning for constitutional amendments
to ban same-sex marriage, passed in 18
states so far.

Now some are organizing to build on last year's successes. They want to
solidify their role in setting the political agenda and electing sympathetic
public officials.
The Ohio effort isnt unique. Johnsons project which he says has
signed up more than 900 pastors in Ohio during its first 10 weeks in operation has helped spawn the Texas Restoration Project in Bushs
home state. The fledging Pennsylvania Pastors' Network has signed up
81 conservative clergy so far. Similar efforts are beginning to percolate
Its maturing as a movement within the evangelical Christian community, says Colin Hanna of Let Freedom Ring, a Pennsylvania-based
group that teaches pastors how to be involved in politics.

The churchs Maryland attorney, Victor Elliott, confirms that has happened. What you had here, said Elliott, was something that went
back 20 years. The circumstances of screening of teachers and supervision are not up to current-day standards.

Interviews with a dozen worshipers after the service here find only enthusiasm for Johnsons message. No one raises concerns that the church is
moving into terrain where it doesn't belong. Theres a plumb line that
our nation needs to stand for, with Christian principles guiding public
policy, says Vicki Cantrell, 50, a homemaker. Her words echo Johnsons

Well, I sure hope so, said Albert Tilstra, the father of one of the victims and himself an Adventist pastor, after hearing a new set of standards had been put in place. Sometimes something like this needs to
happen in order to wake up individuals and see whats really going

Her husband, Jim, 52, a chemical engineer, applauds the churchs efforts
to get Christians reconnected to the political process by registering and
educating voters. They've been absent a lot in the past, he says.

As a denomination, he said, we are just beginning to develop a policy as to how to deal with pedophiles in the church. . . . Its something
we have never really dealt with.

We as Christians need to take a stand as to what our beliefs are, Linda

Stoffer, 50, a bank loan officer, says after the service in Canton. Her top
concerns are gay marriage and abortion. And life issues, adds her husband, Dave, 54, who works in a cabinet shop. Like, what was her name?
Terri Schiavo.

Four of the lawsuits were brought in Los Angeles County and one in
Santa Cruz County, where the exclusive school is located. Under the
settlement, all five will be dismissed, with no admission of liability on
the part of the church.

We sit back and let it happen, Jean Wuske, 77, says. We need to be
more vocal let God back into places he should be, like in the schools.

Caron Oswald, a spokesman for the Central California Conference of

the Adventist Church, said in a prepared statement that the church was
deeply saddened since we learned of these allegations and expressed
the hope that these settlements will help bring closure for those involved.

In 2004, the Bush campaign targeted evangelicals for support, even collecting church directories to identify sympathetic prospects. In Ohio,
strong turnout by conservatives who supported the president on social
issues was critical in overcoming opposition among voters more worried
about the economy and the Iraq war. Bush won the state by just 118,601
votes of more than 5.6 million cast.

page 6

the eternal gospel herald volume 4, no. 3

So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. Matthew 24:33

CBC News, Wednesday, June 29,

2005Canadas controversial same-sex
marriage legislation has passed final
reading in the House of Commons, sailing through in a 158-133 vote. This will
make Canada the fourth country in the
world to legalize same-sex marriage after
the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain.

Residents in Dazhou, southwest China, gather on a bridge as the

city is flooded following days of torrential rains on July 8, 2005.
Chinas summer floods have affected 90 million people so far, the
official Xinhua news agency said, while confirming an earlier
report that 764 people have been killed with another 191 missing.
(AFP/File/Mike Clarke).

In this photo made available by the Vatican newspaper

L'Osservatore Romano, Pope Benedict XVI greets Kenyan
Rev. Samuel Kobia, the leader of the World Council of
Churches, at the Vatican, Thursday, June 16, 2005. The
meeting was to work towards closer unity between the Roman Catholic Church and other Christian churches.

Southern Europe, in the grip of a heat wave,

was on the alert as fires raged on in parts of
Spain, Portugal and Italy, claiming 13 lives and
destroying tens of thousands of acres of brush
and forest. A villager uses a tree branch to try
to extinguish a wildfire near Alvaiazere, 220
Km north east of Lisbon, Europe (AFP/
Francisco Leong).

South KoreaSome 7,000 demonstrators clash with riot

police officers during a rally against the U.S. troops present
in South Korea (AP Photo/Lee Jin-man).

A Kenyan demonstrator is surrounded by police in Nairobi, Kenya Wednesday July 20,

2005. Riot police skirmished with demonstrators in the capital for a second day Wednesday,
protesting proposed constitutional amendments
critics say retain too much power in the presidency. Police beat several placard-holding
demonstrators with batons and lobbed tear gas
at them as other demonstrators stoned the police (AP Photo/Khalil Senosi).

Sri Lankan riot police fire tear gas to disperse protesters,

during a protest against the governments plan to share the
$3 billion tsunami aid with Tamil Tiger rebels, outside the
parliament complex in Colombo, Sri Lanka, June 24, 2005
(Reuters/Anuruddha Lokuhapuarachchi).

ScotlandPolice clash with protesters in

Auchterarder near the Gleneagles Hotel where
the G8 summit is being held in central Scotland, July 6, 2005. Riot police clashed with
protesters close to the Gleneagles Hotel in
Scotland (Dylan Martinez/Reuters).

On Thursday July 7, 2005 a series of four bomb

attacks struck Londons public transport system
during the morning rush hour. The official
death toll from the July 7 bombings in central
London was 88 and over 700 wounded.

An Indonesian worker digs a hole as he prepares to bury dead chickens suspected of being
infected with the bird flu virus in a poultry farm
in Banyumas of Central Java province, July 21,
2005. Over 400 million batches of vaccine will
be used to inoculate its chickens and ducks
against the deadly bird flu that has killed 40
people in the country.

NepalRiot policemen detain a student activist during a demonstration against the kings
seizure of absolute power in Katmandu, Nepal,
on Tuesday, July 19, 2005. Police used batons
on Tuesday to break up a protest by hundreds
of students in Nepalese capital injuring at least
36, witnesses said. About four policemen were
also hurt (AP photo/ Binod Joshi).

BEIJINGThe death toll in an outbreak of

pig-borne disease in the southwest Chinese
province of Sichuan has risen to 24, with another 117 thought to be sick, state media reported on Wednesday (Reuters).

the eternal gospel herald volume 4, no. 3

Belgian riot police use a water cannon to disperse Congolese opposition party members during a demonstration in
Brussels June 30, 2005. Demonstrators in Belgium protested against the delay of elections in Congo which should
have taken place on Thursday, the 45th anniversary of the
former Belgian colonys independence (REUTERS).

The scene of a truck bombing July 24, 2005

that detonated outside the Al-Rashid police
station in the Al-Mashtel neighborhood,
southeast of Baghdad resulted in 39 deaths
(AFP/Sabah Arar).

United StatesAmericas
2005 summer heat wave, which
hit 100 degree or more, is
blamed for 36 deaths in over
200 cities and towns from California to Illinois the National
Climatic Data Center said.

PhilippinesRiot police grab to arrest protesters as they try to march towards the
Presidential palace in Manila, Philippines,
on Tuesday, July 19, 2005 to demand Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyos
ouster. Opposition groups have been holding
almost daily protests to call for Arroyo's resignation following the emergence of a wiretapped conversation between Arroyo and an
election official allegedly trying to rig the
results of the 2004 elections (AP Photo/
Bullit Marquez).

page 7

Bulgarian riot police scuffle with protestors near Sofia's main

open-air dump in Suhodol, early July 8, 2005. Bulgarian officials declared a state of crisis in the country's capital on Monday
as protesters blocked the city's dump for the fourth day, causing
growing piles of garbage and stoking fears of disease. Residents
from the Sofia suburb of Suhodol have refused to let garbage
trucks into a dump near their neighborhood, saying the city
broke a promise to shut it at the end of last month. The blockade
has led to overflowing dustbins and two-meter-high mounds of
rotting garbage throughout the capital, and officials said they
feared outbreak of disease as a hot Balkan summer and heavy
rains was speeding decomposition (BULGARIA REUTERS/
Trud newspaper/Plamen).

EgyptA bomb exploded at the Egyptian Red Sea resort on

July 23, 2005. The death toll from the attacks was 90 and more
than 240 wounded, according to the head of the Sharm elSheik hospital.

page 8

the eternal gospel herald volume 4, no. 3

Recently we held our annual camp meeting in the capitol city of Santo Domingo, Dominican
Republic during the 2nd week of July, 2005. So many of our brethren living there are seeking for truth and are desiring to participate in sharing the work of the third angels message.
We had the opportunity to encourage the faithful in the Dominican Republicwho are being
bombarded with the new theology, ecumenism, and the spirit of indifference. Many made a
commitment with God to work for him and get the message out into their communities.
There are plans to place a full-page advertisement proclaiming the precious, eternal truths
that have been given to us by God. We praise the Lord for giving us the opportunity to witness and minister to our fellow believers. Please continue to pray for the work in the Dominica Republic so that many souls who are hungering may come to a knowledge of the truth.
We met several young people who have been working door to door as medical missionaries,
and we were glad to have been able to help them by supplying them with literature.
One thing is for sure, if Seventh-day Adventists all over the world were to live and preach
with power the messages that God has given us, there would be a tremendous awakening in
this world. Persecution would inevitably result because Satan would be stirred into action;
but God would be glorified and power would accompany His people. Yes, we are not to
cringe and beg pardon of the world for telling them the truth: we should scorn concealment.
Unfurl your colors to meet the cause of men and angels...the world has a right to know what
to expect of us (EV p. 179). I look forward to giving you another missionary report from
our upcoming camp meeting in the Philippines. Pastor Raphael Perez

Dear Pastor, I am a retired Seventh-day Adventist minister who is very concerned about the Laodicean condition
of the SDA church. I am a firm believer in the writings
of Ellen White, which is a rarity in the Southeastern
Conference. Although retired, I conduct the churchs
weekly prayer meeting, teach a Sabbath School class,
and am an elder in the church. I am a firm believer in
the Historic Adventist Doctrines. I must admit that
sometimes I feel like a lone voice crying in the wilderness. I feel that our church has lost its distinction and
mission that the Lord once gave to us. A friend of mine
recently shared with me The Eternal Gospel Herald and
my life was greatly blessed from reading this paper.
This coming Wednesday night I will show in church
your DVD video Giving Life to the Image of the
Beast. I would greatly appreciate being added to your
mailing list. Thank you so much and the Lord richly
bless your ministry. Pastor R.C., California.
Dear Eternal Gospel Herald, Please send me a free subscription to The Eternal Gospel Herald. I am a 6th generation Seventh-day Adventist of the historic persuasion
who as a teenager rebelled against both my God and my
family. I became involved with drugs and Satanism and
was completely controlled by his demons. At 29 I also
came to prison, which was the best thing that ever happened to me. I surrendered to Christ and now my relationship with my God and my family are better than
they have ever been. Ive been studying the Bible and
the Spirit of Prophecy and I was finally baptized into the
remnant church on September 12, 2004. I feel God is
calling me to some sort of prison ministry. Im not sure,
but whatever it is it will involve the pure truth and not
the new theology. God bless, Roger Hunt, Michigan.
Dear Eternal Gospel Church, My friend showed me an
article of yours entitledEarths Final Warning, Chaos
Awaits Major CitiesResulting in the Enforcement of a
national Sunday Law etc. At the end of the advertisement there is a book offer. I am writing to see if you are
still offering the free book. Thank you, Bonnie
Doncsecz, Pennsylvania.

Pastor Domingo Nuez from Steps to

Life Ministries in Kansas was a featured speaker.

Pastor Restrepo Jr. of Venezuela gave

some inspirational messages.

Dear Church, I write to express my cordial thanks to

your ministry for your fast response for my request on
reading materials. I thank you more sincerely for the
Pastor Perez of the Eternal Gospel precious book World Crisis Foretold by Ellen G.
Church, holding an Earths Final Warn- White. The materials have been of great help to my
ing tract, gave a report on the work.
spiritual growth. May the Good Lord richly bless and
guide your ministry so that the truth can reach all the
ends of the world. Yours sincerely, Leod Namathanga,
Malawi, Africa.
Beloved in Christ, Im writing you to let you know that
even in the eastern, remote parts of Cuba there exists
faithful SDA brethren who are willing to give up everything for Christ. We are not afraid of the consequences
of being faithful to Gods work. I am writing you to see
if you can send us materials with the present truth. The
church here has abandoned the faith, even though the
brethren deny that. They no longer preach the present
truth message for fear of offending the Catholic church.
Please pray for us and send any materials because we
dont have access to anything. We love you in the Lord,
Joel Evans, a lifestyle & health consultant
Gilmar Perez, Cuba.
from Lake Alfred, Florida, gives a lecture
on the principles of health.
Dear Eternal Gospel Church, Thank you very much for

The Eternal Gospel Herald is published

The Eternal Gospel Herald
from West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, by
PO Box 15138
the Eternal Gospel Church, a ministry that
W.P.B., FL 33416
was founded in 1992 by Seventh-day Ad1-800-769-2150
ventist believers to bring true, genuine,
world-wide revival and reformation by proclaiming the Third Angels Message. It is
Subscription: FREE
by the grace of God and the support of
Note: Every effort is made to insure the each of you that we are able to participate
accuracy of the information contained in publishing, radio, newspapers, billboards, and foreign missions.

the materials that you print. By Gods grace I was able

to obtain a Spanish copy of your Eternal Gospel Herald
Vol. 2, No. 2. Everything youve published in there is
the truth. Praise God! May the Lord bless you as you
work to take the third angels message to the world.
Nancy Sanchez, Chile.
Dear Eternal Gospel Church, I get Land Marks Magazine from Steps to Life. In their July issue on the back
page was an advertisement for your magazine. I wish to
get a free subscription. Im looking forward to receive
your materials. Thank you, Melia Osborne, Canada.