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Good afternoon ladies and gentleman.

First of all, praised be to Allah SWT that gives me the opportunity to stand in this joyful
place. Please let me introduce myself. My name is Galuh Vita Respati. Im standing here on
behalf of National Crypto Institute. And its really an honor for me to be able to meet the
outstanding audiences here, sharing some of my thoughts about an issue, we can call it a hot
issue that rising up lately.

Why I call it as a hot issue? Let me simplify the case like this. This case is the same as
vegetable. Face the fact, most of people dislike it because of its un-attracting texture, shape, and
taste. If we dont know that vegetable containing vitamins and minerals, Im sure that we will
never, ever, want to eat it. But I believe when we know the real facts behind those un-stylish
vegetables, we will eat them without any tension. This is why I want to discuss about Perguruan
Tinggi Kedinasan, or here we can call it as national institute. But before we go further, allow me
to state the outlines to you.

1. The definition of national institute,

2. What people know about national institute,
3. The real facts that happened in national institute,
4. What are the impacts to national institute, and
5. What are the best solutions.

Now lets go to the first point, the definition of national institute. National institute is a
college that goes under the supervision of a ministry or non-ministry that taking responsibility
for it. In national institute, we are not only learning about specific subjects, but also the non-
academic stuff that support our daily routines. And also in national institute, we get many
benefits that we dont get in another college. The most that I feel is I spend less money rather
than if I went to another college, so my parents dont have to think too much about the tuition.
Another benefit is in national institute we learned to build the respect, discipline, and
togetherness feelings towards the other, especially our friends. These are really helping us in our
career life.

Ladies and gentleman, those are the definition and descriptions about national institute that I
know as the student of national institute. But do you know what other people think about
national institute? Well, we never know it but we know very well that peoples way of thinking is
made up mostly by the mass media. And did you watch the news that mass media told to public?
Most of them only looked in the negative side of a case, and it makes people to think the same
way. They straightly judge something in a bad way. Let me give some examples. In one case,
there is a national institute, lets call it as A national institute. In this A, an accident occurred and
causing a student passed away. Or in another case, there are two national institutes, we can call it
as B national institute and C national institute. These national institute somehow connected in a
bad way, and because of trivial issues that spreading between B and C, they get bound into an
anarchy action. Even worse, the mass media report the news not from many sides, but only the
negative side.

And do you ever analyze why these such things happened in national institutes? This was
happened because each national institute dont want to hold back their idealisms. To think about
it, its quite funny. How could a group of people that can be considered as mature people, that
trained in different kind of specialties but have the same goal, to support and protect our beloved
nation, do some childish actions like that?

And from those facts that happened, ladies and gentleman, I believe if those problems are un-
solved, in the next 10 years national institute will be no more exist in our nation. Why I said so?
Because if these bad things keep happening, the reputation of national institute will decreasing
rapidly in public. And bigger effect is no one wan to enlist themselves to national institutes. Even
worse, national institutes will be useless because it isnt producing any human resources, and
will be disbanded. Moreover, the certificate from graduates of national institutes will be rejected
when the graduates want to apply for job. So from all of these impacts, do you still willing to
sacrifice our nations future only for a short time satisfaction?

Ladies and gentleman, in brief, to overcome this problems and the impacts that might
occured, we can deal with the regulation by goes under supervision of Ministry of Education and
Culture in order to make the supervision is centered in one ministry so it will decrease other
ministry to have a finger in the pie. But most of the national institute elements opinions are
stating their disagreement in this regulation. Because in their opinion, national institute and the
ministry or non-ministry that taking responsibility for it is as same as parents and children
relationship. Imagine if the parents has a very talented child and the child is nurtured by a
stranger. Does the stranger know what the child need and what the child dont need? Does the
stranger know whether the child need special treatments or not? How many it will costs? And of
course no parents want this to happen, right?

Or, we can have another solution to erase the diversities that exists among national institutes,
by making an organization that take in all of national institutes. From here, the members of the
organization can coordinate to escalate the unity in each national institute so it will minimize any
negative effects. Just like what Greta Scacchi said, A relationship requires a lot of work and
commitment. And the work that we can do is building the sense of unity among the national
institutes. And I'm very glad that we already have FMKI that can bring us to make the solutions
into reality. So please give your applause to FMKI. Because if it's not FMKI, this awesome
occation won't be held.

In the end, I hope that the bound in every national institutes will get stronger and tighter, so no
one can split us apart and causing negative impacts to our beloved nation. One closing quote
from Taylor Swift, In a relationship each person should support each other; they should lift each
other up. And I wish we can apply this quote into our beloved national institutes. Thats all from
me, and once again thank you for paying attention to my speech, and may Allah SWT always
bless us all. Good afternoon.