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John Wesley Park at Wesleyan University- Philippines

This picture shows symbolism because it symbolizes the Wesleyan University-

Philippines as a Methodist school, as John Wesley is the founder of Methodist
together with his horse.

Library Wall

This Library wall at the Wesleyan University- Philippines shows the abstract
expressionism with some editing process, because wall has a rough surface which
can show different brush strokes. It is clearly shown in the picture the random
lines, edges and curves but in an artistic way.

Stolen Photo at WU-P Gymnasium

This stolen photo shows Dadaism because of the editing process. It has an
additional effects and filters that make the original photo, a different one. Also, this
photo is definitely just for fun.

Senior High students at the John Wesley Park

In this picture, it shows realism. There is the subject, the Senior High students
under the tree and everything in it is real and existed.

Computer Laboratory

In this picture, it represents the futurism because of the new technologies we are
now using. It is a powerful device that helps us in our works to be done; and in the
near future these computers will be more productive to human in different ways.

Problems inside the Classroom

The picture above shows surrealism because of the exxageration present.. Some of
us can feel the burden of too much work, too little time and no ideas coming up in
your mind. This picture shows what it really feels that you have to wate papers just
to get the RIGHT IDEA on your minds.

Student hit by a Car

This photo shows the expressionism. The girl expresses her feelings through her
emotions when the car bump into her. The feeling of being scared and shocked
while being In a paralyzed condition clearly show in her face which definitely
expresses her all emotions inside.

Paper Flower at the Bulletin Board

This picture has a bright color that shows a Fauvism which shows joy and comfort
because of the colors in it. The Bright Red with the Bright Yellow has been
combined in this flower that is really a refreshing colors to the eyes.

Bamboo at the High School Canteen

This is a photo of a bamboo tree with a editing process to show the Cubism in the
subject. The different shapes used in the pictures distinguishes the cubism. We use
the bamboo to show cubism because of the unique shape of it, tall and cylindrical
in shape, which is good to be combined in different polygons.

Big Stones at the John Wesley Park

This picture might let you think what is it because of the swirling effects in it. This
represents a distortion. It has a swirling, wavy or twisting effects applied in it just
like when we are trying to distinguish this things, it like it is swirling twisting and
waving in our minds to think what really that thing is.

Cut Fingers at the CAS Laboratory

This photo is edited! Mangling is a way that represents a subject in cut, lacerated,
mutilated or even hacked. This photo shows the cut subject which is the finger.

Fountain infront of CoEn Building

This is an elongated picture of a fountain. The real one is not that tall but to show
asubject in elongated form, this fountain has been edited. It became taller than it is,
and even thinne than it really is.

Submitted by:
Marjorie C. Miralles
Rachelle Sigue
Cristiana M. Teano
BSMT 2-3

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