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1. A.V. Shut the door. 32. A.V. She has not beaten the dog. 60. A.V. They caught birds.
P.V. Let the door be shut. P.V. The dog has not been beaten by P.V. Birds were caught by them.
2. A.V. Shut the window. her.
P.V. Let the window be shut. 33. A.V. They have bought a house.
3. A.V. Open the door. P.V. A house has been bought by them. 61. A.V. They were playing football.
P.V. Let the door be opened. 34. A.V. The Board has given me a gold P.V. Football was being played by
medal. them.
P.V. I have been given a gold medal by the 62. A.V. The teacher was helping the
4. A.V. The boy makes the picture. Board. students.
P.V. The picture is made by the boy. 35. A.V. They have not done their job. P.V. The students were being helped
5. A.V. The mother loves the children. P.V. Their job has not been done by them. by the teacher.
P.V. The children are loved by the mother. 36. A.V. They have bought a horse. 63. A.V. Why were they beating the boy?
6. A.V. She likes apples. P.V. A horse has been bought by them. P.V. Why was the boy being beaten
P.V. Apples are liked by her. 37. A.V. They have won the match. by them?
7. A.V. We use milk for making cheese. P.V. The match has been won by them. 64. A.V. Why were they beating the thief?
P.V. Milk is used for making cheese by us. 38. A.V. They have taught the poem. P.V. Why was the thief being beaten
8. A.V. She sings songs. P.V. The poem has been taught by them. by them
P.V. Songs are sung by her. 39. A.V. We have not taken tea. 65. A.V. Amjad is winding the watch.
9. A.V. He reads good books. P.V. Tea has not been taken by us. P.V. The watch is being winded by
P.V. Good books are read by him. 40. A.V. The train has not started. Amjad.
10. A.V. Aslam cleans teeth. P.V. The train has not been started. PAST PERFCT TENSE
P.V. Teeth are cleaned by Aslam. 41. A.V. That girl has written the story.
11. A.V. He posts the letter. P.V. The story has been written by that girl. 66. A.V. He had told me to do it
P.V. The letter is posted by him. 42. A.V. I have taken my breakfast. P.V. I had been told to do it by him.
12. A.V. Khurshid helps Naushaba. P.V. My breakfast has been taken my my. 67. A.V. They had not done their home
P.V. Naushaba is helped by Khurshid. 43. A.V. He has not thrown rotten eggs. task.
13. A.V. The goat gives milk. P.V. Rotten eggs have not been thrown by P.V. Their home task had not been
P.V. Milk is given by the goat. him. done by them.
14. A.V. You take a bath daily. 68. A.V. They had not done their home
P.V. A bath is taken by you every day.
15. A.V. They come to school in time. 44. A.V. The driver opened the door of P.V. Their home test had not been
P.V. They are come to school in time. the car. done by them.
16. A.V. I wear new clothes. P.V. The door of the car was opened by the 69. A.V. Nadir had read the book.
P.V. New clothes are worn by me. driver. P.V. The book had been read by
17. A.V. You deal in sugar. 45. A.V. She bought five video films. Nadir.
P.V. Sugar is dealt by you. P.V. Five video films were bought by her. 70. A.V. We had seen him.
18. A.V. He does not take exercise 46. A.V. She gave me five films. P.V. He had been seen by us.
regularly. P.V. I was given five films by her. FUTURE IN DEFINITE TENSE
P.V. Exercise is not taken regularly by him. 47. A.V. Why did she write such a letter?
19. A.V. Sumera washes clothes. P.V. Why was such a letter written by her? 71. A.V. He will give me a cup of tea.
P.V. Clothes are washed by Sumera. 48. A.V. We did not hear a sound. P.V. A cup of tea will be given me by
20. A.V. The bank does not give loan to P.V. A sound was not heard by us. him.
me. 49. A.V. He praised the boy for his 72. A.V. We shall win the match.
P.V. I am not given loan by the bank. courage. P.V. The match will be won by us.
P.V. The boy was praised by him for his 73. A.V. Who will appose you?
PRESENT CONTINOUS TENSE P.V. By whom would you be apposed.
21. A.V. They are buying this house. 50. A.V. A car ran over an old man. 74. A.V. I shall see off my friends.
P.V. This house is being bought by them. P.V. An old man was run over by a car. P.V. My friend will be seen off by me.
22. A.V. We are printing new book. 51. A.V. He took away my books. 75. A.V. He will give you a box of
P.V. New book is being printed by us. P.V. My books were taken away by him. chocolates.
23. A.V. She is buying five video films. 52. A.V. The sudden noise frightened the P.V. You will be given a box of
P.V. Five video films are being bought by her. child. chocolates by him.
24. A.V. The boy is climbing the wall. P.V. The child was frightened by the sudden FUTURE PERFECT TENSE
P.V. The wall is being climbed by the boy. noise.
25. A.V. Why is he mending the chair? 53. A.V. The doctor asked her to stay in 76. A.V. You will have taken breakfast.
P.V. Why is the chair being mended by him? bed. P.V. Breakfast would have been
26. A.V. He is wearing new clothes. P.V. She was asked to stay in bed by the taken by you.
P.V. New clothes are being worn by him. doctor. 77. A.V. We shall have finished our work
27. A.V. Who is asking questions? 54. A.V. They caught the thief. by March next.
P.V. By whom questions are being asked? P.V. The thief was caught by them. P.V. Our work will have been finished
28. A.V. Peon is ringing the bell. 55. A.V. Hamid won a prize. by March next by us.
P.V. The bell is being rung by the peon. P.V. A prize was won by Hamid.
29. A.V. This cloth is selling cheap. 56. A.V. Who brought the apples?
P.V. This cloth is being sold cheap. P.V. BY whom were the apples brought?
30. A.V. Are you listening to the news? 57. A.V. She did not tell a lie.
P.V. Is news being listened by you? P.V. A lie was not told by her.
31. A.V. They are killing the mad dogs. 58. A.V. I posted the letter.
P.V. The mad dogs are being killed by P.V. The letter was posted by me.
them. 59. A.V. Our team won the match.
PRESENT PERFECT TENSE P.V. The match was won by our

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