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Name: Matias Name: Helga Name: Faustina

Country: Finland Country: Romania Country: Denmark
Nationality: Finnish Nationality: Romanian Nationality: Danish
Age: 38 Age: 11 Age: 8
Hair: blond Hair: black Hair: blond
Eyes: brown Eyes: black Eyes: hazel
Clothes:orange t-shirt, Clothes:blue sweater, Clothes:purple dress,black
purple shorts,brown shoes purple jeans,white trainers shoes
Likes:fishing,jogging Likes:playing with friends Likes:playing with dolls

Name: Kerem Name: Hubrecht Name: Barbara

Country: Turkey Country: The Netherlands Country: Germany
Nationality: Turkish Nationality: Dutch Nationality: German
Age: 15 Age: 49 Age: 57
Hair: brown Hair: blond Hair: brown
Eyes: brown Eyes: green Eyes: brown
Clothes:green trousers and Clothes: Clothes:pink t-shirt and
scarf,brown jacket Likes: green shorts,orange shoes,purple skirt
Likes:ice-skating, reading t-shirt,purple helmet Likes: playing golf,shopping

Name: Chris Name: Eduardo Name: Sophie

Country: the USA Country: Mexico Country:the United Kingdom
Nationality: American Nationality: Mexican Nationality: English
Age: 9 Age: 59 Age: 55
Hair: blond Hair: greyish Hair: red
Eyes: green Eyes: black Eyes: blue
Clothes:navy hat and jeans, Clothes:green shirt,dark Clothes: a pink hat and
blue t-shirt,brown shoes green trousers,grey shoes dress,green gloves
Likes:reading fairy tales Likes:walking his dog Likes: gardening,travelling

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