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Semester 2 Student Outline

Week Key teaching points Syllabus content Assessment tasks

Term Minority Voices consider how Task 1
2 Students will watch the some perspectives Response In-
Week film Slumdog are privileged class short
8- Millionaire and while others are answer
Term consider how the marginalised or response
3 marginalised silenced Students will
week characters are consider how answer a number
2 presented. Additional attitudes and of questions
text material will be assumptions are based on the
provided to further presented in texts study of Slumdog
explore this concept. analyse issues and Millionaire.
Students will be asked ideas in texts and Weighting:20%
to consider how explain Responding
individual characters perspectives and
are presented and implications Task 2 Oral
who/what they employ ethical presentation
represent. research practices
Stereotyping and the such as Students will
effects of this will also acknowledging select a minority
be a focus. Students sources and group from
will complete an in avoiding contemporary
class assessment plagiarism and society who is
collusion marginalized and
speak clearly and prepare an oral
presentation for
coherently about
their peers with
ideas, opinions
an aim to educate
and personal
on their plight.
experiences in a
range of oral
Term Picture perfect use strategies for Task 3 creating
3 Students will study planning, drafting, Text creation
Week comics picture books revising, editing
3-5 and graphic novels. and proofreading. Students will
They will consider how integrate text create a comic
changing purposes, structures, strip, graphic
contexts and language features novel/picture
audiences have and visual book excerpt
influenced the world techniques to aimed at a young
views and values these engage and adult audience.
texts have conveyed persuade Weighting:15%
over time. audiences Creating
6-7 Work Place issues categorise and Task 4 Group
Students will examine integrate ideas Panel
a number of work and evidence Presentation
place issues to include Students will work
about specific
in groups of four to
equal pay issues present an
gender roles express a logical information session
and promotion. point of view on an aspect of
Bullying. work place
about an idea,
etiquette in
health and issue or event
response to stimuli
safety. determine the provided by the
Professional relevance of teacher for an
behaviour source material to audience of their
Dress codes the context and peers.
topic Weighting:20%
listening actively; Responding
being prepared to
assert personal
8-10 Reality? TV consider how Task 5 Digital
Students will look at a different advertisement
number of reality TV perspectives and and written
programmes and values are proposal
analyse the emerging presented in texts
Students will create
popularity of this including a digital
genre. Im A Celebrity relationships advertisement for a
Get me Out of Here! between context, new reality TV show
My Kitchen Rules and purpose and aimed at a
Keeping up with the audience specified target
Kardashians are some select text audience. They will
of the series that will structures, also write a one-
be viewed in terms of language features page proposal
their construction, which describes the
and visual
new show.
promotion, appeal to a techniques to Weighting:20%
specific target communicate and Creating
audience and the present ideas and
images they present of information.
reality use strategies for
planning, drafting,
revising, editing
and proofreading,
and appropriate
learn how to
persuasively and
imaginatively for
different purposes
use appropriate
spelling and
Year 12 General English SOA
Semester 2 2017

Assessment SCASA Task Week Assessment task

type weight weighti due
ing ng
Responding 40% 20% Term 2 Task 1 Response
week 10 In-class short answer

Students will answer a

number of questions based
on the study of Slumdog

Responding 40% 20% Term 3 Task 4

week 7 Group Panel Presentation

Students will work in groups of

four to present an information
session on an aspect of work
place etiquette in response to
stimuli provided by the teacher
for an audience of their peers.

Creating 45% 10% Term 3 Task 2 Oral Presentation

week 1
Students will select a
minority group from
contemporary society who is
marginalized and prepare an
oral presentation for their
peers with an aim to educate
on their plight.

Creating 45% 15% Term 3 Task 3 Creating

week 5
Text creation

Students will create a comic

strip, graphic novel/picture
book excerpt aimed at a
young adult audience.

Creating 45% 20% Term 3 Task 5 Digital

week 10
Advertisement and written

Students will create a digital

advertisement for a new reality
TV show aimed at a specified
target audience. They will also
write a one-page proposal which
describes the new show.