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KEY p.45

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Vocabulary Grammar

A Unscramble and write. A Fill in the correct present simple form.

0 My bags are on the luggage trolley . 0 We (not/go) to school on

yerltol Sundays.
1 Anne sometimes (play)
1 Where did you go on last basketball with her brother.
summer? layidho 2 Pete often (ride) his bike
2 You must buy a before you to school.
get on the train. kittec 3 They (not/live) on an
3 Im . Can I have a glass of 4 I usually (do) my
water, please? s y t t h ir homework in my bedroom.
4 Put your clothes in the red . 5 Sarah (not/like) shopping.
5 The pilot was wearing a blue .
fromuin B Write questions in the present simple.

..../5 0 Julie/go swimming on Thursdays

Does Julie go swimming on Thursdays ?
1 Tom/buy that magazine every month
2 they/play basketball in the park
B Choose. ?
3 you/learn English at school
0 Have you got your passport/counter?
1 My friends are sitting in the second sign/row. 4 Helen/like dancing
2 Weve got lots of time, so lets look/find ?
around the airport. 5 he/want to come with us
3 Theres a long runway/queue at the cinema ?
today. Lots of people want to see this film. ..../5
4 The flight regulation/attendant gave us all a
C Complete in the present continuous.
5 I bought this in the duty-free/check-in shop.
0 I am making (make) sandwiches.
1 The children (laugh).
2 At the moment, she (read) a
3 We (not/watch) TV right
4 She (drink) milk.
5 They (not/wear) uniforms.

Total: ../25
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p. 5
Vocabulary Grammar

A Choose a or b. A Write short answers in the present simple.

0 Its only one oclock. We arent in a . 0 Does he like ice cream?

a hurry b sign No, he doesn't

1 The plane is on the . 1 Do they live in a big house?

a trolley b runway
2 Why are the children a noise? 2 Does she walk to school?
a doing b making
3 Come on! Lets take our bags to the 3 Do they play football after school?
a take-off b check-in 4 Do we have our passports?
4 Are you . forward to Janes party?
a looking b pushing 5 Does Tom have a good seat?
5 Right now, Paul is writing in his .
a ticket b diary
B Complete in the present continuous.

0 Tom is wearing (wear) a red

B Fill each gap with a word from the list.
1 Dad (make) lunch at
welcome island clouds fasten the moment.
announcement departures
2 We (have) dinner.
3 They (not/go)
0 Listen! The pilot is making a(n) shopping.
announcement .
4 Jack (tell) us about his
1 Katie is having a holiday on a(n) new car.
5 We (not/do) our
2 back! Wheres your homework right now.
6 Katie (write) something
3 The plane is ready for take-off, so please in her diary.
your seat belts.
7 She (not/listen) to her
4 At the airport, Dave is sitting in the mother.
8 I (ride) my bike.
5 There are some big black
9 The plane (fly) to
in the sky.
10 He (not/read) the
..../5 newspaper right now.


Total: ../25
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p. 6
Vocabulary Grammar

A Unscramble and write. A Choose.

0 This is my favourite book. Its great! 0 Right now, Mum water/is watering the
rfaeioutv flowers.
1 All the children at the party are wearing 1 In summer, we usually play/are playing
. messutoc outdoor games.
2 This country has got a hot, 2 At the moment, Susan fixes/is fixing her bike.
. teamcil 3 They dont play/arent playing computer
3 Rob and Sally live in this . games right now.
ghooodhineur 4 Do you have/Are you having lunch here
4 Jack is wearing a bright, every day?
shirt today. oolcluurf 5 Listen! Anna tells/is telling a story.
5 I went to an caf to send 6 On Saturdays, we sometimes go/are going
some emails. ieennttr shopping.
..../5 7 Does Dad watch/Is Dad watching TV at the
8 I dont remember/am not remembering
B Choose a or b.
where Tony lives.
9 Jenny wants/is wanting to have a party on
0 This city is a very popular holiday . her birthday.
a condition b destination
10 Do you know/Are you knowing what time
1 Dad is in the garden. He is fixing the . their flight is?
a fence b wonder
2 We are down the river in our boat. ..../10
a sailing b changing
3 After lunch, we want to the rest of the
island. B Write a, the or -.
a look b explore
0 We went to - Spain on holiday last
4 I come to this island every summer, but next summer.
year I want to have a type of holiday.
1 Nicks mum is teacher.
a different b natural
2 moon is very bright tonight.
5 We the old buildings in the city centre
a admired b mowed 3 Georges brother lives in England.
4 We play basketball four times
5 Can you play guitar?


Total: ../25
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p. 7
Vocabulary Grammar

A Choose. A Complete in the present simple or present

0 Yesterday, we went to see the new exhibition/
hospitality at the museum. 0 Do you remember (remember)
what her brothers name is?
1 I want to paint my room a bright, cheerful/
1 We (come) to
faraway colour. this hotel every summer.
2 The concert made/took place last August. 2 At the moment, they children
3 We are planting some bushes/glaciers in the (sing) a song.
back garden. 3 (you/see) your
friends every day?
4 They are admiring/sailing down the Amazon 4 They (not/work)
River. in the garden right now.
5 There are lots of old tropical/traditional 5 Sometimes, I
houses in this town. (go) to the cinema with Alan and Julie.
6 (you/make)
..../5 dinner at the moment?
7 She (not/write)
in her diary every day.
8 He (love) TV
B Fill each gap with a word from the list.
shows about animals.
9 Tina (not/like)
climate lawn destination lake orange juice.
internet condition 10 (know) the

0 This old building is in very bad ..../10

condition .
1 They are playing computer games in the B Choose a or b.
0 Crete is an island in Mediterranean.
2 This island is a famous holiday
a - b the
1 We have English lessons three times
3 In the summer, we go swimming in the week.
. a the b a
4 Dad is in the garden. He is mowing the 2 When I am older, I want to be doctor.
. a a b -
5 Brazil has got a tropical . 3 Dave went to France last month.
a - b the
..../5 4 Jane is learning to play piano.
a a b the
5 We have hour before our flight leaves.
a an b -


Total: ../25
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p. 8
Vocabulary Grammar

A Match. A Complete in the past simple.

0 health c a pool 0 I did (do) my history homework last

1 youth b people 1 We (watch) a very interesting
film yesterday.
2 swimming c problem 2 My sister (play) tennis with
Claire on Thursday.
3 young d climate 3 Andy really (enjoy) the
4 tropical e instrument
4 They (go) to a party last
5 musical f centre Saturday.
5 I (buy) this CD two weeks ago.

B Complete in the past simple (negative).

B Choose a or b.
0 Ben didn't have (not/have) any lessons
0 This afternoon, the band is for a concert. today.
a diving b rehearsing 1 They (not/work) last
1 We are on our to the pool. Do you want weekend.
to come with us? 2 Irene (not/go) to school
a way b place yesterday.
2 Who the art competition? 3 I (not/make) my bed this
a spent b won morning.
4 We (not/like) the food at that
3 Did you know that Janet is singing
a taking b making 5 Steve (not/send) me an email.
4 I dont want to that TV programme tonight. ..../5
a miss b hang
5 What are the sports like in your school?
C Choose.
a studios b facilities
0 We didnt use to/used to have art lessons at
1 Kevin use to/used to ride his bike to school.
2 Did you use to/used to play basketball?
3 I use to/used to live in Brazil.
4 They didnt use to/used to like this TV
5 Did he use to/used to work in the airport?


Total: ../25
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p. 9
Vocabulary Grammar

A Choose. A Write sentences in the past simple.

0 The band is recording/hanging some new 0 we/buy/these sandwiches/supermarket

songs today. We bought these sandwiches in the supermarket .
1 Im in a hurry because I dont want to miss/ 1 they/play football/park/yesterday
choose my music lesson. .
2 The art competition sounds like fun/target. 2 he/do/very well/the English test
Lets go! .
3 I play the drums and my brother plays the 3 Tina/go/the cafe/with her friends after school
keyboards/materials. .
4 we/watch/a great DVD last night
4 I read a fascinating/natural book last week.
5 His dad is the mayor/studio of our town. 5 Henry/not visit/his grandparents last week
..../5 6 I/not win the competition
7 Sophie/not walk/school yesterday
B Fill each gap with a word from the list. 8 they/enjoy their holiday
9 she/paint her bedroom pink
health facilities instruments collages ?
community teenagers 10 you/take any photos/the party
0 In our art class, we made some big
collages . ..../10

1 Can he play a musical ?

B Rewrite the sentences with used to.
2 There are lots of things to do at the
centre. 0 I went to the park every day.
3 I cant play basketball because I have a I used to go to the park every day.
problem. 1 We sent Sarah lots of emails.
4 There were lots of children and
in the park yesterday. 2 They lived in Italy.
5 Our school has got great sports
. 3 Did Tom work in the hospital?

..../5 4 He didnt play computer games after school.

5 Did she play the drums in a band?


Total: ../25
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p. 10
Vocabulary Grammar

Choose. A Complete in the past continuous.

0 Look! That dog is crashing/chasing a cat 0 They weren't playing (not/play) in the
down the street. garden because it was cold.
1 In our science class, we are making a robot/ 1 We (walk) home from
school when we saw Sam.
2 Tim (read) a magazine.
2 My friends Sophie and John are on holiday. I
wonder/show what they are doing now? 3 Rita and Steve (wait)
for us outside the museum.
3 Steve is very mysterious/interested in 4 Alan was doing his homework while Henry
history. Hes got lots of books about ancient (watch) TV.
times, and he loves museums.
5 We (not/swim) in the
4 Penny is a very successful/empty writer. Lots lake.
of people read her books. 6 They (not/dance)
5 Please dont tell anyone my secret/episode! because they couldnt hear the music.
6 The books about animals are in this ground/ 7 I (not/study), I was
talking to my friends.
section of the library.
8 Dad (play) the
7 I want to find out/grow up more about piano this morning?
ancient Greece.
9 they (paint) the
8 Bob works in an office/a helper. fence?
9 Come on! Lets get up/out of here! 10 the dog (dig) a
hole in the garden?
10 In the film, they arent friends. Theyre
B Write short answers.

0 Was Mike fixing the car?

Yes, he was.
1 Was Helen making a cake?

2 Were the kids riding their bikes?

3 Was Eric mowing the lawn?

4 Were they singing a song?

5 Were the boys wearing costumes?


Total: ../25
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p. 11
Vocabulary Grammar

A Choose a, b or c. Write sentences in the past continuous.

0 Whats in this of the museum? 0 Lucy/not play/saxophone/last night

a reason b form c section Lucy wasn't playing the saxophone last night .
1 Len is a hole in the garden, so that he can 1 Dad/make/some sandwiches
plant a tree. .
a pushing b digging c kicking
2 the children/walk/school
2 I dont like him. Hes really . .
a nasty b great c magnificent
3 we/sail down/Amazon River
3 That has got lots of animals.
a helper b farmer c robot

4 I dropped the plates, and they to the 4 Ellen/travel/by plane

ground. .
a created b chased c crashed 5 Jane/take/photos/the animals/the zoo
5 I around and saw Rachel coming up the .
street. 6 I/not watch/a DVD
a turned b grabbed c showed
7 Dave/not listen/the band
8 they/not do/their homework/9 oclock this
B Fill each gap with a word from the list.
9 Tina/not talk/the phone
find pyramids empty successful .
wonder archaeologists
10 we/not play/squash
0 Last year, when we were in Egypt, we saw lots
of ancient pyramids . 11 you/wear/black T-shirt/yesterday
1 I what its like to live in ?
Iceland. 12 the dog/chase/the ball
2 look for and study old things ?
to learn more about ancient civilisations. 13 mum/water/the flowers
3 Robert is a very journalist. ?
4 She wants to out more about 14 you/wait/a long time
this artists paintings. ?
5 The box is . Theres nothing 15 lots of people/dance/the party
in it. ?

..../5 ..../15

Total: ../25
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p. 12
Vocabulary Grammar

A Unscramble and write. A Choose a or b.

0 You cant see something that is 0 When I was six, I ride a bike.
a cant b couldnt
invisible . bnvsleiii
1 you like this CD?
1 The man you are married to is your a Do b Can
2 I borrow your pen, please?
. dnsbuha
a Can b Must
2 Your sisters son is your . 3 You look tired. You go to bed.
a have b should
4 Sorry, but you use my computer right now.
3 When two people are talking, they are having
Im sending an email.
a cant b dont have to
a . 5 Do I work on Saturday?
istroonnvace a have to b must

4 You can write things down in a ..../5

. oooentkb
B Rewrite the sentence with should.
5 My friend Sam cant walk. He uses a
to move around. 0 Dont eat all of the cake. We want some.
c w h h e a r l i e. You shouldn't eat all of the cake . We
want some.
1 Be quiet when the teacher is talking.
2 Call Katie tonight. Its her birthday.
. Its her birthday.
3 Dont play computer games all day.

B Choose. 4 Wear a coat. Its cold today.

. Its cold today.
5 Dont watch that film. Its boring!
0 The children are listening fortunately/
. Its boring!
carefully to the teacher.
1 What does this word mean/write? ..../5

2 When I was walking home, I found e20 on B Rewrite the sentence with have to.
the opinion/pavement.
0 Dont water the flowers. Its going to rain.
3 Thank you! Im really uncomfortable/grateful You don't have to water the flowers. Its
for all your help. going to rain.
1 We must do our French homework tonight.
4 Ive got a problem, so I asked all my friends for .
advice/replies? 2 Dont do the washing-up. Dad is doing it.
. Dad is doing it.
5 George cant hear, so we use ramp/sign 3 Nick must go to the doctors.
language to talk to him. .
4 Must I wait for Jim here?
..../5 .
5 Dont make lunch today. Well get a pizza.
. Well get a pizza.
Total: ../25
Photocopiable HILLSIDE PRESS
p. 13
Vocabulary Grammar

A Choose a, b or c. A Choose.

0 It was cold but, it didnt rain. 0 I can/have to fix my bike now, because I
a fortunately b carefully c directly want to ride it to the park later.
1 Can/Must I borrow this DVD, please?
1 Janes dad is my brother. Shes my .
a nephew b niece c daughter 2 Can/Do you want a glass of orange juice?
3 When I was younger, I couldnt/cant run very
2 Lisa was very that we helped her with her fast.
4 Ive got a test tomorrow, so I have study/to
a portable b grateful c invisible study tonight.
3 Look to see if any cars are coming before you 5 You dont have/shouldnt eat lots of sweets.
the street. It isnt good for you.
a cross b show c carry
4 I cant speak French, so I didnt what she
a advise b borrow c understand B Write short answers.

5 Kevin cant hear, so his family uses 0 Can John play the guitar?
language to talk to him. Yes, he can.
a idea b reply c sign 1 Should she ask Ben for help?
..../5 2 Could they drive when they were younger?
3 Must I get up early tomorrow?
B Fill each gap with a word from the list.
4 Can the children speak Spanish?
ramps notebooks conversation
pavement opinions advice 5 Do I have to go to school tomorrow?

0 In class, our teacher often asks us for our ..../5

opinions .
1 You should write down new English words in B Fill each gap with a word from the list.
your .
2 Yesterday I had an interesting could should mustnt do have cant
with Anna. She was
0 You musn't shout in class!
telling me about her family.
1 She is talking very quietly, so I
3 There are next to hear what she is saying.
all the steps in our school so that people in
wheelchairs can get up and down. 2 You dont to drive me to the
airport. Ill take the bus.
4 When I asked Matthew for help, he gave me
some very good . 3 When she was a young girl, she
sing very well.
5 You should ride your bike on the road, not on
4 I have to make the sandwiches?
the .
5 Its raining. You take an umbrella.

Total: ../25
HILLSIDE PRESS Photocopiable
p. 14
Vocabulary Grammar

A Unscramble and write. A Choose.

0 Next weekend, were going on a 0 This is me/my new T-shirt. Do you like it?
trekking trip in the mountains. 1 Ben was taking him/his dog for a walk when
gkertink we saw him.
2 Tell their/them what happened yesterday.
1 There is no light in here, so we have to use a
3 Our/Us maths teacher is called Mr Thompson.
to see. rocht
4 I sent you/your an email yesterday. Did you
2 Shes a . She writes stories read it?
for an English newspaper. porrreet 5 Tom and Claire live in this street. I think this is
3 You cant go in there. The sign says No them/their house.
. nnacteer ..../5
4 We can use the internet to do some
for our school project. B Complete the second sentence so that it
s c h ar r e e means the same as the first sentence.
5 Drive carefully! This is a very 0 Show Emma the photos.
road. graeounds Show the photos to Emma.
1 Send your brother an email.
..../5 Send your brother.
2 Give the keys to Jamie.
Give the keys.
B Fill each gap with a word from the list. 3 Write a letter to Sally.
Write a letter.
4 Offer Alex a sandwich.
woods decide drawings Offer Alex.
explorer shine firewood 5 Take this cup of coffee to Grandma.
Take this cup of coffee.
0 He was a famous explorer . He
was the first person from Europe to go to this ..../5
part of the world.
1 When we what we are C Choose a or b.
going to do, well tell you. 0 Thats the girl brother is in our class.
2 I cant see anything. the a whose b which
light in here. 1 Is that the woman is friends with your mum?
a which b who
3 They are collecting to
take back to their camp. 2 The town she was born is in Scotland.
a who b where
4 Lots of different types of animal live in the 3 The CD we are listening to is great!
. a that b whose
5 The childrens were very 4 Is that the T-shirt you bought yesterday?
colourful. a where b which
5 The girl bike I borrowed is called Sarah.
a whose b which
Total: ../25
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p. 15
Vocabulary Grammar
A Choose. A Choose a or b.

0 Penny is very brave/proud. She isnt afraid of 0 This isnt skateboard. Its Tonys.
anything. a my b me
1 This is new computer. Its really cool!
1 At the end of the lesson, the teacher dressed/ a us b our
collected our projects. 2 The teacher told what to do.
2 We should go home now. Its getting/taking a them b their
dark. 3 Yesterday, Luke went to the park with brother.
a him b his
3 Yesterday we discovered/decided to go 4 friend Jim is really clever.
shopping. a Us b Our
4 Lots of people tried to leave the country when 5 Can you help wash the car, please?
war broke/called out. a me b my
5 I cant see. Can you shine/switch on the ..../5
lights, please?
B Complete the second sentence so that it
..../5 means the same as the first sentence.

0 Take this money to Katie.

Take Katie this money.
B Match the words to their meanings. 1 Give your homework to the teacher
0 snake c
2 Show Mary the painting.
1 dangerous Mary.
3 Send some flowers to Lisa.
2 reporter flowers.
3 nearby 4 Write Jason a letter.
4 buffalo
5 Offer Steve a glass of orange juice.
5 explorer Steve.
a somebody who writes stories for a newspaper
b not safe C Choose a, b or c.
c type of animal that is long and thin with no 0 This is the TV programme we watch every
legs Thursday.
d type of big animal that you can find in a who b that c whose
America or Asia 1 Thats the street my grandparents live.
e somebody who travels to new places to learn a who b whose c where
about them 2 Angela is the girl won the art competition.
a which b who c whose
f close, not far away 3 The book Im reading is really interesting.
a which b where c who
..../5 4 Thats the boy mum is a doctor.
a whose b who c that
5 Is Tina the girl works in the caf?
a who b whose c which

Total: ../25
HILLSIDE PRESS Photocopiable
p. 16
Vocabulary Grammar

Choose a or b. A Choose.

0 Id like three tickets for tomorrow nights , 0 There are any/some biscuits in the kitchen.
please. 1 We cant go to the play because there are no/
a theatre b performance any tickets left.
1 We should call the theatre and seats for 2 There isnt any/some milk left. We have to
tomorrow night. buy some more.
a book b collect 3 I wanted to help, but there was nothing/
something I could do.
2 Adam is reading the entertainment of the 4 I saw anybody/somebody talking to George
newspaper. outside.
a section b audience
5 We love the beach, so we want to go
3 I dont like cooking tonight. Shall we order somewhere/nowhere near the sea for our
a pizza? holiday.
a go b feel
4 This film is very popular. Its a big box-office
B Choose a, b or c.
a hit b king
5 We always play football, and Im bored with 0 The blue bag is than the black one.
it! Why dont we do something different for a a heavy b heavier c heaviest
? 1 That was a very lesson.
a change b drama a interesting b more interesting c most
6 You should write a of that book for the
school newspaper. 2 Steve is basketball player in our team.
a stage b review a good b better c the best
3 You are than Jenny.
7 Mary went to the theatre to pick our a tall b taller c tallest
a up b into
4 His car is than ours.
a fast b faster c fastest
8 A play or film which is funny and makes 5 I think that Rob was actor in the play.
people laugh is called a . a good b better c the best
a comedy b fun
6 Im very at maths.
9 How much do those shoes ? a bad b worse c the worst
a watch b cost 7 My new bike is than my old one.
10 When the famous singer started singing, a big b bigger c biggest
everybody . 8 Mary is girl in our class.
a clapped b performed a old b older c the oldest
9 Its a very film, but we enjoyed it.
..../10 a long b longer c longest
10 They live in house in the street.
a big b bigger c the biggest


Total: ../25
Photocopiable HILLSIDE PRESS
p. 17
Vocabulary Grammar

Fill each gap with a word from the list. A Choose a or b.

0 Do you want from the shop?

audience cost musical perform hit a anything b nothing
feel book change pick dream review 1 There are books on the table.
a any b some
0 I think we should go and see this film. The 2 We havent got apples?
review in the newspaper said it a no b any
was superb. 3 sent me this letter, but I dont know who it
1 Lets call the theatre and a Somebody b Anybody
tickets for the play on Saturday night. 4 Are you going next weekend?
a Nowhere b Anywhere
2 Last night, I had a very funny 5 Im bored! Theres to do here.
. a nothing b something
3 I dont like watching TV. ..../5
Lets play a game.
4 We saw a fantastic B Fill in the right form of the adjective.
last night. The acting was great, and the songs
0 John bought the biggest cake in
were very entertaining. the shop! big
5 The all clapped when 1 Alex is a runner than
the actors came out onto the stage. Pete. fast
2 This box is very . I cant
6 We have to up the carry it. heavy
tickets half an hour before the play starts. 3 Henry is than his sister.
7 All my friends went to see that film. It was a
4 Michelle is the student
big box-office . in our class. good
8 How much does this shirt ? 5 The film we saw yesterday was
than the one we saw
9 I dont want to go to an island this summer. last week. interesting
Lets go somewhere in the mountains for a
. ..../5
10 Are you going to in the C Fill in the adverb.
school play?
0 The baby was crying loudly .
1 I sang very at the concert.
2 We finished our homework .
3 The teacher shouted at him .
4 The children were laughing .
5 Our team played today.

Total: ../25
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p. 18
Vocabulary Grammar

A Choose. A Complete in the future simple.

0 The capital/partner city of France is Paris. 0 Dont worry! I won't tell (not/tell)
anyone your secret.
1 Yesterday, we went on a guided tour/agency
of the museum. 1 When we finish eating, I
2 We cant decide where to go on holiday, so 2 We (not/be) late.
we are looking at some deserts/brochures. Weve got lots of time.
3 When we go to Rome, well see lots of angry/ 3 you (help) me
ancient buildings. clean the kitchen, this afternoon?
4 They live in a small town close to the border/ 4 Im sure she (ask) us all
expedition between the USA and Canada. to come to her party.
5 they (visit)
5 This is one of the biggest tourist chances/
Paris when they are in France?
attractions in our city.
B Complete in the present continuous.

0 I am having (have) dinner with

Richard and Sally tomorrow night.
B Fill each gap with a word from the list.
1 Jack (work) on
Saturday, so he cant come to the zoo with us.
problem beauty package
2 We (not/fly) to London.
map flight language
Well go by train.
3 you (visit)
0 What language do you speak at your sister next weekend?
4 She (not/come) to the
1 Go up that of stairs and cinema with us. She wants to relax at home.
then go through the first door on the left. 5 they (play)
2 Ive got a . Can you help football on Saturday?
3 Next summer, we are going on a
tour to Spain. C Complete with the correct form of be going to.
4 This country is famous for its natural
. 0 Is Dad going to cook (cook)
dinner tonight?
5 I dont know how to get to the museum. Lets
1 I think it (rain) later.
look at the .
2 you (come)
to the concert with us?
..../5 3 We (not/finish) our
project today.
4 Nick (buy) a new car.
5 Eve (not/paint) the
fence tomorrow.
Total: ../25
Photocopiable HILLSIDE PRESS
p. 19
Vocabulary Grammar
A Choose a or b. A Complete in the future simple.

0 The professor is on an in Mexico. 0 Im sure she won't come (not come) to

a attraction b expedition c agency the party. Shes sick.
1 We (meet) you in the park.
1 In the film, he is a very man. He does lots 2 he (sing) that
of bad things. song at the concert?
a wicked b main c natural 3 I (help) you fix your bike.
2 You need your passport to go across the 4 We (not/eat) lunch in the
between the USA and Mexico. garden. Its cold today.
a leader b tour c border 5 we (have)
time to go to the shops on the way home?
3 I hope we will have the to visit the new
museum next week. ..../5
a chance b brochure c programme
B Choose a or b.
4 Last summer, my family went on a tour to
France. 0 I am going Rachel an email later.
a package b partner c problem a to send b sending
5 How did they from their enemies? 1 Anna isnt tomorrow.
a discover b escape c relax a leave b leaving
2 We wont all day at the swimming pool.
..../5 a spend b to spend
3 What are you to the party?
a will wear b going to wear
B Fill each gap with a word from the list. 4 My sister is going a doctor when she is older.
a to be b be
get travel spend map capital flight 5 Will they the competition?
a win b winning
0 My office is at the top of this flight of ..../5
1 Can you help me find our hotel on the C Rewrite the sentences with the word given.
0 Will they arrive this afternoon? to
2 The of England is London. Are they going to arrive this afternoon?
3 Im going to the agency to pick 1 Youre going to have fun at the party. will
up our tickets.
4 She is really tired, so she is going to 2 Im staying with Jim next week. going
all day at home watching TV.
5 Were going to be in Athens for three weeks, 3 They will fly to Berlin next Friday. flying
so well have lots of time to to
know the city. 4 They wont eat all this food. arent

..../5 5 Is he going to watch the DVD with us? will

Total: ../25
HILLSIDE PRESS Photocopiable
p. 20
Vocabulary Grammar

A Choose a or b. A Complete in the present perfect simple.

0 I used to think this TV programme was silly, but 0 I haven't stayed (not/stay) in this hotel
I have changed my and now I like it. before.
a choice b mind
1 We (talk) to our
1 Shes a famous . Her picture has been in teacher about our project.
lots of magazines.
a course b model 2 Lucy (play) basketball
every day this week.
2 Andy is very . Hes always happy and
friendly. 3 We (not finish) our
a cheerful b wicked homework yet.
3 It was raining and very cold, so we stayed 4 They (join) the school
all day. band.
a indoors b abroad
5 Pete (cook) dinner for
4 This is Mr Archers shop, but his daughter all of us.
it when he isnt here.
a gather b runs 6 Mrs Green (fix) our
5 They bought some very nice of furniture
for their new house. 7 Charlie (not/arrive) at
a pieces b careers the airport yet.
8 I (not/visited) them
..../5 before.
9 She (not paint) her
B Match the words (1-5) with their meanings (a-f). bedroom yet.
10 Mr Wallis (work) here
0 factory d for twenty years.
1 motorboat ..../10
2 chemistry
3 degree B Fill in have/has been or have/has gone.
4 motorbike 0 George has been to that island four
5 mechanic times.
1 Anna to school. She will be
a something with two wheels that you can use to there until 4 oclock.
travel quickly along roads
b a science subject that you study at school 2 They to Spain lots of times.
c somebody whose job is to fix cars, etc 3 My cousin to America, but
d a place where lots of people work; usually shes coming back next week.
somewhere where they make something 4 We to that restaurant. The food
e something you get when you finish university there is excellent.
f something you can use to travel quickly on
water. 5 Dad isnt here now. He to the
..../5 ..../5

Total: ../25
Photocopiable HILLSIDE PRESS
p. 21
Vocabulary Grammar
A Choose a, b or c. A Write sentences in the present perfect simple.

0 Its very important that you can your 0 I/not/listen/my new CD/yet
doctor. I haven't listened to my new CD yet .
a trust b gather c run 1 we/visit/my grandparents twice this month
1 We have to the clock apart before we .
can fix it. 2 Gary/join/the football team
a put b take c make .
2 Sometimes I have to work at weekends, but I
3 I/just/finish/my project
dont because I love my job. .
a mind b wonder c give
4 they/already/arrive/their hotel
3 Somebody who is doesnt often laugh or .
a cheerful b friendly c serious 5 I/not/play/this game before
4 At university, Im going to do a computer
science . 6 Susan/not/travel/Mexico before
a course b piece c career .
5 Lisa works in a big where they make 7 they/not/decide/what to do yet
cars. .
a machine b factory c lecture 8 I/always/love/swimming/the sea
9 Bill/not/walk/home before
B Fill each gap with a word from the list.
10 we/not/move/the boxes yet
interview subject furniture shy
imagine proud

0 I need to buy some new furniture .

I havent got any tables or chairs in my new B Choose.
0 Louise isnt here. She s been to/s gone to
1 I cant . what its like to work the park with her friends.
as a doctor.
1 We ve been to/ve gone to Italy lots of
2 People feel . when they think times.
they have done something good.
2 Jane has been to/has gone to England, but
3 Whats your best . at school? shes coming back next Tuesday.
4 Carole is .. She finds it 3 He has lived here for/since 2003.
difficult to talk to people and make friends.
4 We have been here for/since three hours.
5 I am going to . the famous
singer and then write about her in the school 5 She has worked there for/since three years.

Total: ../25
HILLSIDE PRESS Photocopiable
p. 22
Vocabulary Grammar

Choose. A Choose.

0 When I told my friends that I used to live in 0 Ive never/ever been to Mexico.
Africa, they were very honest/curious, and 1 Shes just/yet finished her lunch.
wanted to know all about it.
2 We havent watched that DVD yet/never.
1 We went to see the doctor in her factory/ 3 Have you before/ever travelled by plane?
4 They have yet/already booked the tickets.
2 Fortunately/Permanently, we got home just 5 Tim is excited because hes ever/never visited
before it started to rain. his grandparents in Australia before.
3 My uncle wants me to work with him, but Im
going to turn/take down his offer. ..../5

4 Nick works for a large composition/

company which has offices all over the B Write short answers.
country. 0 Have they been to the swimming pool
5 When Sam moved to a new school, he Yes, they have
missed/accepted all his old friends. 1 Has Dave played tennis this week?
6 That shop sells all sorts/times of different
2 Has Rob cooked dinner yet?
7 The mechanic/caretaker cleans the school 3 Have they asked their mum about the
after the children have gone home. party?

8 Would you like to work in a natural/foreign 4 Has Frank cooked dinner yet?
5 Have they lived here for a long time?
9 Tell us something about your countrys
10 I have worked here for ten all/whole years!

C Complete in the present perfect simple.

0 They have eaten (eat) all of the
1 Our teacher (give) us lots
of homework.
2 She (see) this film before.
3 We (have) three English
lessons this week.
4 I (find) my keys. They
were in the kitchen.
5 Her mum (do) lots of
different jobs.

Total: ../25
Photocopiable HILLSIDE PRESS
p. 23
Vocabulary Grammar

Fill each gap with a word from the list. A Write questions in the present perfect simple.

0 you/clean/car/yet
tongue caretaker surgery turned Have you cleaned the car yet? ?
curious exactly difficult composition
needed foreigner permanently 1 he/play/tennis before
0 At the moment, the doctor is in his 2 they/stay/this hotel/before
surgery . ?
3 you/talk/Sarah/today
1 Things were for Angela ?
when she first moved here, but they are better
now. 4 Sophie/work/here long
2 I know how you feel. The 5 they/ever travelled by plane before
same thing happened to me last month. ?
3 We asked Chris to come and work here, but
he down our offer.
4 In school today, I wrote a
B Complete in the present perfect simple.
about South America.
0 I haven't bought (not/buy) any
5 I hated my first job in this country, but I couldnt
computer games this month.
leave because I the
money. 1 Katie (make)
sandwiches for all of us.
6 Im going to London to work. I wont live there 2 Im sure we (see) that
. The job is only for six girl before.
3 Paul (not/do) his
7 A is somebody who history homework yet.
comes from another country. 4 She (write) three
letters this morning.
8 A works in a building. He
5 They (just/have) a
or she cleans the building and fixes things.
maths test.
9 Your mother is the first 6 Mike (not/drive) a
language that you learn to speak. car like this before.
10 Everybodys very about 7 Rita (find) the CD
the new girl in our class. she was looking for?
8 you (speak) to
Tina today?
..../10 9 they (know) Tom
for a long time?
10 Henry (tell) you
what happened yesterday?


Total: ../25
HILLSIDE PRESS Photocopiable
p. 24
Vocabulary Grammar

A Match. A Choose a or b.

0 school a number 0 Hannah has been to Mexico before, ?

a didnt she b hasnt she
1 telephone b date
1 Chris is very tall, ?
2 magazine c food a isnt he b is he
2 You didnt go to the beach yesterday, ?
3 expiry d canteen a didnt you b did you

4 soft e article 3 Theyre playing a computer game, ?

a dont they b arent they
5 junk f toy 4 She sent us an email yesterday, ?
a doesnt she b didnt she

..../5 5 Mike wasnt late for school, ?

a was he b did he
6 Theyve done their homework, ?
a havent they b dont they
B Choose.
7 He wont help us, ?
0 You should pay information/attention to a does he b will he
what your teacher is saying. 8 You can swim, ?
a cant you b dont you
1 Are you hungry? Would you like a snack/
sauce? 9 The teacher wasnt very angry, ?
a did she b was she
2 At the restaurant last night, our food wasnt 10 Shes fixed the computer, ?
very good, so we decided to prevent/ a isnt she b hasnt she

3 The doctor told me that I need to eat more ..../10

healthy/toxic food.
B Choose the present perfect or the past simple.
4 When I stopped playing football, I got/put on
weight. 0 Were waiting for Pete. He didnt arrive/
hasnt arrived yet.
5 You must be very careful/careless when you
ride your bike in the street. 1 Rob moved/has moved to London in 2007.
2 Did you win/Have you won the competition
..../5 last year?
3 I love my house. I lived/have lived here since
I was ten years old.
4 How long ago did you leave/have you left
5 Did you finish/Have you finished your
homework yet?

Total: ../25
Photocopiable HILLSIDE PRESS
p. 25
Vocabulary Grammar
A Choose a, b or c. A Write the correct question tag.

0 This food is great. What do you need to 0 The children are playing in the garden,
make it? aren't they ?
a labels b calories c ingredients 1 Kate is very clever, ?
1 Shes very sick. I think she should go to . 2 You have read this book before,
a accident b hospital c expert ?
2 We can eat this! Its past its date. 3 They didnt go to school yesterday,
a expiry b healthy c tasty ?
3 These toys are dangerous! We should to 4 She sang at the concert, ?
the shops manager. 5 Simon hasnt bought the tickets yet,
a check b destroy c complain ?
4 We were hungry when we got home, so we 6 Sally can ride a bike, ?
made a . 7 Hell meet us at the cinema
a snack b product c jar ?
5 Do you food carefully before you buy it? 8 They arent watching TV right now,
a swallow b prevent c examine ?
9 We werent very good at that game,
..../5 ?
10 They have lunch at 1:00, ?
B Fill each gap with a word from the list.

paying junk safety putting

canteen sauce B Choose a or b.

0 I to Lucy since last Tuesday.

0 Teachers have to think about their students
a didnt speak b havent spoken
safety .
1 We that film in the cinema last year.
1 At lunchtime, I sat with my friends in the school
a saw b have seen
2 Mr Edwards is our geography teacher. He
2 Eating a lot of food is very
at our school for more than ten years.
bad for you.
a worked b has worked
3 I didnt hear what she said because I wasnt
3 We the kitchen last summer.
a painted b have painted
4 Jane made a very nice to
4 Neil is my best friend. I him since we were
go with our pasta.
five years old.
5 I need to start playing a sport because I am a knew b have known
on weight.
5 When your new car?
a did you buy b have you bought

Total: ../25
HILLSIDE PRESS Photocopiable
p. 26
Vocabulary Grammar

Choose a or b. A Write A for active voice and P for passive voice.

0 Lots of came to help us clean up the park. 0 The windows are cleaned every Friday. P
a waterfalls b volunteers
1 Johns dad works in that factory.
1 Sarah isnt afraid of anything. Shes very . 2 CDs and DVDs are sold in this shop.
a funny b brave
3 The dog is taken for a walk every
2 The school is a meeting where parents afternoon.
can talk to their childrens teachers.
a holding b finding 4 The children ride their bikes to school
every morning.
3 They are money to help sick people in
Africa. 5 Our tests are looked at by the teacher.
a raising b joining
4 We need to out all the information weve
got for our project. B Choose.
a sort b hide
0 French doesnt speak/isnt spoken in this
5 Tom didnt know the answer, so I gave him country.
1 These clothes make/are made in Italy.
a an event b a clue
2 Owen has/is had dinner with his parents on
6 After I cleaned my bike, it looked very . Tuesday nights.
a shiny b crazy 3 Liz and Helen dont play/arent played
tennis on Wednesdays.
7 Theres nothing on the paper. Its .
4 We usually watch/are usually watched TV
a famous b blank
after school.
8 We are all going to dress in costumes for 5 In the winter, the garden doesnt water/isnt
Henrys birthday party. watered every day.
a up b out
9 Alison is studying chemistry because she wants
to be a when she grows up.
C Use the word given to write questions in the
a sculpture b scientist
passive voice (present).
10 Every August, there is a big in our town.
a forest b festival 0 Are these pictures painted
(paint) by the children in their art classes?
1 these cakes (sell) in
..../10 the supermarket?
2 the festival (hold)
here every year?
3 the classrooms
(paint) every summer?
4 English (teach) at
your school?
5 lunch (eat) in the
school canteen?


Total: ../25
Photocopiable HILLSIDE PRESS
p. 27
Vocabulary Grammar

Fill each gap with a word from the list. A Write sentences in the passive voice (present).

0 homework/give to/the students/by their teacher

clues forest sort blank magnifying Homework is given to the students by their teacher.
raising brave hide jumped 1 newspapers and magazines/sell/in that shop
organised sculptures
2 our breakfast/make/by Dad/every morning
0 A magnifying glass makes something
look bigger so its easier to see. 3 the flowers/water/by Sandra/every day
1 We were really hot, so we
4 this company/run/by Ms Hawkins
in the lake.
2 He didnt look afraid. He must be very 5 the fence/paint/twice a year
3 I dont know the answer. Can you give me ..../5
some .
4 The children are money to B Choose.
help sick children in their town. 0 Jack is in a band. He plays/is played the guitar.
5 We saw some fantastic in 1 These clothes wear/are worn by teenagers.
the museum. 2 Penny lives/is lived in the big house at the end
6 Eric decided to under his of the street.
bed, but his mum found him very quickly. 3 The children drive/are driven to school by their
7 This page of the book is 4 These books use/are used by students in their
so you can draw a picture there. English classes.
8 The children love exploring the 5 Architects design/are designed new buildings.
near their home. ..../5
9 When we clean our room, we should
out all our books. C Look at the answers and write questions in
10 Last month, we a party for the passive voice.
our friend Jenny. 0 When is the dog taken for a walk?
The dog is taken for a walk in the morning.
..../5 1
The hotel rooms are cleaned in the afternoon.
These TVs are made in Japan.
Presents are given to the children on their
The school newspaper is written by the students.
The plane is flown by a pilot.

Total: ../25
HILLSIDE PRESS Photocopiable
p. 28
Vocabulary Grammar

A Match to make sentences. A Choose a or b.

0 Well finish in 0 If you to go shopping, we will go with you.

a want b will want
1 If we search the
1 If Rachel finishes her homework, she a DVD.
2 You have to press a ll watch b watches
2 We the washing-up if you cook dinner.
3 Tina cant come with us. What
a will do b do
4 Unfortunately the ship ran 3 If we visit Tom in London, he us to all the
5 What would you
a will take b takes
a this key to start the game. 4 Jane will do well in the test if she tonight.
a studies b will study
b do if you found the treasure? 5 They wont go to the park if it .
c a shame! a will rain b rains.
d Net, well find the information we need.
e into a storm.
f no time if we work together. B Complete the sentences. Use the first conditional.

..../5 0 If we dont do the project, our teacher

will be (be) angry!
1 If you (like) comedies,
you will love this play.
B Choose a or b.
2 They (miss) the start of
the concert if they are late.
0 Emma was wearing some beautiful gold .
a jewellery b equipment 3 She will buy some milk if she
P (go) to the supermarket.
1 They had to swim back to the island when their 4 If I see Lucy, I (tell) her
boat . about the party.
a covered b sank. 5 Well all be sad if John
(move) to France.
2 Sam is a letter on the computer at the
moment. ..../5
a typing b hunting
3 We for the dog all afternoon, but we C Look at the second conditional sentences, and
couldnt find it. choose.
a scattered b searched
0 If I have/had more money, I would go on holiday.
4 I have to take these books back to the 1 Andy would be very happy if he won/would win
later. the competition
a library b knowledge 2 If I were you, I would ask/will ask the teacher
5 The scientists will be working on that project for for some help.
years to . 3 What would you do/do you do if you were our
a come b do manager?
4 If they didnt live so far away, they visit/would
visit us more often.
..../5 5 We would play basketball this afternoon if we
werent/wouldnt be so tired.

Total: ../25
Photocopiable HILLSIDE PRESS
p. 29
Vocabulary Grammar
A Rewrite the sentences using may.
A Fill each gap with a word from the list.
0 Bill is doing his homework now. I think hell meet us
currents storm press shame Bill is doing his homework now, but he
jewellery search may meet us later .
1 We havent seen that play yet. Perhaps well go at the
0 What a shame ! Penny is having We havent seen that play yet, but we
a party tomorrow, but we cant go. .
1 Sarah has got lots of beautiful gold and silver
2 Amy is a very good artist. I think shell win the
. Amy is a very good artist, so she
2 They are going to for .
treasure. How exciting! 3 He likes that singer. Perhaps hell buy her new CD.
He likes that singer, so he .
3 There was a big last night, and lots of 4 Its hot and sunny. I think theyll go to the beach.
trees were damaged. Its hot and sunny, so they .
5 Helens bored. Perhaps shell play a computer game.
4 this key to start the Helens bored, so she .
computer game.
5 You mustnt swim here! The
are very dangerous.
B Complete the sentences. Use the first conditional.

..../5 0 If you give me his phone number, I

will call (call) him.
1 If Henry (go) by train,
B Match the words (1-5) to their meanings (a-f). hell get there at about 2 oclock.
2 She (be) very excited
0 knowledge c when she finds out about her party.
3 You will feel sick if you
1 library (eat) all that chocolate.
4 If you (wait) here, Ill help
2 type you in a minute.
3 hunt 5 Well finish our project today if we
(work) hard.
4 equipment
5 sink ..../5

a look carefully to try to find something or C Complete the sentences. Use the second
somebody conditional.
b write something on a computer, etc by hitting
the keys 0 What would you do, if you found
(find) the treasure?
c the information that we have and understand 1 If I were you, I (go) by plane.
about something 2 Would you sing a song at the concert if they
d go down towards the bottom of water, etc (ask) you to?
e a building with lots of books that people can 3 George would be happier if he
borrow (get) a better job.
f the things that we need so that we can do 4 If Irene lived near the sea, she
something (eat) fish every day.
5 What (you/say) if you met
that famous actor?
Total: ../25
HILLSIDE PRESS Photocopiable
p. 30
Vocabulary Grammar

A Match to make sentences. A Choose a, b or c.

0 We must do everything wee can d 0 told you to come here?

to save the whales. Theyre a Whose b Who c Where
1 Alex is very interested in marine 1 did Jane go on holiday?
a Where b Which c Who
2 Ive got lots of homework and
my brothers got none. Its 2 arent they coming to the concert?
3 Kelly was late, so its her
a What b Who c Why

4 Kevin usually has some good ideas,

3 bike is this? Its really cool!
so Im looking a Who b Where c Whose

5 This evening we are going to take

4 did you do at the weekend?
a How b What c Why
a forward to hearing what he says about this. 5 did your shoes cost?
b fault that we missed the train. a How b How long c How much
c part in a quiz.
d worth it. ..../5
e mammals like whales and dolphins.
f so unfair!
B Choose.
0 Weve decided going/to go to the new Italian
restaurant tonight.
1 Do you want playing/to play basketball on
B Choose a or b. Wednesday?
0 What you most at the museum yesterday? 2 Oh no! I forgot telling/to tell Brian about the
a impressed b trapped meeting tomorrow morning.
1 What a strange . Ive never seen animal 3 Do you enjoy learning/to learn English?
like that before. 4 How about painting/to paint this room
a fleet b creature yellow?
2 My friend Richard is the of the school 5 Laura needs doing/to do her history
magazine. homework tonight.
a habitat b editor
6 Simon suggested taking/to take the train
3 Did you with what Anne was saying? tomorrow. Itll be quicker than going by car.
a agree b trap
7 I dont mind helping/to help you.
4 Lots of fish die when we rivers and lakes.
a hurt b pollute
8 Martin offered giving/to give me guitar
5 We are going to start a to save the forest
near our town. 9 Id like watching/to watch the film on
a campaign b chemical Channel 5 later.
10 Have you finished cleaning/to clean the car

Total: ../25
Photocopiable HILLSIDE PRESS
p. 31
Vocabulary Grammar
A Match the words to their meanings. A Fill each gap with a question word from the list.

0 fleet b Who Where How Why

1 trap Which Whose
2 fishing net 0 Where is the milk?
3 habitat Its in the fridge.
4 agree
1 dress are you going to
5 pollute The red one.
2 phone is that?
a the place where you can normally find an Its Nicks.
animal, a plant, etc 3 long have you lived here?
b group of boats owned or controlled by the About two years.
same person/company/country 4 sent you this letter?
c think that something is true or right Steve
d make the sea, the air, a river, etc dirty by 5 didnt Emily go to school
putting dangerous chemicals into it
She was sick.
e catch something/somebody somewhere that
they cant get away from ..../5
f something people use to catch fish
B Fill in the ing form or the infinitive.
0 Mum promised to take (take) us to the
zoo next weekend.
B Fill each gap with a word from the list.
1 George is really tired. He wants
(go) to bed.
send campaign mammals
2 Penny suggested (have) a party
unfair take interactive
on Saturday.
0 This is an interactive computer 3 Theyd like (watch) a DVD.
program that helps you to learn English. 4 How about (play) football
1 Next week, my best friend is going to America later?
on holiday and I will be at school as usual. Its 5 She enjoys (swim) in the sea.
so !
6 They have decided (move) into
2 Our teacher is helping us organise a a bigger house.
to clean up the lake near
our town. 7 Ben agreed (help) us with our
3 Are you going to part in
the chess competition? 8 I dont mind (walk). Its not far.
4 Whales, dolphins and seals are all marine 9 He tried (send) his friend an
. email, but there was a problem with his computer.
5 The magazine asked its readers to 10 Sandra offered (get) us all
in ideas for stories tickets for the concert.

Total: ../25
HILLSIDE PRESS Photocopiable
p. 32
Vocabulary Grammar

Choose a or b. A Choose.

0 We visited the yesterday. 0 You should say/tell her the truth?

a planetarium b universe
1 What did Simon say/tell to you?
1 Shall we look at the moon through the ?
2 She says/tells really good jokes.
a headphones b telescope
3 He says/tells that hes tired.
2 They gave us a sheet about the planets.
a gift b fact 4 They tell/say theyre leaving now.
3 The sun is hot. 5 Andrew says/tells lies.
a finally b extremely 6 Did she say/tell you a story?
4 She was hungry, so they her some food. 7 What are they telling/saying to her?
a produced b offered
8 He didnt say/tell me the time.
5 They have another planet!
a arrived b discovered
6 How many planets are in our system?
a solar b virtual
7 There was a very interesting at the
museum. B Report what the speakers say.
a centre b display
0 Im Toms mother, she says.
8 Do you want to travel into ? (that) she's Tom's mother
She says .
a shape b space
1 Weve cleaned the windows, they say.
9 She was because she didnt win the They say .
a awesome b angry 2 I love chocolate, says Peter.
Peter says .
10 The Earth needs the from the sun.
a rings b energy 3 I dont go swimming, says Helen.
Helen says .
..../10 4 Im traveling on a boat, says Jake.
Jake says .
5 Ive written a story, says Linda.
Linda says .
6 Were going on holiday together, they say.
They say .
7 Ive broken the television, says Jim.
Jim says .


Total: ../25
Photocopiable HILLSIDE PRESS
p. 33
Vocabulary Grammar
Complete each sentence with a word from the list. A Choose.

0 Granddad often tells/says us stories about

sheet extremely offer put clearly
when he was young.
headphones gift planet telescope
produce system 1 What did you tell/say to him?
2 Im sure that he is telling/saying the truth.
0 The children looked at the stars though their 3 Our teacher tells/says we must work harder.
telescope .
4 I dont know what she is telling/saying to
1 The Earth is the that we Andrew, but she is making him laugh.
all live on.
5 Can you tell/say the time?
2 Its cold today. You should
on a jumper. ..../5
3 We couldnt see because
it was getting dark.
B Report what the speakers say.
4 Our teacher gave us a fact
about stars. 0 I love dancing, she says.
5 They are going to a job in She says (that) she loves dancing.
their restaurant. 1 I live in England, he says.
6 The sun is the only star in our solar
. 2 We are playing chess, they say.
7 Jack is wearing . Hes
listening to music. 3 My dog is called Sparky, Jane says.
8 We got a for Rob
because it is his birthday tomorrow. 4 Ive finished my project, he says.
9 This is a dangerous job, so you have to be
careful. 5 Weve seen this film, they say.
10 Stars a lot of energy.
6 I dont like pizza, she says.
7 Im going shopping, Tom says.

8 We ride our bikes to school every day, they


9 I have lost my phone, Angela says

10 I work in a hospital, he says.


Total: ../25
HILLSIDE PRESS Photocopiable
p. 34
Vocabulary Grammar
A Rewrite the sentences in reported speech.
Choose a or b.
0 Does Tina like ice cream? they ask.
0 The tiger for food when its hungry. They ask if Tina likes ice cream. .
a manages b hunts 1 Does Jake play tennis? she asks.
1 This is broken, so its ! She asks .
a rich b useless 2 Ive seen this film, says Penny.
Penny says .
2 I dont know where that country is. Look in the 3 Do you like reading? Matt asks.
. Matt asks .
a seed b atlas 4 Where did you buy it? mum asks.
3 I had an interesting with John on the bus Mum asks .
today. 5 Theyre my books, she says.
a conversation b climate She says .
6 When did you see him? the police officer
4 Jessie wants to a machine that will teach asks.
her dog to speak English. The police officer asks .
a survive b invent
7 I found some money! says Lisa.
5 Shes not our friend. Shes our ! Lisa says .
a gadget b enemy 8 What is your house like? the teacher asks.
The teacher asks .
6 Hes never happy. Hes always .
9 Ive asked you many times, says Gina.
a complaining b growing
Gina says .
7 Nothing can without water. 10 How did you get here? Mark asks.
a exist b escape Mark asks .
8 They want to get their hands our money!
a at b on ..../10

9 My brothers got hair.

a thick b extreme B Rewrite the sentences with the words given.

10 A is a type of plant that doesnt need a lot 0 Hassan is short. He loves playing basketball.
of water. although
a cactus b desert Although Hassan is short, he loves playing basketball.
1 Jason speaks French. He knows some Italian.
..../10 also

2 Her parents are in Egypt. She doesnt want to

live there.

3 Shes small. Shes very strong.


4 They bought a house. They bought a new car.

as well

5 Shes a good singer. Shes a good dancer.


Total: ../25
Photocopiable HILLSIDE PRESS
p. 35
Vocabulary Grammar

A Match the words to their meanings. A Rewrite the sentences in reported speech.

0 invent f 0 We dont know him, they say.

They say (that) they don't know him .
1 camel
1 Does Greg work here? she asks.
2 oasis .
3 complain 2 Ive had my lunch, says Kevin.
4 cactus
3 Do you know Katie? Steve asks.
5 bury .
4 Where does Mel live? Nick asks.
a a place in a desert where there is water
b an animal that can live in dry places because it 5 We are watching TV, they say.
doesnt have to drink very often .
c say that something is wrong or bad, or that you 6 Why did you do that? Dad asks.
are not happy about something .
d put something in a hole in the ground and cover it 7 When did you go to London? Neil asks.
e a plant that can live in dry places because it .
doesnt need a lot of water 8 I am a teacher, she says.
f make/think of something that has never been .
made/thought of before 9 What did you buy at the shops? Liz asks.
..../5 10 Who is Julie talking to? Tony asks.
B Choose a or b.
B Rewrite the sentences with the word given.
0 How did you to fix the computer?
a manage b protect 0 Jamie hasnt got any money. Hes always happy.
1 Im going to plant and water these . however
a seeds b skills Jamie hasn't got any money. However, he's always happy.
1 Colin likes playing football. He likes playing
2 They were having a about their favourite tennis. too
TV programme.
a gadget b conversation 2 Her father is American. She doesnt speak Enlish.
3 If youve got lots of money, you are . however
a extreme b rich
3 Ann read the newspaper. She read a magazine.
4 This country has got a cold and wet . also
a summary b climate
5 These animals only out at night. 4 We went to the supermarket. We went to the post
a come b have office. as well

5 She was tired. She wanted to go to the party.

..../5 although


Total: ../25
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p. 36
Vocabulary Grammar
Choose a or b.
0 Will/Are you be able to help me tomorrow?
0 This little DVD player is my favourite
gadget. 1 Ill take either Mary or/nor Helen with me.
a electronic b ordinary 2 I havent bought anything.
1 The new toy will be the market next I havent either/neither.
month. 3 I hate vegetables!
a at b on Neither/So do I.
2 Its so small that you can hold it in the of 4 Are/Were you able to do the homework last
your hand. night?
a toe b palm 5 You must finish it.
3 Amy isnt very . She doesnt like talking to So are/must you.
people. 6 The children like neither vegetables or/nor
a useful b sociable fruit.
4 I had to buy that jacket. I just couldnt ! 7 He wasnt/werent able to find his keys
a depend b resist yesterday.
5 This will help people who cant see well. 8 I havent got any food.
a movement b invention I havent neither/either.
6 Sophie has been since the accident. 9 His names Pat or/nor Matt, I think.
a fascinated b disabled
10 Simon wont do anything.
7 You should ask Fred. Hes . Neither wont/will Gina.
a an expert b a debate 11 Were you able to ask him?
8 Tina couldnt play football because she was No, I werent/wasnt.
. 12 I cant play the piano.
a trendy b injured Neither/Either can I.
9 They stayed home and played games. 13 Will you able to/be able to take me
a board b mobile tomorrow?
10 I want to hear your of view. 14 Emmas gone to a party.
a point b mind So is/has Sally.
15 They werent be able to/able to say goodbye
before they left.


Total: ../25
Photocopiable HILLSIDE PRESS
p. 37
Vocabulary Grammar
A Fill each gap with a word from the list.
A Choose a, b or c.

0 I can use email to with my friends in do was is so has neither

countries all over the world. 0 Amanda cant swim.
a own b communicate c resist Neither can I.
1 At the moment, Josh is the Net. 1 I like comedies.
a looking b carrying c surfing So I.
2 We are waiting for the bus.
2 Rebecca always wears really clothes. So Robbie.
a trendy b active c sociable 3 I havent answered all the questions.
3 In school today, we had a about eating Neither Kelly.
meat. 4 Eric is from London.
a market b debate c point is Pete.
5 We werent watching TV.
4 I with what she was saying. Im sure shes Neither Helen.
a disagree b depend c score ..../5

5 Barry is about football. He plays every B Write the correct response.

a mad b high-tech c digital 0 Mary went on holiday in August.
So did Andy.
..../5 1 Alex can speak Spanish.
2 They dont use computers at school.
B Fill each gap with a word from the list. we.
3 Paul isnt playing in the garden
Sarah and Fiona.
read view imagine palm puzzle text 4 Henry has invented a new gadget
5 They wont go to the beach on Saturday.
0 We are doing a puzzle . we.
1 Toms point of was very
interesting. ..../5

2 Ive got my mobile phone, so I can C Complete the sentences using be able to.
you when I get to the station.
3 Sometimes I think she can my 0 Yesterday, we weren't able to have (not/
mind. She always knows what I want. have) lunch with Stuart and Sally.
1 When Im older, I
4 The gadget is so small that you can hold it in (drive) a car.
the of your hand. 2 Rose (help) you last
5 Can you what its like to get week?
lost in the desert? 3 She hasnt got much money, so she
(not/buy) a new
computer at the moment.
4 Its going to rain, so we
(not/go) to the park later.
5 He speaks very quickly. you
(understand) him?
Total: ../25
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p. 38
Vocabulary Grammar

Choose. Choose a or b.

0 Shes got a sore/weak throat today. 0 Can I have bread, please?

a some b a
1 The dogs awful/harmless. It wont hurt you.
1 Theres a of orange juice in the fridge.
2 I think Im ill. I cant stop hiding/sneezing. a carton b bar

3 Dont put it in your mouth. Its covered with 2 Its late to go now. Lets go tomorrow.
rules/germs. a enough b too
3 We are going to buy furniture.
4 Jane interviewed/multiplied a famous singer
a some b a
4 I must buy bar of soap.
5 Dont chew/spread with your mouth open. Its a some b a
5 Do you want a of cake?
6 Tom has caught a breath/virus and is in bed. a bar b slice

7 Can you help me find a hygiene/solution to 6 She gave me advice.

the problem? a some b an
7 Its cold today, isnt it?
8 Its a very effective/simple game. Anyone
a enough b very
can play!
8 Weve got cheese. Dont buy any.
9 Call the doctor. The babys been touching/ a many b a lot of
coughing all night.
9 Lets have pop corn.
10 The door health/handle is broken. We cant a some b a
get out! 10 Have you got money for the bus?
a enough b very
..../10 11 Theyre young to watch that film.
a enough b too
12 Will you bring me a of chocolate?
a carton b bar
13 I always put honey in my tea.
a some b a
14 We need milk.
a a bar of b a carton of
15 She found information on the Net.
a some b an


Total: ../25
Photocopiable HILLSIDE PRESS
p. 39
Vocabulary Grammar

A Match. A Fill in a or some.

b 0 Would you like a glass of orange

0 simple a control juice?
1 sore b solution 1 Bob needs to get information for
2 remote c drink our project.
2 When I saw Jim, he was eating
3 catch d handle banana.
4 cold e throat 3 We should buy meat.
5 door f a cold 4 Would you like milk in your coffee?
5 Please get jar of jam when youre
..../5 at the supermarket.


B Choose.
B Fill each gap with a word from the list.
0 How many pieces/bars of luggage have you got?
1 I put a new slice/bar of soap in the bathroom.
healthy sneeze pet interview
2 There is a bottle/piece of orange juice in the
effective advice
0 Im going to interview that singer for 3 You need two bars/slices of bread to make a
the school magazine. sandwich.
1 We want to get a , but we 4 Can you get a carton/bar of milk when you go
cant decide if we should get a cat or a dog. to the shops?
2 Chris solution to the problem was very 5 When I saw him, he was eating a bar/slice of
. chocolate.
3 You should cover your mouth when you ..../5
4 I need help. Can you give me some C Fill in too or enough.
0 Nina isnt old enough to drive.
5 She isnt ill, shes very .
1 Its cold to go to the beach today.
..../5 2 The test was difficult for us. We
couldnt answer any of the questions.
3 These shoes arent big for me to
4 I went to bed because I was tired
to watch the film with my brother.
5 There is cake for all of us.


Total: ../25
HILLSIDE PRESS Photocopiable
p. 40
Vocabulary Grammar

Choose a or b. Choose a or b.

0 Peter the kitchen. Its great, isnt it? 0 The project last week.
a interviewed b designed a finished b was finished
1 You cant see it because its ! 1 The flowers yesterday.
a invisible b complicated a werent watered b didnt water

2 Ive seen him on TV. Hes a . 2 the house painted by Sam?

a viewer b celebrity a Did b Was
3 The rain for three days!
3 Emily cant stop playing that game. Shes !
a didnt stop b wasnt stopped
a hooked b secret
4 Who my bag?
4 I where Bill is. a was taken b took
a wonder b appear
5 What for dinner?
5 Why are you watching that show? Its ! a made b was made
a alien b trash
6 When built?
6 That films got a really good . a was that bridge b that bridge was
a plot b formula
7 all the food eaten?
7 I always my problems on my own. a Did b Was
a face b host 8 Her photo by a famous photographer.
8 This magazine is full of about famous a took b was taken
people. 9 Did you this story?
a ability b gossip a write b was written
9 Lisa and her sister are always . They never 10 The song by a young girl.
agree. a sang b was sung
a invading b arguing
11 Who the secret word?
10 Dont my time. Ive got work to do. a told b was told
a waste b beam
12 Amanda to the hospital by her mother.
a was driven b drove
13 The money in a red box.
a has kept b was kept
14 When that picture drawn?
a did b was
15 What you buy?
a were b did


Total: ../25
Photocopiable HILLSIDE PRESS
p. 41
Vocabulary Grammar

A Match to make sentences. A Fill in the passive voice. Use the past simple.

0 Who was this photo taken

0 Wheres the remote b
(take) by?
1 Look in the TV 1 This building (design) by
2 John is hooked my uncle.
3 Do you like science 2 This book (write) by my
4 My friend Sam watches this soap
favourite writer.
3 The house (not/paint)
5 I dont want to watch this reality
last year.
a on this computer game. 4 These posters (make) by
b control? I want to change channels. the children.
c show. Its really boring. 5 We (not/drive) to
d opera every day. school by Steves mum.
e guide to see if theres anything good on today. 6 The party (organise) by
f fiction films? Sally and David.
7 A lot of the work (do) by
..../5 Tony.
8 What (steal) from the
B Fill each gap with a word from the list.
9 When the new youth centre
well-known host group destruction 10 Who the actress
face complicated (interview) by?

0 This game is for kids in our age ..../10

group , isnt it?
1 I dont understand what we have to
do for our history homework. Its too B Choose.
0 The children swam/were swum in the sea.
2 If the storm gets to our village, there will be a
lot of damage and . 1 This email sent/was sent to me by Sheila.

3 Children our age often have to 2 I taught/was taught to ride a bike by my

problems like this. granddad.
4 Shes a very singer. 3 This cake tastes/was tasted fantastic!
Shes always on TV and in magazines. 4 What did they tell/were they told you?
5 My favourite actor is going to 5 Who did this picture draw/was this picture
this show next week. drawn by?

..../5 ..../5

Total: ../25
HILLSIDE PRESS Photocopiable
p. 42
Vocabulary Grammar

Choose. Choose a or b.

0 The next episode/oxygen of the soap opera 0 I you an email tomorrow.

is on Tuesday. a have sent b will send
1 Theyre on a product/mission to save the 1 They a camel at the moment.
world from destruction. a ride b are riding
2 No, you cant eat all the cake. Dont be loose/ 2 If you dont tell her, I you a present.
greedy! a would buy b will buy
3 We found some pretty peppers/pebbles on 3 Im sorry, but the last one this morning.
the beach. a bought b was bought
4 This is a hungry/natural way of growing 4 We him three times for an answer.
vegetables. a have asked b are asking
5 Sara galloped/dug off on her horse. 5 Sasha homework every day.
6 This soil/crop is perfect for growing tomatoes.
a has b is having
6 They when I called.
7 Dont listen to her. Shes trying to fool/depend
you! a have eaten b were eating
7 Jack the windows yesterday.
8 The codes/seeds will start growing when it
gets warmer. a used to break b broke
8 Shes been there January.
9 We want our children to inherit/pass a
cleaner planet. a since b for
9 We in the river every day.
10 This type of music probably had its chemicals/
a were swimming b used to swim
roots in Africa.
10 If we had enough money, we a new car.
..../10 a will buy b would buy
11 This toy in Turkey.
a was made b made
12 Harry at 11 oclock last night.
a has slept b was sleeping
13 I cant come with you because I with my
dad tomorrow.
a am working b work
14 If I the car today, I will come and get you.
a will buy b would buy
15 Peter the bag! He told me.
a stole b was stolen


Total: ../25
Photocopiable HILLSIDE PRESS
p. 43
Vocabulary Grammar

A Match the words to their meanings. A Choose a or b.

0 oxygen e 1 Yesterday, Anna some new shoes.

1 lettuce a buys b has bought c bought

2 hungry 2 We usually basketball on Saturdays.

a play b are playing c have
3 pebble played
4 cool 3 At the moment, the children a DVD.
5 root a watch b watched c are
not hot, but not very cold either 4 you finished your maths homework yet?
b type of green plant that we can eat a Do b Have c Did

c part of a plant that is underground 5 When we were children, we used in

d feeling that you need to eat something a live b lived c to live
e a gas in air that we need to breathe. 6 Next weekend, they into their new house.
f small stone a are going b move c moved
to move
..../5 7 Last night, she a magazine when the
telephone rang.
a was reading b used to read c is reading
B Choose a or b. 8 Im not going to the cinema with them because
I this film before.
0 The message was written in a secret so a see b will see c have seen
that nobody else could understand it.
9 If Mike the competition, he will be very
a code b root
1 The horse across the field and jumped a wins b will win c would win
over the fence.
10 If I knew the answer, I you.
a depended b galloped
a tell b will tell c would tell
2 We are on a to help sick children in our
11 What would you do if you rich.
a are b were c will be
a mission b nonsense
12 The flowers are every day in summer.
3 He isnt telling the truth. I think hes trying to
a water b watering c watered
a fool b inherit 13 the school painted every year?
a Is b Does c Has
4 If we plant these now, they will start
growing when the weather gets warmer. 14 This film in 2004.
a soils b seeds a made b was making c was made
5 I wanted to visit my grandparents on Saturday, 15 When was his money ?
but I had to go to work. a steal b stole c stolen
a specially b unfortunately

Total: ../25
HILLSIDE PRESS Photocopiable
p. 44

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