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Persuasive Paper First Draft

Race helps in community policing because people have a more common ground with those

of their own race.

Nora Vidal

Rasmussen College

English Composition Class

January 25, 2017


The race is the classification of individuals into different groups that are based on

physical traits and social relations among them. Different communities have different

races due to their various social relationships among them. According to Cao, Frank and

at the same time, Cullen, there is a comparative satisfaction with the police in the United

States of America regardless of different races that are experienced in the country. Even

though people have a common ground with those of their race, it does not relates with

community policing (Cao, Frank & Cullen, 2016). It has been realized that most of the

police in the United States of America favors the whites American than the black

Americans. Different races America is associated with have attributed his. Therefore, it is

not the considerate of the contest in the community, but the confidence individuals have

in police and their effects in keeping peace and order.

In America, the black Americans are associated with unfair treated by the police because

they are of different races as compared to the white Americans. The leading attributes of

injustice to the black Americans are due to the existence racism in America. Therefore,

according to Marable, it is unfair for police to treat black American unfairly due to the

difference in color. Therefore, for ensuring that there is the productive coexistence of all

races in America, it is important to deal with issues diligently without favoring. This will

make sure that there is the collaboration of all races in America in assisting police in

maintaining order in America (Marable, 2015).


Per Ren, Cao Lovrich and at the same time Gaffney, there is the confidence that is related

to the nature of police in community policing if they belong in the same race. According

to the scholars, it has remained importance for the collaboration of the police and the

community in keeping order in the society. Therefore, competition helps in community

policing because they have a common ground with those who belong to their race (Ren,

Cao, Lovrich & Gaffney, 2016). In most of the cases, when police are dealing with people

of the same race, it can be much easier to associate with them and be in a position to

allocate the problem and be able to keep with solutions on how they will be able to keep

order in the community. Therefore, races offer helps in community policing when both

parties are involved collectively.

Race and ethnicity are importance terms that can differentiate individuals who are from

different races and attitude. For example, in the United States of America, there is the

composition of various ethnic races, and they collaborate with one another to ensure that

America remains a great nation. However, even though America is composed of different

races, the citizens have the different attitude towards the police. Regardless of race and

ethnic groups, it is the role of the police to ensure that there is keeping of order to all

citizens of America. Therefore, it is not the dependence of race that will make sure that

there will be community policing, but it should remain to be the role of the police to keep

order to all citizens (Webb & Marshall, 2015).

Per Williams, police remain to be the enemies of the public regardless of race associated

with them. It is evident that violence continues to be part of the police. This is because

they capitalize in the usage of force to the citizens while keeping order. However, it has

remained much brutal that people are not able to realize the importance of police in

America regardless of races. To conclude, the role of the police is to keep order and

prevent violence in a country regardless of races. Therefore, it does not matter whether

police are involved in performing their work in a similar racial community or not but they

should realize the importance of safeguarding all citizens in the country without biasing

(Williams, 2015).


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