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Lauren McGuinn

Ms. Gardner

English 10H/6

29 November 2016

Homelessness: A Spreading Disease

Dear President Elect Trump,

I am writing to you on behalf of the vast issue I have been observing in my community

and across the nation. Homelessness. I bring to your attention this issue that it will be taken into

consideration, and that it will inspire others to take action. I believe that now is an opportunity

for myself to voice my opinion on this issue, and for what I can propose to resolve the expanding

effects and numbers of victims from homelessness. Homelessness has become a crucial topic

amongst our country, with its numbers increasing and the use of shelters decreasing, this issue is

affecting the lives of citizens, safety and hygiene in our cities.

In the US today, a towering amount of citizens are finding themselves wandering the

streets without a home. From the calculations of Social Solutions, 564,708 people living in the

United States are homeless as of 2016. Of that number, 206,286 were people in families, 358,422

were individuals, and a quarter of the entire group were children. Homelessness not only affects

its victims, it affects other individuals in the community. In the US, a wide range of the homeless

are tied to drugs, mental illness, and alcohol, which can affect others, and the health and hygiene

of the communities. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

Administration estimations, 38% of homeless individuals depend on alcohol and 26% are drug

abusers. Drug and alcohol addiction should be viewed as illnesses, and require a great deal of

counseling and support to overcome. Provided shelters across the nation are not in use, for
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reasons such as the homeless dont obtain a sense of safety, and would rather roam the streets

alone. Homelessness is its own disease. Homelessness is a disease that is spreading through the

veins of our country. You, our leader President-Elect Trump, we, the people, need to become

conscious of these problems that are surfacing throughout our nation, and begin to take action.

You may ask, how can we overcome this obstacle? To reduce these numbers and regain stability

of our nation, I have proposed a solution. Homelessness can be curable through appealing

shelters enforcing therapy sessions, meals, housing, and counseling for further job opportunities

all in one. Homelessness can end its contribution to safety hazards and drug exposure.

Homelessness can be stopped by acting together as a nation.

According to the National Coalition, 700 homeless individuals die just from hypothermia

every winter. Homelessness will continue to win its battle, and will continue to lose its citizens if

we dont act efficiently. My proposal begins with building shelters in our high populated cities.

The goal is to achieve hands on treatment and a successful road to recovery. The homeless will

attend daily therapy for mental illness and drug/alcohol addiction if needed. Nurses will be

available to any health-related emergencies and treatment on the spot. Social workers and job

counselors will assist ones who are in need of help in filling out their survey and searching for

job offers. With these shelters that will obtain hands on treatment, the homeless will grow a sense

of hope to regain their foundation. They will find themselves in shelters that are suitable in their

comfort. Stated by the National Alliance to End Homelessness, the number of permanent

supportive housing beds increased nationally from 2012 to 2013 by 3.5 percent. 43 states saw an

increase, and 8 states saw a decrease. Continually, all states need to enforce the help of

homelessness and stop this issue from increasing in the future.

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Many Americans would not approve of this plan, stating the homeless have already

adapted to this lifestyle and would prefer no help. Many say they shouldnt bother in helping

those who are homeless if they do not want it. From the inspiration of Proverbs 19:17, Whoever

is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed, we give what we

receive, and receive what we give. Nor I, our country, or you, should have to hear the horrors and

uncertainty the homeless experience. Mark Horvath, a homeless individual, reveals his first night

homeless and the hopelessness of losing his job, resulting in losing everything he had. Horvath

recalls the perpetuating fear and disbelief he carried on his shoulder every night as he seeked a

place to sleep. No one in our nation should have to suffer through what our homeless undergo

everyday and every night.

I now invite you to take action and put my proposal to the test. By bringing the issue of

homelessness to attention, by taking action effectively, by enforcing these shelters throughout

our cities, lives will be saved and nourished. I invite you to take their struggles to heart and

encourage proper and progressive aid amongst them and construct a safer and healthier lifestyle

for our communities and cities. Everyone deserves a second chance and a safe place to call


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