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The Japanese fiber conex, which has been available from Teijin since at least
1972, is also poly. It is produced on a relatively small scale as staple fiber of 1.8,
4,5 and 9 dtex. Teijin state that their process differs from that used by du Pont, and
their patents suggest that it is manufactured as follows; isophthaloy l dichloride an
m-phenylenediamine are reacted in a polar non-basic solvent, such as
tetrahydrofuran, to produce an insoluble pre-condensate, which is then further
poltymerized by adding an aqueous solution of a weak base.
The solid polymer is separated and slurries in N-methylpyrrolidone, which it
is heated to produce a solution of about 20% concentration. This dope is wet-spun
upwards into a co-current stream of an aqueous coagulant containing about 40%
calcium chloride at a temperature of 80-1000C. The coagulant contains about 1.5%
NMP on entering the bath and about 6% on leaving it, and methylene chloride is
used to extract the NMP form used coagulant before recycle. The wet tow is drawn
in two stages, in boiling water and then on a plate at 300-350 0C, and after crimping
is relaxed at about 3500C to improve its high-temperature dimensional stability.
The properties of Conex fiber are generally to those of Nomex fiber. Its end-
used, chiefly specialized work-wear, filter bags, and loundry, are based on its
resistance to combustion (limiting-oxygen index 30-32), ability to characteristic
without undue shrinkage, and high chemical and thermal stability. It is available in
a range of dope-dyed colors.
A. Make analysis of the sentence of the article and translated according to
existing rules.
B. In not more than 200 words describe some of small industry namely;
from material, process and product. Do not write more than three


Catalytic cracking of gas oil is accomplished over hot micro-

spherical particles of silica alumina catalyst. The catalyst activity
rapidly drops with the deposition of carbon, and spent catalyst
continuously flows out of the bottom of the reactor.

There are many catalytic reforming processes available

today for the octane upgrading and sulphur reduction of
naphthas. The production of aromatics is a feature of most.
Platinum, moblybdenum, chromium oxides and other catalysts are
employed in fixed, moving of fluidized beds.

The recycle of produced hydrogen at high pressures prevents

olefin and diolefin formation and constitutes a highly effective
form of chemical treating. All the process embody a heater
followed by the catalyst chambers with the facilities for
continuous or intermittent regeneration. The final product is
isolated from a fractionation stage. Recycle hydrogen is scrubbed
to remove hydrogen sulphide, from which sulphur or sulphric acid
is manufactured by oxidation in a limited current of air.

A. Make analysis of the sentence of the article and translated

according to existing rules.

B. In not more than 250 words describe some of small industry

namely; from material, process and product. Do not write
more than three paragraphs.

C. Vocabulary:Give another word or phrase to replace the

following words as they are used in the passage: Deposition (
); spent ( ); reduction ( ); fix ( );formation ( );
intermittent ( ); isolated ( ); scrub ( ); current ( ).
Buatlah Resume dan Terjemahan artikel berikut ini

The Artificial Arm

The scientists at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, have

successfully tested a new electro-mechanical arm on a number of patients. The

artificial arm approaches an ideal in the science of prosthetics because it responds

to directions from the brain in much the same way as does a natural limb, it

replaces the cumbersome harness-and pulley arrangement common to other man-

made prosthetic aids. The device makes possible eight different limb movement,

ranging from elbow bending to finger manipulation.

To prepare a patient for the electro-mechanic alarm, the scientist marks the

location of the chest, shoulder and back muscles which control arm movement and

then attaches electrodes to the area designed. Tiny electrical impulses generated by

the brain travel the spinal cord to the nerve endings in the muscles.
Gantilah kata-kata dengan cetak miring dengan kata kerja yang tepat

1. I cant hear. Please increase the sound Come over

2. He continued playing the piano all night
3. Oh, dear ! Ive just upset the glass Knock over
4. My young brother was hit by a car in the main street
5. He returned to his old school Go back
6. Ill examine the whole question in the morning
7. If we are attacked we must not give up Fight back
8. Your idea is sure to be popular
9. Please return the book by post Send back
10.I travelled to Britain three months a go
Go into

Run over

Catch on

Turn up

Go on


Hit upon: as long as; with all due respect; in power; all sorts; in good condition;
to ask the way; on my behalf; to work out; up to.
We were lost in London so we.,Robert. A new way of producing electricity.
This government has been for four years. Lets hope everything will..for the
best. We met..of people on our journey. There are seats for...forty people in
the aeroplane. I think you are wrong. ..you feel well you can go for a walk. As I
am ill, will you please speak..at the meeting?. The house was expensive but it
was. When we bought it