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Design, Production and Repair

Grade/Subject Language Arts Math Science Social Studies Other Requirements Pathway Courses Other Electives Total
(credits) (4.0) (3.0) (3.0) (3.0) (PE, Fine Arts) Credits
9th English 9 or Adv. Geometry, Adv. Biology, Adv. Health 9 (.5) Introduction to Design, Production and 7.0
(7.0) English 9 (1.0) Geometry, Algebra, Biology or Science 9 Fine Arts or PE Repair (.5)
Introduction to (1.0) (.5)
Algebra or Adv.
Algebra II (1.0)
10th English 10 or Algebra II, Adv. Chemistry, Modern World Fine Arts or PE Auto/Welding for the Novice (.5) 6.0
(6.0) Adv. English 10 (.5) Algebra II, Physics or Other History or AP (1.0) Woodworking for the Novice (.5)
Appreciation of Geometry, or Other Science Elective European History Drafting I (.5) Drafting II (.5)
Literature or Epic Math Course (1.0) (1.0) (1.0)
Tradition (.5)
11th American Analysis, Pre- Physics, AP US History I & II Choose 1.0 Credit from above or from the Electives (1.0) 6.0
(6.0) Literature I or Adv. Calculus or Other Biology or Other or AP US History I & following:
American Literature Math Course (1.0) Science Elective II (1.0) Automotive Technology I & II (1.0)
(.5) (1.0) Welding I (.5) Welding II (.5)
English Elective Cabinetry I & II (1.0)
(.5) Construction I & II (1.0)
Architecture & Design I (.5)
Architecture & Design II (.5)
Design/Build I & II (1.0)
Industrial Technology I & II (1.0)
12th English Elective US Government Choose 2.0 Credits from above or from Electives (1.0) 5.0
(5.0) (1.0) and Social Studies the following:
Elective (1.0) Automotive Technology III & IV (1.0)
OR Construction III & IV (1.0)
AP Government HVAC III & IV (1.0)
& Politics (1.0) Industrial Technology III & IV (1.0)

There are thousands of challenging educational and career opportunities Related Careers
within the high-skilled world of Design, Production and Repair. The
Aircraft Mechanic Construction Laborer/ HVAC Technician Machinist
pathway includes concentration in Automotive, Manufacturing (Woods,
Architect/Draftsman Manager Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Manager
Metals and Service) and Architecture and Construction. Learners need a
Automotive Service Custodian Operator Pilot
solid background in math, science and technical skills. Industry plays a Technician Driver/Courier/ Industrial Engineer Plumber/Pipefitter
major role in training and career development by supporting Bricklayer/Stonemason Messenger Industrial Mechanic Planner
apprenticeships, craft training, joint industry/school programs and Electrician
Cabinetmaker Installer/Repairer Quality Controller
industry training leading to certification and college credit. Civil Engineer/Tech Electrical Engineer Machine Operator Welder