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Human and Public Services

Grade/Subject Language Arts Math Science Social Studies Other Requirements Pathway Courses Other Electives Total
(credits) (4.0) (3.0) (3.0) (3.0) (PE, Fine Arts) Credits
9th English 9 or Adv. Geometry, Adv. Biology, Adv. Health 9 (.5) Intro to Human and Public Service (.5) 7.0
(7.0) English 9 (1.0) Geometry, Algebra, Biology or Science 9 Fine Arts or PE
Introduction to (1.0) (.5)
Algebra or Adv.
Algebra II (1.0)
10th English 10 or Algebra II, Adv. Chemistry, Modern World Fine Arts or PE Human Growth and Development I (.5) 6.0
(6.0) Adv. English 10 (.5) Algebra II, Physics or Other History or AP (1.0) Human Growth and Development II (.5)
Appreciation of Geometry, or Other Science Elective European History
Literature or Epic Math Course (1.0) (1.0) (1.0)
Tradition (.5)
11th American Analysis, Pre- Physics, AP US History I & II Choose 1.0 Credit from above or from the Electives (1.0) 6.0
(6.0) Literature I or Adv. Calculus or Other Biology or Other or AP US History I & following:
American Literature Math Course (1.0) Science Elective II (1.0) Teaching as a Career (1.0)
(.5) (1.0) Law, Government and Public
English Elective Administration (1.0)
(.5) Forensic Science (1.0)
Emergency Medical Service (1.0)
12th English Elective US Government Choose 2.0 Credits from above or from the Electives (1.0) 5.0
(5.0) (1.0) and Social Studies following:
Elective (1.0) Teaching Internship (1.0)
OR US Government and Community Service in
AP Government Action (1.0)
& Politics (1.0) Entrepreneurship and Management (1.0)

Related Careers
This pathway offers four different avenues of concentration. Activist Early Childhood Educator Homemaker Personal Care Aide
Human Services include employment in supporting family and human Athletic Trainer Economist Interpreter Police Officer
needs. Careers in the Education and Training focus on planning, Bailiff Family and Consumer Judge Political Aide
managing and providing education and training services, and related Child and Youth Worker Scientist Lawyer Public Policy Analyst
learning support services. Government and Public Administration Counselor Federal Agent Legal Secretary Researcher
includes jobs in federal, state and local services, including careers in Law, Coach Firefighter Librarian Security Guard
Public Safety, Corrections and Security where employees are involved in Com munity Worker Fitness Instructor Lobbyist Social Worker
legal, public safety, protective services and homeland security. Learns Coroner Forensic Scientist Mediator Sports Psychologist
should have a good background in academic, technical and presentation/ Court Clerk Funeral Director Mail Carrier Teacher
facilitation skills. Criminologist Gerontologist Nanny Teachers Assistant
Detective Hairstylist Paramedic Trainer