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How to enroll for 2017-18 in 5 easy steps!

USD 497 students use an Internet-based planning tool to explore education options and develop a plan of study. This tool,
ccPathfinder, allows you to view and change your course plan by recording the courses you have taken, are taking, and plan
to take in the future. With help from your counselor, teacher, or parents, ccPathfinder helps you organize your course plan to
meet your post-secondary education and career goals.

1. Login www.careercruising.com/login/497
Login by entering your Username and Password. Directions are on the login page.

2. Click Choose My Courses

You will see you course history and can select courses for future years

3. Choose
Required courses are in yellow, Electives are in white.
Click on the plus + icon to add a course
Click on the course to name read the
description & pre-requisites
Once you have chosen the course, click on

4. Check You will have the option of selecting courses
by Discipline, Keyword or Career Cluster.
The blue symbol means there is
Click on Select. To search for an elective
important information to consider before
enrolling course.

The red symbol means there is a

Click on the blue book icon at the top
problem. Either drop the course or talk to
your counselor. right to see the full Course Guide.
You must choose a full schedule, including

5. Submit
alternates before submitting.
Dont forget to keep track of how many first
You can select/remove courses as many times semester and second semester classes you
as you like. You can even explore/plan on what have enrolled in. It should balance.
you will take in future years. Once you have
selected all your courses for 2015-16, click Lawrence Public Schools are committed to maintaining a learning environment free from discrimination, insult, intimidation, or harassment for any reason.

Discrimination, including acts of harassment, against any individual on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin or disability is prohibited by
federal and state law and district policy. Discrimination, including acts of harassment, against any individual on the basis of sexual orientation, gender
identity, socioeconomic status or physical characteristics is prohibited by district policy thereby making the district complaint procedure available to persons
who believe they have experienced such discrimination.

Persons desiring additional information about this policy or assistance to accommodate individual needs under Title VI, Title IX, Americans with Disability
Act, or Section 504 should contact David Cunningham, Compliance Coordinator, at 110 McDonald Drive, Lawrence, KS 66044, 785/832-5000.
Freshman Enrollment Planner
Required Courses Freshman students are required to enroll in the following courses:

Subject Area Course Options Length

English English 9 (yr) Adv. English 9 (yr) English 9 @ LVS (yr) 1 year (2 semesters)
Math Algebra I (yr) Geometry (yr) 1 year (2 semesters)
Algebra I @ LVS (yr) Geometry @ LVS (yr)
Advanced Geometry (yr) Advanced Algebra II (yr)
Science Biology (yr) Advanced Biology (yr) Biology @ LVS (yr) 1 year (2 semesters)
Health Health (sem) Health @ LVS (sem) 1 semester

Freshman students are required to enroll in 6 semesters of electives

(3 fall and 3 spring). One semester (.5 credits) must be Civics or one
of the Pathway Intro Courses.
Graduation Requirements &
Students are required to take 1.0 credits (2 semesters) of Fine Arts
Elective Courses and 1.0 credits (2 semesters) of Physical Education/Health during
high school. Health is one of those semesters taken during the
freshman year.
Subject Area Course Options
Concert Band (year) Freshman Orchestra (year) Freshman Choir
Fine Arts: Performing Arts/ (Prereq: 8th Grade Band) (Prereq: 8th Grade Orchestra)
Music Music Theory (sem) Music Theory/Jazz Improvisation (sem)
Fine Arts: Theartre/Oral Debate I (sem) Forensics I (sem) Intro to Theatre (sem)
Intro to Art (sem) (spring semester only) Ceramics/Sculpture Drawing I
Fine Arts: Visual Arts Jewelry/Art Metals I Photography I
Intro to Media (sem) 21st Century Journalism Graphic Design I A/V Fundamentals

Aerobic Fitness (sem) Physical Fitness and Weight Training (sem)

Physical Education Dance and Fitness (sem) Individual Fitness & Wellness (sem)

Swimming I (sem) Lifetime Fitness (sem)

Plant, Animal and Environmental Science Intro to Plant, Animal and Environmental Science (sem)
Arts and Media Intro to Visual Arts (sem) Intro to Media (sem)
Business, Finance, Marketing and Management Intro to Business, Finance, Marketing and Management (sem)
Design, Production and Repair Intro to Design, Production and Repair (sem)
Engineering and Technology Intro to Engineering and Technology (sem)
Health Science and Biotechnology Intro to Health Science and Biotechnology (sem)
Hospitality and Tourism Intro to Business, Finance, Marketing and Management (sem)
Human and Public Services Intro to Human and Public Services
Ancient World History (sem) East Asian Studies (sem) Native American History (sem)
Liberal Arts/Early College:
Social Studies African American History World Geography (sem) Civics (sem)

Liberal Arts/Early College: Spanish I (year) German I (year) French I (year)

World Language Spanish II (year) Latin I (year) Chinese I (year)
(Prereq: Spanish I)
Please take time to thoroughly read course descriptions when making selections. Staffing is based on course requests and it may not be possible to changes
classes in the fall. The complete course guide is accessible on your schools website or by contacting your building counselor.