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Talk English:


1) I used to develop websites;

2) I gotta move to a bigger house. Gotta I have got to; Ive got to;
3) I plan to adopt a child;
4) I was about to send you an email;
5) I didnt mean to embarrass you;
6) Ive decided to change my bad habits;
7) I promise not to wake you up;
8) I would (Id) rather stay late than come in early tomorrow;
9) I feel like having a snack;
10) I cant help loving you;
11) Im not used to talking in front of groups of people;
12) I want you to call once you get there;
13) I am looking forward to visiting another country;
14) I am dying to find out if I got the job;
15) Its my turn to attempt solving the problem;
16) I am having a hard time downloading songs to my MP3 player;
17) I think I should practice my reading;
18) Im thinking of increasing my work load;
19) Im working on making new friends;
20) Ive heard that you and your boss dont get along;
21) It occurred to me that we enjoy a lot of the same things;
22) Can I get sugar in my coffee? Can I get you another drink?
23) Do you mind if I open the window? / Would you mind if I opened the window?
24) I should have eaten breakfast this morning;
25) I wish I could sail around the world;
26) You should request a raise at work;
27) Youre supposed to return the movies you rent on time;
28) Youd better listen to your parents / You had better not come home late;
29) Are you into scary movies?
30) You cant please everyone all the time;
31) How often do you stretch before working out?
32) Do you want me to remind you? / I want you to make a decision;
33) What do you think about retiring from your job?
34) Why dont we test this before using it?
35) Its too bad that she got hurt;
36) You could have thought of something to do;
37) If I were you, I would book my reservations now;
38) Thats why people admire you;
39) It looks like he is waving to us;
40) Its time to change the clocks;
41) The point is that we need to work together;
42) How about comparing prices before we buy it?
43) What if it rains while we are camping?
44) How come you always question me?
45) What are the chances of it raining today? / What are our chances of working together?
46) Lets not meddle in other peoples business;
47) Lets say that the movie was really good!
48) Theres no need to rush off;
49) It takes 45 minutes for me to get ready!
50) Please make sure that she is getting along with her new friends;
51) Heres to the luckiest guy in the world!
52) Its no use whining about it;
53) Theres no way he missed it;
54) Its very kind of you to inform us what happened;
55) Theres nothing I cant ask for;
56) Rumor has it that that player will get traded.


1) I have nothing to do. Im bored to death.

2) Mom told me to tell you that you shouldnt stay out too late. Youve got to be kidding me. Im 30 years old;
3) Im sick and tired of listening to him nag all the time;
4) Lets call it a day. Im too tired to continue working. I think we should pick it up from the morning. Pick it up:
5) Will you please stop bothering me? Its getting on my nerves;
6) My husband is a couch potato. He sits in front of the TV all day long;
7) I was going to suggest that. You must have read my mind;
8) What a gloomy day. It makes me feel blue;
9) I got into a small accident. It was just a fender-bender;
10) Its not a great position, but at least my foot is in the door;
11) Theres nothing to be scared of. Dont be a chicken;
12) If you dont finish your project, the manager is going to give you a hard time;
13) If you dont make up your mind, I will choose for you;
14) You dont have to pay for me. Lets go Dutch today. IT MEANS TO PAY HALF OF IT;
15) Hes not a quitter, so hes not going to throw in the towel;
16) I get goose bumps anytime Im scared;
17) Lets stay in touch. Ill email you whenever I can;
18) He doesnt have the guts to ask her on a date;
19) I dont care about the weather. Im going golfing rain or shine;
20) I had a tough day today, Im beat/Im totally beat;
21) Its a lot tougher than that. Its one of those things that are easier said than done;
22) Its about time. I waited two hours for you;
23) Dont jump to conclusions so fast. You didnt know what happened;
24) Dont worry about your luggage, Ill keep an eye on it;
25) Hes pretty funny because he will crack a funny joke out of the blue;
26) Hes a mechanic. He knows the car engine inside out;
27) Can you give me a hand setting up the dining table?
28) My mother calls me every now and then to see if Im doing well;
29) Dont nuke an egg. It will explode in the microwave;
30) He is supposed to show up at four on the dot. If he is late even a minute, Im taking off;
31) Their team is not favored to win, but I hope they do! Im keeping my fingers crossed;
32) The concert was out of this world. It was an awesome experience;
33) I dont know the answer to that problem. The subject is over my head;
34) Having to deal with traffic every day is a pain in the ass;
35) Learning to type is a piece of cake;
36) Shell realize that shes doing something wrong sooner or later;
37) Im just kidding. I was just pulling your leg;
38) If you put yourself in my place, you would understand why I did that;
39) Im so hungry that I can eat a horse;
40) Marta can read between the lines very well. She picks up on everything;
41) Oh, that rings a bell. Where did I see that from?
42) I need to concentrate on this, so stop bugging me;
43) Im going to need to sleep on it. I dont want to rush my answer right now;
44) Should we plan something for this Saturday or should we play it by ear?
45) Joanne did great on her presentation. Speak of the devil Hi, Joanne!
46) If you didnt have lunch yet, lets grab a bite to eat;
47) Take it easy, man. Youre putting too much pressure on yourself;
48) If you dont know where the shuttle is, just go with the flow. Everyone is going in that direction;
49) 7-11 is a great store because they are open twenty-four seven;
50) Im going to stay home because Im felling under the weather today;
51) You cant do anything about it, so dont sweat it;
52) Im just glad that were almost done. You can say that again. IT MEANS I totally agree;
53) I cant afford to buy that television. Im totally broke;
54) Beats me why he was so mean to you;
55) He said he was sorry but I dont buy it;
56) I know you are nervous, but you have to keep your cool;
57) Dinner was sort of expensive;
58) I heard you got accepted to college, good for you;
59) If we go to the store with mom, I call shotgun. I will seat in the front passenger seat;
60) Who cares if they win or lose?
61) He thinks he is such a big deal;
62) I didnt know you knew my uncle. What a small world!
63) I dont know why she is upset. Whats going on?
64) I cold drink sounds great! Now youre talking! (I totally agree);
65) Youre moving in together? Over my dead body!
66) Your order is coming right up;
67) Good thinking to call ahead and reserve tickets:
68) Shoot! I forgot my grocery list at home! / Shoot! He asked Jenny to the prom instead of me;
69) Nothing matters more than being happy;
70) Oh, come one, you have to be kidding me;
71) Never mind what I said before, I was wrong. /Never mind cooking dinner for me. Ill be home too late;
Be careful!! In a lot of contexts this word may sounds very rude!
72) We will stay longer if you insist;
73) No need to thank me. Its nothing;
74) Your mom said you stopped taking piano lessons! What gives?
75) I dont with whats happening? This is just my two cents;
76) Hang in there! Im sure things will work out in the end;
77) I dont have any money, so can I get an I owe you?
78) Take a hike, Im not interested in aggressive comments;
79) I didnt finish my report on time. Im hosed;
80) He said he did not like your ideas? That figures. /THATS NO SURPRISE;
81) I can finish it for you, no sweat!
82) I was trying to surprise her for her birthday, but I blew it;
83) There was a maddening delay at the train station;
84) I messed up. I lost my wallet at the airport;

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