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Section A: Name The name of this club shall be TESO, Teacher Education
Student Organization.

Section B: National Affiliation At this time, the club has no national affiliation but
may consider it in the future.

Section C: Purpose The purpose of this club shall be:

1. To promote the teaching profession and increase education as a major at PJC

2. To meet local educators to discuss issues in education.

3. To promote literacy and mathematics in local schools through community service.

4. To raise awareness of transfer opportunities at four year universities after

completing the associates degree.


Section A: Eligibility
1. Membership in the organization shall be open to those currently enrolled Paris Junior
College students who are interested in education as a major and has at least a 2.0

2. This organization will not have associated members who are nonstudents or who do
not meet the above criteria but will have all membership privileges except for the right to
vote or hold office in the organization.

3. Eligibility for membership or appointed or elected student officer positions in the

campus recognized chapter or group may not be limited on the basis of race, sex, color,
age, religion, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, physical or mental
handicap, ancestry or medical condition, except as explicitly exempted in federal law.

Membership shall be open to the students listed above upon payment of the dues as
outlined in Section B.

Section B: Dues Dues shall be $5 per semester.


Section A: Officers
1. The officers of this organization shall be: President: Vice-President: Secretary:

2. To be eligible for office, candidates must be currently enrolled students at Paris

Junior College.

3. Nominations for office shall occur during the Fall semester

4. Elections shall occur during the month of September.

5. The term of office shall be for one year and shall begin in the Fall semester and end
at the end of the Spring semester.

6. Vacancies shall be filled by the executive committee and serve until the end of the
current term.

7. Officers may be removed from office by unanimous vote of the club for violating the
Paris Junior College code of conduct and for missing excessive meetings.

8. The duties of the officers shall be listed in Article IV.


Section A: President it shall be the duty of the President to:

Preside at meetings
Vote only in case of a tie
Represent the club
Appoint committee chairpersons subject to the approval of the Executive
Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating
Perform such other duties as ordinarily pertain to this office

Section B: Vice-President It shall be the duty of the Vice-President to:

Preside in the absence of the President

Serve as chairperson of the Program Committee

Section C: Secretary It shall be the duty of the Secretary to:

Record the minutes of all meetings

Keep a file of the clubs records
Maintain a current roster of membership
Issue notices of meetings and conduct the general correspondence of the club
Section D: Treasurer It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to:

Receive all funds and process Request for Payment, Deposit Slip, and Officer
Signature Forms as outlined by Paris Junior College student organization
Keep an itemized account of all receipts and expenditures and make reports as


Section A: Meetings Regular meetings shall be held Thursdays at 12:30pm during

the regular school year.

Section B: Special Meeting Special meetings may be called by the President with
the approval of the Executive Committee.


Section A: Funding
1. The organization shall be funded through the following means: one fundraiser per

2. All money transactions must be approved by the faculty advisors and treasurer.


Section A: Responsibility Management of this club shall be vested in an

Executive Committee responsible to the entire membership to uphold these bylaws.

Section B: Membership This committee shall consist of the officers as listed in

Article III and the faculty advisor(s).

Section C: Meetings This committee shall meet at least once between regular
meetings of the club to organize and plan future activities.


Section A: Selection there shall be a faculty/staff advisor who is a full time

employee of Paris Junior College.

Section B: Duties The responsibilities of the faculty advisor(s) shall be to:

Maintain an awareness of the activities and programs sponsored by the student

Meet on a regular basis with the leader of the student club to discuss upcoming
meetings, long range plans, goals, and problems of the club.

Attend regular meetings, executive board meetings as often as schedule


Assist in the orientation of new officers.

Explain and clarify campus policy and procedures that apply to the club.

Maintain contact with the Student Life Office.

Provide direction in the area of parliamentary procedure, meeting facilitation,

group-building, goal setting, and program planning.

Assist the club treasurer in monitoring expenditures, fundraising activities, and

corporate sponsorship to maintain an accurate and up-to-date account ledger.

Inform club members of those factors that constitute unacceptable behavior on

the part of the club members, and the possible consequence of said


Section A: Selection these bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority

vote of the chapter membership.

Section B: Notice All members shall receive advance notice of the proposed
amendment at least five days before the meeting.