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Student Name: Candice Crooks Date: 01/02/17 Age Group: 2 -6 years
old Preschool

Purpose: Purpose:
Reason for The reason for developing this learning experience
developing learning is due to an observation I made, but also it was
experience. This mainly based on a discussion I had with my
could be in response supervisor. It was clear that the activity that I
to an observation, planned to do should be in the best of the children,
discussion with the and following the different developmental domains.
site supervisor, From here I decided to do an activity based on
Ontario Curriculum sound.
Objective, etc.
- Document what you - It was free play and the children decided to
saw and heard play with musical instruments
- Document non- - Some chose music sticks and music shakers
verbal - The children playing with the sticks would hit
communication the sticks together
(i.e., body - The children playing with the shakers would
language, facial
shake them
expressions and
- Then the children wanted to sing a song while
voice tone)
- Document in detail: playing with their musical instruments
who, what, where, - One child said the Itsy Bitsy Spider, so they
and when sang along with me.
- Documentation - Another child said the ABCs, so they sang
should be written along with me again.
in past tense, - After this the children dispersed into different
objective, and in activities until it was time for snack.
anecdotal format
Document the My supervisor and I discussed activities, I
discussion between mentioned a sensory activity that pertained to
sound. We discussed which developmental domain
the activity would enhance, and then agreed to do
you and your site
this sensory activity.
supervisor that led to
the planning
Describe the
curriculum objective
youre aiming to
through this

Learning I am planning to conduct an activity called the Soft

Experience or Loud game. It would be a small group
What are you experience where they will decide which objects
planning in response makes noise (Loud), and which objects dont (soft)
to your purpose? Objectives:
- Label your 1. The children will enhance their phonological
experience (e.g. awareness 3.10, by being able to identify the
Painting with cars). sounds they would hear, as being Loud or
- What are your 3
silent by participating in the activity.
objectives for this
2. By interpreting sounds that the children hear,
experience? (i.e.
What interests are they would be improving their observing skills
you extending? through 4.5. They would be using their senses
What strengths specifically hearing to help them observe the
and opportunities details of the sounds.
for growth are you 3. The children would improve on regulating
enhancing/supporti attention through 2.5, by focusing their
ng?) attention on the activity, and being engaged
Please Note: You
when participating.
should refer to
The activity will enhance sensory skills, in
particular, their hearing, and allow them to be
pedagogy to
attuned to their environment.
support your
discussion around
strengths and
opportunities for
growth (e.g.
ELECT, How Does
Learning Happen, The Experience:
Ontario FDK - The children will be involved in the experience
Curriculum, etc). - The experience will take place indoors at the
sensory table
Describe the - The materials used are:
-2 pieces of paper that says Soft/Loud
- Who will be involved -sensory bottles
in the experience? -sensory bags
- Where will the
experience take
- Children can add materials as they like to the
place? (e.g.
Indoors or activity
outdoors? In the Implementation:
dramatic centre, 1. I will set up the activity at the table
the creative table, 2. I will call the children over to explore the
etc). materials
- List the materials 3. I will initiate the activity by explaining to the
and resources you children what they have to do with the objects
will use
Teaching Strategies
- Describe the
implementation of - Sensory Engagement: I will use this strategy
the experience, by allowing the children to find common
with a step by step objects and using them to see if they make
description sounds through hearing.
- List and describe 2 - Paraphrase Reflections: I will use this strategy
teaching by restating in my own words what the
strategies. How children said to clarify with them.
will you use them?
I chose these teaching strategies because it allows
Why have you
chosen these the children to gain better knowledge of sounds and
strategies? the different types of sounds found in the