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Anna hazare-the voice

of the era

Brave bold men, these are

what we want. What we want is
vigor in the blood, strength in
the nerves, iron muscles and
nerves of steel. An army man
with a heavy heart and a death
note in his hands went through
these poignant words of Swami
Vivekananda. Read and re-read
them again and again and
finally comes to the conclusion
that the whole mankind is
bound to the law of dharma
and one can never escape from
the ropes of dharma. I piece of
work by Swami Vivekananda
was on the call to the youth
for nation building. He laid that
piece of work beside him day
on and day after. Slowly laid
then within and turned it as
the strong foundation of his
existence. He uttered aloud to
himself now on each moment
of my life shall be dedicated
fully unto the service of my
nation and my people. Here
was the birth of the nations
most awaited figure, Gandhi of
the century, Kisan Baburao
Hazare, known within the
peoples inspired hearts as
Anna Hazare.
The first struggle of
Hazare, in order to rescue his
people began from his very
own village Ralegan Siddhi. A
small village in Ahemedabad of
Maharashtra. This small village
suffered from intense drought,
caste based discriminations,
illiteracy and numerous other
social issues. This village was
indeed a totally
underdeveloped land drenching
in poverty and ignorance. This
was then condition of the
village until it encountered the
uprising of their hero Anna
Hazare. Hazare uplifted his
people from the tangles of the
evil called corruption. He
contributed to the
development and structure of
Ralegan siddhi, devised new
irrigation systems and brought
back the wetness to the dried
and barren land. The lands
were richly cultivated and was
made fertile. The people in fact
experienced a rebirth and laid
their gratitude unto the feet of
Hazare. He organized the youth
of his village to raise their
voice against the consumption
of liquor, the carcinogen that
was eating up families and
there by the whole nation. It is
said that the drunk yards were
tied to poles or pillars of the
temple and was flogged for
what they did. Hence Hazare
and his comrades successfully
closed 30 liquor brewing units.
Hazare was awarded the
Padma Bhushan for his service
and sacrifice to his village. He
even bought the light of
knowledge to each single
house of his village. Hence
Hazare turned out to be the
charioteer of their village.
Anna Hazares voice was heard
a loud by the world when he
actively participated in the
2011 Indian anti corruption
It is indeed self
evident from our own
experience that the law makers
are the major law deifiers.
Governmental organization and
institutions have turned out to
be the emporium of corruption.
When government officers
wear the tags of bribery and
politicians busily paints their
money white, can we ever rate
India as a corrupt free nation?
Can we ever claim to live in
free, independent, liberal and a
fraternal nation? The freedom
struggle begins. The
Struggle where the whole
world unites. The struggle in
which there are no groups
other than corrupts and anti
corrupts. And to lead us, there
is non but ourselves. The
Lokpal bill was indeed brought
into sight by Hazare to be the
death knell to all the
corruptions that existed in the
We possess a strong
foundation that profoundly
believes in the philosophy of
dharma or our divine duties.
The word itself means dhr
meaning to uphold or to
sustain. This is the promise we
sisters and brothers of Hazare
can make. that we shall fight
like lions against corruption
with power, zeal and vigor.
There is no compromise for
truth and a substitute for
justice. We must indeed strive
hard, support great men like
Anna Hazare and rise in
support to bills like Lokpal that
can bring loka shanti,
strengthen our democracy
moulded by great men like
Bapuji. When Hazares fast
goes on and struggle for
freedom from corruption. There
is one faith or belief that keeps
that divine man going Dharmo
rakshathi rakshitah. Dharma
protects us when protected by
us or as brave Gandhari
proclaims in Mahabharatha
yatho dharmastato jayah.
Where there is dharma there
victory also is.
Let truth find its victory and
peace find utterance.
Jai Hind!