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You are going to write a short memoir to reflect your understanding of the memoir genre and demonstrate
your growth as a writer this semester.

A memoir is a book of memories. A memoir is a work of literary non-fiction. A memoir is about your real life
experiences, but it sounds and reads like literature. You are the main character of this short story. Memoirs
are subjective (influenced by your feelings). You get to play a little fast and loose with the truth. You have to
choose a theme or purpose, which helps you decide which memories to include. You are trying to get the
reader to relive the memory. There are three important aspects of any memoir: setting, action, and
relationships. The dialogue will be informal. Your reader should learn something about life through your
memoir. Your ending should help achieve your purpose or tie to your theme.

Write at least 1000 words (aim for less than 2000)
Meet characteristics of Memoir Genre (First person, theme/purpose, life lesson, non-fiction)
Revise in order to prevent grammar errors that distract from the piece
Demonstrate your best quality writing
Use at 5 vocabulary words from The Stranger
Use at least one literary device (simile, metaphor, hyperbole, etc.) BOLD & UNDERLINED
Use at least one dash, one colon, and one set of parentheses BOLD & UNDERLINED
Conference with a peer (Complete and turn in conference sheet)
Submit final product to The Branch

Memoirs Objectives due Wednesday, November 30 by the end of class.

First Draft due Thursday, December 8 by the end of class.

Peer Conference Sheet due Monday, December 12 by the end of class.

Final Draft due Tuesday, December 13 at the beginning of class.

Submit to The Branch by Wednesday, December 14 at the end of the day.


+ -

Memoir The project masters the The project meets the The project does not
Genre characteristics of a characteristics of a meet the
memoir. memoir. characteristics of a
There is a clear theme or There is a clear theme or memoir. T
purpose that informs purpose. here is no clear
which memories the The reader learns theme or purpose.
author included. something about life. The reader may not
The reader learns learn something
something about life in a about life in general
clever manner. but just about the
authors life.

Meets 1000 words 1000 words 1000 words

Requirement 5 vocab words 5 vocab words 5 vocab words
s 1 literary device (B&U) 1 literary device (B&U) No literary device
1 dash (B&U) 1 dash (B&U) No dash
1 colon (B&U) 1 colon (B&U) No colon
1 set of parentheses 1 set of parentheses (B&U) No parentheses
(B&U) 1 peer conference No peer conference
1 peer conference Submitted to The Branch Did not submit to
Submitted to The Branch The Branch

Quality of Details in the memoir Details in the memoir Few details are
Writing provide background and provide background or included.
insight on the subjects insight, but there are The memoir may not
life. places where more vivid seem genuine.
The memoir is genuine details would improve the The piece includes
and vivid. piece. poor words,
The piece includes The piece includes good sentences, and
powerful words, words, sentences, and images.
sentences, and images. images. The elements do not
The elements of the The elements of the achieve the purpose
memoir are strong and memoir achieve the of demonstrate the
memorable. purpose or demonstrate theme.
the theme but could be The piece may not
more memorable. be memorable for
the reader.

Grammar No grammar errors. Minimal grammar errors. A plethora of grammar

and Errors do not distract from errors. Errors distract
Mechanics effectiveness of the memoir. from the effectiveness
of the memoir.