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February 10-16, 2017

VIP treatment for witnesses vs Leila bared

Gina Lopez says corrupt By: Tarra Quismundo - Inquir-
ernet | MANILA, 2/9/2017 -- A
DENR ofcial asked miner for condential Bureau of Correc-
tions (BuCor) document has
P30-M bribe shown that Justice Secretary
Vitaliano Aguirre II ordered the
GMAN News | MANILA, that the mine is working well no grant of special privileges to
2/9/2017 -- Department of Envi- because we werent able to see it high-prole convicts held at the
ronment and Natural Resources in the yover. And then the miner military custodial center in Camp
(DENR) Secretary Gina Lopez came back to me the next day, Aguinaldo as a reward for testify-
on Thursday said that a miner and then, he said, he was asked ing to the alleged drug links of
was once asked for a P30 million for a bribe of 30 million," she Sen. Leila de Lima.
bribe by an ofcial of the agency. said. The Dec. 9, 2016, report of
In her press brieng in Malaca- "I said, 'Shhh Who is that Alvin Herrera Lim, chief of the
ang, Lopez did not disclose the guy?' And that thats ano and BuCor legal ofce, to BuCor
identity of the ofcial who alleg- I have DENR ofcials that have Director General Benjamin de los
edly asked a miner for a bribe. titled land to themselves no, its
"Like, for example, I asked one
of my staff to go there and please
disgusting no," she added.
Lopez made the revelation
Destiny Santos referred to a conference
among lawyers for the Armed

Forces of the Philippines, Philip-
check up on this mine, because after she was asked if the DENR pine National Police and the
I want to make sure that the... ( Continued on page 6 )
BuCor last Dec. 2.
Lim said in his report that the
Russia, China sign deal by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr
military sought to enforce rules
under the custodial arrangement
to bypass US dollar Publisher & Editor in Chief
Asian Journal San Diego
for the convicts after an investi-
gation showed that the convicts,
Analysis: The agreement is a The so-called Agreement on The rst and original Asian Journal in America including those who testied
symbolic blow to US global - Cooperation signed in the From the book, Destiny against De Lima in a House drug
nancial hegemony and a signal of presence of Chinese President Xi Chapter 3 inquiry last year, had been al-
Russian-Chinese rapprochement Jinping and Russian President San Diego, California lowed special privileges.
Vladimir Putin, who is on a visit February 10, 2017 Eight high-prole convicts
Al Jazeera | 2/7/2017 -- In a to Shanghai was followed originally held at New Bilibid
symbolic blow to U.S. global by the long-awaited announce- Rodney was looking at the pretty girl dancing with another girl on the dance oor. As was his Prison were transferred to the
nancial hegemony, Russia and ment on Wednesday of a massive practice, he would go to nightclubs searching for girls. Contrary to what he told Maura the rst time military custodial center last
China took a small step toward natural gas deal 10 years in the they met, he was not a scion of a rich family in Mindanao. In fact, he was poor who grew up in the September, just before they faced
undercutting the domination of making. slum areas of Tondo. He was not even a student. He would carry notebooks and pretend to attend the House justice committee that
the U.S. dollar as the internation- Our countries have done a school to meet and woo rich girls and eece them with their money. That was what he did to Maura, investigated the illegal drug trade
al reserve currency on Tuesday huge job to reach a new historic although he left her when she got pregnant. inside Bilibid.
when Russias second biggest landmark, Putin said on Tues- The nightclub was dark; smoke from cigarettes lled the air. The music from the live band was Among the inmates was robbery
nancial institution, VTB, signed day, making note of the $100 loud, but he could clearly hear what his friend Arthur, another regular in the club said. They bump convict Herbert Colanggo, who
a deal with the Bank of China to billion in annual trade that has was earlier busted for maintain-
bypass the dollar and pay each been achieved between the two ( Continued on page 6 ) ing a luxury villa inside the
other in domestic currencies. ( Continued on page 7 )
national penitentiary.
The document said the mili-

Filipino lands top P&G The second youngest billionaire in the tary investigation found that the
convicts detained at the custodial
global post world is a Filipino-American center continue to enjoy lavish
lifestyles, e.g. use of electronic
If a door is open to you, you go do that, then opportunities will By Ryan General, Next Shark.com at #444, a huge jump from last gadgets, smart television sets,
through itcondently. February 6, 2017 years #1011.
always open up, she says. air-conditioning units, internet,
Such encouraging words, In fact, Francisco is the rst Currently estimated to be worth cellular phones.
At 28 years old, a Filipino-
uttered by Fama Francisco, woman and the rst Asian to hold $4 billion, Murphy, along with When pressed for comment,
American is currently the second
perfectly describe her approach that title, after working for the his partner Spiegel, is expected elements of both the PNP and
youngest billionaire in the world,
toward her careerwhich is company for 27 years, or since to earn billions more with Snap BuCor [said they were] just fol-
according to Forbes. Bobby
most likely why she was able she graduated from the Univer- Inc.s upcoming IPO as the co- lowing the expressed instruction
Murphy, Snap Inc.s low-prole
to land the prestigious position sity of the Philippines where she founders own the majority of of [Justice Secretary] Vitaliano
CTO, is second only to his
she now holds: global president took up Business Administration shares in the company. Although Aguirre II to allow the entry of
26-year-old Snapchat co-founder
of Procter & Gambles feminine with a specialization in Market- there is no word yet on the value the above-enumerated gadgets
Evan Spiegel.
care business. ing. of the IPO, Snap Inc.s current in return for the testimony they
Murphy is also #11 in Forbes
My belief is if a job is worth Its a post she never even dreamt private market valuation is gave during the congressional
Americas Richest Entrepreneurs
doing, you have to do that job of holding, she says, especially around $20 billion. inquiry [into] the proliferation of
Under 40. Among the worlds Murphys mother, who grew up in the
better than anyone whos done since she initially failed her rst drugs inside New Bilibid Prison,
Bobby Murphy richest, Forbes real-time ranking Philippines, emigrated to the U.S. in the
it before. And I think if you can ( Continued on page 6 ) ( Continued on page 12 )
(as of press time) places Murphy ( Continued on page 8 )
Page 2 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com February 10-16, 2017

Are you ready for Valentines? Treat yourself to a great

makeover at Serene Hair and Nail Salon in Otay Ranch How do you say
Lorie Nguyens loyal customers
may be letting their hair grow a
little longer than usual as they
I Love You Life and Other Matters
wonder where on earth their ex-
cellent hair stylist has gone to.
Well look no more.
to your family?
She and her friend Kimberly,
who does facials, manis and Sadly, in some parent-children hen the family of until nally she turns to him and says,
relationship, pride has prevented ..... Look at this man...look at you...I am
pedis, are still in town. The two my brother in the your wife, (start of song) for twenty-ve
now work at Serene Hair and the parents from reassuring their Philippines visited years Ive cooked your meals, washed
Nail Salon which is just around kids of their love in their effort New York and watched the your clothes, milked the cow, given you
the corner in the next shopping to discipline their loved ones. children. My bed is yours, my time is
Sometimes saying, I love you Broadway musical Fiddler yours, everything I have is yours too, for
center down the street anchored on the Roof, an uncle of twenty-ve years Ive fought with you,
by Vons at the corner of Birch to the kids makes some parents starved with you, and after all that, you
feel their children might become mine commented: want to know whether I love you? Oh,
Street and Otay Lakes Parkway.
The salon is located at 1745 swellheaded and ignore the les- I have seen Fiddler on the Roof
well, I guess I do... (excerpt from the
sons of the imposed disciplinary song Do You Love Me)?
Eastlake Parkway, Chula Vista several times on stage and on screen. I Then my uncle asked, What is the
CA 91950. To make an appoint- actions whenever their kids go still remember one of the scenes where message of this scene?
astray. the main character Tevye keeps nagging He answered: Most of us do not go
ment call 619.941.1690. at his wife Golda, asking her whether
Then make sure to give Lorie around telling our relatives and friends
By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. she loves him or not. He keeps want- we love them. But we do often show this
and Kim your cell so the two can gig. Lorie and Kimberly (Photo taken by San Diego, California ing her to say she does, .but she is in
keep you posted on their next Gen Silverio) May 8, 2004 no romantic mood and brushes him off, ( Continued on page 12 )
Stay in touch, ladies!

Seaside Buffet
13th of the Month Fatima Devotion
Divine Mercy Shrine Encinitas
8998 Miramar Road, San Diego, CA 92126 pray
Tel. 858-566-1888 or 858-566-6188
CITIZENS(65(65 +)+)
Catering, Party Trays, Carry-Out, Gift Certificates, Bar and
Catering, Party Trays, Carry-Out, Gift Certificates, Bar and
Available Divine Mercy Shrine in Encinitas, CA.
Are you part of the story?

BBQ Beef
Teppanyaki Chicken
Soup Pork
Seafood Soft
Sushi Cream & Yogurt
Cream & Yogurt

Divine Mercy Shrine grounds Thank you to all our volunteers!

Fountain APRIL
2015 MAY 13, 2014
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy
Beer& &Wine
what you will see: the 20-footSolemnity
cross of Christ mercy
divine the Kingprayer
2014 warriors juliet
on the hill top. (the stations of the brandell and ronald sarte are
cross and the grotto of our lady of among the many volunteers who
the rosary are also on the site but come to pray at the site every month.
not visible from the street.)
Join us on the 13th of each Month at front of the San Dieguito Unified
2:00 pm to pray the Rosary, the Chaplet District (between Westlake St and
of Divine Mercy and the Way of the Delphinium St).
Crossat the Divine Mercy Shrine Remember:
grounds (vacant land with 20-ft Cross 1. Park on street and walk up to the
across from San Dieguito Unified site.
Dinner Buffet Items: School District) in Encinitas CA. 2. No restroom facilities on site.
Hot and Cold Crab Legs, When: 13th of the Month 3. Dress for the outdoors (jackets,
Raw and Cooked Oysters, Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm hats, comfortable walking shoes for
Sea Snails, Sea Cucumber, Crab, Where: 701 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas uphill trek)
Ca 92024 (not an actual address; for We hope you can join us every month.
Frog Legs, Clams, Crawfish, driving directions only) or Google Thank you and God bless! - DMHFSC*
Sashimi, Shrimp, Beijing Duck, Roast Beef divine mercy shrine encinitas JESUS, I trust in you!
Ribs, Fish Maw Soup, Shark Fin Soup,
and much more. Take I-5. Exit Encinitas Blvd. Go east Zarina (619) 890-2789
about 1.4 miles. Site is on vacant land Rowena (619) 962-8185
$1.00 OFF LUNCH BUFFET $2.00 OFF DINNER BUFFET with cross on hill along Encinitas Blvd in Gen (619) 851-9547
Dine In Buffet Only Dine In Buffet Only * The DIVINE MERCY HILLS FOUNDATION OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (DMHFSC) is dedicated to the design,
Valid up to 5 adults. Cannot be combined with any other Valid up to 5 adults. Cannot be combined with any other development and maintenance of a DIVINE MERCY SHRINE for the purpose of spreading to an aching world the Divine
offers or discounts. Limited to 1 coupon per table/visit/time. offers or discounts. Limited to 1 coupon per table/visit/time.
May not be used for split checks or tables. Mercy message and devotion. This shrine will draw people of all nations, cultures and beliefs to a vessel with which they are to
May not be used for split checks or tables.
Must present ORIGINAL PRINTED coupon. Excludes Holidays Must present ORIGINAL PRINTED coupon. Excludes Holidays
keep coming in prayer for graces to the fountain of mercy the image of Divine Mercy. The Foundation is a 501(c)3
Sales Tax Not Included. Sales Tax Not Included. non-profit organization. Visit the Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California website at
Seaside Buffet Coupon Expires 2/28/2017 Seaside Buffet Coupon Expires 2/28/2017 www.divinemercyhills.org or email divinemercyhillsofsc@gmail.com for more information or if you would
like to donate time, talent or treasure to this project.
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Purchase must be $25 or $50 or more, exclusive of tax and delivery fees.


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Page 4 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com February 10-16, 2017

Health & Wellness

5 Pinoy healthcare technologies that are Emergency Scientists invent a device that
world-class Preparedness can detect 17 diseases from your
The GNP Team
for Seniors breath, including cancers
Filipinos are not just good in by BIG Think diagnose in almost 9 out 10 cases.
singing, dancing, acting, boxing, Preparedness Workshop
and representing the country in for Seniors Scientists have created a device Its the rst time a device was created
several international sports and straight out of Star Trek that can that can distinguish between different
Basic emergency preparations diseases in a breath sample. Articial
contests. Aside from being talent- detect 17 diseases, including 8
are important at any age. Older intelligence plays a large role in that.
ed, creative, and strong, Filipinos different types of cancer, just Professor Haick, a nanotechnology
adults and seniors may need to
are also known for being smart from your breath. The tricorder- expert, explained its workings this way
update their preparations as their to Smithsonian.com:
and innovative people. like Na-nose can spot chemical
needs change.
signatures of the diseases and We can teach the system that a
As the national coordinating the need to undergo one year fellowship based health policies and programs. What would you or any older adults in its hoped it will revolutionize breathprint could be associated with a
body for health research, the program. your household need in an emergency?
Biotek-M treatment of many dangerous particular disease, said Haick. It works
Department of Science and Tech- RxBox
Evaluate those needs, include them in
illnesses by spreading conve- in the same way we'd use dogs in order
nology- Philippine Council for your emergency plan and add any neces- to detect specic compounds. We bring
Biotek-M, a conrmatory test for sary items to your emergency supply nient early-detection technol-
Health Research and Develop- RxBox is a device which captures dengue diagnosis, is as accurate as the something to the nose of a dog, and the
medical signals through built-in sensors, currently available Polymerase Chain
kit. Ready.gov recommends that older ogy. The international team of dog will transfer that chemical mixture
ment (DOST-PCHRD) has con- Americans also consider the following researchers from 5 countries, led to an electrical signature and provide
stores data in an electronic medical Reaction (PCR) technology yet less
tinued supporting local programs record (EMR), and transmits health costly as it is locally developed.
by Professor Hassam Haick of it to the brain, and then memorize it in
on health and health research that Create a network of neighbors, rela- specic regions of the brain This is
information via internet. tives, friends and co-workers to aid you the Technion-Israel Institute of
provide and strengthen healthcare Developed by the UP Manila National exactly what we do. We let it smell a
Jointly developed by the University Institutes of Health Institute of Molecu-
in an emergency. Discuss your needs Technology, is next developing given disease but instead of a nose we
delivery and the healthcare indus- and make sure everyone knows how Sniffphone for disease detection use chemical sensors, and instead of the
try of the country. of the Philippines (UP) Diliman and lar Biology and Biotechnology, the kit to operate necessary equipment. If ap-
Manila, the device reduces unnecessary saves resources for both hospital and right through your smartphone. brain we use the algorithms. Then in the
propriate, discuss your needs with your future, it can recognize the disease as a
travels and hospitalizations as it enables patients as it allows less admission for employer.
DOST-PCHRD has released a shortlist The Na-nose device features a sensor dog might recognize a scent.
diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of dengue-suspected cases. Keep specialized items ready, includ-
of ve local technologies and innova- nano-array of carbon nanotubes and tiny
patients from geographically isolated ing extra wheelchair batteries, oxygen,
tions on health that will make you proud gold particles controlled by AI software. Haick said their AI nose can be used
and depressed areas of the country. OL Trap catheters, medication, food for service
to be a Filipino. This program can analyze human breath in other industries as well, like security
animals and any other items you might samples for special chemical signatures or quality control.
eHATID OL Trap is a simple but effective vector need.
Axis Knee System that correspond to various diseases. This
control method to lower the population Keep written copies of your prescrip-
Developed by Ateneo De Manila works because people exhale over a 100 If youre looking for historical perspec-
tions, over-the-counter medications and unique chemicals called volatile organic tive, even ancient doctors as far back as
University, the eHealth TABLET for orders for medical equipment, including
Informed Decision Making of LGUs compounds (VOCs) and the team proved the famous Greek physician Hippocrates
dosage, treatment and allergy informa- that each disease has a very specic (460-370 BC) were used to smelling
tion in your emergency kit. chemical signature within a persons the breaths of their patients to gure out
Make a list of the type and model num- VOC. The scientists used mass spec- their illnesses.
bers of the medical devices you require. trometry to gure out a 13-component
Talk with your service provider about "breathprint" for each of the 17 diseases The scientists have continued testing
their emergency plans if you undergo in the study. the device on thousands more patients
routine treatments administered by since the trial and hope to bring it to
a clinic or hospital or if you receive "We found that just as we each have a market soon. They think making this
regular services such as home health unique ngerprint, each of the diseases technology widespread could really
care, treatment or transportation. Work we studied has an unique breath print, impact the survival rates of patients with
with them to identify back-up service a 'signature' of chemical components," certain diseases by allowing for much
of dengue Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, providers and incorporate them into your
thus reducing dengue cases and control- said Professor Haick. "We have a device earlier detection.
personal support network. which can discriminate between them,
ling dengue transmission. Get copies and maintain electronic which is elegant and affordable." You can read the study here, in the
Developed by Orthopaedic Interna- versions of health records from doctors, American Chemical Society Nano
(eHATID LGU) is an android applica- Developed by DOST-Industrial Tech- hospitals, pharmacies and other sources
tional Inc., the Axis Knee System is the Why is breath particularly convenient journal.
tion that provides real time health infor- nology Development Institute (ITDI), and store them, for personal reference.
rst and only knee system designed in for diagnosis?
mation and a facility for direct commu- OL Trap works by trapping the eggs and The U.S. Department of Health and Hu-
the ASEAN region which allows access http://bigthink.com/paul-ratner/
nication between local chief executives larvae of A. aegypti in their laying site man Services (HHS) provides an online
to knee replacement as it is 40-50% Breath is an excellent raw material scientists-create-tricorder-like-device-
and rural health units (RHUs). with active organic solution and killing tool intended to help people locate and
cheaper than imported brands. for diagnosis, Professor Haick told that-can-detect-17-diseases-from-your-
Works even without internet connec- them in the process before hatching and access their electronic health records
tion, eHATID provides decision-making going to adult stage. Haaretz. It is available without the need breath?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_
Its innovative instrumentation and from a variety of sources. for invasive and unpleasant procedures, medium=Social&utm_
support to local government units (All photos courtesy DOST) Coordinate with friends, family or spe-
surgical technique also allows more sur- its not dangerous, and you can sample it source=Facebook#link_
(LGUs) in creating sound and evidence- cialty transportation service providers in
geons to perform knee surgery without again and again if necessary. time=1485971475
the event of a mandatory evacuation.
Dont get caught unprepared. Join Besides cancers, the conditions the

Caesar Natividad, Esq.

Americas PrepareAthon! and get ready device can diagnose include Parkinsons,
today. Find more information on creat- multiple sclerosis. Crohns disease and
Download the
ing an emergency plan, building an
emergency kit, or planning for a specic
kidney disease. The Na-nose was tested
on 2,800 breath samples from 1,404
Asian Journal
disaster at Ready.gov or Ready.gov/ people in the U.S., Israel, France, Latvia
digital edition at
Seniors. and China and was able to correctly asianjournalusa.com
Serving the Filipino Community since 2000

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All Kinds of Harassment Whistleblower Cases
& Discrimination & Others
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Violation of California No Meal Breaks &
Family Care Act Rest Breaks Given
Motor Vehicle Collision Dog & Other Animal Bites
Premises Liability Catastrophic Injuries
Administrative Hearings - Appeals of termination of r

employment from govt. agencies.

Contract Disputes/ Caesar S. Natividad, Esq.
Business Disputes JD, Western State University
Family Law (cum laude), MBA,
Drucker School of Management
Recipient of
American Jurisprudence Award

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February 10-16, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 5

California Communities
SDSU receives two CASE awards Solana Beach County Library offers high school diplomas online
SDSU received awards from Student Connect was designed for Morning COAST- High school graduation is a rite diary
The County library acts as an interme-

ER 636 to begin times circumstances prevent directs would-be students to an online

the Council for Advancement graduating students choosing to opt-in to of passage for many but some- between the Career Online High
receive commencement information via School and the student. Library staff
and Support of Education, the the mobile platform.
premier U.S. association for
development professionals. It is an honor to be recognized in this early departure students from getting a diploma. self-assessment and prerequisite course,
and then conducts in-person interviews
way by our professional colleagues, A lot of them say life happens, before accepting applicants. Once
SAN DIEGO, Calif. (Feb. 6, said Mary Ruth Carleton, SDSU vice Solana Beach, CAThe North they had to drop out for what- enrolled, the student is provided with an
president for University Relations and County Transit District is alerting online academic coach to help guide the
2017) Two San Diego State Development. I am proud to lead a ever reason, start working and student to be successful.
University departments received team that takes such pride in the work early morning passengers in So- the next thing you know, its 10 The program doesnt award a general
recognition from the western dis- they do every day on behalf of SDSU. lana Beach that beginning Mon- to 20 years later, said El Cajon education diploma, known as a GED,
trict of the Council for Advance- About CASE day, February 13, southbound Library branch Adult Services but an actual high school diploma.
COASTER 636 may depart up A high school diploma offers more
ment and Support of Education CASE is a professional association
Manager Josh Mitchell. opportunities than a GED, said Mitch-
(CASE), the premier national serving educational institutions and to ve minutes earlier than the ell. Graduates are more likely to qualify In addition to the diploma, he elected
scheduled departure. COASTER But now the San Diego County to take the courses for an ofce manage-
association for development the advancement professionals who
Library is offering adults 19 years and
for higher education and job opportuni-
work on their behalf in alumni rela- 636 is currently scheduled to ties. ment certicate. He hopes to nish
professionals. older a way to graduate with a program school in May or June. Once hes earned
tions, communications, development, depart Solana Beach at 6:55 a.m. Robert Johnson of Lemon Grove saw
called Career Online High School. The his career certicate and his diploma,
marketing and allied areas. CASE helps an opportunity with Career Online High
SDSUs Department of Marketing
its members build stronger relationships
each weekday morning, but may program is a partnership between the
School and ran with it. Johnson, 55, Johnson says they will open up new
and Communications received gold depart as early as 6:50 a.m. when County and state libraries, and a compa- doors of opportunity that hes never had
and silver awards in the 2017 Awards with their alumni and donors, raise funds spent 34 years as a trucker and at one
the train arrives early. ny called Gale that provides educational before in terms of going to college and
of Excellence competition for CASE for campus projects, produce recruit- point had his own business but both
and research resources to libraries. furthering his career.
District VII. ment materials, market their institutions went by the wayside.
Passengers on COASTER 636 have ex- The Countys El Cajon branch started
to prospective students, diversify the You dont get anywhere by giving
perienced delays due to a meet with an- offering courses in early 2016. Students It was always a dark cloud over my
360: The Magazine of San Diego profession, and foster public support of up, said Johnson.
other train along a single-track segment. accepted into the program receive a full head not having a high school diploma,
State University earned top prize in the education. Johnson said he researched online
This change in departure comes as an scholarship. A limited number of open- said Johnson. In the end, when this is
category of General Interest Magazines courses and found the Career Online
attempt to support the on-time arrival of ings are still available. behind me, it will be a great sense of
with a circulation between 30,000 and About San Diego State University High School a good t. He also won a
the train at Santa Fe Depot in Downtown Students have seen this as their golden accomplishment for me. I completed
74,999. With its combination of vibrant scholarship.
San Diego. A permanent change to ad- ticket, said Mitchell. They can do this high school. -- San Diego County News
graphics and narrative, 360 tells the fas- San Diego State University is a major I thought it was phenomenal, said
dress this issue will be released in April from home and adapt school work to Center
cinating stories of SDSU for an audience public research institution that pro- Johnson.
with the updated COASTER schedule. their own lifestyles, which is especially
of alumni and donors. vides transformative experiences, both
important for people who have chil-
inside and outside of the classroom,
The department also earned the silver
award for Digital Communications,
for its more than 36,000 students. The
university offers bachelors degrees in
No other COASTER trains are affected
by this change at this or any other sta- Any resident of San Diego County Divine Mercy Shrine
tion. In order to facilitate this mid-sched- can apply for the program. Students can in Encinitas, California
Social Media for its 2016 SDSU Com- 91 areas, masters degrees in 78 areas
ule adjustment, information about the transfer up to 14 credits from their for-
mencement social media coverage. The and doctorates in 22 areas. Students
change will be made available online, mer high school and complete the online
goal of this initiative was to share the participate in research, international
experiences, sustainability and entre- on the COASTER, and at the station courses in ve to 18 months. They may www.divinemercyhills.org
milestone accomplishments of gradu- also work toward a career certicate in
platform. Passengers who work with or
ates in the most engaging way using
an innovative, integrated approach
preneurship initiatives, internships and
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When in Manila, stay at the historic Luneta Hotel and avail

of our luxurious accommodations at reasonable price!
Come experience Manilas most historic lodgingthe Luneta Hotel. Built in 1918 by a Spanish
architect and restored to its original grandeur, our hotel has been decreed a National Land-
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TEL: 858-481-3232 FR. DENIS PHANEUF

Fr. Denis experienced the renewal and baptism in the Holy Spirit in 1970 and has been active
in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal since then.
He's spoken at numerous Marian and Charismatic conferences, workshops, and seminars in
his ministry of teaching and healing.
He is a member of the Emmanuel Catholic International Community.
He is Assistant Pastor at St. Paul's Co-Cathedral in Saskatoon, SK, Canada.
Page 6 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com February 10-16, 2017

Filipino Trump advised
sisters savings. believes is instrumental to her success
Lets go to the casino, Rodney urged professionally, as they see each other

to do a Duterte
Maura one night after they had dinner. ( Continued from page 1 ) as partners and equals when it comes to
I dont gamble, she said. taking care of their family.
You will just accompany me. I need to interview with P&G.
meet a guy who owed me money. I applied in the marketing My husband and I both have great
Maura agreed, and while waiting for careers in P&G. I have to admit, its not by Ramon Tulfo, Inquirer.net
the guy to show up, Rodney introduced
function, and I actually failed
easy when youre in a country without
her to a poker dealer friend of his. my rst interview, she says. extended family, without any household Some White House advisers of
Let her win, he told the dealer earlier. But I persisted. Thats the most help, she says. We had to really rely President Donald Trump want the
I will give back to you her winnings important partI persisted, so I on the two of us. You just have to give
plus ve thousand pesos for yourself. and take every day. controversial US chief executive
ended up becoming the rst fe-
With her winnings, Maura was so to do a Duterte in dealing with
happy when Rodney returned. male sales manager hired in P&G
terrorists and drug dealers and
Destiny: Rodney
A supportive family, combined with
Were you able to collect from your Philippines after almost 50 years her persistence and a little bit of luck bringing down the crime rate in
friend? Maura asked him. of operations, which was a great it seems such is the Fama Francisco
No. He had an emergency and could formula for professional success. Its America.
( Continued from page 1 ) help raise him. The two kissed, made up, way to join the company.
not come, Rodney lied. He had no the persistence bit which she takes most
and spent the night partying. I got this information from an Ameri-
into each other in the restroom friends from whom to collect money. He Francisco says she was the lone female pride in, as it was, essentially, what re-
can friend who has access to the White
and had a drink by the bar. just wanted Maura to go to the casino in a group of 100 in the sales team, ally got her into P&G in the rst place.
ARE YOU MAURAS SISTER? with him so she would get hooked on House.
Did you hear what happened to your Rodney asked Mona after Maura passed wherein she had to learn a variety of In a phone conversation I had with
old girlfriend Maura? gambling by asking a dealer friend for a skills, as the job then was physically Sometimesand I think a lot of
out on the couch. It was already two taste of a winning experience. him last week, my friend said many
That she is pregnant? Thats why I am demanding. women can identify [themselves in this
oclock in the morning when he brought Dont worry. We have plenty of of Trumps close advisers admire Mr.
avoiding her. situation]theres a already a door open
her home from the club. money, as she counted her winnings. Dutertes way of dealing with criminals
Shes also rich now. She inherited all Between you and me, I didnt to you, and you hesitate. Or sometimes,
Yes. That was the last time Maura won at and drug dealers.
her parents money who had just passed know how to parallel park! she says, you think youre not good enough; that,
Can you show me her room so I can the casino, but the experience prodded Knowing Trump, Im sure he will
away. chuckling. And very quickly I had to oh, these are all the experiences I dont
carry her to bed? her to gamble regularly together with follow the advice of his advisers, my
Really? Rodney was surprised. All be an expert with the customers I was have, she says. If a door is not opened
You can just leave her there. Shell be Rodney who helped himself with her American friend who is from California
these months, he had been hiding from covering. I asked a lot of my male col- to you, like when I failed my rst exam
alright. parents money. The gambling losses and said.
her, worried she might demand nancial leagues to show me the ropes, but I think in P&G, then nd a way to open the
Then he heard a baby cry. Rodney their mounting household expenses took The advisers of the new but controver-
support for his child. I also brought in a lot of my expertise door. There is a way to open it if you are
looked at Mona smiling. a toll on the sisters savings. Despite sial US president know that the peace
Really, my friend. Now you have a as a female, which is understanding the persistent and you deliver the results that
Can I see my son? he asked. the three domestic helps she employed, and order situation in the country has
reason to go back to her. consumer and the shopper even better. stand out.
Mona didnt know what to say. Rodney Maura did not return to work or seek considerably improved since President
Arthur knew Rodneys modus operan- went inside the room, picked up the All in all, my early years in sales were, I Digong took over, according to my
di. He himself wanted to follow his ways employment, claiming the need to take think, the most fruitful. https://business.inquirer.net/224086/
baby from the crib, and held him in his care of her baby as an excuse. Mona friend.
but found out he didnt have the stomach lipino-lands-top-pg-global-post
arms. was aware of this foreboding problem A frequent visitor to Manila, my friend
for it. He could not abandon girlfriends My baby, my baby, he kept saying. From working in sales, Francisco had predicted that if Trump got elected
once he had taken their money. but could not control her sister. She moved to the companys marketing
concentrated on her studies, maintained to the White House, he and President Di-
Rodneys eyes glistened with a new RODNEY BADE HER GOODBYE function after four years. gong would become good friends.
idea: He would catch the same sh, her scholarship status with good grades,
but was back the next day. Maura and hoped they would recover all the Both are straight talkers and doers,
which grew fatter this time. greeted him with open arms and a kiss. It was there that her career continued to Mon, my friend said.
inheritance money they were losing grow, one that would take her to Japan
Mona, this is Rodney, she introduced once she was a well-paid medical doctor. My friend informed me Trump had
RODNEY ASKED AROUND and him to her sister. where she managed the Pampers and invited President Digong to his inaugu-
learned Maura frequented a nightclub But it never happened. Long before she Whisper brands, and then eventually to
Weve met last night, Rodney said could nish her studies, all the money ration and even asked me to accompany
with friends. He went there on Friday smiling. I didnt know my sister-in-law the United States, where she initially our Chief Executive because he would
nights, the day he knew she would go was gone. oversaw global operations of P&Gs
is also beautiful. give me a tour of the White House.
until he got lucky. What sister-in-law? Were not even baby care category, and then the com- (Mano Digong didnt accept the invita-
Where have you been? Ive been (To be continued) panys North America operations, before
married. tion, saying he didnt want to set foot in
looking for you! he accosted her while We will, said Rodney with a smile. nally landing the position she has now. the United States.)
she was dancing. *****
Maura was surprised to see a ghost IN HIS MIND, Rodney wanted to Just as Franciscos professional life There goes Philippine National Police
from her past. make sure Maura was indeed rich before blossomed in P&G, so did her family. Director General Ronald Bato dela
What do you mean? You left me! he would propose. When he asked her Rosa with his clownish antics again!
No, my parents took me back to what exactly happened, she conrmed The mother of fourthree boys and The PNP chief berated in front of TV
Mindanao and forbade me from seeing what his friend Arthur told him: her one girlactually met her husband, cameras Pampanga policemen for ab-
you. I was assigned a bodyguard who parents passed away and she inherited Noel, when they were both starting out ducting and extorting money from some
watched all my actions day and night. their money. Once sure of her good as part of the sales team in the Philip- Koreans in Angeles City months ago.
When they nally let me go, you were fortune, he married her and moved in the pines. To top it off, Bato ordered the errant
no longer at the dorm, and I didnt know apartment Maura shared with her sister cops to do push-ups as punishment.
where to nd you. Mona. He was one of the men. It was very The policemens shenanigans surfaced
I had a baby boy. It took only a few months before the awkward, she says with a laugh. When after the kidnapping of Korean business-
Thats great! Now I can take care of sisters found out the true identity of we were working together in the same man Jee Ick-joo by antinarcotics cops
both of you. My parents would be happy Rodney. He was not a rich son from function, it was awkward, but eventually who killed him inside Camp Crame in
to see their grandson and would nally Mindanao, not a student, but instead we moved to different functions. October.
forgive me for my errant ways. grew up poor in Tondo. But it was Giving policemen who commit heinous
Rodneys words were music to Mauras already too late to undo things. Rodney Francisco describes their marriage as a crimes light punishment is like encour-
ears. Now she was no longer a single had ensconced himself as Mauras hus- tag team relationship, a dynamic she aging them to carry on.
mother. Her son would have a father to band and had dipped his hands into the Bato might as well have whispered to
the errant cops: Gawin ninyo uli, mga
bata (Do it again, boys).
but see, Michelle is an individual ous pets) to the home. From our living For nearly three decades she has made a Bato was playing to the media to boost
who is not ordinary. She cares, room, we can look across a valley and difference. She continues to do so. And his reputation as a funnyman, the rst
see the gazebo where we were married. that, simply put, is love. PNP chief in history to consider the post
she shares, she gives. She shares Weve come a long way in such a short
at work, at home, in church, with a circus stunt instead of a serious job.
distance. Thank you for being the best partner I Its surprising why Bato still remains at
family and friends. So this time could ever imagine. I adore you and all his post despite all his boo-boos.
she is getting shared. Following a calling that you do. The love does indeed still Environment Secretary Gina Lopezs
burn after all these years. order to close down 23 mines should
Michelle has spent her life helping
Michelle: teacher, mentor, other peoples children begin their lives.
send a strong message to mining
mother, caregiver companies that the present dispensa-
Thats kind of incredible when you
tion wont tolerate the destruction of the
think about it. She has spent years doing environment over economic gains for
She was born in Los Angeles the same with our children. She does it the country.
in 1964 and was adopted at birth because she like to, because she thinks ( Continued from page 7 )
Lopez, a longtime environmentalist,
its important, because she knows the
by a nice couple who had three Philippines to read this statement in all ordered the closure of the mines for

future depends on it. And shes right. Sunday Masses on February 5. operating in watersheds.
Shes been in the eld of education Helping victims of addicts, too You cannot have any kind of mining
for 27 years. She has touched people,
Happy Valentines Day
In their statement, Villegas added, operations in a watershed. Water is life,
indeed generations, one person at a time. "An even greater cause of concern is she said.
In classrooms throughout San Diego the indifference of many to this kind of Her appointment as environment chief
County she has made a difference that was among the Presidents wisest deci-
For Valentines Day 2017 I a few) you start to want to do will last long past any of us reading
wrong. It is considered as normal, and,
wanted to do something a bit something a bit out of the ordi- even worse, something that (according sions.
this. We all have an inuence on people. to them) needs to be done." Unlike her predecessors, Lopez can
different for my wife. Sure, I nary. Her inuence on others will extend for Villegas then enumerated 7 teachings never be bribed by big business.
could do the owers and dinner generations to come. that support their stance: Although she belongs to the wealthy
So one night I decided that Here are just a few of her accomplish-
thing which, yes, is always nice. ments:
"The life of every person comes from Lopez family which owns ABS-CBN,
There are also jewelry and lace the perfect Valentines Day gift Single Subject Credential: English, San
God" Gina doesnt care about money, being a
was to share the person my wife "The opportunity to change is never former Buddhist nun.
and chocolate gifts. But after you Diego State University lost in every person" Years ago, she panhandled in India for
have been married to someone is with you. Yes, I realize that Supplemental Credential: ESL, San "To destroy one's own life and the life her faith.
sounds a bit out of the ordinary Diego State University
Gina Lopez
for a few years (or more than sons and wanted a girl. They had M.A. Education, San Diego State Uni-
of another, is a grave sin and does evil
always dreamed of a girl in the to society"
versity (Emphasis: Policy Studies and "Every person has a right to be pre-
family and on one late-summer Cross-cultural Education) sumed innocent until proven guilty" ( Continued from page 1 )
day she was born. Her birth and Tier I Administrative Services Creden- "Any action that harms another (seri-
tial ofcials in the provinces were
adoption completed the family Classroom teacher
ously) is a grave sin" harassed because of her mining
and the mom, dad, three broth- "The deep root of the drug problem and
Principal, Hilltop Drive Elementary criminality is the poverty of the major- audit.
ers and she lived in a home on a Golden Bell Award, Sweetwater Lit- ity, the destruction of the family, and "Some of them ay corrupt eh
quiet street in the North Holly- eracy Academies
BTSA Support Provider
corruption in society" no, I mean unfortunately, yeah,"
wood suburb of Los Angeles. San Diego County Teacher of the Year
"To consent to and to keep silent in she said.
front of evil is to be an accomplice to it"
Sweetwater Union High School Dis- At the same time, the CBCP indirectly "Im cleaning up the workforce.
Her young life was like many in mid- trict Teacher of the Year
dle-class Southern California. Schools, addressed criticism that Catholic priests I mean, the reason why all this
Anti-Defamation League Teacher Ap-
friends, playing in the school band, and preciation Award
and bishops have no right to criticize the has happened is because they
studying. Lots of studying because her drug-related killings because they them- have been compliant with the
Mentor Teacher, Sweetwater Union selves have their own shortcomings.
inquisitive mind had things to do. High School District rate. If MGB [Mines and Geosci-
She knew from a young age that she Duterte has often slammed Catholic
Teacher of the Year Finalist, California priests and bishops for their supposed ences Bureau] and my DENR
wanted to be a teacher when she grew League of Middle Schools
up. That was her goal and she stayed on Hats off to Teachers Nominee, San
hypocrisy, as he called the Catholic people were really honest and
the path. Michelle graduated from high Church "full of shit." didntThis wouldnt have hap-
Diego County Ofce of Education Villegas said: "We in the Church will
school and then attended a local com- pened," she added.
munity college. From there she trans- continue to speak against evil even as
There is so much more of course, we acknowledge and repent [for] our But according to Lopez, miners
ferred to the university she had always things like tutoring a struggling student.
dreamed of attending, the University of Walking between rows of desks (after
own shortcomings. We will do this also played a part of the corrup-
California, Los Angeles. She gradu- even if it will bring persecution upon us tion at DENR.
this long how many miles has it been?), because we are all brothers and sisters
ated from UCLA with a Bachelors of looking over shoulders, offering encour- "And then IMy A friend
Arts in English degree in 1987 and then responsible for each other."
it was time to pack up and head south.
agement and advice. Or offering one of He also said that the Catholic Church went to me and then she said:
her looks that says concentrate and get "will help drug addicts" and also "stand 'Gina, if you sign this paper, the
She moved to San Diego to continue back on task. Oh, yes, the look. Known
her studies. She enrolled in San Diego in solidarity" with "the victims of drug person owning the mine' he
by students and her own kids. A look addicts."
State University to pursue a teaching that says I love you, now focus. Villegas said, "Let us not allow fear
didnt even tell me 'will give
credential. Michelle is simply a classroom teacher me six million a month.' Six mil-
In 1989 we got married and eventually to reign and keep us silent." Paterno
like so many others. She cares about the Esmaquel II/Rappler.com lion a month, wow!" Lopez said.
added a son and daughter (and vari- kids in her room, her school, her world.
February 10-16, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 7

CBCP denounces
'reign of terror'
in Duterte drug
war Hard work and right living equals
'Let us not allow fear to reign
and keep us silent,' Filipino Cath-
singing and dancing
olic bishops say in their strongest By Dr. Glenn Mollette and failures. Eventually we develop the
statement yet against drug-related internal muscles and a spirit to walk on
Years ago I heard a story about a our own two feet and even to soar like
killings in the Philippines the buttery.
buttery that was tirelessly work- Muhammad Ali the famous boxer is
Rappler.com ing to break from its cocoon. A remembered for his saying that he would
man observed the struggling but- oat like a buttery and sting like a
MANILA, 2/5/2017 The Cath- tery for several minutes. Feeling bee. Ali's ability to oat like a buttery
olic Bishops' Conference of the sorry for the soon to be ying came from years of strenuous workouts
Philippines (CBCP) on Sunday, and punishment to become the greatest
beautiful creature, he took his athlete of all time.
February 5, denounced the "reign pocketknife and slit the cocoon to Joy, laughter and celebration come at
of terror" in poor communities assist its freedom. The buttery the end of a hard day's work. Our great-
as President Rodrigo Duterte's fell out of the cocoon and apped est feelings of triumph come after a long
war on drugs kills at least 7,000 period of work and struggle to nally
its wings a couple of times and realize an accomplishment or a success.
people in the Philippines. died. The man's good intentions Throughout life I have heard over and
"We, your bishops, are deeply crippled and killed the butter- over that where there is no pain there is
concerned due to many deaths y preventing its own natural no gain.
and killings in the campaign progression of development that
against prohibited drugs," CBCP I remember my dad buying a small
would lead to its soaring through record player when I was a kid. He
president Lingayen-Dagupan the air. bought a dozen or so records to go with
Archbishop Socrates Villegas it. We wore those records out. Another
said in their strongest statement Often it's pressure, hard work and day came when he bought a big stereo
yet against the drug-related kill- struggle that enables us to develop our record player that was also worn out
internal fortitude to push forward, hang over the years. He would work in a coal
ings in the Philippines. on and succeed in life. Such fortitude mine all week but he and my mother and
comes with ups and downs, pressures ( Continued on page 14 )
"An additional cause of concern is
the reign of terror in many places of
the poor. Many are killed not because
of drugs. Those who kill them are not
brought to account," Villegas added on
behalf of the CBCP.
The war on drugs has killed at least
7,080 people as of January 31, or 7
months since Duterte took ofce. Up to
4,000 of them died in extrajudicial or
vigilante-style killings. Many of them
come from poor communities.
The CBCP statement echoed the senti-
ments of many Filipinos who, according ANAK: Itay, nagpapatanong si ma'am non-fat milk nalang ipadala mo. Nagtae
to Amnesty International adviser Matt kung ano raw ang propesyon mo. kasi tatang mo sa pinadala mong NIVEA
Wells, "repeatedly described the 'war on ITAY: Sabihin mo, cardiologist. moisturizing milk.
drugs' as a war against the poor." ANAK: Ano po ba ang cardiologist, Nagmamahal,
While released only on Sunday, the Itay? Nanay
CBCP statement was signed by Villegas ITAY: 'Yung tagaayos ng radio sa car!
on January 30. *** ***
The CBCP issued this statement after
its plenary assembly, a twice-a-year Wandering Ant Beach
meeting where the Philippines' more TITSER: Kids,gayahin nyo ang mga HOST : Saan B (beach) tayo madalas
than 80 bishops discuss pressing issues ANTS, puro sila trabaho at DI NA- pumunta pag summer upang maligo?
concerning the Catholic Church and GLALAKWATSA! CONTESTANT : Banyo?
Philippine society. MARIA: Maam,e bakit po nung mag- HOST : Hindi, pag pumunta ka doon,
The CBCP directed all priests in the punta kami sa LUNETA,andun din sila? maaarawan ka.
( Continued on page 6 ) *** HOST : Hindi, marami kang makikita
Dear Dodong, duong mga babaeng naka-bikini.
Labis kaming natuwa sa mga ipinadala CONTESTANT : Beerhouse!
mo anak, pero sana sa susunod, NIDO

ow from eastern Siberia into China
over the next 30 years, Russia is not in a
position to abandon its ties with Europe.
( Continued from page 1 )
countries. From the commercial standpoint,
Europe is the most protable market for
Demand for the dollar, which has long Gazprom, said Mikhail Korchemkin,
served as a safe and reliable reserve the founder of Eastern European Gas
currency in international transactions, Analysis, who has consulted for Gaz-
has allowed the U.S. to borrow almost prom, the Russian state-owned gas com-
unlimited cash and spend well beyond pany. Exports to China can generate a
its means, which some economists say small prot, [but] only if the government
has afforded the United States an outsize makes it free of taxes and duties.
inuence on world affairs. But the bank deal is another indica-
But the BRICS countries Brazil, tor that Russia and China are in the
Russia, India, China and South Africa, a middle of a wider rapprochement, which
bloc of the worlds ve major emerging analysts say is premised not on ideologi-
economies have long sought to di- cal alignment but on a mutual desire
minish their dependence on the dollar as to undercut the U.S. in their respective
a means of reshaping the world nancial spheres of inuence.
and geopolitical order. In the absence of Both countries are wary of President
a viable alternative, however, replacing Barack Obamas pivot east, a recali-
it has proved difcult. bration of U.S. foreign policy away from
For its part, China sees the dominance decades of war in the Middle East and
of the dollar in international trade trans- toward the fast-growing economies of
actions as a remnant of American global the East. Cynical observers have inter-
dominance, which they hope to over- preted the shift as an effort to contain
throw in the years ahead, said Michael China.
Klare, a professor of peace and world This is a marriage of mutual strate-
security studies at Hampshire College. gic interests, not a marriage of love,
This is a small step in that direction, said Klare. China wants energy and
to reduce the primacy of the dollar in weapons from Russia, and Russia wants
international trade. diplomatic backing and cash. Its a quid
Some have been tempted to view pro quo.
Tuesdays deal in the context of Putins Yet even if China feels threatened by
showdown with the West over the crisis U.S. encroachment, it is Russia that is
in Ukraine. After the U.S. and Europe desperately pursuing closer ties with
imposed sanctions on Moscow for its China.
annexation of Ukraines Crimean penin- Putin may have gotten the better of
sula, Putin may have nally made good the Western powers in the showdown
on promised retaliation against what he over Crimea, but at the cost of growing
views as Western hegemony in Russias geopolitical isolation. Under intense
near abroad. pressure to demonstrate Russias
Breaking the dominance of the U.S. avowed independence from the West, he
dollar in international trade between has repeatedly threatened that he could
the BRICS is something that the group simply shut off its natural gas pipelines
has been talking about for some time, to Europe and nd new markets for Rus-
said Chris Weafer, a founding partner sian energy exports.
of Macro-Advisory, a consultancy in Separate from that political posturing,
Moscow. The Ukraine crisis and the the Russian imperative to nd new mar-
threats voiced by the U.S. administration kets for its energy exports is nonetheless
may well provide the catalyst for that to very real. Energy demands in Europe
start happening. have plateaued and may even decline
To be sure, the Russia-China bank deal in the long term because of stringent
is mostly a symbolic step. Liza Ermo- environmental regulations.
lenko, an emerging markets economist If Russia wants to continue to be a
at Capital Economics in London, said petrostate, it has to shift marketing of
that the deal was still a very small one, its exports to Asia, said Klare, who
in the grand scale of things, and that it noted that Western energy conglomer-
wouldnt change Russias reliance on the ates like ExxonMobil have begun doing
dollar overnight. Most of Russias ex- the same.
port contracts in the oil and gas markets We dont want to push this too far and
are still priced in dollars, she noted, and see it as a formation of a new, global
on a wider scale, replacing the dollar anti-American bloc that is starting a
with the ruble is much too risky to even new Cold War, he added. This is
consider. market-driven more than its political.
Likewise, even though China has http://america.aljazeera.com/ar-
agreed to the gas deal, which could see ticles/2014/5/20/russia-china-bankdeal.
over $450 billion of Russian natural gas html
Page 8 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com February 10-16, 2017

Housing & Real Estate

Developers bullish of sustained growth in PH real estate
Inquirer.net | MANILA , tinuously redene the norms of this in- tions, said Rockwell Land SVP Valerie estate, specially in the mass housing Inc. has now become one of the major
12/13/2017 00 After a relatively dustryand thus upping the ante, much Jane Lopez-Soliven. Throughout its rst decade, 8990 Hold- space as the housing nance environ- players in the industry, having developed
to the advantage of the consumersbut Rockwell is known to provide qual- ings has long been changing the game in ment will continue with low interest thousands of hectares covering over 260
positive performance in the past have also kept the industry at par with its ity living with services that extend to mass housing by debunking the myths of rates for housing loans, specially that projects.
decade, the Philippine real estate counterparts globally. after-sales. We help them take care shadiness, low margins, and risky clients. of the Pag-IBIG Fund. We basically Today, the Sta. Lucia group continues
industry has, without a doubt, Inquirer Property interviewed some of of their investment with our in-house For 8990 mass housing has always been compete with rentals. And so, for as to provide not only standard structures
deed the odds. the countrys most esteemed developers leasing and property management teams about the people and not the houses. It long as monthly amortizations remain that provide the best value for money,
to know more about how they fared in ensuring their property to remain 100 is no wonder then that the company has close to rental rates, I would expect but also developments that uphold
If the brisk sales of local prop- 2016, as well as their expectations and percent Rockwellthe promise of been doing well, including this year, on growth in demand for rst time home family values and raise the standards of
erty developers were to be an in- fearless forecasts for 2017. safety, security and quality lifestyle. Our the back of rising demand for its projects. buyers of primary homes. The principle living. And this has been the key to en-
dication, then it can be rightfully current pre-selling agship project, the Sales have been good for 2016 and we of why rent when you can own? suring the companys sustained growth
said that the real estate industry Rockwell Land Corp. Proscenium offers exactly this, Soliven are still experiencing strong demand in continues to be a viable proposition, over the past four decades. And the year
said. our market, composed of ordinary work- Atencio related. 2016 is no different.
has already regained its former The Lopez-led rm, Rockwell Land Rockwell Land currently caters to an ing class Filipinos looking for affordable According to Atencio, 8990 Deca The year 2016 is relatively good for
glory, is well back on its feet, and Corp. continues to break new grounds upscale clienteleafuent individuals primary residences, said 8990 Holdings homes is the rst and only company to us, as we have again likely reached our
is now contributing to the coun- and raise the bar to redene premium and families who are well-educated, president Januario Jesus Gregorio Atencio evolve its product from just shelter to target. Since 2007, our sales continue to
trys economic growth. living in the Philippines. extremely successful, and know what III. wealth creation by incorporating life increase and I think its partly because
Even with the proliferation of other they want. Fifty eight percent of our sales is com- insurance and mutual fund by paying of the focus and attention that we give to
Analysts and industry players through- high-end property developments, Its residential condominium develop- ing from buyers aged 29 to 35 years old. the same monthly amortization. For the our projects, explained SLLI vice presi-
out the years have been one in saying Rockwell remains a cut above the rest in ments included The Manansala, Joya Young people, particularly, the millen- same payment, buyers get three values dent for sales Paul Michael Robles.
that the good years are back, and have terms of quality, design and personalized Lofts and Towers, One Rockwell, nials, are now becoming interested in instead of one: shelter, insurance and Majority of our buyers, around 80
fearlessly remained rm in their belief customer service among so many other Edades, 32 Sanson and The Grove by investment and savings. And for many of investment at no added cost. percent, are overseas Filipino workers.
that the growth surge currently being pluses that contribute to that so-called Rockwell. In the works now would be them, buying real estate is a good way to Our Metro Manila projects in Tondo Since weve established ofces abroad,
enjoyed by the country will spill over to Rockwell magic. what the company has dubbed as the save and invest their disposable income, and Ortigas extension, totaling 30,000 things have turned for the better. I think
next year and continue for several more More than creating structures, we at greatest Rockwell yetthe ve towers he added. units, will be the highlight of next year its really one of the most important
years. Rockwell offer to our clients only the of The Proscenium. And this bullish run, according to Aten- when we are able to provide condos factors why we continue to stay aoat,
The question now is, whats next? best to help them live a lifestyle which Currently, Proscenium units are priced cio, is expected to spill over to next year. in great locations with pricing that is he added.
How can property developers cope with they truly deserve. For the next years, we P40 million and up, while penthouses Ive always believed that real estate low-cost. We aim to be the price leader Robles admitted that the market,
the growing demand from the market? are optimistic because there will always could go as high as P170 million. Pro- performance tracks closely with gross for Metro Manila condos in 2017, however, has changed a lot and competi-
And what lies ahead for the real estate be demand for quality condominiums as scenium buyers are comprised mostly of national product (GNP) growth. For as Atencio concluded. tion has become stiffer more than ever,
industry in 2017? we expect the economy to further soar entrepreneurs and professionals aged 45 long as the country is growing, the prais- prompting developers to come up not
As the year 2016 now draws to a close, given our very strong economic funda- to 60 years. For the bigger cuts, almost ing mood will be optimistic for long term Sta. Lucia Land Inc. only with the best projects but also with
there seems to be no signs of slowing mentals. Rockwell always aims to go 15 percent of the buyers are foreigners. purchases such as real estate, Atencio outstanding selling strategies.
down as Philippine developers continue beyond expectations with the promise of said. From a small real estate rm, the
to offer projects that do not only con- curated service and good investment op- 8990 Housing Development Corp. I expect more millennials to buy real Robles-Santos led Sta. Lucia Land

Fil Ams Half my Life

Growing up in the Philippines, we am today. cal with a capital U. Finally, the straw She goes beyond the normal routines
learned not to complain too much. Like that broke that camels back was when and sets up extra outings for her clients.
when we're told to do something, we just JOSEPH DAVID ONADIA, FIL-AM Jordans diabetes came out. After we Right away, we could tell the difference
( Continued from page 9 ) ( Continued from page 10 )
do it. And I think my chain of command MEMBER OF US NAVY: I think hard returned from the hospital, our days between her and her predecessor. Shes
when you have earthquakes and we send and my department likes that. I think work. Because you know, in the Philip- Jordan had been serviced by her company were more erratic than usual (if you easy to talk to, very personable, and
one of these ships. But yeah, so we've everybody in our division does that. pines, I grew up with nothing. My fam- for over three years. Apparently, three can imagine). We had to cancel and understanding of our situation almost
got plenty missions that we could do, That's pretty much what they want get ily didn't really have that much back in years is the magic number, such that any reschedule some of Jordans sessions night and day from before. It sure pays
and one of them is what we call humani- the mission done as soon as possible, ask the Philippines. So I came here, I work client who passes the three-year mark because we were still trying to gure to speak up. Needless to say, were glad
tarian assistance and disaster relief. questions later if you want to. my butt off every day, do what I'm told with the company will be micromanaged out how to deal with Jordans new we made the switch. Our only regret is

Asian J
to do, get it right, you know, no matter and eventually phased out, regardless of illness. Sure enough, within just a few that we didnt do it sooner.
PATERNO ESMAQUEL, REPORT- SALINA RUTHERFORD, FIL-AM where you came from around the world how much they are benetting from the days, my wife received a call from the
ING: Alam 'nyo dito, nakakilala rin MEMBER OF US NAVY: To get to be or in the United States. We're all family. services. As a reasonable human being coordinator, who proceeded to express (To be continued)
tayo ng ilang mga Pilipino, at sinasabi as successful as I am right now, another We're all one. with common sense (I believe), allow me that our changes in schedule did not sit
nila, nakakatulong daw 'yung pagiging key thing was what LS3 said, was to do to say this, thats totally ridiculous. As well with her. She used theFirst
BIs Asian
as her Weekly
(ToNewspaper in Southern
read the previous California
installments, visit & San D
matiyaga ng mga Pilipino sa kahit anong your work 100 percent to the fullest, ask PATERNO ESMAQUEL, REPORT- a parent of a special needs child myself, reason, stating that we need to be more 550www.asianjournalusa.com)
East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City CA 919
sitwasyon. questions later, or extend the question ING: Bibigyan pa namin kayo ng mas this was extremely disheartening to gure respectful of their time. However, after
(We also got to know Filipinos here, that you have further concerns. But maraming update mula dito sa Amerika. out. So basically, everything that this co- bringing it up with the BIs directly, To read the complete book, go to:
and they say it helps that Filipinos mainly be respectful and kind to every- (We'll bring you more updates from ordinator did and said was for the purpose they said they had no problems at all http://asianjournalusa.com/complete-
remain persistent in any situation.) one regardless of race, religion, anything. here in America.) of meeting the companys agenda. Yes, with the schedule adjustments. So the book-half-my-life-the-testimony-of-a-
Just be kind and respectful, and you'll -- Paterno Esmaquel, Rappler, San she may have received some coercion coordinators statement about the BIs father-and-his-special-p14359-95.htm
JUAN GABRIEL SANCHEZ, FIL- get it in return. So what you give is what Diego. Rappler.com from her own bosses, but Ive known was just a bunch of malarkey. How
AM MEMBER OF THE US NAVY: you get. That's what's made me as who I other coordinators who would still put the low can one go? To complain about
childs needs and best interest rst. Not schedule during one of the most dif-
this lady though. She purposely tailored cult times in our lives is hitting below
Jordans progress report to comply with the belt. It seemed this coordinator
her ultimate objective to reduce his hours. didnt care about Jordan at all. A few
Furthermore, we noticed that whenever days later, I composed an e-mail to the NOTICE TO BIDDERS
Jordan was not meeting a goal, she would regional center requesting a change in
adjust the goal so that she could claim coordinator along with a full disclosure NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN
Jordan met it and thus justify her recom- of my reasons. Virtually the same day, that the City of San Diego
mendation to reduce hours. For example, we were assigned a new coordinator. (City) is seeking to receive
one of the goals was for the frequency of And almost immediately, we could see Electronic Bids for the below
Jordans temper tantrums to reduce over a huge difference. This lady was more named Public Works project.
time. This was monitored for a period of proactive in the sessions. She even con- The solicitation, including
several months to a year, and yet Jordan tacted Jordans school Applied Behav- plans and specifications, may
continued to throw tantrums regularly. ior Analysis (ABA) director to compare be obtained from the Citys
Hence, clearly this goal was not met. So notes, something we had been asking website at: http://www.sandi-
what this coordinator did next just about the previous coordinator to do many ego.gov/bids-contracts.
made me lose faith in her entire com- times, but she never did. Of course, in Contractors intending to sub-
pany. She decided to redene what was the back of our minds, we realize that mit a Bid must be prequalified.
considered a tantrum so that she could this new coordinator still works for the Please refer to the solicitation
claim that Jordan didnt really throw same company with the same ultimate for instructions.
tantrums and thus was meeting the goal objective to phase Jordan out. But we
after all. Well, gee, does Jordan have to hoped that our complaints about the Project Name: RFQ- Multiple
have a complete nervous breakdown and previous coordinator will continue to Award Design-Build Con-
nearly kill himself before she counts it as motivate the new one to do a better tracts (MACC) for Water,
a tantrum? I couldnt believe the extent job with him. It worked; it seemed like Wastewater, and Stormwater
this person was taking things. In my the new coordinator really enjoys her Pipeline Projects.
opinion, that whole practice was Unethi- work and genuinely likes the children. Project Number: K-17-1518-
MAC-3 Estimated Value: $

The second
of leading Snaps engineering, product, Mandator y Pre-Proposal
and research teams. Meeting Date: 3/1/2017, at
( Continued from page 1 ) Murphy told Forbes in 2014, that they 10:00 A.M.
werent cool (in college), so we tried Proposal Due Date: 3/21/2017,
early 1980s where she eventually met her to build things to be cool. at 12:00 P.M.
American husband. Murphy grew up in During a Google Cloud Platform Live License Requirement: A or
Berkeley, California and earned his de- session in 2014, Murphy described C34 and C42
gree as a mathematical and computational their vision for Snapchat:
science major from Stanford University Evan and I got started Snapchat It is the policy of the City of
in 2010. in the summer of 2011, basically San Diego to encourage equal
It was at Stanford University where understood that visual content that was opportunity in its Construc-
Murphy met Spiegel, who was then in a the most engaging, interesting form of tion and Consultant contracts.
product-design program. They became content there was. We wanted to create Bids or proposals from local
close friends and frat brothers in the a way that would enable that to be a firms, small, minority-owned,
Kappa Sigma fraternity. means of communication, rather than disabled, veteran-owned, and
They rst worked together on a failed a piece of content around which com- women-owned businesses
startup called Future Freshmen, an online munication actually happens. are strongly encouraged.
tool that aimed to assist high school kids Today, Murphy resides in Venice, Contractors are encouraged
when applying to college. California, where he purchased a $2.1 to subcontract with and/or
While in the university, Murphy became million two-bedroom house. His home participate in joint ventures
famous for creating a disappearing-image is just a stones throw from Snap- with these firms. The City is
messaging app called Picaboo. This app chats new ofces at 63 Market Street committed to equal opportu-
would later become Snapchat in Sep- in Venice, CA. ---- http://nextshark. nity and will not discriminate
tember 2011. When the two co-founded com/bobby-murphy-snap-inc-lipino- with regard to race, religion,
Snapchat in 2011, Murphy took the task american/ color, ancestry, age, gender,
disability, medical condition
or place of birth; and will not

Beach House for Sale do business with any firm that

discriminates on any basis.
Bids shall be received no
San Roque, Santiago later than the date and time
noted above at: City of San
Ilocos Sur, Philippines Diegos Electronic Biding Site
PlanetBids at: https://www.
For more information, planetbids.com/portal/portal.
please call James Nagelvoort, Director

Rene or Zenaida at Department of Public Works

February 10, 2017
(425)299-2206/ CNS-2975340#
Call 619.746.3416 for a free presentation (425)205-3050
February 10-16, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 9

Bruno Mars: If I could trade music to have Mga Fil-Am sa
mom back, I would U.S. amphibi-
Inquirer.net | 2/9/2017 -- Bruno
Mars, one of the most famous
ous ship John
and celebrated international
superstars today, credits much of
P. Murtha
his success to his Filipino mom,
who died of brain aneurysm in
2013 at age 55.

Valentines is For Mothers, Too

In an interview with Latina
magazine, the 31-year-old super-
star said he would do anything
By Zena Sultana Babao love: if only he could have his mom
Valentines Day is a day for love. *** back. The easy-going singer
If you think its only for sweet- turned serious and sad when
Mothers Love asked about his mother. VLOG, Rappler.com | 2/9/2017 --
hearts and lovers and couples, you
are amiss. Valentines Day is for My mom had only one eye. The woman who taught you to PATERNO ESMAQUEL, REPORT-
your heart goes away with it, Mars mother, Bernadette San Pedro ING: Hello, ako po si Paterno Esmaquel.
Mothers too! I hated her, she was such an love, showed you what a woman Bayot, was 55 when she died.
Mars explained. Nandito tayo ngayon sa loob ng USS
This Tuesday (Feb. 14, 2017) embarrassment. My Mom ran a is supposed to be When that John P. Murtha, isa sa mga amphibious
My life has changed. Shes more than Bayot emigrated from the Philippines ships ng US Navy.
some, if not most of us, will show small shop at a ea market. She goes away, a little more than half to Hawaii where she met Mars father,
my music. If I could trade music to have (Hello, I'm Paterno Esmaquel. We're
our love and appreciation for our collected little weeds and such her back, I would. I always hear her Pedrito Hernandez, a half-Puerto Rican here inside USS John P. Murtha, one of
to sell, anything for the money say, Keep going and keep doing it, he and half-Ashkenazi Jewish, who would the amphibious ships of the US Navy.)
mothers by giving them owers or become her husband and the father of
other gifts, and by loving thoughts we needed. added.
her six kids.
Kita 'nyo, napakalaki po nitong bar-
I said to her earlier, there was something kong ito. Ito 'yung loob, 'yung interior
to the woman who gave us life. There was this one day during pinching at me in the corner of my heart. You just gotta know that shes with nitong barko. At subukan nating luma-
Two such loving thoughts are the elementary school. I remember that it me everywhere I go, Mars continued. Growing up in Hawaii, there werent bas dito.
Its something that you cant imagine too many Puerto Ricans there. So (As you can see, this ship is so big.
following: She is strength, she is was a eld day, and my mom came. I Even so, I hated my mother who was because of my hair, they thought I was
was so embarrassed. How could she do crying out of her one eye. So I told the pain and the things that you keep This is the interior of the ship. Let's try
beauty, she is love she is my going back to: I wish I wouldve done black and white, Mars told Latina going out.)
this to me? I threw her a hateful look myself that I would grow up and become
Mom and I love her so much! and ran out. successful, because I hated my one-eyed this or said this. You just have to see life magazine. Eto siya. Kita natin 'yung mga iba nat-
And, You make me laugh when I The next day at school, they taunted mom and our desperate poverty. differently. It shows you the real impor- ing mga kasama. Ayan na 'yung dagat.
https://entertainment.inquirer. (Here it is. Here we have our col-
want to cry, make me live when I me: Your mother only has one eye! I left my mother and came to Seoul and tance of life. Nothing else matters in this
want to die, make me smile when I wished that my mom would just studied, and got accepted in the Seoul world but family and your loved ones. leagues. Over there is the sea.)
disappear from this world so I said to music-to-have-mom-back-i-would Itong mga amphibious ships gaya nito
I want to frown, you turn my life University with all the condence I had.
my mom, Mom, why dont you have Then I got married. I bought a house e nakakatulong sa mga humanitarian
upside down. I love you Mom the other eye? Youre only going to of my own. Then I had kids too. Now missions gaya ng pagtulong sa mga

with all my heart! make me a laughingstock. Why dont Im living happily as a successful man. Pope Benedict XVI restored the biktima ng lindol at bagyo.
you just die? I like it here because its a place that practice, in use prior to Pope Paul VI, (Amphibious ships like this aid in
I love my Mom, too! But sadly she is My mom did not respond. I guess I doesnt remind me of my mom. of having the Prefect of the Congrega- humanitarian missions such as helping
( Continued from page 10 ) tion for the Causes of Saints conduct victims of earthquakes and typhoons.)
gone now. It pains me so much that I felt a little bad, but at the same time, it This happiness was getting bigger
could no longer see her, talk to her, laugh felt good to think that I had said what and bigger, when someone unexpect- Church of a souls union after death with the beatication, rather than the Pope
with her, cry with her, and listen to her Id wanted to say all this time. Maybe edly came to see me ... What?! Whos God and his or her intercessory power. doing it himself. Exceptions included CHRISTIAN CAPISTRANO, FIL-AM
words of wisdom. I could no longer it was because my mom didnt punish this? It was my mother still with Blesseds may receive public veneration, the beatication of his predecessor, Pope MEMBER OF US NAVY: As you can
show her, in person, how much I love and me, but I didnt think that I had hurt her her only one eye. It felt as if the whole i.e. an act done by the clergy, or del- John Paul II. see, we have plenty of space onboard,
admire her. She was my idol and inspira- feelings very badly. sky was falling on me. My little girl ran egated laity, in the name of the Church, With his beatication on February 7, right? There's a lot of real estate here.
tion, and will always be! She is alive in That night, I woke up, and went to away, scared of my moms eye. And I i.e. in the Mass, Divine Ofce, images Takayama Justo thus comes one step And depending on if we have marines
my heart! the kitchen to get a glass of water. My asked her, Who are you? I dont know in churches etc., even if done in private. closer to joining the ranks of the great onboard, and we don't have marines
A mothers love is incomparable, uncon- mom was crying there, so quietly, as you!!! as if I tried to make that real. Such public veneration is generally re- Japanese martyrs, including saints Paul onboard, obviously there's a lot more
ditional, and forever. Heres a touching if she was afraid that she might wake I screamed at her, How dare you come served at the local or regional level. Be- Miki and his Companions, who are com- spaces. Amphibs are very versatile. They
and inspiring story I came across on a me up. I took a look at her, and then to my house and scare my daughter! atication is not considered an infallible memorated on February 6 in the Roman can take different missions. And like you
blog site about the depth of a mothers turned away. Because of the things that Get out of here now! And to this my papal act, but is an essential step in the liturgical calendar. said, one of them is the human disaster
mother answered quietly, Oh, Im so process of canonization which elevates and relief, just like in Haiti, you know,
sorry! I must have gotten the wrong ad- a person to the universal veneration of DIANE MONTAGNA is Rome corre-
( Continued on page 8 )
dress and she disappeared. the Church. spondent for Aleteias English edition.
Thank goodness she didnt recog-

POSTAL ETC. USA nize me. I was quite relieved. I told

myself that I wasnt going to care, or
think about this for the rest of my life.
9011 Mira Mesa Blvd., San Diego, CA 92126 One day, a letter regarding our school
(Behind McDonalds in Seafood City Plaza) reunion came to my house. I lied to my
Tel: (858) 530-3005 wife saying that I was going on a busi-
ness trip. After the reunion, I went down
to the old shack that I used to call my
house just out of curiosity. I found
PASSPORT my mother fallen on the cold ground.
But I did not shed a single tear. She had
RENEWAL a piece of paper in her hand. It was a
EXPRESS letter to me.
My Son, I think my life has been long
SERVICE enough now. And I wont visit Seoul
anymore, but would it be too much to
5 Min. Official Photos-Passport Philippines Passport
U.S. Passport INS, Visa, ID & Citizenship
ask if I wanted you to come visit me
once in a while? I miss you so much.
PHILIPPINES CONSULAR SERVICES And I was so glad when I heard you
were coming for the reunion. But I de-
Passport Renewals * Dual Citizen * Report of Marriage * Red Ribbon
Authentications of Notarized Legal Documents including Special Power of
cided not to go to the school For you
Attorneys, Waivers, Certifications, Extrajudicial Settlements, Deed of Im sorry that I only have one eye,
Absolute Sale, PVAO/GSIS, Affidavit of Support & Consent and I was an embarrassment to you.
at a reasonable fee with Full Service. You see, when you were very little, you
got into this accident, and lost your eye.
NOTARY SERVICES - Available On Premises
As a mother, I couldnt stand watching
you having to grow up with only one
Special Notary Discount for Living Trust, eye so I gave you mine I was so
proud of my son that was seeing a whole
Escrow & Loan Documents new world for me, in my place, with that
eye. I was never upset at you for any-
FedEx Express to the Philippines thing you did. The couple of times that
you were angry with me, I thought to
2-3 DAY DOOR TO DOOR DELIVERY myself, its because he loves me. I miss
the times when you were still young
Guaranty Lowest Shipping Rate for all FedEx International around me. I miss you so much. I love
in you. You mean the world to me.
San Diego County My world shattered. Then I cried for
the person who lived and died for me.
Travel VISA & EXPRESS Service But it was too late!
Page 10 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com February 10-16, 2017

Spiritual Life
Half My Life:
The Testimony of a Father and his Special Needs Child
by Joseph Lim
TWENTY-FOURTH INSTALLMENT ensure their clients are given what they a good match for Jordan. Weve dealt for improvement were made by us (the
really need, i.e., the proper services and with all three types and variations of parents) or by the BIs but very rarely
benets. While sadly, there are those these through the years. Unfortunately, it by her. One would think that being at a
For the Right and in high-ranking positions who focus always seems really hard to replace the supervisor level, she would be able to
Feb. 12, 2017: 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time more on meeting their companys goals,
staying within budget, and following
bad ones, just as its really hard to keep
the good ones too. Nevertheless, we do
draw frequently from her experience
and knowledge to help us make the most
Wrong Reasons
The Filipinos and Cursing orders from their own bosses rather than
what should be the main driving factor
in their agendasthat is, the well-being
trysometimes successfully, yet some-
times to no avail. The number of reasons
weve been given as to why our request
out of the sessions, but no. I guess we
didnt mind that part too much since we
were getting enough good suggestions
What Ive noticed is that in of their special needs client. Ive seen was not granted range just as widely as from the BIs and from our own minds.
Joke of the week: Young Justin has a ment, shows, that we are not to conne just about every eld related to both ends of the spectrumthe best and the different personalities weve worked However, what caught our attention the
cursing problem, and his fathers getting the import of the commandments to the worst. Ive seen those who I would with over the years. most (in a negative manner) was her
caregiving and teaching, there are consider to be among the top in their claim that Jordan was meeting all of his
tired of it. He decides to ask a shrink the mere letter, but to regard them as
what to do. The shrink says, Negative extending to the words of our lips, and
those who do what they do for all eld. These are people who are truly Hands-off Coordinator goals, and therefore, it would be justied
reinforcement. Since Christmas is com- the dispositions of our hearts. Nor must the right reasons and those who right for the job, performance wise and to reduce the hours of his services. For
ing up, ask Justin what he wants from we imagine that they are intended solely do it for all the wrong reasons. emotionally. They do what they do for One of the more annoyingly difcult someone who never really got involved
Santa. If he curses while he tells you to prohibit sin: they must be understood all the right reasons, and theyre good experiences weve had was working in the sessions, she had no direct basis to
his wish list, leave a pile of dog poop in as inculcating all those virtues which are There are service providers who have at it too. They really are in it for the with what I now call a hands-off coor- make that claim. We read all of the notes
place of each gift he requests. Two days opposed to sin. This is evident from the the best of intentions when servicing clients and the kids, and getting paid for dinator. She was one of the supervisors that the BIs wrote regarding Jordans
before Christmas, Justins father asks connection in which the text stands with their clients, and there are those who are what they love to do is an added bonus. of the BIs who worked with Jordan. progress, and based on what we read and
him what he wants for Christmas. I the preceding context. Our blessed Lord indifferent. There are teachers who gen- Every now and then, were fortunate This woman spoke clearly, wrote well, what we directly experienced during the
want a damn teddy bear lying beside me had declared that a wrathful word was in uinely care if their students are learning enough to have one of these angels take and dressed professionally, but she was sessions, we would never suggest that
when I wake up. When I go downstairs, fact a species and degree of murder. To and those who act like they could care care of Jordan. Usually, we can spot a sort of a prima donna. That is, she didnt Jordans hours be reduced. Jordan was
I want to see a damn train going around call someone Raca is to show contempt less. There are BIs who will put forth great match after just one school day or want to do any of the hands-on work indeed benetting from the sessions,
the damn tree. And when I go outside, for their intelligence and their character. the extra effort by making suggestions to therapy session. So in these rare situ- that her BIs were doing with Jordan. She but thats all the more reason why the
I want to see a damn bike leaning up improve the quality and efciency of the ations, we do all we can to keep them came by our home once every couple of services should continue.
against the damn garage. On Christmas Raca comes from pride. Thou fool is sessions. While there are also BIs who involved with Jordan. We communicate weeks, pretty much just sat back, took If Jordan really did improve to the
morning, Justin wakes up and rolls into a spiteful word, and comes from hatred. seem to be just going through the mo- to them as well as to their bosses what notes, read Jordans progress folder, point that he didnt need that much help,
a pile of dog poop. Confused, he walks The idea behind Raca is nitwit, block- tions as they wait for time to pass. a great job theyre doing with the hope generated her reports, and then spoke to we would be the rst to acknowledge
downstairs and sees another pile under head, numbskull, bonehead, brainless There are teachers aides who really that they would be even more encour- us (mainly my wife). But when asked that. But that was not the case at all.
the tree. He walks outside, looks at a idiot. try to listen and pay attention to the aged to continue their services with us. by Jordan and us to join in on some of The reality of what was really happen-
huge pile of dog poo by the garage, and child in order to better understand what Of course, theres the other side of the the fun and games, she would almost ing is what boils my blood the most.
walks inside. His dad smiles and asks, We should emphasize that Jesus is not makes him tick. There are also those coin too. In other words, those who are always decline. Furthermore, she would You see, this woman had an agenda
What did Santa bring you this year? saying that anger is as bad as murder. who are literally clueless. And there simply incompetent, those who are not not actively suggest any improvements all along. Her primary mission was to
Justin replies, I think I got a damn Its ridiculous to think that someone who are coordinators and supervisors who emotionally right for the task, and those to be made in the session to benet decrease Jordans hours simply because
dog. shouts at another person in anger has utilize their position and authority to whose personality and style are just not Jordan. Just about all of the suggestions ( Continued on page 8 )
sinned as badly as someone who mur-

Samurai warrior, martyred for his Catholic faith, beatied in

Scriptures: First Reading: Sir- ders another person in anger does. Jesus
ach15:15-20: David A. deSilva writes: is emphasizing that the law condemns
Yeshua Ben Sira, a scribe living and both, without saying that the law says
teaching in Jerusalem, brought the wis-
dom tradition of Israel squarely in line
with the core value of Torah observance.
they are the same things. One breaks
the matter of the law against murder,
even if he did not commit murder. We
Japan; Takayama (Justo) Ukon takes a step toward sainthood
Unlike Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes, can conclude that if hatred is as bad as Cardinal Angelo Amato, Prefect of the into the country. Conversions brought his chief, he loses everything he has.
from which he learned much and which murder, cursing in anger is as bad as Congregation for the Causes of Saints, about through the help of Takayama Upon Pope Francis decree of mar-
he also rebutted on certain points, Ben murder. Philippines public morality is will serve as the special envoy of Pope Justo are believed to number in the tens tyrdom, Witwer explained, Since
Sira places the pursuit of piety and obe- going down the drain. Abortions, extra- Francis for the February 7 beatication of thousands. Takayama died in exile because of the
dience to the ancestral Jewish law at the marital affairs and cohabitations together of the 16th century samurai warrior, When the oppressive regime of weaknesses caused by the maltreatments
center of the pursuit of Wisdomand with cursing are becoming more com- Takayama (Justo) Ukon in Osaka, Japan, chancellor Toyotomi Hideyoshi bore he suffered in his homeland, the process
this at a time when tensions concerning mon in the Philippines. Public servants the Vatican has reported. down on Catholics, crucifying some as is that of a martyr.
assimilation to the dominant culture of are expected to be morally upright, yet Takayama (Justo) Ukon (1552 Febru- an example and demanding that the rest Beatication (from the Latin beatus,
Hellenism were mounting and about to it is disconcerting, to say the least, to ary 5, 1615) was a samurai (i.e. military abandon their faith, Takayama by blessed, and facere, to make,) is a
reach a fevered pitch in the crisis of 175- hear a high-ranking government ofcial nobility of medieval and early-modern then about 35 years old gave up all recognition accorded by the Catholic
164 B.C.E. Ben Sira was a conservative constantly cursing. It is no wonder that Japan) who followed the example of his of his worldly power and possessions ( Continued on page 9 )
voice in the rst decades of the second extra-judicial killings and abortions are father, Takayama Tomoteru, a daimyo and chose exile. He led a group of about
century B.C.E. He called on his pupils to ordinary day-to-day events in the Philip- (he was the lord of Sawa Castle in the 300 Catholics to Manila, Philippines,
seek their fortune, their honor, and their
good name through diligent observance
pines. No respect for others character
and dignity is as bad as murder.
Yamato Province) and converted to
Catholicism. When he was baptized at
where he soon died, reportedly due to
the persecutions he had suffered while Part 2: With a
Suffering Soul
of the demands of the God of Israel rst around age 12 by the Jesuit mission- in Japan.
and foremost. The path to Wisdom, and We should not think that our service Diane Montagna ary Gaspare diLella, he took the name A report from the Catholic News Agen-
to a successful and secure life, was rst towards the Lord justies bad relation- February 7, 2017 Justo, for the early Christian apologist cy quotes Father Anton Witwer, general
of all the way of Torah, supplemented ships with others. Jesus uses the occa- and saint, Justin Martyr. postulator of the Society of Jesus, who Meditation:
by the worldly wisdom of many various sion to inculcate the necessity of exercis-Today an historic event is tak- The familys exalted position in feudal told them in 2014 when the samurais
cultures. Second Reading: 1Corinthians ing in every respect a spirit of love, so ing place in Japan, as a samurai Japan gave them control over vast lands cause was sent to Rome, [Takayama] Jesus: My child, do not be
2:6-10: The church of God in Corinth as, not only to entertain no anger in and armies and also made it possible for did not want to ght against other Chris-
was a large one, as we learn from Acts ones own heart. warrior who chose a life of them to give assistance to Jesuit mis- tians, and this led him to live a poor life, discouraged. I know your
18:10. It had within it some very dis- poverty and exile and even- sionaries as they expanded their reach because when a samurai does not obey boundless trust in Me; I know
turbing elements introducing ways and Quotation of the week: I have found the tually Christian martyrdom you are aware of My goodness
habits and even doctrines of a sort which paradox, that if you love until it hurts, over obedience to an oppressive and mercy. Let us talk in detail
were common enough in the Corin- there can be no more hurt, only more
thian world, but which were absolutely love. Mother Teresa.
regime, is being beatied by the about everything that weighs so
contrary to the nature and spirit of the Roman Catholic Church, coming heavily upon your heart.
Christian community. Partly perhaps it one step closer to being declared
was due to the ignorance of the Corin- a canonized saint. Soul: Your response.
thian Christians, who had inquired from
the Apostle Paul certain questions. Still Jesus: Talk to Me simply, as a
Paul not only answered their questions friend to a friend. Tell Me now,
but also called their attention in most The souls that say this chaplet will be embraced by My mercy during their lifetime and
vigorous language about their grievous especially at the hour of their death (754). -- Words of Jesus in the Diary of St. Faustina My child, what hinders you
errors both in behavior and doctrine. from advancing in holiness?
This he did not do in annoyance or anger
or sarcasm, but, out of much afiction Using the rosary beads, recite one Our Father, one
and anguish of heart... Gospel: Mat- Hail Mary, and one I Believe in God. Soul: Your response.
thew 5:17-37 or 5:20-22a, 27-28, 33-
34a, 37: The Jewish teachers had taught On the Our Father beads say this prayer, which My Prayer Response:
that nothing except actual murder was was given by Our Lord to St. Faustina (1905-1938).
forbidden by the sixth commandment. Lord Jesus, please help me to talk to
Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul
Therefore they missed its spiritual mean- and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord You freely about things that weigh upon
ing. Christ showed the full meaning of Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of my heart. And also help me to listen to
this commandment; according to which the whole world. You as You direct me in my response to
we must be judged hereafter. Jesus these painful situations.
exposes the essence of the heresy of the On the Hail Mary beads say:
scribes. To them, the law was really only *Diary passages with bolded words are
a matter of external performance, never For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy Jesus speaking. Diary of St. Maria Faustina
a question of the heart. Jesus brings the on us and on the whole world. Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul 1987
law back to the matters of the heart. Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Concep-
In conclusion say three times: tion of the B.V.M. Excerpted from Divine
Mercy Minutes with Jesus: Praying Daily on
Reections: The explanation which our Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One, Jesus Words from the Diary of St. Faustina
Lord has given us of the sixth command- have mercy on us and on the whole world. by Rev. George W. Kosicki, CSB 2010

Proclaim that mercy is the greatest attribute of God. All the works of My hand are crowned with mercy.
Encinitas is the site of the future Divine Mercy Shrine. -- Jesus to St. Faustina Kowalska, Divine Mercy in My Soul (Diary #301)
The site is on Encinitas Blvd., east of I-5, about a mile and a half from
Moonlight Beach and two miles south of the Paramhansa Yogananda
Self-Realization Center. If you would like to know more about the project,
please contact Zarina Cruz at zaricruz@att.net or check for updates on
www.divinemercyhills.org, the official website of the Divine Mercy Hills
Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC).

Future Site of the Divine Mercy Shrine Encinitas CA

Jesus I Trust In You!
GPS 701 Encinitas Blvd, Encinitas 92024 or Google Divine Mercy Shrine Encinitas for directions to site.
A project of the Divine Mercy Hills Foundation of Southern California (DMHFSC), a 501(c)3 non profit.
Mission Statement. The DMHFSC is dedicated to the design, development, and maintenance of a Divine Mercy Shrine located in Encinitas, CA. for the
purpose of spreading to an aching world the Divine Mercy message and devotion. To draw people of all nations, cultures, and beliefs to a vessel with
which they are to keep coming in prayer for graces to the fountain of mercy - the Image of the Divine Mercy. For meditational and contemplative prayers
venerating this image with trust in our Lord Jesus Christ who said, "I promise that the soul that will venerate this Image will not perish. I also promise
victory over its enemies already here on earth, especially at the hour of death. I myself will defend it as My own glory... By means of this image I shall
grant many graces to souls." Through this shrine we shall proclaim to the whole world God's unfathomable Mercy.
Preliminary Architectural Concept by DOMUS Studio Visit www.divinemercyhills.org
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Arts & Culture

From Navy SEAL to showbiz
enter show business. I cant go into exact details of mis-
I had no training (in entertainment) sions Ive done, all I can say this that
whatsoever, he said. I just have the your collectively having served a career
right temperament for it. with the US Navy SEAL means im-
And the right background (if one may mense pride. Its something I can look
add) to mine for story ideas for an eight- back on and draw from. You know, it
episode, action-packed series. may sound funny but once youve done
a career like that, it almost feels like
According to the production notes, theres nothing you cant do. You had
The eight-episode rst season of Six to dig. I had to dig so deep, you know,
follows members of the Navy SEAL to be in spirit with the rest of these

Ayaw Kong Madinig

Team Six, whose covert mission to Inspired by real Navy SEAL mis- amazing guys. But now, as I leave that
eliminate a Taliban leader in Afghani- sions, History Channels action drama career behind and get into entertainment,
stan goes awry when they uncover a US Six airs on Thursday nights at 10 its quite frankly very foreign to me. I
citizen working with terrorists. Inspired never imagined being in the entertain-
by real missions, the series authentically ment business. Im applying the same Hindi maipagkakaila sa iyong mga mata
captures the inside world of Americas simply about what these SEALS do on principles to this new facet of my life.
elite Special Operations unit, what these the battleeld but its also about who Just being very aggressive and resilient, ang tunay na laman ng iyong puso at kaluluwa
SEALS do, their personal lives, combat these men are, who these men are at you know, with everything that I have, na ninanais mo ng kumalas sa ating pagsinta
and the life-and-death decisions they home, the struggles they have at home in because instead of being the best SEAL,
make to protect and serve their country. being good husbands and good fathers, I wanna be the best producer and the at dito sa ating sumpaan maging malaya ka na.
by Nathalie Tomada, Philstar. Hall told The STAR that he decided to and then ultimately, the costs that they best adviser I can be.
be a producer on the show because he have incurred by trying to do this Ngunit hindi mo nga mawika ang tunay na dahilan
com | MANILA, 2/6/2017 Mili- believes viewers will always be inter- you know, to execute this impossible On what led him to the entertainment
tary and showbiz seem like an ested in what the most elite warriors balance. business: kung bakit ang lahat ay nais mo nang talikuran
odd combination. But it works of our time are doing. He said the US subalit huwag mag-alala sa 'yong kapasiyahan
perfectly ne for retired US Navy Navy SEALS has garnered a lot of atten- On how he got into the elite Navy Yeah, they (military and entertain-
tion in the media over the last ve to 10 SEALS: ment) are worlds apart. And, to be hindi kita tatanungin, tatanggapin ko na lamang.
SEAL Mitchell Hall. years, most especially for the capture of honest, I was never even, even a little bit
Hall was the consultant on the Bin Laden which spawned a Holly- I have a very, I guess, what I would interested in entertainment. I received a
Bin Laden lm Zero Dark Thirty, wood account via Zero Dark Thirty. call normal upbringing with divorced random phone call from the producers Ang hindi mo lang alam ay winasak mo na ang puso ko
among other combat-themed I guess, (theres) no shortage of mate- parents, nancial struggles and you of Zero Dark Thirty. I listened to this bigat nitong nararamdaman ay hindi mo lang tanto
rial out there about Navy SEALS these know, so many things with so many, I gentleman on the phone and I was, I may dahilan pa kaya ang mabuhay ako sa mundo
Hollywood lms. He currently days, Hall said, noting however, that have to admit, not interested at all. But
guess I would call them average Joes
serves as the technical advisor what makes Six different is that it shows wed have to deal with, gearing into out of respect for the guy and respect sa labis na kabiguan lahat mandin ay nagbago.
and producer of the war drama the elite units respective lives at home. childhood and gearing into adulthood. that they won an Oscar for Hurt Locker,
series Six, which Filipino view- But I believe we are the rst to show And then, for me, I just have this drive, I had to nish the conversation. And
the guys at home as well. this so-called switch kind of ip for me when I hung up the phone, I already Ngunit hindi ako dapat na panghinaan ng loob
ers can watch on the History Here are more excerpts from the phone and I was kinda captured by the idea made up my mind that I wasnt going kailangang magpakatatag alisin ang poot
Channel on Thursday nights at interview: of being this elite soldier that I worked to do it. But one of the things that Ive
10. for. And quite frankly, it was a gamble learned in this second career of mine is at anuman ang dahilan ibaon na lang sa limot
On why Hall decided to co-produce and there was no guarantee I was gonna to, you know, always have the conversa- ayaw ko nang madinig pa, nais ko ng pumalaot.
A quick look at his bio on www.mili- Six: do it. As a matter of fact, the odds were tion. And so, I just kind of turned it over
tarytimes.com tells you of a decorated, stacked squarely against me. You know, in my head a little bit more and decided
two-decades-plus military career. He Well, again, its a very, I guess, what 70, 75, 77 percent of the people that go that okay, I can always go do this and At sa dako pa roon, doon ay aking hahanapin
received the US presidential award, the I call sexy material. You know, again, through this training dont make it. So, leave anytime I want. And so I went and kaligayahang naudlot baka naghihintay sa akin
Silver Star, for his work as the chief right now, in this current time, the Navy its a course, its hard by design because I had to be in Jordan. I think it was ve
special warfare operator of the US Navy. SEALS are a hot item. And there have youre trying to nd the few and far be- or six days later. And it turned out I was diyan ka na muna at akin siyang sasalubungin
The website also noted his extraordi- been a bunch of lms about it every- tween soldiers that can actually take on wrong and I had the most amazing expe- ang panibagong kasaysayan nitong buhay kong angkin.
nary bravery while he and his team- thing from Zero Dark Thirty to Lone these strategic strategically important rience with (director) Kathryn Bigelow
mates were under enemy attack during a Survivor to Act of Valor. So, theres missions. and Mark Purcell who wrote the movie
deployment in Iraq. no shortage of interest in this. But the and it was the exact opposite experi-
With that, Hall was right to say in a one thing that hasnt been done, that On some of his most unforgettable ence that I thought its gonna be. It was
phone interview with The STAR that we have done here, is weve shown experiences/missions as a Navy SEAL: amazing. Kathryn was awesome to work
hes the least person youd expect to the home life, too. You know, its not for. Mark was awesome to work for. The
crew turned themselves inside out to tell
an amazing story and I found out that I
Wanted Part-time Delivery Driver
(Fridays only) Call 619.746.3416
had a good temperament for this busi-

ness and being the mediator between the
ordan is a loving, intelligent, and energetic boy who, at a very young age, was authentic and, you know, the creative.
diagnosed with autism. As a result, he is signicantly limited in his communica-
tion skills, social development, and academic progress. He exhibits some be-
havioral issues and maladaptive habits. Additionally, Jordan sometimes has to con-
tend with those who are either not receptive to or not well-informed about special
needs individuals.
Despite his condition, Jordans family loves him unceasingly. Together, they persevere through
the challenges that accompany the autism and do all they can to obtain the best services and bene
ts available for Jordan. As time goes by and the family adjusts to their unique struggles, they are
hit with another major blow. Just prior to reaching adolescence, Jordan is diagnosed with type 1
diabetes. All of a sudden, Jordans health issues are more than just social and developmental; they
are now also physical. Yet amidst the devastating news and the extremely di cult process overall,
the family continues to put their full trust in God.
Half My Life: e Testimony of a Father and His Special Needs Child began as just a poem composed by Jordans
father. Years later, it grew into this biographical journal. Much of it was not planned out initially but written on the spot
as thoughts and ideas came to the mind of the author and as memories and emotions lled his heart. It chronicles the
adventures and experience, the highlights and the struggles, and the surprises and setbacks as told from the perspective
of one of Jordans biggest fanshis dad.
The author will donate a portion of the proceeds to the following organizations, among others: Autism Speaks, the
PADRE Foundation (for juvenile diabetes research), and the Tim Tebow Foundation (for kids in need).

Details of my book:

Half My Life: The Testimony of a Father and His Special Needs Child By Joseph Lim

My book is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo Books, and iTunes. Here is the publishers webpage
for my book which contains links to all the major websites where my book is sold, as well as a YouTube promotional
video trailer:

I also have a Facebook page for my book. From your FB account, search on the title, Half My Life: The Testimony
of a Father and His Special Needs Child. Or try this link.
Please feel free to share this information, Like on Facebook, etc. Every little bit helps. Please help me spread the
word for a good cause. You may contact me if you wish via email (josephslim@yahoo.com) or phone (909) 868-8144.

Thank you,
Joseph Lim
Clinic Hours (National City) : Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat - 9am to 6pm
(Poway): Tuesday & Thursday 10am to 6pm
Half My Life:
The Testimony of a Father and His Special Needs Child
AUTHOR: Joseph Lim
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing
Half My Life: The Testimony of a Father and His Special Needs Child is a true story of unconditional love and lessons in patience
and faith. Its about a loving, intelligent, and energetic boy named Jordan, who is diagnosed with autism and diabetes. This book is
a vivid chronicle of the highlights and struggles, the joys and challenges, experienced by a special child and his family.
Available online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes, Kobo books, and Barnes & Noble.
Part of the proceeds will be donated to charities for autism, diabetes and special kids.
Visit Facebook page named, Half My Life: The Testimony of a Father and His Special Needs Child
Contact us at: josephslim@yahoo.com
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Classified Ads
Our late New engineered VIP
periodic pay could make a difference in
their attitude towards tardiness.
( Continued from page 13 ) I also do not know if you would get ( Continued from page 1 )
( Continued from page 14 )
my drift on this episode when I was still
guest speaker, or high ofcial have the teaching in Zambia. So, on my rst day, said Gang Tan, an associate professor in the document said.
penchant for being late. In the Philip- I wrote the word color on the black- the University of Wyoming's Depart- De Lima told a news conference on
pines, the higher one is in the hierar- board and my African students started ment of Civil and Architectural Engi- Wednesday that she had indisputable,
chy, the later they could come to any giggling. Zambia used to be a colony of neering and a co-author of the paper. A1 information that Aguirre had
event. Thus, when one is not among the Great Britain and their English is basi- In addition to being useful for cool- restored the special privileges of the
hierarchy but is late, we have the phrase cally British not American. So, I asked ing of buildings and power plants, the inmates in exchange for their testimony.
pa-importante. them what was funny. Almost simultane- material could also help improve the De Lima said she feared that access
On stories about being late in the Phil- ously, several of them blurted that my efciency and lifetime of solar panels. to cell phones and the internet would
ippines, these appear to be tame when spelling of color is wrong. It has to be In direct sunlight, panels can overheat to enable the convicts to resume vending
I relate my experiences with Zambian with a u as in colour. I could almost temperatures that hamper their ability to drugs, the very crime they had been
time. Having stayed in the African coun- hear their minds questioning: Is this our convert solar rays into electricity. busted for, from their cells.
try for four and a half years, I have come Feature Writing instructor? He does not "Just by applying this material to the She said she made the disclosure to
to learn that see you at ten could mean even know how to spell a simple word. surface of a solar panel, we can cool show how the Duterte administration
sometime in the afternoon; see you I went into a tirade. I told them that my the panel and recover an additional one was betraying its own campaign against
tomorrow could mean next week; and English is American inuenced. And to two percent of solar efciency," said drugs, granting favors to big-time deal-
see you next month could mean never. you know what? If you write color with Yin. "That makes a big difference at ers while exterminating the small ones.
Maybe things have changed for, after all, a u a thousand times, it would, perhaps, scale." [T]hey are the worst kind of hypo-
I was there 30 years ago. Nonetheless, make you a thousand seconds longer The engineers have applied for a pat- crites, De Lima said, referring to the
then, ordinary ofce workers would go than an American who will write color ent for the technology and are working administration. [In the] war on drugs,
afooting or running to work in ones without a u. A thousand seconds is, of with CU Boulder's Technology Transfer they are killing the small ones while
coat and tie. Tired and already late for course, roughly 16 minutes. Maybe that Ofce to explore potential commer- spoiling the big sh just because they
30 minutes to an hour, although clients is why the Americans liberated them- cial applications. They plan to create testied against me. Thats the quid pro
might already be at a long queue, the selves from Mother England and why a 200-square-meter "cooling farm" quo.
ofce worker will spend another hour the United States is more progressive prototype in Boulder in 2017. De Lima said Aguirre, one of Mr.
resting. After the rest, it would already than Great Britain. The invention is the result of a $3 mil- Dutertes allies accusing her of involve-
be tea time and the break could last for So, when I wrote humor on the board, lion grant awarded in 2015 to Yang, Yin ment in the drug trade, could be held
as long as thirty minutes. By the time nobody laughed anymore. and Tang by the Energy Department's liable for various offenses for granting
the ofce worker faces the mountain of But then, again, the humor of our late Advanced Research Projects Agency- special privileges to the convicts.
paper work in front of him, the clients is always on time, could be accepting Energy (ARPA-E). De los Santos forwarded the report to
queue would have become longer. At the an attitude with no push for circumven- "The key advantage of this technology Aguirres ofce on Dec. 16.
end of the day, those late in the queue tions so a nation could be more progres- is that it works 24/7 with no electric- Aguirre conrmed on Wednesday that
would have to return tomorrow or next sive. I believe Filipinos are still in labour ity or water usage," said Yang "We're he had received the report, but denied
week. Things should be faster now with in this regard. excited about the opportunity to explore ordering the grant of special privileges

How do you
them already also on high technology. potential uses in the power industry, to the convicts.
The Filipino time, however, compared aerospace, agriculture and more." I absolutely deny it. I made no such
to Zambian time, should not be justied Materials provided by University of order, he said in a statement.
nor rationalized. The fact, however, is ( Continued from page 2 )
Colorado at Boulder. Note: Content may
that there are really factors that make love by what we do to those relatives be edited for style and length.
the Filipinos late and the primary factor, and friends around us everyday.
I believe is that being late is already an I agree. Life is too short and its really
accepted norm. I dont know if it also important to hug our wife and kids
counts but since we are largely and and tell them we love them at every
agrarian based economy, even the urban opportunity possible. Whenever we see
areas are set in an agrarian mode after them or they say goodbye to leave town,
planting, what else could you do but we should hug them and utter endearing
30 Years wait, have siesta, or whatever. Then
there is the enervating heat and humidity
words. Whenever I talk to my kids over
the phone while they are in school out

that makes one prone not to move at all. of town, I repeat the reassuring words.
I believe there is also the factor of, Sometimes they feel embarrassed,
compared to the United States, most especially when their friends are within
Filipinos are paid on a weekly, bi-week- hearing distance. I was able to establish
ly, or monthly basis vis--vis the per a kind of relationship with my children
hour practice in the US. I believe that that prevented either of us from becom-
per hour lateness of an American makes ing too proud to say those magic words.
them an hour wage less and is a push Sadly, in some parent-children relation-
for them not to be late. For a Filipino to ships, pride has prevented parents from
be late everyday but still receive a full reassuring their kids of their love in
their effort to discipline their loved ones.
Sometimes saying I love you to the
kids makes some parents feel that their
children might become swellheaded and
ignore the lessons of the disciplinary ac-
Work for the San Diegos
tions whenever their kids go astray.
My father had a way of expressing his
Top Home Care Agency!
love to me when I was young. Whenever
he brought me along to watch a movie
or purchase paper supplies in Chinatown
for our printing business, he would hold
my hand, pressing my palm every now
Now Hiring
and then. Weird, but this was his way of Exerienced Caregivers
hugging and telling me that he loved me.
I have retained it in my mind, which is for Live-In & Hourly Shifts
one of my happiest memories about him.
My mom was also too proud to say,
I love you. She would just tell me to Top Pay Flexible Hours Great Benefits
take care in her letters or laugh at my
jokes. And when the joke was about her, Requirements
she would say, gago mo (you stupid)!
and smile. My parents were always 3 professional references
supportive whenever we needed them. Proof of eligibility to work in the US
That was their way of saying we love
you! Doing what they wanted us to do,
never going astray, and taking good care
of our studies, job and family life is our
Call for an appointment
way of assuring them that we love them Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
in return.
How about you? How do you express
your love to your family? Or are you too La Jolla Apply Online!
proud to express it to them? - AJ
858-842-1346 HCAmatch.com
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As the Free Sensing Endeavor PH eyes 6 high-impact

the News event entrepreneurs in 2017
Bamboos at San Diego
revenues and helped create over 600,000

by Rudy Liporada State University Endeavor Philippines is the organiza-

tions third afliate ofce in Southeast
Asia. In the last two years, it has helped
Read previous articles by Rudy Liporada
at ww.asianjournalusa.com Event attendees will learn to eight entrepreneurs from six organiza-
incorporate sensor tools into tions in various industries.
To date, the local portfolio includes:
their newsgathering to help them
Our late is always on time
Nix Nolledo of Xurpas (2015), Vivek
facilitate their daily workow. Padmanabhan and Brian Cotter of PSG
Global Solutions (2015), Steve Benitez
The Center for Investigative Re- of Bos Coffee (2016), Christopher
As the Bamboos Sway sea waves to the island of the caves were Reiter and Kenneth Cobonpue (2016),
by Rudy D. Liporada an hour late in their rotation; never mind
porting and San Diego State Uni-
Bottom row: Endeavor Philippines tenberg, refers to entrepreneurs with the Meredith Ngo of Adobo Connection
versitys School of Journalism

that the promised rotation of the boats team led by Manny Ayala (center). Top ability to create large, successful busi- (2016), and Farouk Meralli of mClinica
y wife was get- going in and out of the underground and Media Studies are hosting row, from left to right: Jose Victor Em- nesses that disrupt their industries and (2016).
caves varied from 10 to 20 minutes late. a one-day event explaining how manuel Jocot de Dios, Danny Lizares, that have the desire to pay it forward Endeavor was founded in Argentina
ting anxious that All those times of lateness added to our Gabby Lopez, David Guerrero, Nix Nol- by nurturing other entrepreneurs. in 1997, during the onset of the global
the Internet of Things, made up
we were going to discomfort of suffering the blistering
of low-cost sensors and hardware ledo, Javi Infante, Meredith Ngo, Ken- Endeavor said it selects entrepreneurs nancial crisis," Ayala said.
sun, the humidity, and tic and mosquito
be late for an appointment attacks. Nonetheless, in spite of it all, at to collect original data, brings
neth Cobonpue, Steve Benitez, Julio through a rigorous screening process "Twenty years later, very few would
Jun D. Sy, Jr., Anton Huang, Bobbit involving local and global mentors. have predicted that about 70 Endeavor
in Baguio City, Philippines the end of the hectic tour, we had fun. unique opportunities and chal- Panlilio, David San Pedro, Hans Sicat, Upon selection, entrepreneurs receive Entrepreneurs companies would have
during our recent visit to And the guides comment of our late lenges to the newsroom, as well and Benjamin Ben Avancena. Hand- support from global and local business qualied for the Inc500 of the fastest
is always on time spiced the banter out photo mentors, access to professional services, growing U.S. companies since 1997,
the Islands. I told her not to among us and made our day. as the communities journalists
and growth capital. Ayala continued.
worry. Im sure he will also Of course those who had been cover. Event attendees will have
ABS CBN News | MANILA, Endeavor said it helps entrepreneurs What we found out is this: regard-
be late, I said, referring to Americanized among us had to churn a chance to try out sensor tools grow their businesses by connecting less of the economic and geopolitical
in American time that to be on the dot 2/10/2017 The Philippine arm
the person we were meeting. and techniques and use them to them to a global network of over 3,000 climate, if we stick to our mandate of
during appointment is actually already of global non-prot Endeavor is business leaders who have volunteered mentoring high-impact entrepreneurs
I was then reminded of a tour tackle a presented challenge. The
late, that to be on time is to be 15 min- seeking to bring six high-impact to provide mentoring and connections who are driven to pay it forward, the
guides statement when we utes early. Reason being: transactions winner of the challenge will re- multiplier effect will continue. For
entrepreneurs into Endeavors focused on access to markets, capital
visited Palawan Island in the should be done on the dot, not settling ceive resources post-event to see and talent. the Philippines in 2017, we want six
to be comfortable, wiping your sweat or global network in 2017 with a
archipelago in 2014 with some their idea through to fruition. During Endeavor Philippines recent more companies on-boarded to put our
xing yourself on your chair on the ap- view to helping them scale up second anniversary celebration, Manag- portfolio at 12they in turn will mentor
other tourists. The lady guide pointment time. Just in case one is late, This innovative event is part of a their businesses. ing Director Manny Ayala discussed more, he added.
must have blurted so many times a 15 minute grace is usually acceptable special conference series created by The its 2016 global impact report, stating Endeavors Board consists of Bob-
in the past when she notices that but where one must already be apologiz- Center for Investigative Reporting dedi- High-impact entrepreneurs, a term its pool of 1,336 entrepreneurs gener- bit Panlilio, Jaime Augusto Zobel de
ing profusely. Being caught in trafc is cated to creating collaborations between coined by Endeavor founder Linda Rot- ated approximately USD 8.1-billion in
tourists have become exasperat- no excuse.
( Continued on page 14 )
journalists and innovators who are work-
ed: I am really sorry, ladies and The horrendous trafc is the most ing at the intersection of investigative
gentlemen, but Im sure that by convenient excuse in being late in the reporting and technology.
this time you have become aware Philippines. This is not to mention the
long queues for commuters to get a cab Saturday, February 11, 2017 from 9
that our late is always on time. or ride a jeepney. Starting earlier or a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
waking up early most often does not also https://www.eventbrite.com/e/
The laughter she generated seemed to work because thousands are also starting
have melted our ill feelings about almost techraking-sensing-the-news-tick-
earlier or waking up early with you. ets-30473667560
all scheduled escapades in the Philip- Added to the mix of excuses is that a
pines being late. Never mind that the relative or a friend suddenly dropped in
Cebu-Pacic plane ight from Manila Location
without notice and had to be maistima Peterson Gym, Room 153, San Diego
to Palawan was one hour late taking or one met someone on the way to the
off; never mind that the shuttle bus that State University
appointment and the chat had to be done.
picked us up from the airport to the hotel Even when a cat had died or something
was ten minutes late; never mind that Media Contacts
else mundane could also be used as an Amy Schmitz Weiss, Associate Profes-
the shuttle that was to bring us to the excuse.
launching beach for the underground sor, School of Journalism and Media
Programs do not also usually start Studies : (619) 594-3504 (e):
caves the following day was late for thir- on time because the mayor, governor,
ty minutes; never mind that the bankas aschmitz@mail.sdsu.edu
that were to fetch us to slice through the ( Continued on page 12 )

Attend a free presentation in San Diego.

Call (619) 746-3416 for reservation and information.
Page 14 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com February 10-16, 2017

Indonesian entrepreneur tackles plastic New engineered material can cool roofs,
scourge with cassava carrier bags structures with zero energy consumption
Engineers have developed a scalable manufactured metamaterial -- an engineered material with
By Manila Bulletin (AFP) |
extraordinary properties not found in nature -- to act as a kind of air conditioning system for
Jakarta, 2/8/2017 From bags
structures. It has the ability to cool objects even under direct sunlight with zero energy and water
washing up on Balis beaches to
food packaging scattered across
110W/m2 for continuous 72 hours and
roads and clogging waterways in larger than 90W/m2 in direct, noon-time
cities, Indonesia is facing a plas- sunlight. That cooling power is roughly
tic waste crisis driven by years of equivalent to the electricity generated
rapid economic growth. using solar cells for similar area, but the
Now an entrepreneur from Bali, radiative cooling has the advantage of
continuous running both day and night.
disgusted at the rubbish litter- "Just 10 to 20 square meters of this
ing the famous holiday island, material on the rooftop could nicely cool
is trying to tackle the problem down a single-family house in summer,"
with alternatives to conventional ( Continued on page 12 )

His company, Avani Eco, produces
goods including cassava carrier bags,
takeaway food containers made from
sugarcane and straws fashioned from ( Continued from page 13 )
corn starch, which founder Kevin Kum- Ayala, ABS-CBN's Gabby Lopez, Anton
ala says biodegrade relatively quickly Huang, Jun Sy, Bong Consing and Injap
and dont leave any toxic residue. -- ScienceDaily real-world applications of this radia- Sia.
Im an avid diver and surfer, and Im tive cooling technology," said Xiaobo It has built a network of 40 mentors
out there seeing this plastic pollution in A team of University of Colo- Yin, co-director of the research and that include business leaders such as
front of my very eyes, says Kumala, rado Boulder engineers has de- an assistant professor who holds dual Billy Valtos (ICCP), David Guerrero
explaining why he decided to get into graduate, is happy to demonstrate the vegetable fats and oil, while common appointments in CU Boulder's Depart- (BBDO Guerrero), Ginbee Go (BPI
the business of biodegradable plastics, bags are not harmful he put some ma- plastics are made from natural gas or
veloped a scalable manufactured ment of Mechanical Engineering and Family) and Hans Sicat (PSE).
known as bioplastics. terial from a cassava bag into a glass of petroleum. metamaterial -- an engineered the Materials Science and Engineering Endeavor Philippines is supported by
After witnessing the pollution around hot water, watched it quickly dissolve, UNEP senior ofcial Habib El-Habr, material with extraordinary prop- Program. Yin received DARPA's Young donors including J.P. Morgan.
Bali, he insists tackling the problem is and then gulped down the resulting who works on protecting the marine erties not found in nature -- to Faculty Award in 2015.

Hard work
something that needs to be done. concoction. environment, said bioplastics were in- The material takes advantage of pas-
His project comes at a critical time for
act as a kind of air conditioning sive radiative cooling, the process by
It gives hope to sea animals, they are novative solutions that could be part
action on the issue. A 2016 report by the no longer choking or ingesting some- of a long-term solution, but added: We system for structures. It has the which objects naturally shed heat in ( Continued from page 7 )
Ellen MacArthur foundation warned that thing that could be hazardous, he said. dont know enough about this technol- ability to cool objects even under the form of infrared radiation, without
another couple would often sing for two
by 2050 there will be more plastic than About three tons of the bags are ogy. direct sunlight with zero energy consuming energy. Thermal radiation
to three hours on the front porch of our
sh in the ocean, measuring by weight. produced a day at the Java factory and He said the UN body favored the man- provides some natural nighttime cooling
and water consumption. and is used for residential cooling in
house. Two to three times a week they
At the World Economic Forum in sold to businesses including shops and agement of plastic through such strate- would sing in church. Mom and Dad
Davos this January, 40 of the worlds hotel groups, mostly in Bali and across gies as working with big companies. When applied to a surface, some areas, but daytime cooling has
worked tirelessly throughout the week
biggest companies agreed to come up Indonesia, but also to a growing number Still Indonesia needs all the help it the metamaterial lm cools the historically been more of a challenge.
but at the end of the week they wanted
with cleaner ways to make and use the of companies abroad. can get to deal with its waste. Current object underneath by efciently For a structure exposed to sunlight, even
to cut loose and sing and many churches
material. Being environmentally friendly does rubbish collection and disposal systems a small amount of directly-absorbed
reecting incoming solar energy solar energy is enough to negate passive
gladly received them.
In Indonesia, the waves of plastic cost however, with a cassava bag typi- are inadequate to deal with rising plastic
ooding into rivers and oceans has been cally about three US cents more expen- use. back into space while simulta- radiation.
Singing and dancing comes from the
causing problems for years waterways sive than a plastic bag. Tuti Hendrawati Mintarsih, a senior neously allowing the surface to The challenge for the CU Boulder
soul. There has to be an internal emotion
in cities become clogged, increasing the The material for the other products ofcial from Indonesias environment shed its own heat in the form of researchers, then, was to create a mate-
that is within the heart that desires to
risk of oods, as well as death and injury Avani Eco sells are sourced in Indone- ministry who deals with waste, conceded infrared thermal radiation. rial that could provide a one-two punch:
leap out in joyful expression. In other
to marine animals who become tramped sia, but some items are currently made there was currently no government fund- reect any incoming solar rays back into
words you have to want to do it and feel
or ingest plastic packaging. in China as it is more cost effective to do ing specically aimed at reducing plastic the atmosphere while still providing a
The new material, which is described like doing it. I am not sure how many
The archipelago of over 17,000 islands so though this does add to their carbon waste. means of escape for infrared radiation.
today in the journal Science, could pro- people today feel so good that they
is one of the worst offenders when it footprint. However, she said authorities were To solve this, the researchers embedded
vide an eco-friendly means of supple- want to sing and dance and celebrate
comes to marine littering, with US Kumala says the nal products can bio- planning to implement a nationwide visibly-scattering but infrared-radiant
mentary cooling for thermoelectric living. Too many no longer have even a
charity Oceans Conservancy estimating degrade in just a matter of months and scheme compelling shops to charge for glass microspheres into a polymer lm.
power plants, which currently require faint hum or occasional shufe. Many
the country dumps the second-highest the bags disappear almost instantly in plastic bags this year, a scheme that has They then added a thin silver coating un-
large amounts of water and electricity to Americans no longer have a twinkle in
amount of plastic into the sea, behind hot water unlike the years required for been trialed in other cities and has suc- derneath in order to achieve maximum
maintain the operating temperatures of their eyes.
only China. conventional plastic to break down. cessfully reduced usage. spectral reectance.
their machinery.
Kumala set up Avani Eco several years However, other bioplastics have long Despite the challenges, Kumala is "Both the glass-polymer metamate-
The researchers' glass-polymer hybrid Many of us watch the news and we see
ago with its headquarters on Bali and a been on the market, and the United upbeat that Indonesias plastic scourge rial formation and the silver coating are
material measures just 50 micrometers a lot of unhappiness. We see a lot of ran-
main factory on Java island, and the bio- Nations Environment Program (UNEP) can be tackled and has plans to expand manufactured at scale on roll-to-roll
thick -- slightly thicker than the alumi- cor and critical, degrading talk on social
degradable goods went on sale in 2015. has expressed scepticism about the to other countries in the region. processes," added Ronggui Yang, also
num foil found in a kitchen -- and can media. There is too much unhappiness.
The most popular product is the bags industry. The UN body concluded in a He explained: The whole of Asia is a professor of mechanical engineering
be manufactured economically on rolls,
made from cassava an edible tropi- 2015 report that they tended to be more really drowning in an ocean of plas- and a Fellow of the American Society of
making it a potentially viable large-scale A lot of unhappiness comes from the
cal root that is cheap and abundant in expensive and were unlikely to play a tic pollution. -- http://news.mb.com. Mechanical Engineers.
technology for both residential and com- world of religion. Where did religious
Indonesia with the words I AM NOT major role in reducing marine litter. ph/2017/02/08/indonesian-entrepreneur- During eld tests in Boulder, Colorado
mercial applications. entities and many churches ever get
PLASTIC emblazoned on them. Bioplastics are dened as plastics made tackles-plastic-scourge-with-cassava- and Cave Creek, Arizona, the metamate-
"We feel that this low-cost manufactur- the idea that good religion means an
The entrepreneur, who is a biology from materials such as corn starch and carrier-bags/ rial successfully demonstrated its aver-
ing process will be transformative for unhappy, joyless person? A lot of Middle
age radiative cooling power larger than
Eastern religious groups are all about
people being glum and joyless. This is
probably why some groups don't want to
Now Available: was aghast, but realized he was jok-
ing. She hit him on the shoulder. He
knew the ice was broken. Chapter
Tidbits from this book your
inquiring mind wants to know:
How did Amalia Fuentes get her
last name?
Get all the answers in this book,
hear much about Jesus who told funny
stories and was the life of the party.
Books by Asian Journal San Diego 2 : Movie Star How many children does Tessie Balik Tanaw:
The Filipino Movie Stars
A lot of America's problems started on
April 21st, 1964 when President Lyndon
Tula ng
Agana have?
(Continued from page 1)
Who are the two movie star cousins of Yesteryears! Johnson declared his war on poverty. He

Promised Complicated of Robert Arevalo?

came to Martin County, Kentucky and
mga Piling
Whose autograph of a famous come-
dian Perla Bautista sought that led her sat on Tom Fletcher's porch while the

Betel Nuts & Other Stories by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
Entertaining and easy-to-read short stories inspired by a
SIMEON G. SILVERIO, JR. Affairs to become a movie star?
What physical attributes did Bernard
media captured the iconic picture that
Betel Nuts & Other Stories

put a face on President Johnson's war

Filipinos experience in growing up in the Philippines.

Bonnie have that made him a top

Excerpts from the book

on poverty. I was in Inez that day, just

One day, however, the duckling went inside an opening under the house.
Borobot waited for it to come out but it did not. He kept waiting even when
it got dark, but there was no sign of the duckling. When his father came by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. sprinter in college?
by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. a child and clueless as to what it was
home that evening, he told him about his missing duckling. His dad took a

Who is the other movie star brother

flashlight and pointed it toward the opening. He inserted a long stick inside
and tried to stir it. They could hear some squealing but no quacking. Finally,

all about. President Johnson's idea that

his dad told him the bad news: The rats have eaten your duckling. Borobot
The colorful and incredible story of Robert Campos?
cried and cried for a very long time. from Chapter 2 Childhood Tales
By Joe Cabrera
The inspirational and difcult
If there is a person that can aptly be called the son of a bitch, which in
of a Filipino Americans compli- Who was the Manila couturier that
Pilipino, is synonymous to the phrase, the son of a whore (anak ng puta), it

journey of two Filipino cousins Excerpts from the book federal dollars handed out to millions of
Mayrong isang tao, itoy impresa- was instrumental in making Charlie
would be Tikboy. Tikboy was one of Erics playmates on Platerias Street where
Eric lived with his family on the second floor of his fathers printing business
cated affairs.
in Manila in 1957. Tikboys mother, Purita, worked as a prostitute in a brothel
marrying U.S. Navy personnel for people would solve America's poverty
Davao a movie star?
across the street from Erics house. from Chapter 6 - Just Like Any Mother

migration and nancial purposes.

From where he sat, he could tell Juanita had just bathed. Her hair was still damp
and the fragrant scent of her cheap bath soap wafted through the air. She hardly no-
ticed him as she was minding her own business. While he pretended to be concen-
rio Who was the top actor Myrna Del- problems sounded good to many but it
As a piece of the Filipino-American
trating on his reading, he would occasionally take a sneak peak at her, feasting his
Na ang hanap buhay, maglabas ng gado had an affair with that produced has failed. Tom Fletcher never got out
eyes on all of her seductive beauty. For a hot-blooded fourteen-year-old, she was not

a love child?
just an object of curiosity. from Chapter 9 Fragrant Scent of Bath Soap And All Philippine Homecoming & Other Memories
experience, this story also applies to An entertaining and easy-to-read account of a Filipino
floor show of poverty nor have forty percent of the
Simeon G. Silverio Jr.

By the time they reached Platerias Street, everything was quiet. There was Americans homecoming to the Philippines and the

Minsay nag-advertise, ng bihirang Who was the legendary actor who

the lives of all people.
hardly a soul in sight; it was ten minutes past midnight. Narding frantically ran

people in Martin County especially since

inside the brothel in search of Clarita, but he was told the Chinese took her just
interesting memories it triggered.
Philippine Homecoming

ten minutes before. He ran outside towards P. Paterno Street. Finding no speed-

gave Dolphy his first break in the

Excerpts from the book
ing taxi, he ran back towards Carriedo Street, turned right towards Rizal Avenue,

coalmining is now essentially over in the

hoping the taxi holding Clarita had broken down. Finally, a loud, agonizing cry was Seeing the Philippines for the first time after many years would give any former

& movies?
heard all over in that quiet neighborhood of Quiapo. from Chapter 11 True Love resident a culture shock. The roads, which looked to be wider before, appeared

Excerpts from the book Na naiba naman, diyan sa ordi-

narrow. The buildings and the streets, which were dilapidated and dirty before,

Everyone was looking up at the top of an electric post, where sparks of looked more dilapidated and dirty now. Chapter 2 Balikbayan Culture Shock
light shone bright against the dark of the night. When the firemen trained the All of a sudden, the small kids from before were now grown up. Their
You must join the U.S. Navy so we
spotlight to the top of the post, they saw faces had changed, yet somehow looked familiar. Some of his relatives
a body of a man lying on a wood across who lived in a compound beside them had already died. Gone forever dur-

can live abroad, Isabel often told her

the post. It was Fred, the drunkard pimp. ing a span of just ten years were his maternal grandmother, three uncles,
May isang dumating, nag-prisinta
To order a copy, send $13.95 (mailing cost included) to Asian
Without anybody noticing, he woke from two aunties and two cousins. Chapter 3 Like A Video Tape Experience

Waiting on a government check,

deep slumber and this time, success- Their vehicle moved towards the man and again they asked: Boss,
boyfriend Lando as they walked in the
fully climbed the top of the post. He alam mo ba ang bahay ni Maning Bakla (Boss, do you know the resi-

Journal San Diego. 550 East 8th Street, Suite 6, National City,
was electrocuted while celebrating his dence of Maning, the homosexual?)? The man looked serious and glumly

park, weaving dreams for their future

feat. from Chapter 15 A Day In The

food stamp allotment and government

said: Yes, I am Maning, what do you want? They were embarrassed
Life Of The People Of Platerias Street as they were sure that Maning did not appreciate the unsavory nick-

together. He would just shrug his the son of a whore (anak ng puta), CA 91950 Tel. (619) 474-0588
name. Chapter 6 Maning Bakla And the Duty Free Shops In Manila
There was a full moon above, and they could see its reflections on the water as

shoulders in response. from Chapter it would be Tikboy. Tikboy was one

the waves slapped on the sand. They could feel the cool breeze kiss their face, the
warm water wet their feet. On that cold December evening in Maryland Beach Re-
sort in Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines, they wanted to freeze time and enjoy every
medical assistance does not bring much
1 Her U.S. Navy Dreamboat of Erics playmates on Platerias Street
moment of their stay Chapter 10 Nasugbu Market Place And The IUD BBQ
happiness to America's fty million
For more information, e-mail sandiegoasianjournal@yahoo.com
Manila Mayor Antonio Villegas proved to be an innovative mayor; for
example, he introduced the free elementary and high school education in

where Eric lived with his family people living in poverty. Today the face
the city, the first of its kind in the country. He was also a poet in the ver-

To order copies through the Internet, go to amazon.com, go to

nacular; at every opportunity, he would recite or talk in the form of a poem

on the second oor of his fathers

Simeon G. Silverio Jr.

he himself composed. In answer to his critics, he once said: Marami ang

nagtatanong kung bakit ako tumutula, bakit, ang tula ba ay masama (Many
of poverty can be found in any town in
books, go to advance search and type name of author, SIMEON
are asking why I am reciting a poem, why, is a poem bad)? Chapter 17

printing business in Manila in 1957.

When Gatpuno Villegas warmed his Salumpuwit at Maharnilad

America and it's still as bleak as it was

on G. Silverio, Jr. Their playmates from the barrio were cautious and made a sign of

SIMEON G. SILVERIO, JR. Tikboys mother, Purita, worked as a PHILIPPINE

and difficult journey of two

SILVERIO, and follow instructions.

the cross when passing ant hills, which they would call nuno sa punso.
y personnel for migration They would reverently say, Makikiraan, po (Please allow us to pass!)!

in 1964.
of the Filipino-American Chapter 31 - Nuno Sa Punso And Other Weird Provincial Experiences

prostitute in a brothel across the street

to the lives of all people. The boys, usually five at a time, would line up and march without their pants
Promised Land

towards the rice fields at the back of the house. They would pass by a guava

e book

from Erics house. from Chapter

can live abroad, Isabel of- tree, pull out several leaves and wash

To order by mail, ll out

walked in the park, weav- them in the artesian well. Once in the

6 - Just Like Any Mother

field, the quack doctor would hammer

People must have work to do. A daily

would just shrug his shoul-
Her U.S. Navy Dreamboat a stake into the ground made of a
branch of a guava tree with the other


Mexican, had taken its toll. He end bent towards the boy. Chapter
tos and other Mexican dishes
e Filipino dishes from his na-
hild. Teresa would not let him
34 - Circumcision: Why Do Some
Boys Walk Bow-Legged During
Summertime In The Province?
job, some work, a real paycheck, and
(Check quantities in space before book title) a life to live gives meaning and from
fish) due to their stinking up
Philippines, Teresa refused to
o. It is hot and there are liz-

meaning is a feeling of purpose and

om Chapter 3 - Trophy Wife

Ditas once told Romy when

g with friends nearby. I will
____ Promised Land by Simeon G. Silverio Jr. happiness. When we feel good about
t man on earth. The friends
me. The next day he left town Excerpts from the book:
eived a letter from the United
her jilted suitor, now a mem-
- The Last Man On Earth
How did you know Richard? she ourselves we hum and sing a little, dance
asked. Danny was fast to the draw. I ____ Betel Nuts and Other Stories by Simeon G. Sil- a little and celebrate a little.
Simeon G. Silverio Jr.

were drinking in the house, Ditas

out, Andy, she told him. Shes
way, Andy replied. I know what
once she gets her green card. produced his shows there, he lied. verio, Jr.
With your looks, you can never
hapter 8 Pretty Girls Photo He could see Menchie, the movie baga
We have to get ourselves back to feel-
Memories star, was impressed. And I can also Ang mga ibon daw, kanyang na-
produce your show, he continued the gagaya
____ Philippine Homecomings Cherished Memories
ing better. It starts with our thinking
LAND by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
charade. She was pleased. Do you Kay daling gawin niya, ang sabi sa
think people will pay just to watch kanya
by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
____ Complicated Affairs by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
followed by our deeds and that develops
our lifestyles and our destinies. Please,
me? Why, are we going to charge Marami na ko nyan, alis ka na muna
them? he asked instead. Menchie let's start now. Sow a good thought.
Magre-reklamo pa, itong tao sana ___________ Total number of books
An entertaining and easy-to-read
Ngunit itong boss, medyo napika pa Reap a good act. Sow a good act. Reap
Times $13.95 each (mailing cost included) a happier lifestyle. Sow a good lifestyle.
Betel Nuts
account of a Filipino Americans
homecoming to the Philippines and Kayat itong tao, kagyat umalis na
Complicated Affairs By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
The colorful and incredible story of a Filipino Americans complicated affairs.
SIMEON G. SILVERIO, JR. Sa bintanang daan, lumipad pag- Reap a better destiny.
the interesting memories it trig- ______________ Total Cost
& Other
Excerpts from the book:

Complicated Affairs

How did you know Richard? she asked. Danny was fast to the draw. I

produced his shows there, he lied. He could see Menchie, the movie star, was

We can change the direction of our

impressed. And I can also produce your show, he continued the charade. She
was pleased. Do you think people will pay just to watch me? Why, are we going to
charge them? he asked instead. Menchie was aghast, but realized he was joking. HEEEEHAAWWWW!!!
Fill out form below and send it together with check pay-
She hit him on the shoulder. He knew the ice was broken. Chapter 2 : Movie Star

Stories Balik Tanaw: nation but it begins with you and me and
So how are you doing? Danny was pleased to hear from Juanita. I am okay,

Excerpts from the book

how about you? So-so, he replied. Ive missed you, his playboy persona took
over again. Really? she asked. I have something to tell you. What? Danny
was rejuvenated. He had not dated for a while and was eager to do so. He saw
an opportunity with Juanita. I just gave birth to a baby girl. Congratulations,
Danny said. Are you sexy again? He was hoping to renew their relationship
ment payable to: Asian Journal San Diego, 550 East 8th inside the head of every American.
COMPLICATED Street, # 6, National City, CA 91950
but was unsure about it since she was with her husband. Juanita did not answer

Seeing the Philippines for the

The Filipino
his question; instead, she said, And its yours. Chapter 3 :Another Child
This is Mindy, Diaz introduced a pretty twenty-five year old girl to him when

by Simeon G. Silverio, Jr. rst time after many years would

he arrived at the dock. Shes Dignas sister. Mindy shyly extended her right hand
which Danny shook. He noticed that Digna was teasing her sister, as though there

was a pre-arranged plan between Diaz and the two girls unbeknownst to him. Later

give any former resident a culture

on, during the course of the fishing trip, he discovered the plan: Digna wanted
Full Name: ______________________________
Movie Stars Glenn Mollette is a syndicated colum-
Danny to hook up with her sister. Marry my sister, Digna told him as they ate
lunch aboard the boat in the middle of the bay. So she can migrate to America.
Entertaining and easy-to-read shock. The roads, which looked
She knew Danny was a divorced American citizen. Chapter 5: Gone Fishin
Danny called up his friend Pepito and asked for ideas on how to best help

short stories inspired by a Filipinos to be wider before, appeared nar-

Kate. Pepito was the brother of his comedian friend, Elvis, one of the top enter-
tainers in the Philippines at that time. Jackpot ka, pare (Youve got a jackpot, nist and author of eleven books.
Simeon G. Silverio Jr.

friend), Pepito told Danny. She is a gold mine. What do you mean? We
Address: _______________________________
experience in growing up in the
of Yesteryears He is read in all fty states. Visit
can set her up with rich Chinese men playing at the casinos and charge them

row. The buildings and the streets, at least 50,000 pesos to spend the night with her. I am sure many of them
would be willing to spend that much just to be with a beautiful white girl like
Philippines. which were dilapidated and dirty
Kate. We will get our commission afterwards. Chapter 8 : Leading Lady
After Danny gave him her name, the clerk spent a few minutes in the com-
puter. Thats it, the clerk said afterwards. She has pension due her, and you www.glennmollette.com
before, looked more dilapidated
are entitled to it! Danny was surprised. He didnt expect this bounty. How much
do you think you will get? the clerk asked him. Danny was hesitant to give him City: ___________________________________ Contact him at GMollette@aol.com.
Excerpts from the book
an amount. He was happy to get $100 a

and dirty now. Chapter 2 Ba- month. That would go a long way espe-
cially if one was living in the Philippines.
One hundred dollars, he answered.
by Dr. Romy Protacio
Like his facebook page at www.face-
likbayan Culture Shock Thats way too low, make it higher.
State: ____________ Zip: __________________
If there is a person that can aptly be book.com/glennmollette
Three hundred? Way too low. Five
hundred? Still very low. How much?
he finally asked. Try fourteen hundred

called the son of a bitch, which in Lives and Loves of the Filipino
dollars. He could not believe what
he heard. Chapter 9 : Windfall

Pilipino, is synonymous to the phrase, Movie Stars of Yesteryears

February 10-16, 2017 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com Page 15

Filipino design- Gary V: I would love to work
er creates gown with Dayanara again
for Fifty Shades Yari and Gary share the stage
in a recent episode of ASAP.
lead actress Inquirer.net | 2/9/2017 -- Even
before the recent 65th Miss
Universe pageant in Manila,
Gary Valenciano already had the
opportunity to catch up with the
pageants 1993 winnerPuerto
Rican Dayanara Torres. They
reunited late last year, after one
of the recording artists concerts
in Los Angeles.
Even then, Gary could already Gary Valenciano (left) and Day-
tell that Dayanara had terribly anara Torres
missed the country, where she
lived and worked as an actress
for ve years. Valentine show

It was obvious that she was raring to But for now, the veteran singer-song-
return here and see all her old friends. writer is focusing on his coming Valen-
And I told her that should she nd tine show, Gary V: Love in Motion.
herself back in the country, she would The two-night concert will be held on
MANILA, Philippines In- surely be very busy, he said in a recent Feb. 14 and 15 at the grand ballroom of
ternationally-recognized Fili- interview. Shangri-La at The Fort (call 891-9999).
True enough, shortly after this years It will be jazz and big band-themed
pino fashion designer, Monique pageant, where she sat as a judge, Day- something which he has yet to do in
Lhuiller, once again made it to anaraor Yari as she is fondly called his over 30 years in the industry.
Hollywood her designed gown shuttled from one television engage-
was worn by one of the lead ment to another. But the one guest- That genre of music always gives us
ing Gary was most thrilled about was that nostalgic feel. And I have always
characters of Fifty Shades Dayanaras recent return to the Sunday listened to jazz musicians like Frank
Darker. program ASAP, where she used to be Sinatra, Count Basie, Sammy Davis Jr.
a cohost. and Gordon Goodwins Big Phat Band.
In one of the notable scenes in the In the said variety show, Dayanara was I have been waiting for the right time to
second chapter of the lm based on the given her own segment called SayawN- do a show like this one, said Gary, who
worldwide bestselling Fifty Shades ara, and was dubbed as the Dancing will be backed by The AMP Band. Anna
trilogy novel, Dakota Johnson, who Queen. Fegi will be the special guest.
plays Anastasia Steele, dons a custom- If you see her social media accounts, His repertoire will be a mix of classics,
made gown and capelet by Lhuillier. you would always see videos of her contemporary hits and his own material
The liquid satin sheath gown with a turningthats a sign of someone who rendered in bombastic and horn-lled
draped neckline and a crisscross back in loves to dance and move her body, he arrangements. In terms of singing,
a silver hue exuded femininity and so- said. expect more creative improvisations and
phistication, while the handmade ostrich Their relationship was initially mostly ad libbing than big belted notes. And of
feather capelet added exquisite glamour cordial, Gary recalled; it wasnt until course, it wouldnt be a Gary V show
for Anastasias grand entrance in the they worked on the 1995 lm Hataw without dancing.
lms exclusive masquerade ball. Na, that they grew closer and became There will be choreography, but it will
Lhuillier, known for her bridal couture, friends. be different from what I usually do, be-
ready-to-wear line, and accessories, was She was typically reserved and so fo- cause the beat will be different, as well,
even mentioned by Mia Grey, portrayed cused on what she had to do. But when he said. As for the singing, jazz is very
by Rita Ora, in the lm. I told her that I am half-Puerto Rican spontaneous, so it will depend on how I
In keeping with the essence of her and that my mother was from the town will be feeling the music.
brand, Lhuillier's design evoked an of Arecibo, we really started talking and A hundred percent of the concerts
enchanting, yet sophisticated, vision by opening up to each other more, related proceeds will go to Operation Bless-
weaving together sensuous and modern Gary, who found Dayanara profes- ing, Shining Light Foundation, Unicef
elements for the character of Anastasia. sional while shooting Hataw Na. for the victims of Typhoon Nina and
I am so delighted to partner with She would be on the set with all her Special Childrens Causes. It wasnt a
Universal Pictures 'Fifty Shades Darker' lines already memorized, he said. It hard decision for Gary.
to design for the character of Anastasia was me who actually had to take a min- At this point in my life, I no longer
Steele, Lhuillier said. ute every so often! care that much about the gures, espe-
Like the Monique Lhuillier woman, Asked if he intends to work again with cially what goes into my pocket. I have
Ana radiates condence and feminin- Dayanara in the near future, Gary said been well-provided for in the past three
ity, and so the gown I imagined for this he would love to. But rst I have to decades, Gary said. Theres always
iconic scene encapsulates that modern brush up on my Spanish! he quipped. someone who needs help. And I dont
sophistication, she added. And her two sons are grown-up now, want to wait for the next catastrophe to
The lms costume designer, Shay so I think things would be a little easier strike, before we start moving.
Cunliff, said she always imagined now.
Johnson in Lhuilliers stunning gown as
a beautiful siren of simplicity.
We sent Monique ideas and images
that evoke old Hollywood, and she
and her team took the inspiration from

Dental Implant Centers

therecrafting this stunning confection. TM
Anas cape itself was a challengeeach
feather was sewn by handbut I felt
it would magnify Anas show-stopping
entrance at the ball, harking back to
the 1930's screen sirens. Monique also DENTAL IMPLANT CENTERS is the leading provider of comprehensive dental implant treatments in San Diego.
beautifully resolved our need to create a
gown which can effortlessly slip to the
groundanother feat of engineering,
Cunliff said.
For Fifty Shades Darker, Jamie
Dornan and Johnson return as Christian
Grey and Anastasia Steele.
The sequel, distributed by United
International Pictures through Columbia
Pictures, opened in Philippine cinemas
on Wednesday. On its rst day, it already
surpassed the original "Fifty Shades of
Greys" P15 million rst-day gross with

Dr James Khazian DMD, AFAAID, FICOI

an P18-million rst-day take.
The Movie & Television Rating and
Classication Board gave the ick an
R-18 rating, which means the movie is
strictly for 18 years of age and above. It
was also approved in its original US ver- Advanced Dental Implant Education: All your implant treatment in one office, by one doctor.
sion without cuts, blurs, and blacked-
out parts. Howard University, Loma Linda University, UCLA, USC No referrals.
"Fifty Shades" fans may anticipate the
last part of the trilogy, Fifty Shades 25 years hands-on dental implant experience 2 convenient locations in Hillcrest and Escondido
Freed, on Valentines Day of 2018.
Rosette Adel, http://www.philstar.com/
Fellow, International Congress of Oral Implantology Tagalog speaker
Associate Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry Watch Dr. Khazian on TV at www.drkhazian.com

Download the
Asian Journal Call for a FREE CONSULTATION: UE Graduate 1987 Manila
digital edition
from Dropbox
or read Fluent in Tagalog
it online at
Two convenient locations
727 E. Grand Ave, Escondido 92025 3969 4th Ave. Suite 205, San Diego 92103

866.469.7645 www.drkhazian.com
Page 16 Asian Journal San Diego | 619.474.0588 | www.asianjournalusa.com February 10-16, 2017

We can help you save

30% or more on your bill.
Joanna, SDG&E employee Puerto Princesa Subterranean River
truly surprised about how impressive it
was. I really didnt expect much to be
honest and thats my fault because I just
didnt know better. But now I do and I
am telling you how good a trip it is and
its well worth going out of your way to
get to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean
River. It will blow your mind!

by Lee Abbamonte

A few years ago, the Puerto

Princesa Subterranean River
was named one of the new seven
wonders of nature. At the time,
Worlds longest
it was one of two that I had not
been to: the other being Komodo
ight lands in
Island. So when the opportunity
for this cruise on the Azamara
New Zealand
Quest came up and I saw I could
visit the last two remaining new
seven wonders of nature on the
same cruise, I jumped at it.
But I must admit, when the Puerto
Princesa Subterranean River won that
title, I was skeptical. I didnt really know
anything about it and it was never on my Puerto Princesa Subterranean River,
radar. Well it certainly is nowit was Philippines, Sabang
phenomenal! A model of a Qatar Airways Boeing
Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, to die for and you will be mesmerized at 787 Dreamliner airplane is seen follow-
Philippines, Sabang Puerto Princesa its beauty. ing the airlines announcement of a pur-
Subterranean River National Park is Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, chasing deal for 100 Boeing airplanes in
about a 2-hour drive from Puerto Philippines, Sabang Theres a very an order worth $18.6 billion, in Washing-
Princesa, the main port and airport on small area where you hop on the canoes ton, DC, Oct. 7, 2016. AFP
the stunning island of Palawan in the and they stagger the groups so theres
Philippines. The drive is windy, crowded fewer people; which is a good thing. For
and absolutely gorgeous. photos, theres an awesome tree that lies WELLINGTON, New Zealand
When you arrive at Sabang to a out over the water that you can climb on The worlds longest commer-
wonderful view down the beach toward to take great shots of the cave or with cial ight landed in New Zealand
where Puerto Princesa Subterranean you in them.
River National park is, you must get on Once in the cave it is really dark. The Monday with the arrival of Qatar
an outrigger boat; which are famous in Airwayss 14,535 kilometers
connected .. to savings
guide will have a light in the front to
the Philippines. From the Sabang dock, highlight some awesome rock forma- (9,032 miles) Doha-Auckland
its a 30-minute outrigger boat ride to tions and of course the bats on the service, the airline announced.
the entrance of Puerto Princesa Subter- ceiling. There will be a driver who kind
Weve ofcially landed in
When you aspire to provide the best for your ranean River National Park. You will get
a little wet on this ride if you sit in front
of acts like a punter that youd see in
Venice, Italy but instead of singing, he Auckland, the airline tweeted as
as I did but its really hot so whatever! cracks jokes. Our guide and driver were ight QR920 landed at 7.25am
family, sometimes you can use a little help. Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, excellent and really funny. (1825 GMT Sunday), ve min-
Philippines, Sabang, entrance sign The Its difcult to take good photos in the
beach and surrounding cliffs at the cave because it is so dark but that makes utes ahead of schedule after a 16
entrance beach is off the charts. Its the for a better experience overall because hour 23 minute ight.
Thats what were here for. If youre on a limited perfect Southeast Asia scene and just youre really focusing on what youre The long-range Boeing 777-200LR
what you picture from a picturesque seeing and doing. Its like another world crossed 10 time zones on its marathon
income, you may be eligible to receive a discount Asian beach. I could have stayed there
all day swimming and taking photos.
in the cave and the underground river
goes on for over 5 miles or 8 kilometers.
Qatar Airways noted the ight was lon-
Its a 5-minute walk to the where Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, ger than the entire Lord of the Rings
of 30% or more on your monthly energy bill. you get on a small outrigger canoe to Philippines, Sabang, ceiling We were and The Hobbit trilogies which were
enter the Puerto Princesa Subterranean underneath for about 45 minutes in total lmed in New Zealand.
You could also qualify for free home improvements River cave. This is truly one of the most and I could have stayed there for hours. There were four pilots on board as well
as 15 cabin crew who served 1,100 cups
beautiful entrances and settings Ive ever It really was a fascinating place and so
of tea and coffee, 2,000 cold drinks and
that can help reduce your energy costs. seen. The crystal clear greenish water is massive that it was mind-blowing. I was
1,036 meals during the ight.
In keeping with international tradition
to welcome inaugural ights, the Auck-
land airport rescue service showered the
Let us help you start saving today. To see if you plane with water cannons on arrival.
New Zealand Trade Minister Todd
McClay said the estimated economic im-
qualify, call 211 or visit sdge.com/Filipino. pact of the new service will be well in
excess of NZ$50 million (US$36 mil-
lion) with the increased freight capacity
In March last year, Emirates airline
launched what was then thought to be
the worlds longest non-stop scheduled
commercial ight, with a service from
Dubai to Auckland, spanning 14,200
kilometres (8,824 miles).
Air Indias Delhi-San Francisco ight
claims the worlds longest by ying
distance but when measured on the
surface of the earth Doha and Auckland
are further apart. CBB

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