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Antigone Script

Antigone: Sister, have you heard of our brothers, Polynicis and Eteocles?
Ismene: No sister, are they alright?
<Antigone shows depressed face, she sighed>
Antigone: Our brothers have passed away Ismene
<Scene to palace, Creon and Eurydice and all people of Thebes>
Creon: My people, the sons of Oedipus have finished their battle. Eteocles who have
defended Thebes with glory shall be buried with the honor of Thebes. However that
traitor, Polynicis who have attacked Thebes shall not be buried and left to rot and for
the vultures to feast on. We shall celebrate my people, for Thebes are still ours.
<Creon exits the room with his wife, Eurydice>
Eurydice: Daughters of Oedipus, your brothers death have been decided by King of
Thebes, Creon. Gather here my children, I shall tell you what happened.
<Antigone and Ismene gathers around Eurydice>
Antigone: Please tell us Eurydice, I beg you, what has happened to our brothers?
Eurydice: Creon has decided the fate of their burials. Eteocles who have defended
Thebes shall be buried in honor howeverPolyniecis shall be left unburied and left for
the vultures to feast.
Ismene: Oh dear, poor Polyniecis, it wasnt his fault. Hes a family member, how
could Creon do this?
Antigone: But I have promised him to be buried properly. What should I do Eurydice?
Eurydice: You shouldnt defy the King dear Antigone, he was bestowed by your own
father, Oedipus afterall. I shall leave you my children, be safe child.
<Eurydice leaves the room in a hurry>
Antigone: I cant let Creon leave Polynicis to the vultures Ismene, I must do
something! Remember when I promised him before the battle?
<flashback to scene before battle, Polynicis and Antigone>
Polynicis: I shall go for the battle my sister, take care of yourself and Ismene. I shall
be back and have the crown on my head.
Antigone: Brother, I trust you, please come back safely.
Polynicis: I shall sister, dont be worried. If I die in the battle, promise me youll bury
me in honor. Even if Ive become the enemy of Thebes, please promise me my last
Antigone: Yes brother, I promise you.
<Polynicis and Antigone pinky swear>
Antigone: What shall I do Ismene? I shall not dishonour my brothers promise, my
own brother, my own flesh and bones. I simply cant.
Ismene: But sister, those who shall defy Creons orders be led to death. You must
think of the consequences, afterall Polynieces did led the attack to Thebes.
Antigone: How could you say that Ismene? Hes our brother, our flesh and bones. Do
you not love your own brother?
Ismene: Yes sister, he is utmost our very own brother but enough. Have you realized
sister that our very own family leaves only the two of us? I shall not let you continue
this vicious cycle of suicidal actions my sister, please listen to me.
Antigone: But Ismene
Ismene: I am your sister and why you wouldnt let me protect you? Youre writing a
death warrant to yourself. Do you realize that?
<silence as Antigone thinks over>
Antigone: Im sorry but a promise is a promise Ismene. I am not a coward, I shall
honor Polynieces grave on my own even if it will cost my life.
<Antigone leaves the room as Ismene stays still>
<At the palace, next morning, sentry comes in>
Sentry: My king Creon, I have an important matter to tell you.
Creon: Tell me, what is it?
Sentry: Body of Polynieces.have been buried my king.
Creon: Buried? Buried? Who would dare to defy a kings order? A traitors body does
not deserve to be buried! Find the culprit of this misdoing and bring him to me! If you
fail to bring this traitor, you shall endanger your own life.
Sentry: Yes, my king.
<Sentry bows and exits the room>
<Sentry returns to the palace and brings Antigone with him>
Creon: It was you, Antigone. My own niece, do you realize that you have asked for
your own death? How dare you defy my orders and bury Polynieces without my
Antigone: I promised Polynieces before the battle my lord. I am ready to die for my
crime, it is less excruciating that it is to live with my brother unburied, left with empty
Creon: No woman while I shall live shall govern me, I shall not relent. Antigone,
prepare yourself for you death.
<Ismene and Haemon breaks into the room>
Ismene: My lord, consider your decisions. Antigone is your son Haemons bride, do
lift her death sentence. Forgive her, my lord.
Haemon: Yes father, the people of Thebes have heard Antigones plight. Afterall she
made a promise with her own brother, he is her own flesh and bones. Father, being
right and doing the right thing do not necessarily go hand in hand. Admit your mistake
father, shall you be the wise king of Thebes.
Creon: My son, have I ever raised you wrong? How have you become this womans
slave? You have lost your pride and dignity over love. Soldiers! Leave Antigone in a
rocky vault for she shall be punished for her traitorous action and she shall never
return to the city of Thebes.
<soldiers drag Antigone away as she marches her way to the tomb as she laments
her unmarried and childless status>
Tiresias: My king, the city of Thebes have sickened. Look at the omens my lord, let
go of Antigone or you shall regret. Damnation only comes to those who do not
Creon: No Tiresisas, I am a man of words, no womans slave. I shall not regret such
Tiresias: My king, do not disregard my word or your son Haemon shall die. He will
follow his bride my lord.
Creon: Soldiers! Prepare my horses and bring me to where you have abandoned
Antigone now!
<Haemon goes to the vault and finds Antigone has hung herself and grief-stricken>
Haemon: My love, Antigone, what have you done! <kneels in front of her> How could
you leave my love, you are my bride. Oh dear Antigone, why have you done this?
<Creon arrives with his horses and finds his son still alive, approaches Haemon>
Creon: My dear son, youre still alive! Forget her my son, we shall go home.
<Haemon looks upon his father and brings out the dagger and attempts to stab
Creon but misses, frustrated, stabs himself>
Creon: My son! No! No, no no!
<Embraces son while sobbing and failing to cover up the wound as Haemon dies>
<Creon staggers to home in grief, shows depression and a sentry approaches him
while kneeling down>
Sentry: My king, the queen- the queen has hung herself my king.
<Creons eyes widened in shock and proceeds to the bedroom chamber. He stared
at her in silence before falling upon his own knees>
Creon: What have I done upon my own family? My son, my wife.all left me on my
own. No, no, no. I have failed, I do not deserve to be the King of Thebes.
<shouts in agony and frustration and left sobbing on the floor>
Creon: I beg of you my death, I shall not live anymore.