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Be Strong Pressing forward J= 74-84 1.When the world and its__temp-ta - tioneveem to twies to con-vince_ you to call you by name be make the wiong choice — be strong. Be strong. Be strong. strong. faith in ev~'ry day hear the Spirits voice— ‘y thing__ you put your around you can't — that’s all_— And whenyour tri - als. seem like ‘And when you stand for some ~ thing they're — right strong, strong, (© 2009 by IR. All vights reserved. — When they quest If in the noise strong Be— strong. — Be 00 and ‘This song may be copied fo incidental, noncommercial church or home use re-mem-ber some - one else—stands by—you who's al ~ read -y been there. — re-mem-ber some ~ one else—stands by you in our heav-en-ly home. — strong and of good cour-age!__ Be not a-fraid._ Stand firmin the faith. ___Forthe Lord willbe with us wherever wego.Be His. Be one. Be strong! 2.When the world 7 strong!