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Core Course 3

Final Exam
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Test I. Multiple Choice (15 marks)

1. We gave them ________ telephone number, and they gave us ________.

A. ours, their C. ours, theirs
B. our, their D. our, theirs
2. ________ computer is a Mac, but ________ is a PC.
A. Your, mine C. Your, my
B. Yours, mine D. Yours, my
3. Jody has lost ________ book.
A. mine C. hers
B. her D. theirs
4. You can't have any chocolate! It's ________!
A. your C. her
B. its D. mine
5. These grammar books are different. ________ has 278 pages, but ________
has only 275.
A. Yours, mine C. Yours, my
B. Your, my D. Your, mine
6. My telephone is out of order, but ________ is working.
A. your C. his
B. our D. their
7. ________ pencil is broken. Can I borrow ________?
A. Mine, yours C. My, yours
B. Your, mine D. Yours, mine
8. Junko has eaten her lunch already, but I'm saving ________ until later.
A. hers C. my
B. her D. mine
9. This bird has broken ________ wing.
A. it's C. hers
B. its' D. its
10. Was ________ grammar book expensive?
A. your C. your's
B. yours D. You
11. ________ you go already? You only arrived an hour ago!
A. Must B. should C. can D. shouldnt
12. When he was young, he ________ swim very well. He won medals and
A. had to B. can C. could D. couldnt
13. The company ________ go bankrupt if they don't find a lot of money
A. Should B. shouldn't C. might D. will
14. You look very confused by the homework, Clive. ________ I help you?
A. Will B. can C. must D. Couldnt
15. I left my purse at home. Lily, ________ you lend me ten dollars?
A. May B. could C. shouldn't D. didnt
C. Test II. Write the Comparative and Superlative degree of the
following words. (20 marks)
D. Comparative Superlative
1. Adorable __________________ __________________
2. Clean __________________ __________________
3. Fancy __________________ __________________
4. Handsome __________________ __________________
5. Long __________________ __________________
6. Magnificent __________________ __________________
7. careful __________________ __________________
8. easy __________________ __________________
9. rich __________________ __________________
10. chubby __________________ __________________

H. Test III. Fill in the correct form of the words in brackets
(comparative or superlative). (10 marks)
1. My house is (big) ___bigger__ than yours.
2. This flower is (beautiful) ___________ than that one.
3. This is the (interesting) ___________ book I have ever read.
4. Non-smokers usually live (long) ___________ than smokers.
5. Which is the (dangerous) ___________ animal in the world?
6. A holiday by the sea is (good) ___________ than a holiday in the
7. It is strange but often a coke is (expensive) ___________ than a beer.
8. Who is the (rich) ___________ woman on earth?
9. The weather this summer is even (bad) ___________ than last summer.
10. He was the (clever) ___________ thief of all.
11. I want to be the (good) ____________ student in the school.

I. Test IVa. Future will. Writ negative sentences in will Future. (10

1. Tim ____________ the teacher. (not/to tell)

2. I hope I____________ the train to Manchester. (not/to miss)
3. She ____________ her hair green. (not/to dye)
4. He ____________ breakfast tomorrow morning. (not/to prepare)
5. The manager ____________ trees in front of the office building. (not/to
6. Melissa ____________ jeans at her party. (not/to wear)
7. My friends ____________ in a city. (not/to live)
8. We ____________ about the bad weather. (not/to worry)
9. I____________ in this lake. (not/to swim)
10. You ____________ the vase on the shelf. (not/to reach)

J. Test IVb. Future will. Write positive sentences in will Future. (10

1. We (help) ____________ you.

2. I (get) ____________ you a drink.
3. I think our team (win) ____________ the match.
4. Maybe she (do) ____________ a language course in Malta.
5. I (buy) ____________ the tickets.
6. Perhaps she (do) ____________ this for you.
7. Maybe we (stay) ____________ at home.
8. She hopes that he (cook) ____________ dinner tonight.
9. Im sure they (understand) ____________ your problem.
10. They (go / probably) ____________ to the party.

K. Test V. Choose should or shouldn't. ( 10 marks)

1. You ____________ be so selfish.

2. I don't think you ____________ smoke so much.
3. You ____________ exercise more.
4. I think you ____________ try to speak to her.
5. You are overweight. You ____________ go on a diet.
6. Where ____________ we park our car?
7. You ____________ never speak to your mother like this.
8. The kids ____________ spend so much time in front of the TV.
9. ____________ I tell her the truth or should I say nothing?
10. I think we ____________ reserve our holiday in advance.





Z. Think before you speak. Read before you think.

- Fran Lebowitz