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Smart Planet 1 Unit 4 Standard Test

Name Class Date

1 Read and write ability (A) or permission (P).
1 I can speak French and German.
2 Can I open the window?
3 We can go home at 3.30 today.
4 Can you swim?
5 Simon cant play the guitar.

2 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the box.

1 Sarah likes to her MP4 player.

2 We dont like homework.
3 Do you like basketball?
4 I hate art lessons.
5 Jack loves in the pool.

3 Circle the correct options.

1 Our dogs name is Yuna and I really love her / them.
2 We really like our French teacher and I think she likes them / us too.
3 Do you want to come to the gym with her / me after school?
4 Our English teacher, Mr Jones, gives us homework every day. I dont like him / us!
5 Sam and Tom are new students in our class. Do you know her / them?

4 Circle the correct options.

1 Can you a bike?
a to ride b riding c ride
2 Maria do her homework today because shes very tired.
a cant b can c cant to
3 I love tennis.
a to playing b playing c play
4 Maria is my best friend and I really like .
a me b her c him
5 I dont like Maths but Lucy really loves .
a it b them c him

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Smart Planet 1 Unit 4 Standard Test

5 Complete the words.
1 I usually read and do my homework in the l .
2 Do you often have lunch in the c ?
3 We meet every morning in the a h .
4 We do experiments in the S l .
5 The school secretary works in r .

6 Label the pictures.

gymArt roomschool shopcomputer roomplayground

1  2  3 

4  5 


7 Put the letters in the correct order to make school subjects.

1 sciMu
2 aproghyGe
3 niceceS
4 trosyiH
5 chernF

8 Circle the correct options.

1 Im not good at numbers so I dont really like .
a Maths b PE c ICT
2 We have in the gym on Fridays.
a ICT b Science c PE
3 We always meet in the to play football.
a playground b canteen c school shop
4 We study in the computer room.
a PE b Maths c ICT
5 I love painting so I go to the every day.
a Art room b gym c canteen 5

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Smart Planet 1 Unit 4 Standard Test

9 7 Listen to five speakers talking about school. Choose the correct answer: a, b or c.
1 Speaker One loves .
a Maths b ICT c Science
2 Speaker Two thinks English is very difficult.
a spelling b grammar c pronunciation
3 Speaker Three writes every week.
a a test b a blog c an email
4 Speaker Four doesnt like .
a the Art room b Art c the Art teacher
5 Speaker Five has PE lessons on afternoon.
a Monday b Thursday c Friday

10 Read the article.
My school
My names Ben. Im 11 and I go to a big lessons from 9 till 12.30 and then we have an
secondary school near where I live. This is my hour for lunch. I usually sit in the canteen with
first year so everything is still quite new. Im my friends and eat my sandwiches. I dont eat
in Class 3A and Ive got 29 classmates! Theyre the school lunches because theyre not very
all very friendly but my best friend is Adam. good. We have three lessons in the afternoon
We meet in the assembly hall before lessons and then sometimes we do sport. Our teachers
start and the head teacher talks to us for 15 give us homework every day. I hate doing
minutes. Then we go to our classroom and wait homework but I love ICT because I like doing
for our class teacher. Hes always late! We have stuff on my computer.

Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)? Correct the false sentences.
1 Ben is a new student.

2 There are 29 students in Bens class.

3 The head teacher talks for a quarter of an hour.

4 Ben brings his own lunch to school.

5 Ben does sport every day.


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Smart Planet 1 Unit 4 Standard Test

11 Write an email to your friend and tell them about your new school. Use the questions below
to help you. Write at least 80 words.
Whats the name of your school?
Where is your school?
How many pupils and teachers are at the school?
What class are you in?
How many classmates have you got?
Do you have a school uniform?
If so, what colour is it?
What subjects do you study?
Whats your favourite subject and why?



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