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SF6 Insulated Current Transformer from 362 to 550 kV type TAG

Transmission & Distribution

SF6 insulated Current Transformer from 362 to 550 kV type TAG

know how.
Current Transformer TAG type main features are:
n Characteristics:
o outdoor installation
o SF6 and SF6-PPR insulation
o cast aluminium housings
o conformity to the main International Standards for design, test and
construction of pressurised enclosures
o head type design
TAG equipped with ceramic insulator o explosion proof
TAG 550 equipped with o maintenance free
polymeric insulator
n Reliable design:
o well proven experience with SF6 insulation technology
Ordering data: o dimensioned to withstand phase-to-earth voltage at atmospheric
internal gas pressure
insulation level Linearized cores (TPY, TPX, TPZ class) according to o earthquake resistant
rated frequency IEC 44-6 can be supplied on request o computer technology and finite elements analysis to study electric
rathed thermal current field, mechanical stresses and seismic phenomena
For detailed descriptions of applicable standards, o quality system complying with ISO 9001
dynamic current
number of CT cores and rated burdens, or special
continuous thermal current requirements please ask to VA TECH n Advantages:
primary current
secondary current o operation reliability, operation safety
o pressure relief device
rated burden class limit or safety factor
o remote supervision of insulation condition by monitoring internal
insulator creepage distance OTHER PRODUCTS ALSO AVAILABLE
gas density
standards from 72.5 kV to 765 kV:
- oil-paper or SF6 AIS Current Transformers
The technical data in bold and underlined must be - oil-paper or SF6 AIS Voltage Transformers,

indicated in the order. All others can be omitted if inductive or capacitive type
standard values are accepted - SF6 Combined Instrument Transformers
- SF6 Current Transformers, Voltage
Transformers and Bushing for GIS
- Capacitor Divider

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SF6 Insulated Current Transformer from 362 to 550 kV type TAG

Electrical characteristics

Test Voltages
primary thermal metering protection
sistem Power
LIWL SIWL current current accuracy accuracy
voltage frequency A kA/s class class
kV (r.m.s.) kV (r.m.s.) kV (peak)
TAG 362 362 510 1175 950 5P-10P
TAG 420 420 630 1425 1050 up to 4000 up to 63/1 0.2 0.5 1
TAG 550 550 680 1550 1175 TPZ

LIWL = rated lightning impulse withstand voltage

SIWL = rated switching impulse withstand voltage

IEC, ANSI, and main international Standards

Operating pressure
Rated pressure 0.4 Mpa at 20C

Primary ratio change

and/or secondary taps

Optional accessories:
- polymeric insulator
- column support TAG Medium size: for 1 to 6 secondary cores Large size: for 1 to 8 secondary cores
- sealable secondary terminal box
- cable glands including linearized cores (according to IEC 44-6)
- secondary surge arrester Bar type or double primary change
- capacitive voltage tap

Dimensions and weight

TAG a - Light size Medium size Large size

A Weight A Weight A Weight (max)

mm kg mm kg mm kg
TAG 362 5010 1050 5260 1500 5610 2500
TAGa Light size: for 1 to 6 secondary cores
TAG 420 5300 1150 5550 1500 5900 2500
Bar type, double or triple primary change
TAG 550 5300 1150 5550 1500 5900 2500