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Best Jobs of the Future

1. Go to www.businessinsider.com/best-jobs-of-the-future-2014-1?op=1 and choose 10 of the best jobs of the

future to fill in the chart.

Job Responsibilities Job Prospects Annual Wage Education

Assess patients' needs Job prospect is very $65,470 Associate's degree
and provide care to high. (Excellent)
Registered Nurses patients. 526,800

Direct and coordinate Job prospects is $95,440 Bachelor's degree

the operations and staf 244,100
of organizations.

General and

Design and develop Job prospects $90,060 Bachelor's degree

software for clients and 139,900 predicted.
users. Job openings by 2022

Bachelor's degree
Provide specialized The job prospects At least $187,200 Doctoral or
medical care for is 65,300 predicted professional degree
patients. Some job openings by 2022
examples of specialist
Specialist Physicians physicians include
and Surgeons dermatologists, and

Job Responsibilities Job Prospects Annual Wage Education

Analyze financial Analyze financial $63,550 Bachelor's degree
records and ensure records and ensure
compliance with compliance with
financial requirements financial
and standards. requirements and
Accountants and

Study and evaluate Job prospects are $78,600 Bachelor's degree

organizations, and pretty good. 133,800
Management develop techniques and predicted job
Analysts plans to improve openings by 2022
Analyze and improve Prospects are decent. $79,680 Bachelor's degree
Computer Systems information systems. 127,700 predicted
Analysts job openings by 2022

Represent clients in 74,800 predicted job $113,500 Professional degree

various types of legal openings by 2022
proceedings and write
Lawyers legal documents.

Job Responsibilities Job Prospects Annual Wage Education

Develop high-level 82,800 predicted job $99,000 Bachelor's degree
software systems in a openings by 2022
variety of industries

Software Systems

Sell goods for 132,000 predicted $54,230 Bachelor's degree

wholesalers or job openings by 2022
Sales manufacturers to
Representatives, businesses or groups of
Wholesale and individuals.
2. Go to http://www.forbes.com/sites/meghancasserly/2012/05/11/10-jobs-that-didnt-exist-10-years-ago/ and
find the 10 jobs that did not exist 10 years ago.

1. App Developer 2. Market research data miner 3. Millennial Generational


4. Educational or Admissions Consultants 5.