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Outline : Argumentative


Topic : Parents should not forbid their

children from getting involved with

Name : Mohd Aiman Shafiq Bin Anwar

Sec : 03
No.Matric card : A16DW0405
I/C : 981119-11-549
- As our country becomes more technology-dependent , it is important
to our children which is future generation to learn more about .

Thesis Statements
- The reasons are technology skills , education and brain development

1.Technology Skills
- Preparing children for the technological advancements they may
encounter not just today but in future
- Making them more employable in future
- Easier to train

- Allow to communicate globally and have chance to understand
international or different cultural perspectives on the same topic
- The real world data . In some applications , students can be exposed to
real time information
- Their motivation to learn

3.Brain Development
- Higher capacity for visual attention
- Gaming and learning applications equip children to pay more attention
to details in order to complete these activities

- Have many positive effects
- Can easily catch up with the global modersination
- Parents should expose their children more in technology and help them
getting used to it