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University of New England Residential System

Position Statement



POSITION TITLE: Resident Fellow
REPORTS TO: Head of College


Resident Fellows are appointed to the end of Trimester 2 each year, but the position may be extended for
Trimester 3, if both parties are in agreement.

Resident Fellows hold key leadership roles across all aspects of College & Village and residential life. A
Resident Fellow must actively support the aims and ideals of the UNE Residential System and their College
in establishing and maintaining an environment conducive to academic achievement, and the personal,
intellectual and social development of every resident. They are expected to promote a harmonious
residential community which grows and develops through the contribution of all. The role requires a high
level of motivation, energy, involvement, dedication and responsibility. A positive disposition and high
level interpersonal and communication skills are necessary for success in the role.

Resident Fellows are appointed by, and responsible to, the Head, and manage their responsibilities for
their assigned area on a day-to-day basis. Day-to-day leadership and coordination of the Resident Fellow
team is delegated to the Senior Resident Fellow. Resident Fellows liaise regularly with the Head and/or
the Deputy Head and Senior Resident Fellow on matters of residents welfare and academic progress as
well as community opinion and direction. The Resident Fellows, led by the Senior Resident Fellow, are
expected to function as an effective team to implement the policies and procedures required by the Head
to ensure the safety and security of the residents and facilities of the UNE Residential System. As Resident
Fellows live with other students in a residential community, they can be called on at any time of the day
or night, using their own discretion to manage the affairs of their assigned area, and referring matters to
the Senior Resident Fellow or Head/Deputy Head, when necessary.

1. To take particular responsibility for the residents within an assigned area and other resident
members as appropriate by providing pastoral care, referral advice, including referral of academic
needs, and basic first aid.
2. To undertake periods of rostered duty and on these occasions to take overall responsibility for
the general welfare and safety of residents and visitors. This will include some periods during the
3. To provide positive leadership which at all times models and ensures the maintenance of
harmony, respectful behaviour and good order in the College.
4. To provide support and assistance to the elected and appointed office-bearers by contributing in
creative and positive ways to the broader aspects of residential life.
5. To ensure that the security of the buildings and facilities is maintained.
6. To uphold the policies and rules of the UNE Residential System, in order to ensure the
maintenance of an environment that provides for a safe and caring community, free from
discrimination and hostility.
7. To have a strong team focus and to engender a strong community spirit amongst residents.
8. To assist in College administration including intensive schools, conferences and rostered office
periods, which may include regular office responsibilities up to a maximum of two hours per week.
9. To act as an ambassador for the College and the University at all times.
10. Other responsibilities as appropriate to the role.


Resident Fellows must:

maintain an acceptable level of academic progress and be role models in encouraging the pursuit
of excellence and a positive academic work ethic;
encourage, by their own example, participation in academic, social, sporting and cultural activities
and attendance at College/Residence, Student Club and Senior Common Room events and
maintain complete confidentiality at all times;
take responsibility for an appropriate set of keys, which must be secure at all times, must not be
given to anyone, must not leave the UNE Residential System precinct and be used for official
purposes only;
participate in education and training sessions as specified by the Head of College and attend all
formal meetings of their Resident Fellows group;
organise regular meeting for all residents in their assigned area to maintain effective and timely
attend a formal weekly meeting of the resident fellow team
communicate on a regular basis with the Academic Mentor Team as directed by the College Head
become financial members of the Fellows Group, and attend all meetings;
attend all formal dinners of the College and, where appropriate, contribute to the planning,
arrangement and presentation of these functions;
ensure all protocols during formal dinners and events are observed by residents;
reside in allocated accommodation during the period specified in the letter offering the Resident
Fellow the privilege of this role, during which the Resident Fellow will be expected to keep his/her
accommodation in a clean and tidy condition which will be charged at a reduced accommodation
may be required to carry out regular cleanliness checks in the area of College you are responsible
for and submit a report on your findings. To ensure consistency, a form will be provided by the
College for your guidance
comply with established policy for approval of leave;
not engage in employment during the period of you appointment in this role that would interfere
with your performance, without the approval of the Head.
Resident Fellows:

1. Will be provided with a furnished, self-contained flat.

2. Undertake to fulfil the duties of this position statement and to support the Head and Deputy Head
in the efficient management of the College in return for on-campus accommodation at a
discounted rate during Trimesters 1 and 2.
3. Will be required to reside in the College/Village and make themselves available for the role until
the conclusion of Trimester 2 each year.
4. Will be required to undertake training for their position and orientation preparations. The cost
of training, accommodation and some meals will be borne by the College outside of normal
trimester dates;
5. Are entitled to a total of four weeks leave of absence during the period of appointment specified
in their offer letter, with prior approval from the Head or the Deputy Head. Overnight absences
and those beyond 24 hours must have the prior approval of the Head or Deputy Head. Leave that
is directly related to academic study will not be counted towards the leave entitlement.
Applications for leave must be submitted at least one week prior to taking leave;
6. May be required to be available for the role for periods that constitute mid-trimester and mid-
year vacation and intensive school times (except when taking approved leave).
7. Must report any change in student status to the Head within three working days of such as change.
Any employment or study changes judged to be incompatible with the performance of the role
within the College may necessitate a review or even termination from the position at the
discretion of the Head;
8. May be moved to different accommodation or assigned different responsibilities during the
course of the year, at the discretion of the Head, or the Deputy Head.
9. Are allowed to have guests stay in their flat at no charge, up to a maximum of three nights in any
4 week period with the prior approval of the Head or Assistant Head. Stays in excess of this period
will attract casual accommodation rates. Casual meal rates must be paid for all meals taken by
guests in the Dining Hall;
10. Understand that continuation in the role will be subject to continual regular assessment and
satisfactory performance. Continuing in the role in Trimester 2 is conditional on a successful mid-
year performance review. Failure to fulfil the role in any aspect may constitute grounds for
termination of employment at the discretion of the Head, but alone will not be reason for
exclusion from College. Appeals against decisions should be made to the Residential System
Director in writing within 10 days of advice of the decision.

1. Satisfactory level of academic achievement in studies to date, together with a capacity to

balance the demands of the role with continued satisfactory academic progress.
2. Prior residence in the College for a minimum of two (2) trimesters with a demonstrated positive
contribution to the residential community life. (Exchange appointments will be considered on
3. Demonstrated understanding of the issues that affect the personal and social life of students in
a residential community.
4. Demonstrated leadership skills, including motivational and initiative skills.
5. Demonstrated excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
6. Demonstrated ability to fulfil the role independently and as an effective member of a team.
7. Demonstrated understanding of the need for confidentiality, integrity and trust within a
residential community.
8. Demonstrated strong organisational and time management skills together with some previous
administrative skills.
9. An understanding of the Equity, Harassment, and Workplace Health and Safety policies of the
University of New England as they relate to this role.


I have read this Position Statement and understand and agree to the responsibilities required of me
contained both within my letter of offer and within this Statement:

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