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Water is a resource that is very important in our daily lives. It allows us to
provide for themselves, such as drinking, preparing food, washing clothes, and
so on. Natural resources are getting water from the river, rolling hills, and
basements. Most water supplied as drinking water is from the river. Raw water
obtained from any source required to clean and processed chlorine added to the
drug before it can be used by humans. The cleaning process carried out in a
filter plant, then water is processed water is passed through a pipeline to be kept
in the pool. To the existing water supply is arranged, sir streamed directly
through a system of pipes buried in the main road. Service to each building or
home is through the connection made between the pipe and the pipe holding the
home service. The residential area of low pressure, it is the practice of having
one central tank of clean water is stored before supplied to the area. It's common
to housing built on higher ground .In rural water supply is still not enough, most
of the population depends on wells as a source of water for daily use.
Unprocessed water is dangerous in terms of health, primarily diseases of water
such as cholera infection.
Identify sources of water supply.
Identify domestic water supply system and method of distribution.
Identify the type and grade of the pipe and use.
Using hand tools and machines in the connection works.
Installing various tools Coupler and valves in plumbing.
Drawing and painting interpreting services.
Drawing standard symbols in plumbing.
Practice safety rules in the workplace.

Water Supply System at Home

There are two ways of water supply systems in the home:-

1. The system continues - water supplied from the water service pipe fittings continue
throughout the home.
2. Indirect system - water supplied from the water meter service pipe to the storage tank
and the kitchen faucet.
Water Storage Tank
- Purpose: to hold water before distribution to piping fittings in the house - the house

- Made of: galvanized iron sheets, fiber glass or poly plastic (HDPE).
Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Library by Jules Oravetz, Sr. Registered
Profesional Engineer.