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Vincent Havel

455 East Cashew

Punta Gorda, 33955


Kurt Havel Lawn Maintenance, Punta Gorda Im a very dedicated,

Ive been helping my dad for about 5 years now, its a little thing to just make some extra
hard worker
cash. Its been a good way of communicating with people too, definitely has taught me
Im very easy to get
the definition of hard work
along with

SGA Freshman President, Punta Gorda I have experience in

I was Freshman President my first year in highschool, I chose to resign because i saw the multiple sports such as
affect in my grades, Grades always come first and i made the decision that id rather football, basketball, baseball,
succeed in my grades.
and soccer


FSWCHS, Punta Gorda Working on an AA/AS

I dont have awards other
August 10, 2015 - Present
than my childhood sports and
I chose to go to this school because academics is the most important academic awards
thing for me besides family, ive encouraged some of my friends to
attend this school as well and ive gotten great feedback. This school
has really pushed my academic ability to the next level

Unweighted GPA - 3.120 LANGUAGES

Weighted - 3.440 English, Im currently enrolled

in spanish 2


Service Hours
I havent started service hours quite yet, but this summer im making
room to complete at least 50 hours.