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by Jason Capital

Day 1
JC was inspired by the show Two and a Half Men, and how he noticed Charlie is a very high
status individual, and his brother Alan is a very low status male. He mimicked Charlies high status
behaviors at the dinner table and noticed how his mom treated him differently like serving him first
even before his dad. Flirted with cute receptionist and literally moved another person out of the room
and got the room cleaned up sooner than expected, due to JCs high status behaviors w/ the
receptionist. It is hard-wired in a females mind to be attracted to the high status male, even dating
back to thousands of years ago.
GTOAT (Greatest Truth of All Time). The old GTOAT was that if girl who was even a little
interested in you saw you talking to a girl and responding well to you, her interest/jealousy would sky
rocket and she would want you even more. The new GTOAT is The world will always tend to accept
whatever judgment you place on yourself, and they gather that judgment almost entirely through
your sub-communication. So if you see yourself as a high status human being, and you know the
behaviors and know how to act and be that way, when people see you, look at you, watch you, hear
you, talk to you, meet you, theyre going to recognize really quickly through your sub-communication
that this person is a high status person. This person clearly, comfortably, obviously, nonchalantly,
casually sees himself as a high status person, so Im going to accept that judgment and see him as high
status as well. This happens on a sub-conscious level, and once they sub-consciously determine your
status, they then will know what role to play with you. The filter they see you through is called the
Invisible Filtering Mechanism and happens all the time and instantly. Through this Status Training, youll
be able to influence the Invisible Filtering Mechanism everyone places on you.
Your status level has always been your choice. The man who sees himself as higher status and acts
congruent with that belief, not only gets all the things he wants in life, but is actually doing everyone a
service, because everyone wants to be with that high status person. Kaizen principle one day at a time
and a little better each day, and over the course of 42 days will be a metric ton of status improvement.
You dont only get what you put in. If you put in one, you might get 5 to 10 times back (this program).
Theres nothing that is higher leverage than being high status, so concentrate your focus on achieving
high status to obtain your deepest desires.

Module 1: State Control Mastery of Your Self

Module 2: High Status Body Language
Module 3: High Status Direction
Module 4: Your High Status Voice
Module 5: High Status Detachment
Module 6: Giving High Status Truth
Module 7: The High Status Walk
Module 8: High Status Rapport Control
Module 9: High Status Charisma
Module 10: High Status Eye Contact
Module 11: High Status Charm
Module 12: High Status Style

Day 2
Fast Start Video 1.
Soul Alignment Exercise:
1. What is that part of you that you dont like, or what you dont want people to see? (Ex: Your
nervousness in certain situations)
2. Name that part and say it out loud five times and take control of him. (Ex: Billy)
3. Give Billy one constructive job that will move you forward. (Ex: make Billy a cheerleader
instead of one who talks negatively about your goals in life)

Fast Start Video 2.

Clearing off Your Mental Desk: Make a list of every single thing on your mind for next 15
minutes. Put check mark over ones you have no control over, and a star over ones you have
control over. For those you have no control over, just simply let it go from your conscious. Take
a 2nd piece of paper and make a list of all things you can directly influence and prioritize them.
So this will give you more focus on most important things in your life, and what matters most in
your life right now.

Day 3

Fast Start Video 3. What are some things in your life that are robbing you of your potential energy?
As we go through life, it is inevitable that tasks just dont get done. Because its incomplete, it will eat at
you and rob you of your energy over time. Jot down all the things in your life that are incomplete where
the loops were not closed, and sucking you of energy. Put a star on ones that are truly robbing you of
your energy. Paretos Principle: 80% of energy sucking things is coming from 20% of those things. Find
those 20%. Close those loops of those 20%. If you cant control it, then youll just have to consciously
just let it go.

Fast Start Video 4. Learnt this exercise from Sean Stephenson (Author/Speaker). Hold out both
hands, palms up. Notice image on your right hand of the most confident, most positive, most
challenging, most witty, most dominant, most successful, most bad ass person you know (could be actor
or athlete / Tony Starks). On your left hand notice smaller image of you, worst version of yourself, most
introverted, shy, sloppiest, version of yourself. Look back to your right hand and notice it getting bigger
and brighter. On your left notice image getting smaller and darker, almost the size of a pea or marble.
On your right its still growing, getting more vibrant and bright. Look back to your left hand, and notice
that version of yourself is getting tiny, smaller than a pea, almost disappearing. Look back to your right,
and image is still growing and shining, getting brighter and stronger. Very slowly bring right image to
your left, as you feel the energy, and as you get closer to right hand, CLAP it down on your right hand,
and rub it on your right hand, all over your body, cover yourself with it, and lather it all over, and notice
energy flowing through you, through your veins, your soul, your chakra, your aura. Notice energy is
almost becoming you, and it is you, and you feel it. This is a subconscious and hypnotic exercise, and is
very powerful. Keep doing this exercise until it becomes you. After a couple times of doing this, you
wont need to do it anymore.

Day 4 Module 1-1: State Control

Why is state-control considered high status?
1. Your state is entirely in your control.
2. The state you are in most often becomes your default setting. For long term success, you must
consistently put yourself in to your most positive, attractive, resourceful state, so it becomes the
state you wake up and fall asleep to.
Other reasons why this is important?
1. When we meet people in great state, we naturally conclude they are high status; otherwise why
would they be in a great mood. When youre in great state your sub-communications naturally comes
off as high status. State and Status are very closely related.
2. When you learn to really control your state, you inadvertently find that your state is less and less
affected by other people & other circumstances in your environment. Being unaffected by the externals
is an extremely high status trait. Girl freaks out and youre unaffected by her freak out, maybe even
laughing about it, she feels safe.
3. When you have tremendous state control, you dont even have to think about passing shit tests
anymore; they go passed you like farts in the wind. She recognizes it really early on so theres no point
in her testing you. She cannot emotionally affect you, because of your state from within (not external).
You are like the oak tree and very grounded. If she gives you shit tests, dont fight it, over agree with it
and make it even sillier with smirk on your face. A high status man talking to a girl will not be affected
by the environment, is non-reactive, draws state from within, and has great state control, will not be
distracted from a sudden noise or something, but stays with her and deepens connection even more.
4. Understanding this concept and the effect that improving state control can have on your life, your
attention becomes extremely valuable, especially to her. Since your state is so internally drawn, while
everyone else is laughing at a joke, youre just like cool and in your own state. Girls in group will notice
this, shell realize your attention if more challenging and more valuable than everyone else, and this
intrigues her.

What is state control & what is it to be non-reactive?

Complete state control and being non-reactive is when your emotions, your mood, and your state are
entirely up to you at any given moment.
When people say a joke and laugh while looking at you, hes looking for approval from the high status
guy in the group. High status men can hold the frame, not laughing, and the guy will see that in frame.

The Slow Turn. A trick to show your state is unaffected to girl. Ex: Iron Man while working. He doesnt
look up right away. He keeps working and a few seconds later he slowly turns his head, and then looks.
Practice this when someone calls your name at work or at a social setting.

Day 5 Module 1-2: State Control Muscle Building

Six Habits to Develop State Control
1. It is always your interpretation of the thing that will influence your state. If she turns away
while you kiss her, you can interpret that in many ways. Always interpret things in a high status
manner. Consciously always ask How would the high status version of me interpret this
situation and how would he feel about it?
2. High status people respect themselves. They really, truly love themselves and it includes their
physical body. If you think youll get through life not taking care of your physical health, then
youre lying and disrespecting yourself. Take care of your body by proper diet. 1. Follow diet w/
all real food and zero non-real food. JERF Just Eat Real Food. 2. Eat lots of leafy greens and eat
the rainbow (fruits/vegetables). 3. Fast for 24 hours one day a week. Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon.
Humongous effects on your body. Have a consistent work out plan & get on a good program
3. Physical Anchoring Process. If you feel like youre not in a good state, do something thats really
fucked up physically and shock yourself to good state. Ex: shake yourself and your whole body,
and go brlwllwlw. Or do voice exercises out loud.
4. Affirmations. Its not enough to do normal affirmations. High achievers have 12 to 15 thousand
thoughts per day. Low achievers or normal people have 60 to 70 thousand thoughts per day.
High achievers & High Status people are in control of their thoughts, and only give their brain
the best thoughts. If youre not actively thinking about something, say if youre just driving or
just at the gym, literally pick out affirmative thoughts and loop them over and over (Ex: I love
myself, I love myself, repeat) This is your Go to Thought Loop. Loop your message the whole
time youre driving or at the gym (Im such a12, Im such a fucking 12, Hot girls love me, Life is
awesome, I love myself).
5. Accessing State Control through Physical Challenges. 1. Take cold showers (60 seconds and stay
focused, straight-faced like a boss) 2. When youre at gym, keep straight face as you squat
heavy weights. This is practicing non-reactiveness. You can also combine these w/ your Go to
Thought Loops as you take cold shower.
6. Make 90 day commitment right now in order to make your desired state your default setting.

If youre in a really bad state, dont resist, accept it and say fuck it. Go deeper into it (Im so sad, Im so
sad! Then it will just dissipate).
Dont take all this to mean its ok to be a psychopath. You can and should have fun w/ your friends. Just
understand as you become the sole-directorial dictator of your own personal emotions, the stimulus for
people and things outside of yourself to affect you positive or negative are going to have to become
much greater. You are naturally going to become your personal self-validating, self-entertainment unit,
and naturally a challenge for all other women to impress you. You hope they do but with your
incredible state control and non-reactivity, its going to be tough. Understand youre just practicing until
it becomes natural. Getting crazy comfortable with deep, relaxed, powerful eye contact is going to be
Homework: Circle of Concern and Circle of Influence Exercise. Draw a big circle on a paper and another
circle inside that big circle. Between the two circles, write down everything that concerns you. Write
down things you can control and have influence on in the inside circle. What this will do is show you
what things in your mind are stealing energy from you, and eliminate those from your mind.

Day 6 Module 1-3: State Control Development and Implementation

This is 10 minute summary of Module 1. Notice not only body language, but how people react physically
to others.

Day 7 Module 2-1: What is High Status Body Language? When entering room, a high status person
will always make his self real comfortable first, and this gives others permission they can feel relaxed
and comfortable also.
1. Take up more space, in order to open up and radiate your energy outwards. Closed up space
does not radiate energy.
2. Crotch Gathering. Expose and draw attention to your phallus region, by sitting w/ your legs
open, one foot up on the sofa, or standing w/ your thumb in belt loop.
3. Slow down your movements. Slowest & sexiest walk as mentioned by Mary Tyler Moore did it
for Marlon Brando. Having an amazing walk is a high status trait.
4. Non-reactivity to noises and things going on in the environment. You stay right there with her
even w/ sirens going off, and shell stay with you (high status behavior).
5. Generally speaking you should be leaning back most of the time. Leaning in is a low status
behavior. Even when youre standing or walking, shoulders back and chin up.
6. Generally speaking you want to be leaning against things when you can. If theres a wall, its a
high status behavior to lean against that wall.
7. Having a room in front of you and a wall behind you is a high status behavior. Cavemen times,
its danger to stand in the center; its high status to see everything thats going on.
8. When talking to girl in loud bar, slowly go in and whisper it in her ear, and slowly lean right back.
9. High status male will make strong, powerful eye contact when hes talking to a girl, but when
shes talking to him, hell make less eye contact because she has work a little bit harder to hold
his attention. Talk right through her soul. Look at her about 50% of the time when shes talking
to you.
10. Low status people will laugh at someone elses joke even when the joke is not funny (like a boss
telling a joke, employers feel like they have to laugh). If something is truly funny, smile and
laugh. If its not funny, do not fake laugh; cut this shit out entirely.
11. A big part of high status communication is how you emote and express when talking- a wide
array of presentation. No obnoxious movements; it should be smooth and controlled
movements (purposeful).
12. Watch Osha interviews, notice how he doesnt blink when ask a question, just sits there for 30
seconds w/out blinking, and then answers the question. You dont have to take it this far, but
blink less often.
13. Always end the conversation first. Use the foot trick and point one to direction to where you
might leave, and shell fight more for your attention; they feel subconsciously you will leave.
14. When sitting down anywhere, legs crossed or legs spread out, crotch out, and arms spread out.
15. When standing, most confident finger is thumb, so thumbs can be in pockets or belt loop. Legs
spread out, arms can be crossed, leaning on wall w/ legs crossed, or one foot on the wall.

Day 8 Module 2-2: How to Train your Body Language

1. Make this to be a general practice 24 hours a day. Constantly self correct.
2. Take one of the 15 from previous lesson per day and focus on that one that whole day.
3. Become a long term student of body language. What Every Body is Saying by Joe Navarro.
4. Pick a good model near you who you see a few times a week, and start modeling him. Notice
how he carries himself in different sorts of situations.
5. Test this stuff out and see how others react to your low status body language and high status
body language. If people notice you carrying yourself differently, it might freak them out. Treat
it as fart in the wind, and thank them, cool thanks.
6. If theres no comfortable spot when you first enter room, make yourself as comfortable as you
can and when opportunity opens up, take it w/out hesitation, because you always go after what
you want.
7. Banish the part of you thats afraid. Everyone wants you to be high status.
Homework: Think of 3 situations that were really important to you in the past, and in those specific
situations, were you giving off high or low status signals. Make the commitment right now, that you will
claim high status body language for the rest of your life.

Day 9 Module 2-3: Claiming and Exhibiting High Status

This is an 8 minute summary of Module 2. People conclude you are completely in control of your reality.
Mind follows the body even more than the body follows the mind. Re-watch Module 2-1 at least three
times. Write down 3-5 things (AHA moments) for each lesson, each book you read, etc.

Day 10 Module 3-1: High Status Direction: Defining your Path

Why is this paramount to your success? Having direction in your life, being on your path, makes you
naturally more indifferent, carefree, nonchalant to her, other people, to other things, other situations,
simply because none of them matter to you as much as your path and your direction. Having high
status direction supports your state control and non-reactivity even further, because you always have
something bigger going on in your life that youre focused on. Ex: girl not happy about you talking to
other girls, will not affect you because youre on your path, and this one girl cannot take you off this
path of the thousands of people you want to influence, and who the fuck is she to prevent you of this.
This communicates to the world that you see yourself as that important that you have this path and high
status, and will accept you for it and they will be influenced by it also. Also communicates that you
dont need girls because you have girls. Having high status direction makes being decisive really easy.
Does this support my path? Easy decision! Your purpose, your path, your direction, your masculine core
are all connected. Read Way of Superior Man by David Deida (If youre disconnected from your core and
from your path, youll feel weak, and this empty feeling will undermine not only your erection of the
world but with your women also.) When you are on your path and you have high status direction,
youre fired up all the time, youre feeling strong, connected to your core, youll feel enthusiastic all the
time. When you have high status direction, you always have somewhere to be; you are a man in
motion with purpose and direction, and a man in motion is inherently a man of high status. A man on
his path is alive because hes constantly working towards or with the things he love. It might
challenge him, it might push him to bitter edge but he sees it through because he loves it and that
makes him feel alive. Women love to be with men who are alive and are engaged and passionate.
High status men embody all these qualities all the time because they are on their path. This also
makes you a stronger more resilient human being. When youre on your path, it means you also have
a vision, and that direction gives her a vision of your future and where youre going. Women are
fortune tellers and can clearly see where you will be years from now. Describe your vision to her 5
years from now and how amazing your life is going to be, and how ambitious/focused you are, and how
youre on this path and will not stop for anyone, and it will be amazing, and she wont want to be with
any other guy, and the only way this happens is if you have high status direction in your life. If youre
not acting in alignment with your true path and purpose, you cannot stand as a high status male with
true integrity to yourself because on some level you feel like youre not living your life as you should,
because when you are, its strong, you can feel that internal integrity, it cant be fucked with because
you are on that path. ***Simply always having something that will be more important than her
(whether youre seeing a lot of girls or whatever) even when she fights you on it gives you untold high
status power*** Her fighting you on it is just a test; she would actually hate it if you stayed home for
the big battle while the rest of your boys went out. She will lose all respect for you. Women do not
want you (even if they fight you) to leave your path; they love that you will always have something more
important than her, not because she feels less important, but because she knows shes always getting a
high status man with a vision, a direction, a path that she can feel safe walking out with him.
What does it mean to have high status direction? Being on your path is knowing your true purpose,
the one when you visualize it makes you truly alive and engaged and lights that fire deep inside of
you. You then align everything in your life from diet to career to your path. Every habit, ritual, and
action feeds you on your path. Ex: Everything you do in life should be towards building your empire,
your vision that excites the fuck out of you. From time you wake up, you have your rituals, know what
food goes in your body so you have most energy, know what youre doing in gym to build most
symmetrical ratio of your body, to the way you have sex, everything you do is towards your path. You
might not know your true purpose yet but youll never reach that straight line to your path; just get it
straight as possible. Most guys dont have direction, but when she meets one of 3-5% of men who have
a clear high status direction, it feels different for her. If she hits you up and wants to hang out, youre on
your path and wont have time to hang out; hit her back when you have time. Stay on your path and
meet women along your path. The girls you meet along your path are the ones feels so much better
than allotting time just to meet girls. Notice how Jack Bauer and Tony Starks are always on their path
and you never see them eating a banana or taking a shit. A man in motion on his path is unbelievably
attractive to a woman. Hes always on the go, always have somewhere else to go, she always feels like
chasing him, like she can never fully have him, and consider what a fun, challenging, sexually, arousing
gift you become for her and every other women you meet on your path when you live your life this way.

Day 11 Module 3-2: High Status Direction: Choosing your Path

What does it mean for you when you discover your path? 1. You understand that when youre on your
path and when youre talking to someone, youre always still connected to that path; you dont have
time for any bullshit. You get done what youre supposed to get done. 2. Understanding that being on
your direction is a muscle that grows stronger as years go by. Richard Branson has been on his path for
over 50 years now, and when you compare him now to 30 years ago, youll notice hes much more
aligned to his path. 3. Simple acceptance that this is your mission in life now. You will be saying yes to
yourself and no to others more often.
Three exercises to get deeper in touch with your current purpose, path, and direction in life. Pick one
that clicks best for you or do all three. 1. Imagine were at your funeral and everyone you know is there.
The person giving the eulogy is about to say the one massive thing that you accomplished in your life.
What was it? The answer to your question might be your purpose or path in life. 2. If you had a billion
dollars and endless time, what would you do? Write the first thing in your mind and WHY you want to
do that. Ask WHY again and again until you cant go anymore, and when youre left with your last core
motivation, and connect underlying WHYs, that might be your purpose. (Fly on a private jet nonstop
with girls and partying on the jet, BECAUSE the idea of being that free and all that sex sounds awesome.
Because I love having sex with awesome girls and feeling free.) 3. Steve Pavlina
Take out a blank sheet of paper and write on top: What is My True Purpose in Life? Write your answer
and repeat that final step until you write that final answer that makes you cry. Thats your purpose.
Usually takes 15-20 minutes to get to that meaningful point. David Deida: Your purpose and path
comes off in layers and as you get closer and closer, it makes you feel even more excited, alive and
engaged. Thats why you must trust the process and just start giving your gifts to the world now
through what your heart is telling you. Admit to yourself right now that if you had to choose one or the
other, the perfect intimate relationship or achieving your highest purpose in life, you would choose to
succeed at your purpose. Just this self knowledge often relieves much pressure a man feels to prioritize
his relationships, when in fact its not his highest priority. Your mission, your path, your purpose, your
direction is your priority. Unless you know your mission and have aligned your life to it, your core will
feel empty. Your presence in the world will be weakened as well as your presence with your intimate
partner. Next time you find yourself giving in to your woman, postponing your mission, and denying
your true purpose to spend time with her, just stop. Tell your women you love her, but you cannot deny
your hearts purpose. Tell her you will spend 30 minutes with her in absolute attention and total
presence, but then you must return to carry on your mission. Your women will be more fulfilled within
30 minutes a day of your undivided attention and ravishing love, than she will feel within a few hours of
your weak and divided presence when your heart isnt really into it. Time you spend with your woman
should be time you really want to be with her more than anything else. If youd rather be doing
something else, she will feel it, both of you will be dissatisfied, STAY ON YOUR PATH.
Designing Your High-Status Future with Jason Capital: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFi2yiN5LEw
How to Discover Your Purpose in Less than 5 Seconds w/ Brian Johnson:
7 Strange Questions That Help You Find Your Life Purpose: http://markmanson.net/life-purpose

Day 12 Module 3-3: High Status Direction: Staying on your Path

11 minute summary of Module 3.
Day 13 Module 4-1: High Status Voice Training: High Status Vocal Tonality
No one wants to hear someone annoying and shitty voice even though its amazing story. On the flip
side, a fantastic, commanding, powerful voice is always desirable to hear. Why is a high status voice so
powerful, so attractive, and so influential?
1. Voice is one of your major sub-communications that let people know what status level you
perceive yourself as. When someone hears your voice, theyre getting very quickly what status
level you perceive yourself as. Are you talking loud because you want people to hear and your
words are worthy of being heard, or are you talking quietly because you dont think your words
are powerful or people dont really need to hear them. Are you talking at your own pace and
your own reality or being rushed by outside things? Are you being direct, being all over the
place, or not at all there like a bystander as opposed to a proactive participant?
2. Being a good communicator in general is high status in itself. Picture a guy telling a story and
everyone else is marveled at the story and on the edge of their seats. Having a high status voice
stands out and implies you do this a lot and used to people listening to you loving every word
you say. Who else do people notice have great voices? Great leaders, actors, and usually
important people.
3. Having a high status voice is an honest signal. Honest signals are high status straits that are easy
to recognize and not easy to fake. Having a deep powerful voice is felt by people.

What is a high status voice and what are the 5 traits?

1. Authoritative- Expects a positive response. Commands attention. Loud enough relative to the
2. Clear- Cuts through, is directed at person youre talking to, and enunciates.
3. Unaffected- You speak your way no matter who youre with. Changing your voice is a low
status behavior. People unconsciously adapt to peoples voice tone. The person whos vocal
characteristics change the least is perceived by both having the high social status.
4. Interesting- When listening to a person talk, your brain tries to go into a pattern, so your brain
can relax. With an interesting voice, use Pattern Interrupts by talking faster, slower, louder,
quieter, higher, lower, or deeper at certain times. Variety is the spice of interesting, intriguing
vocal presentation.
5. Often Breaks Rapport- There are 3 wavelengths (Seeking Rapport- up tone/low status, Neutral
Rapport, and Breaking Rapport- down tone/high status). Stay in Neutral to Breaking Rapport
wavelengths to portray high status voice.
There are different kinds of voices but these are the 5 foundations which makes them high status. Great
examples high status voices are Harvey Spectre (Suits), Samuel Jackson, John Travolta, Johnny Depp.
Shock Status Trick: When you raise your voice really loud, which cuts through and she feels your status.
If shes losing attention, say: HEY! In a down tone high status way. Then go back to playful/light vibe.

Day 14 Module 4-2: High Status Voice Training: Building your High Status Voice Muscle
6 exercises.
1. For those who have a quiet voice, its not that you have a quiet voice, its just that youve
trained your voice to be a quiet voice.
2. Understand it will take you more effort to talk louder at first. When you strengthen your vocal
cords, talking a little bit louder in a room level range becomes easier also.
Voice exercises.
3. From smiling, go to Ooh and repeat.
4. Same thing and add sticking your tongue out. Strengthening muscles around your mouth is what
makes a difference.
5. Pause for suspense. Every time you tell a story, pause at specific points. Play with this and youll
eventually know when best time to use pauses by gauging your audiences reaction. Note what
suspense does to the perceived value of your words. People only want to know what a high status
person will tell you next (a low value person, not so much interest).
6. Use a wide presentation of animation in your vocal expression. Use your arms, take up space, a
ranging voice, and use it sparingly and make it controlled.
Its easier to have clear high status voice with lower status people, but harder when youre talking to
higher status people. But when you are conscious of this, it no longer applies, and you can talk with
your high status voice with all types of people. Use your high status voice at all times till the day you

Day 15 Module 4-3: High Status Voice Training: High Status Voice Review
6 minute review of Module 4. Model from actors like Russel Brand, Robert Downey Jr, and Brad Pitt
(Oceans series).

Day 16 Module 5-1: High Status Indifference: What is High Status Indifference?
Indifference is probably not the only most high status trait, but also the most attractive trait in the
world. We want that which does not want us. We pursue that which retreats from us. This is a basic
primal hardwiring rule of human behavior. Unless youre evolved and high status, this will apply to you.
And even if youre high status and evolved, youll still feel it. Indifference and nonchalance is cool as
long as youre not trying hard. Being indifferent means you probably have a lot of options and other
women (pre-selection). Being indifferent communicates women cant really affect you emotionally, and
that only affects her more emotionally. She cant help but feel attraction. When youre indifferent,
women will wonder if you like them. Indifference, nonchalance, care-freeness allows you to be
intriguing and mysterious; it makes you different and stand out, and allows the space to wonder
about you. If theyre spending time wondering about you, theyre emotionally investing in you. When
women invest thought and time thinking about a guy, your value will only increase in her eyes. People
are generally in love more w/ ideas than they will ever be with an actual person. Shell be more in love
with what could be, than what actually is. Indifference allows them to intensely be attracted and also
leaves the space for them to project the idea of you two in love together. When someone is not
impressed with us, we feel a primal urge to impress them. That yearning for your attention and
approval will only increase your value and status even higher in her eyes, and thus her sexual attraction
for you in primal levels. When youre indifferent and she cant really read you, you become incredibly
interesting to her, like a mystery or a puzzle she has to figure out. Being indifferent also implies were
going to be totally relaxed, comfortable, and free-flowing around women, which allows them to feel the
same way. It also implies you that youre not always going to be there, because you have things to do,
which means you will be scarcer, and things that are scarce are inherently more valuable. People who
are carefree seems to have things figured out more so than others. Being indifferent means shes
going to have to earn your attention and approval, making you a challenge, which excites her and turns
her on, and the more she works for you the more value goes up in her eyes, and the more excited and
overjoyed she will be if and when she gets some of you. When it is clear you truly do not need
someone in any way, shape or form, they cannot help but a feel a magnetic pull towards you.
What is true, high status indifference? True indifference is when she never knows if she actually has
you. You love yourself and your world so much that if you wanted to, you could walk away and are
just as good, if not better at anytime. This is the fundamental behavior that allows all your other
attraction sparking behaviors to come out and flourish; it is freedom that all your other attractive
behaviors stem from. Ex: Disqualification (I could never date a nurse). Ex: She tells you she needs to be
monogamous or we cannot go on. Youre truly indifferent and your state is unaffected. You love having
her but if she has to go, she has to go. I dont believe in monogamy. Every monogamous relationships I
know I literally can see the killer of the fun and the great sex lives and the attraction, the #1 killer of that
is the monogamy, this commitment, the thing thats forcing them that they have to be together. I dont
want that with you. I love being with you, I love sleeping with you, I love spending time you, its just so
much fun, and I dont want to kill that. I would hate it, if me and you ended up that way like most
people, so I dont believe in monogamy. You get my emotional connection, no other girl will ever have
that, if that ever happened with another girl, I would tell you right away, thats what I could do for you.
She leaves for 3 days in which you dont call her because you know to give women space so they can
come to the right conclusion, and shockingly after 3 days she calls you and tells you she dont care what
the label is; she just wants to be with you. (sub-consciously she needs to be with the most high status
guy she knows, which is you, because you were indifferent and showed you didnt need her, youd hate
to see her go and were honest about it, and you didnt call her for 3 days). High Status Indifference +
Smart Communication = You Unstoppable. Ex: Being indifferent when purchasing car from dealer, can
get you best deals in all business negotiations. The person who truly cares less has more power.
Indifference is practiced first before it becomes natural. Instead of playing hard to get, you eventually
become hard to get.
Much of your high status indifference will come from you in motion through the world with high status
direction on your path, because in comparison to all else, your path is really most important. At that
point, it comes through in everything you do, in every interaction you have. Everything else in
comparison is now simply less important and less valuable, which only fuels your nonchalant even
further towards those things. When youre truly nonchalant towards something, youre lighter, happier,
and more relaxed, which ironically is the exact vibe that girls, business contacts, and everyone else
wants to be around.
Ultimately, this might, should, probably, will be the training that long term makes you most high status
version of yourself than anything else out there.

Day 17 Module 5-2: High Status Indifference: Building your Indifference Muscle?
Two main areas of high status indifference.
1. Outer Game. 1. Disqualifiers, challenging her, setting her up with other guys, talking about
awesome stuff and teasing her how you cant invite her, ending phone calls first, her being the
last one to text you, pulling away first when kissing. Read Charm Bible. 2. Particular body
language tricks that also imply your raw indifference. Taking your attention away for a second.
Her having to earn your attention. The foot trick with foot pointing away. Not looking at her for
reaction. Walking away before things die down. 3. Not always answering a question or phone
right away. Not always being available. Not letting her know what youre doing or where you
are. Shock humor- doing and saying stuff sometimes and strategically talking about people
wouldnt normally say (John Romaniello talking about being awesome being entrepreneurs w/
JC and others listening in, and mentions its awesome to have huge cocks also).

2. Inner Game. 1. Your high status direction and path, when its real, and youre that invested in
your vision, indifference to everything else simply becomes natural. 2. State control- training
your natural default setting to that light, playful, happy state. If youre in that state all the time,
you will always be in that indifferent state all the time. 3. Meditation 20 minutes a day. Every
time you meditate, it re-centers you. Read Meditation for Warriors and read every book by
Having a long term vision and understanding whats truly important for you long term and really being
able to access that internally whenever you want will keep you from getting too caught up in a day to
day, which is where most problems usually arise. Its not two weeks from not hearing a girl that usually
cause most guys to lose their indifference; its her not texting back after 15 minutes when they lose
track of their long term perspective and get emotionally charged and lose that indifference. A lot of
guys simply dont have more options with girls. Having more options becomes really easy to be
indifferent. Becoming high status will undoubtedly bring you more options.
Develop your own world and social circle, everything outside of women. Then becoming indifferent
with women becomes easy. Work on yourself with meditation, your vision, good books, good 1 or 2 TV
shows, social circle with awesome friends, good food, good work outs, good sex, and your calendar is
filled up.
You can test this by talking about relationships with a girl. The worst thing is when you meet someone
who is so needy. You can clearly tell they want to be with you all the time. Its great to meet someone
where you guys like being w/ each other. But the worst thing is when some guy makes you the center of
his universe. You want a guy who has his own awesome shit going on in his life, & while he wants to see
you, he doesnt really need to see you. You love it when a guy doesnt really need you, because it tells
you hes a fucking bad ass. 100% of girls will agree with you. Its not about you being a dick; its about
you being in love with your path, your vision. It is now for that very reason, that everyone wants a piece
of you.
Homework: Start your meditation and work your way to 20 minutes before bed.
New Affirmation Loops - Loop it baby, loop it. Its all in how you say it also (feel it when you say it!): I
dont need a thing; Im already fucking awesome!
I easily have the ability to disconnect and walk away at any moment because Im just so fucking
awesome on my own.
I love how much I love my life.

Day 18 Module 5-3: High Status Indifference: Indifference Review

9 minute review of Module 5.
Excerpt from 2 Oct 2014 JC Newsletter: What's the Difference Between Indifference and Non-Reactive?
Notice the distinction between these two: When you're indifferent, you're non-reactive, but...when
you're non-reactive, you're not necessarily indifferent. (You might just be forcing yourself to appear
non-reactive on the outside, but be actually reacting internally because you haven't yet reached that
enlightened state of indifference.) Indifferent (or carefreeness) is a more universal state. It's something
you are. Being non-reactive is more in the moment. It's something you do. What's Indifference? Being
indifferent is a clear unattachment to all things outside of your control. For example, what's something
that would be "outside of your control"? How 'bout girl's response to something you say or do? You can
influence that, but you can't control it, yes? Good. So if you're TRULY INDIFFERENT, your internal state
(mood) is completely unattached, and therefore unaffected, by whatever response you get from a girl,
whether it be good, bad or her jumping down to her knees, whipping your dick out and shoving that
thing down her throat like she needs an emergency strep test. AND...When you're TRULY INDIFFERENT,
don't you think it's gonna be pretty fvcking easy to appear non-reactive on the outside? I will add here
that a good way to train your indifference is just practicing to "appear" non-reactive. Do it long enough,
and eventually, you'll actually be non-reactive (aka, indifferent). Info Bias? I will also add here that
questions like this trigger concerns in my mind, mostly that you may be suffering from the Information
Bias.. If you are, please, champ, remember: Girls don't fvck guys because the guy just so perfectly knows
the difference between indifference and non-reactivity. They fvck guys because they see that he
doesn't "react" the way every other scrub does...it's almost like they just can't affect him...and quickly,
he becomes a CHALLENGE to them, the rare guy who actually seems to be dictating things to them, who
seems to be LEADING things here, who seems to be the CAUSE here who's making her react to the guy,
which she almost never does, and in her history, has only done with guys she was sexually attracted to...
All this triggers High-Status to her, and then panties --> drop.

Day 19 Module 6-1: High Status Truth: Giving High Status Truth
Why is it so valid and so paramount for you to comfortably have no problem giving high status truth
(saying whatever you want and whenever you want)? Because its refreshingly real and rare. It stands
out in a world where everyone not trying to piss anyone off. High status people have no problem
polarizing if its their truth. Your real, raw you is your ultimate self. You will attract the best people for
you because theyll see the real you, and youll repel who arent right for you. High status people are so
intent on their path; they simply do not have time for fluff or bullshit most of the time. Being this real
and giving high status truth communicates your ambition of your high status direction. Giving high
status truth lets those around you open up and be real or free also, which they love you for. You
become the beacon of freedom of everyone around because youre the one giving that truth first, which
means youre the one leading the way and setting the tone for everyone else. Giving high status truth is
a pattern-interrupt (high status voice becomes more interesting), because youre speaking the truth that
no one else does. It stands out and it commands attention inadvertently. Giving high status truth
means that you love yourself. You will never give yourself the burden of accumulating unnecessary
stress which is what happens when people hold back on what they really want to say. When you give
high status truth, people get excited to talk with you, to be in your presence, because they know that
with you, its going to be free and relaxing and unpredictable; they know theres nothing you wont say.
Anything could happen next. Giving high status truth brings friendships and communication to a higher
and more real level. It allows for the connections you make in your life to bind deeper and stronger
when youre both so unapologetically real with each other. Giving high status truth opens you up to
direct your energy towards the most important things (like sub-communications and your high status
path). No excess energy is spent on those that you did not say. Giving high status truth communicates
intense indifference and high status polarity. Anyone who is in need of any particular outcome can
never be so bold or free. You come off totally unattached and incredibly free. Because youre
expressing your truth so freely, you not only strongly attract those who vibe with you, and repel those
who dont, but youre doing so in a high status way. So even those who would be repelled by you
normally cant help but feel an attraction in your direction (which is why some girls who dont
necessarily like you still have to fuck you). When youre giving high status truth, your thoughts are
verbalized freely (not all your thoughts, but ones you know that need to be said thats real or playful).
You no longer ever worry about things left unsaid, because no longer is anything that should not be left
unsaid, is left unsaid. Strategically, the things that need to be said, you just say them and give high
status truth. Example: JCs reading a book while eavesdropping on his friend and girlfriend arguing for a
long time but avoiding the truth (the fact that neither of them wants to be together any longer). So JC
after some time, yells downstairs: Yo, both of you just tell each other you dont want to be with each
other anymore, move the fuck on, and lets get some dinner cuz Im hungry! 10 minutes later theyre
both relieved, relationships over, happy, JCs a dick, she leaves, and they grab dinner. Example: Yo,
you two fucked? said in a non-big deal way and nonchalantly. Slap before the crest: giving props or
compliment to someone after you give them high status truth is more effective than say giving
compliment straight away w/out the slap. Giving high status truth allows for post-modernism humor.
This is where you reference the process where you call everything out instead of leaving it unsaid which
is when it becomes awkward. Instead of fighting for the arm-rest on an airplane w/ someone, you
reference it (make a joke about it). Or if you never returned someones call and you see them in person
a week later, the first thing you say is: Yo, why havent you been calling me, I call you and you havent
called back, WTF! Dont let it be unsaid and let it sit, and let internal conflict rise and stress you out.
With girls its good to be the post-modern opposite: if youre flirting w/ a girl and its really on, if you tell
her its really weird how not attracted to each other at all we are right now, she picks up on the
playful, sarcastic vibe and say I know, I so dont want to fuck you right now. Giving high status truth
does not give you the right to be obnoxious. Its key youre always aware of how your audience is
always feeling; use high status truth strategically and at opportune times. Anything, no matter how
powerful, used all the time becomes shit.

Day 20 Module 6-2: High Status Truth: Building your High Status Truth Muscle
1. Modeling: Find guys you know in person (from office, gym, social circle) who give high status truth.
They say the things people are normally afraid to say. Focus on how theyre doing it specifically,
when they give that truth, and when they dont. Also pick a model from TV or Movies and watch
what they do and how they use post-modernism humor (good example: Hank Moody)
2. When you first meet the next 10 girls, you have to tell them this as youre shaking their hands: You
know its funny, you dont look like a Janine (or whatever their name is). You look like a Billie
come here Billie. This is bold, rare and giving high status truth. It gets you not to only speak more
freely, but it also sets the truth-giving, flirtatious vibe immediately off the bat. Do this all the time.
3. Make a list of 3 things left unsaid with people in your life and go up to that person and say them.
However, you must not go off your path to do so. JC example: The next time he sees that person,
while on his path, ask him how its going, and ask him if its cool if he tells him his thoughts from the
outside looking in. Ask him if its cool before you offer advice. Then challenge his self-image. You in
my mind are this person, but right now youre being this person, and I think its for these reasons,
and I think that you could be so much greater if you just did this and this, you could be up there, and
I really want that for you, I cant make you do it, its up to you, Im on my path, Im busy, were all
busy, I hope you get this shit figured out.
4. Make giving high status truth a conscious practice. Gain awareness of it in conversation w/ people,
when there are things you want to say and you dont say them; be aware of it. Reward yourself by
saying your fucking cool. If you feel like you might offend someone, write down in your journal, the
next time you see this person, you will tell them what you were afraid to say before.
Giving high status truth does not mean being obnoxious. It does not mean telling her how hot she is and
how much you want to fuck her when you just met her, or that she looks shitty in that dress and
children are crying somewhere of how poorly she looks. All normal game strategy still applies. This just
means that you pepper in high status truth when its called for, and when its going to make the
situation better, more positive, more freeing, or more exciting for everyone. You will be strategic w/
your high status truth giving.

Day 21 Module 6-3: High Status Truth Review

7 minute review of Module 6.

Day 22 Module 7-1: The High Status Walk: What is the High Status Walk?
Why is the high status walk so powerfully communicative? People conclude everything from the way
you walk. It sets the frame that people will be interpreting everything you do and say from the moment
they see you walk. People see you walking and they immediately in their mind ask: Is he high status or
not? Every high status man in history has had a bad-ass walk: James Bond, Marlon Brando, Brad Pitt
had their own high status walk. Having a high status walk is an honest signal (not easy to fake & easily
recognized) that communicates how highly you feel about yourself. You cant fake a high status walk
and its easily recognized. Having a high status walk is sexually powerful. Women read very closely
into how a man walks and conclude certain things about his life, his personal relationships, and his sex
life all based on how he walks. Ex: Marlon Brando had slowest & sexiest walk she had ever seen as
mentioned by Mary Tyler Moore (his walk alone blew her away).
What does a high status walk look like? Every man knows what their high status walk looks like. There
are different varieties, but as long as the principles are the same is what makes it high status.
5 characteristics of a High Status Walk:
1. Walks tall and open. Shoulders back, and chin up. You can do hands in pocket w/ thumbs out,
or just thumbs in your pocket.
2. Knows where hes going. Walks purposefully. Lead by his dominant and positive energy.
3. Smooth and controlled. Not all over the place. Often slower than most. It doesnt have to be so
long its at his own chosen pace. Nothing makes a high status man walk at a pace he doesnt
4. Casually masculine stroll. It conveys energy and a thought pattern in your head: Im just feeling
really sexually powerful. Its that little pep and knowing swagger, in the walk w/ the knowing
sly grin on the face.
5. Often looking beyond the crowd. Simply because hes on his high status path. Not looking
everyone in the eye to see what theyre thinking. He looks straight ahead on his path. Not
looking around because you know exactly where youre going.
Walk dominantly relaxed.
How a high status man walks into a room and why: When he first walks into a room, he pauses at the
door frame, breathes it all in, and takes in his new environment all in. What dangers might arise here?
What is good about this place? This gives everyone else in room the opportunity to see how much of a
bad-ass you are. It frames the door with you taking complete ownership of the room for a moment.

Day 23 Module 7-2: The High Status Walk: Committing to the High Status Walk
Two-step process to getting good at anything: 1. Model someone till you start getting consistent
results doing it their way. 2. Innovate and put your own flare into it, and make it your own.
1. Modeling. Pick one or two high status walks from a movie/TV and imbed it into your conscious.
(James Bond, Denzel Washington, Harvey Spectre, or someone you know etc.)
2. Do this daily for one week: Read through 5 characteristics, watch the model you selected walk
for one minute, and practice for 3 minutes walking on your own in your house. Repeat process
totaling 15 minutes per day.
3. Make this into a conscious practice at all hours everyday. Bed to your bathroom, walk
awesome. From the ticket line to your seats, walk fucking awesome. Make your first walk of
the day fucking awesome from the moment you wake up. This sets the tone for the rest of your
Phrase to help you at any given moment (say this to yourself when youre just not feeling it and to
shock yourself into walking awesome): Walk tall, Walk relaxed, Fuck Im awesome.
Every man has consciously chosen how hes going to walk. He simply chose it at one point and many
didnt choose the one that was best for him. If someone says something about your new walk, simply
say you just feel real good and happy; and go back to your path. Do not judge yourself. Observe with a
detached perspective. Trust the process long term. Trust this is how its suppose to be: youre
supposed to be high status. Slow everything down, almost like youre moving through water. Visualize
yourself walking down the street w/ that high status walk.

Day 24 Module 7-3: The High Status Walk Review

7 minute review of Module 7.

Day 25 Module 8-1: High Status Rapport Control: What is High Status Rapport Control?
Human connection, and understanding how to create it whenever you want with anyone, is powerful.
Have you ever met someone and felt within just a few minutes of meeting them, you and this person
were just going to get along? Thats because you felt a connection with them, and that connection is
fueled by rapport. And when we feel deep & wide sense of rapport with somebody, we want to simply
just do things for each other. High status people are bad ass communicators who know how to get what
they want in a win-win fashion for everybody. That win-win principle will not happen if real rapport
does not exist between you and that other person. Rapport implies a sense of trust and understanding.
When we feel safe, comfortable, and that we can trust the person that were talking or working with,
everything simply runs more smoothly and positively. When people feel that sense of rapport w/
someone, they feel an urge to simply open up to that person. We all enjoy human connection, but we
wont do it unless we feel we can trust that person. Trying to get rapport w/ someone else is a low
status behavior. High status bad-asses either get the other person to seek rapport w/ them and then
decide if this is someone they want to build that connection w/; or two mutual bad-asses build mutual
rapport w/ each other on an equal win-win level.
What is rapport control and how is different than normal rapport building? Rapport control is the ability
to create rapport w/ someone else in a high status fashion. Low status people seek rapport before its
warranted (Ex: guy asking a lot of boring personal question). High status people build rapport only w/
the people they want to build rapport with. Theyre selective about who they connect with. Their
connection is not available to everybody. High status people build rapport in one of two ways: 1. The
other person seeks rapport w/ them and they decide if theyre cool w/ it; if not, they move forward. 2.
Both parties recognize each other is high status individual. Mutual rapport is built almost immediately
under this unspoken agreement.
What is rapport? Rapport is a sense of trust, understanding, and connection between two people (when
you feel youre on the same wavelength w/ someone, in sync). Things that contribute largely to that
sense of rapport: 1. Shared goals/mission. 2. Shared or common enemies. 3. Shared experiences. 4.
Shared strong emotions.
*From now on, banish trying for rapport. Have them try for rapport w/ you, or have game recognize

Day 26 Module 8-2: High Status Rapport Control: High Status Rapport Control Muscle
When the other party tries for rapport w/ you after a few minutes of fun, normal conversation (this is
the case 80% of the time, people want connection and rapport who they perceive to be high status), you
then simply decide if this is someone you want to be in rapport with (rapport is a two way street and if
they feel you dont want to be in rapport w/ them, theyll know it especially females). If it is, connect w/
them, share a little bit, qualify them, go a little bit deeper and then wider, etc (HVST High Value Small
Talk). Deeper rapport is being able to discuss and experience emotions deeper (pain of saying goodbye
to your mom during your first day of school). Wider rapport is about lighter topics (how you cant stop
eating Pringles as soon as you open package). If you dont want to build rapport, keep your answers
short and lead situation to a place you want it to go (lets say you want to meet her friends, so you start
talking about how its cool at parties to meet new people and introducing to everyone, so you ask her to
introduce you to her friends over there). If you meet another high status person (they will not be trying
for rapport w/ you also if theyre truly high status), it will be light, playful banter and just bullshit w/
each other, maybe get a drink w/ each other. Later on over time, you both will just open up more,
maybe exchange numbers. (JC and Matthew Hussey first meeting story w/ midget strippers; just knew
they would get along, and over time it just so happens they become really good friends; its implied and
no attachment involved)
When youre moving in rapport building w/ anybody, there are some key subjects you want to hit on
verbally to build a deeper and wider sense of rapport, because these contain stronger emotions:
Hopes, Fears, Dreams, Desires, Passions, Family/Friends, Secrets.
Non-verbal rapport building: Body Language Mirroring (If they cross theyre arms, you do the same) &
Vocal Expression (Joshua Pellicer-Tao of Badass does this a lot). JC does not follow either of these,
because these are reactionary actions and portrays low status. If you will follow this, do so subtly and
not weird.
JCs Favorite Rapport Building Questions: The more random, the bolder and more fun it is. You dont
need to transition, just say it. If you were house was on fire and there were 3 things you could take w/
you before the rest went up in flames, what would you grab? What was the longest relationship youve
ever been in? Which of your friends right now do you think youll still be close w/ 10 years from now?
What was your favorite TV show as a kid? When was the last time you were really embarrassed; what
happened? Share your stories and experiences w/ her over the same questions, so have them ready.
Even if youre disagreeing w/ someone on something, rapport can still be built on the basis and context
of We disagree on everything, were like Lucy & Ethel, or Lucy & Ricky or Starsky & Hutch.
Concept of breaking rapport. People who are of higher status break rapport more often w/ other
people, and this communicates theyre of high status. Breaking rapport (downward tonality,
disagreeing, teasing, pushing away, negative body language, getting mad) just a little will often entice
the other person to seek it with you on an unconscious level. Have no problem breaking rapport; Dont
be a dick, but you have to go pretty far for someone to stop seeking rapport w/ a high status person,
especially girls. Its ok for you to be pissed w/ someone; you will be surprised at the non-consequences
of such actions and often get positive results from it. If youre angry all the time, youre not attractive,
but getting mad once in a while is perceived as high status.
If you feel like youre trying for rapport too hard: 1. Fix your body language and give more negative
body language. 2. Change where youre looking when you verbalize needing rapport (turn and look into
the distance after you ask trying-for-rapport-question).
Homework: Write down 5 questions that you would have a lot of fun talking/challenging about related
to the deep or wide rapport topics (Hopes, Fears, Dreams, Desires, Passions, Family/Friends, Secrets).
Write down 5 high status transitions in to talking about them where it doesnt come off as you trying for
rapport. Ex: Transition- You know I was reading this article the other day, and it was an interesting to
me because it was telling me that, and its not just an like old clich, money doesnt really make people
happy and what makes people happy is experiences, peak shared experiences. Questions: You know
what Im curious if you had a hundred million bucks in your fucking bank account, what would you wake
up & do?
Think about those times in the past or present when you really felt that sense of being on the same
wavelength as somebody else, what happened and how did it happen? Think about it. There are a lot
of clues in there for you to move forward and create that connection w/ that someone.

Day 27 Module 8-3: High Status Rapport Control: Rapport Control Review
7 minute recap of Module 8. This has become a world where people spend most of their time tweaking
their Facebook or Twitter to make people think theyre operating on a certain wavelength and that
theyre this kind of person. Facebook isnt a true marker of someones life; its actually the best possible
image they can give to someone else. W/ people spending so much time on the social medias, this idea
of real human connection is so rare, but its hard-wired inside of us, we yearn for it, we pine for it, we
crave it. So when were in the real world and meet someone whos present, high status, and knows who
to create it, it is even more powerful than it was over 10 years ago before social media.

Day 28 Status Interview w/ Greg C. Greenway and Jason Capital

Day 29 (Video 1) Module 9-1: High Status Charisma: What is High Status Charisma?
Why is so high status to be charismatic?
Charisma presupposes leadership. Evolutionarily speaking, the one leading that tribe had the most
status. Charisma is highly cherished, admired, and not at all readily understood. We are fascinated by
what we dont understand, and it is damn good for people to be fascinated w/ us. Because most people
will think you were born w/ it. Of course we know, charisma is just a matter of understanding it and
training the muscle. We all want to be around charismatic people because it gives us a sense of purpose
& vision; and often make us feel a sense of safety, certainty & security on a deeper level. For
charismatic people, their purpose fuels their high status indifference and non-neediness. Charismatic
people never need anything from anyone else and always have somewhere more important to go or be
doing because of their burning passion for their vision. Charisma is a choice. It is rare and highly stands
out. You bring it everywhere w/ you.
What is high status charisma? A man who is charismatically high status is a man whose relentless
passion for his own vision, inspire him to be intensely independent and always dominating his own
chosen path. Because hes so passionate and alive he indirectly inspires devotion through a
combination of purpose and inadvertent indifference (hes just so into what hes doing and its so
obvious what he communicates, people feel it and wants a part of it, even though hes wasnt trying to
do that).
Examples of charisma: 7 times more people will follow a man w/ no hesitancy in jay walking as opposed
to one who was hesitant in doing so. Also, when you passionately describe your vision to a girl, she
should feel your charisma (looking into distant, wide presentation of animation, etc.) because youre so
into what youre saying. JC gets amped up by reading success emails from his students.
When you are on your high status path/direction, that will just fuel your charisma. Its not high status to
just start sharing about you right away (sounds like youre trying to brag, qualify yourself & gain
approval). Instead subtly bring up the topic and then showcase your charisma. You can also ask them
about it first, so you can talk about it next charismatically, and then end it first to lead the conversation.
Some charismatic movie models are Alec Baldwins initial speech in Glengarry Glen Ross (vision +
purpose=charisma, not necessarily charming but it is charismatic, 3% of people have this). Also James
Bond walking anywhere is great example of charisma (he knows exactly where hes going and he doesnt
care if anyone is coming w/ him, but because of his vision/purpose/indifference, people will follow). Tip:
When youre on a date or something, dont be like Tony Robins and always so crazy YEAH VISION
PURPOSE blah blah blah; give her small doses to let her know you can go there emotionally charged up
when needed, but youre relax and chill most of the time.
Some things you will notice as your charisma muscle gets stronger & stronger: People will look to you
subconsciously for when to go or get up during dinner. High status person will get up first and everyone
follows. People will often look to you to make final decisions w/in a group. You will share your thoughts
and opinions often to get your charisma muscle going, and share them w/ full expectation that people
will be affected & influenced by them. People will often defer to you because they trust you to make
the best decision for the group. Girls will naturally just want to be around you because your charisma
makes them feel higher status in your presence, and makes them feel safe, certain, & secure. Its like
you are a magnetic, and why charismatic people are often described as magnetic.

Day 29 (Video 2): Look at your daily rituals (habits you do every day), and decide what direction are they
leading you in, because you cant see it every single day due to little unnoticeable dynamic changes, but
over a long period of time, they become apparent. So one night a month, take your journal out and ask
yourself: What are your daily rituals right now and if you keep them up for the next 30 to 90 days,
what direction & outcome will they take you to? Circle three which you could improve on, figure out
how to make them better, and implement immediately into your new rituals/habits. You will see
massive changes in the next few months of doing this.

Day 30 Module 9-2: High Status Charisma: The High Status Charisma Muscle
Practice #1: Getting you in touch w/ your bigger, greater vision. Remember that Funeral Exercise in
determining your path. Take a sheet of paper and answer three things:
1. That one thing the person described in your eulogy, write it at the top and answer these 3 question.
What did that look like to the outside world and how did they feel about it? What did you go through to
make it happen & how did you grow over time while making it happen? Why did you do it, and why did
you have to do it?
2. Get in touch w/ your perfect normal day (not like a crazy insane day where youre fucking 20 hot
women, but just a normal awesome day), and write it in detail from time you wake up will you sleep.
What is about this day that makes you love it so fucking much? This will eventually become your normal
3. Continue to train your high status vision and high status indifference. This will build your charisma.
Fun Exercises:
1. When youre in a group and deciding where to eat or something, make a decision very calmly, then
turn and walk, dont look back, and see what happens (do this a few times during the weekend).
2. Go into Charisma Mode w/ next 3 girls you talk to. Quick 30 second charisma rant where youre so
passionate about what youre talking about. They wont even listen to you and hear what youre saying;
theyre eyes will just be glazed on you theyll be like OMG (very powerful stuff).
Book recommendation: Lead to Succeed by Rick Pitino (A book about good sound leadership; when you
are charismatic, people will look up to you as a leader). As w/ any book, dont read it trying to memorize
everything; just focus on those mindset and paradigm shifts.

Day 31 Module 9-3: High Status Charisma Review

8 minute review of Module 9.

Day 32 Module 10-1: High Status Eye Contact: High Status Eye Contact Overview
Why is high status eye contact so incomparably substantial? The eyes are the window to the soul.
People can see your soul just by looking into your eyes, by feeling it. Cards lie, politicians lie, shiny shit
lie, birds lie, men lie, women lie, but it is impossible for eyes to lie. The eyes are the #1 most honest
signal of high status. If your inner world is high status, everything covered up to this point will show it to
a large extent, but your eyes will reveal the most. Women sometimes might not trust your body
language, but they cant not trust the eyes (100% infallible). Smart women will consciously even look at
your eyes to see if you can handle the high pressure intently. If she can handle it and you cant, you
lose. If you cant handle looking her in the eyes, how can you handle fucking her like a man should?
Deep, powerful, relaxed eye contact SCREAMS high status louder than anything else, and it does it
What does high status eye contact really mean, what does it look like and not look like? High status eye
contact is the complete command of ones own eyes and attention. They look where they want, when
they want, unaffected by anything external while remaining aware of social norms and influences. They
rarely, if ever, find anything truly captivating to look at for themselves. Their pure, undivided attention
is hard to come by. Where a high status person is looking is entirely where they want to be looking,
totally non-reactive to external things. Example: If girl catches you looking at her, you just keep looking
at her, and look away at something else when you want to (not looking away so fast because you got
caught). Dont hold eye contact for over 30 seconds thinking it is high status. The minute you cross that
threshold of being socially powerful to ignoring social norms, thats when you cross that line from high
status to weird. Because high status people are so involved w/ their high status direction, its more
challenging for things to truly hold their attention. Movies, TV, girls, all of it have to work harder and be
better to hold attention of their eyes. Ex: When first meeting girl, dont give her all your attention.
Look at her, look elsewhere repeatedly but not shifty, controlled movement, head not moving, just eyes.
If youve connected a while and ready to kiss, then your eyes can go all up in her soul 30 seconds
nonstop. Also if you feel the tension when looking in someones eyes, remember to breath slow and
deeply, and relax your jaw so you dont feel any tension. Ex: When walking down the street and cute
girl is coming your way, dont look away quickly if she looks at you (low status); steadily hold that eye
contact for a couple seconds and keep walking (high status).
During normal conversation, when youre talking you want to be looking at person youre talking to 80-
90% of the time (10-20% of the time youre looking off to distant and painting your vision or path w/
your eyes). But when theyre talking to you, you want to be looking at them 50-60% of the time; they
should be working harder for your attention. Use slow head turns almost like it doesnt move (person
who moves their head the least is usually higher status).
High status trick: When we really like something, our eyes will literally open up bigger than normal,
because you want to take in more of it. This is same reason why guys who squint when looking at
women is also why most women find them more attractive. Eye squint communicates breaking rapport,
I dont want to take that much of you in, and dont like you that much, not really sure about you. Use
eye squints w/ little grin when talking to women. Also your pupils will get larger when you see
something you like. So notice this in women if their pupils are larger.
One thing to also notice: People will start doing things for you and look for you to make decisions and
influence, and simply do what you say. This might weird you out at first, but always make it win-win for
everyone. With high status eye contact gives you great power, and w/ great power comes with a lot
of responsibility and a lot of pussy.

Day 33 Module 10-2: High Status Eye Contact: High Status Eye Contact Muscle

Train it from the outside in (attention purposes).

1. 90/60 Rule. When youre talking to someone, look at them 90% of the time (really looking at
them). When theyre talking to you, look at them 60% of the time (creates vacuum for them to
work for your attention).
2. The Slow Turn. The movement of the head is a very honest signal of status. Low status people
jerk their heads. High status people dont move their heads, and it moves slow if it does move.
Practice this every time someone calls your name (dont move your head, or move it slowly).
3. The Still Head. Keep your head still. When you look at something or someone, you just move
your eyes, not your head.
How you look away says everything. Low status people jerkingly look away after catching a girls eye;
whereas high status people look into her eyes, maybe give her a smile, slowly turn and look at
something else holding it longer (communicating what you just looked at is even more interesting that
she was in that moment).

Train it from the inside out (tension purposes).

1. Singular Focus Exercise. 3 times in the morning, turn your TV/laptop on, put inanimate object
(remote control or webcam) on top of screen. Let something play visually (sound off at first,
when you get real good leave volume on), and calmly stare directly at that inanimate object on
top of screen, and hold for 60 seconds (your attention might wane, but just come back right to
that object, almost like meditating). Take a break for a minute and repeat. Do 3 sets per day
and after 2 weeks, youll notice your ability to look someone dead in the eye and focus on
something is superb. This helps your focus and attention muscle.
2. Cold Shower Exercise. Start w/ showering in hot water, and then make it cold and shower for 60
seconds. There will be a lot of physical tension hitting you all at once, and when it does pick any
spot in your shower and focus in a calm, relaxed way (no shaking) and stare for 60 seconds in
cold water. Take break in hot water for a minute and repeat exercise. Do 3 sets, and soon your
ability to stay calm, cool, and collected during physical/emotional tension of a hot girl (or at
least look like it) is powerful and says super high status.
Homework Assignment. Get caught looking at 5 people and hold eye contact for 3 seconds and remain
relaxed, and look away slowly at something even more interesting than her. In those moments of high
tension, breathe deeply/slowly or do your Go To Thought Loops.
JC takes a shot of liquid cayenne pepper (good for digestion/anti-oxidants), and even though its spicy as
shit, he keeps a straight and relaxed face. Make everything you do a practice.

Day 34 Module 10-3: High Status Eye Contact Review

6 minute review of Module 10.

Day 35 Status Interview w/ Greg C. Greenway and Jason Capital

JC first modeled Tony Starks from Iron Man. He admired how he always had the best line/comeback to
anything anyone says. Zero reaction seeking, and just dont give a fuck. 24 hours a day he is on his path
which is a super high status trait. Even though he has fun w/ girls, he always has somewhere more
important to do than her, and she can feel that which is attractive. JC has seen movie over 80 times so
he can loop it in his mind and easy to get in this character.
Hank Moody is also one of his favorite fucking characters. One night he went on a splurge and
rented/bought 17 movies each one emulating a high status character: Hank Moody, Iron Man, James
Bond, Alfie, Pierce Brosnan, Marlon Brando etc. Spent the whole summer an hour a day watching and
internalizing each character, and sometimes watching say Hank Moody for 10 minutes before going out.
Stop looking for the next attraction product; instead discover your own winning formula and keep using
it while refining yourself and formula. Winning Formula = Under the Oath Face + 2 Truths & a Lie
Status is so much more than girls and relationships. It applies EVERYWHERE.
JCs vision is to transform the lives of a million men, and set them free to be the highest status version of
themselves (say what they want, do what they want, fuck the girls they want, get the money they want).
The number will rise exponentially w/ other high status guys helping others. The guys now are in the
forefront of that million men vision.

Day 36 Module 11: High Status Charm

Stop and take a moment to really notice the changes youve made thus far, the way your views of things
have changed, the way some of your behaviors have evolved, what you know and feel now. Think about
your value 6 months from now, 12 months from now, or even 3 years from now. The next videos will be
the actual Natural Charm Installation System Seminar over 2 hours long. You will learn how high status
charm is not just your long term solution to seducing whatever girls you want, but on a much higher
level to seducing the world and everyone you meet because youre so charming. You will also learn 5
step formula for natural, irresistible charm. And how to train your charm muscle for the long term.

Day 37 Module 11 (Video 1): The Natural Charm Installation System Seminar
Become a charming mother fucker and you dont have to worry about anything else. Good things will
just happen to a charming man. Looking at history, most successful, greatest men of all time are
charmers. Everyone loves a charmer, and everyone will be cool w/ you, even if you have different girl
every month.
Red Carpet Theory: When talking to someone, you are laying out the red carpet for them (but you
choose where that red carpet is going, which is the difference). They feel emotionally great while you
lead them down a certain path. This is what Charmers do.
British men were raised to be charmers (Jude Law, Russell Brand). In America, its always asked Where
have all the Charmers gone? JC might have been British in his past life.
Theres no more game needed. As a charmer, you get what you want, because of who you are, and how
that person makes everyone feel. You become the red carpet for everyone around you. State you are
most in often, becomes your default setting. You will be in that charming state all the time. Greatest
most charming men of all time most valuable possession is their presence. Charmers presence is of
great value to everyone.
What is Charm? Charm is when someone you admire makes you feel significant.
The Forbidden Keys to Persuasion by Blair Warren. Author had obsession w/ what is it that makes
people do such dumb shit that people told them to. Dangerous book that should not be in hands of
irresponsible people. Everyone has certain psychological needs that needs to be met at all times, and
one in particular that stands out is we all have a dying, burning desire to feel significant. People will
find this somewhere if theyre not getting it from their partners. Charm is at a more subtle level. Youre
not doing it just to get what you want; its win-win for both parties. You cannot be charming unless
other person admires you. Being a high status individual is what creates admiration for you.
Movies: The Girl Next Door theres a character named Kelly whos very charming and embodies all the
principles. Watch scene where he talks to bank teller and charms her. Scene in Casino Royale where
James Bond needs a room and needs to find out driver of a certain car, where he charms receptionist to
obtain his needs.
What do all Charmers have in common?
5 Principles of being Charming (UPLIE). Each one is a muscle and can be worked on through practice.
Commit to it for 90 days and you will be different person.
1. Unapologetic & Free. Ability to speak freely across all statuspheres. Outside of work, you should
be able to blurt what you want w/ any status person. Being unapologetic/free allows people to admire
you. We admire people who are freer than us. Everyone wants to be freer. When others conclude you
speak that freely, you become a beacon of permission for them to be that free also. When you are
unapologetic/free makes people comfortable to relax w/ everything, which makes everyone relax
around you. You will naturally validate other people when its deserved, and you will naturally
invalidate or challenge when its not. You will not have to force Push/Pull as technique; it just
naturally happens. How to train your unapologetic/free muscle: 1. Generate consciousness/awareness
of it. Notice when youre holding back and not speaking your mind, write it down and later ask yourself
two questions: What would have happened if I said it? Will I be unapologetic/free next time? This is
not an excuse to be obnoxious and say you know it would be awesome if you gave me head right now.
Low status behavior to ignore social norms. Charmers are the emotional directors of their reality, and
they are always aware of how their audience is feeling. The huge part of being a serious charmer is
that it never looks hard and never looks like youre trying. And when youre truly unapologetic/free, its
muscle is truly strong, youre actually not trying, so you dont.

2. Present. Being present is what you experience when you are completely at peace w/ this very
moment. Being present allows you to feel where everyone else is at all times, because youre not in
your head. Then you can instantly take care of their emotions because youre present. Being present
makes everyone else more present around you also and makes everyone more engaged. When you go
first, everyone else follows. When you are talking to someone and you can feel theyre truly present &
grounded, that means all their energy is present, and that is value, power, status. Having strong
presence is being fully present. The worst thing that kills attraction is neediness/attachment, but when
youre fully present, its impossible to be attached to anything because there are no outcomes. When
this happens, all of your high status sub-communications will naturally come through. When we know
someone is present, we can feel that they are not managing any expectations, so we can relax, feel safe
& good; that person is just a joy to be around being that free & light. She will feel safe & relaxed if she
knows you are not trying to obtain anything from her (light/playful vibe).

Day 37 Module 11 (Video 2): The Natural Charm Installation System Seminar

How to train your muscle to be present: Being present is not an outcome; its what happens instantly
and what you constantly work on all the time. Make a list of things youve done in the past where you
felt immersed in (JC/basketball, snowboarding, traveling), and do it more often. Meditate once a day up
to 20 minutes a day. Yoga is also powerful practice for being present. Read Power of Now by Eckart
Tolle. For those not into Eastern Philosophies, read Meditation for Warriors by Loren Christensen.
Practice meditation throughout your day and just focus on breathing as needed.

3. Light & Playful. Being light/playful is even when the content is serious, the vibe is not.
Light/playful vibe is a content, relaxed vibe that always remembers nothing means anything anyways.
A lot of people walk through the world heavy, where everything matters and freak out about everything.
No one wants to be around these people. People like to be around light/playful vibe. The sun is going
to blow up: you accept it because it will happen eventually, and nothing is ever a big deal. Why be
light/playful? 1. Says your world is fucking good. If you walk around down and gloomy vs a guy upbeat,
light/playful in his vibe, it shows people how good your world is. Light/playful vibe means seducing the
world at all times and is attractive. Being light/playful communicates and inherently affirms you as the
emotional director of the interaction (in a group interaction, you set the tone of the vibe in that group).
You cannot change a womans mind by logically convincing her of anything. The way you change her
mind is by changing her mood (agree w/ her & make ridiculous). Youre right, were too old to party,
what are we 90 now? We need to chill, well order some food, Ill get you some prune juice, well stay
here and watch Golden Girls, cuz were not in our 20s here in Vegas right now, we should totally stay in
(shes trying not to laugh), dont smile, dont you dare smile, see if you smile you make me want to go
out, I dont want to go out, (steal her frame) I want to stay in be boring, I made a commitment in my life
to be a boring, mediocre, subpar individual, and I will not go out, I dont care what you say (shes
cracking up & after a minute she agrees to go out). When youre light/playful, shes always going to
feel good. Never do it in spite of yourself; instead bring yourself up and challenge her to meet your
level. Being light/playful says you already feel safe & comfortable yourself which influences her to feel
the same. It says you remember life is a game and you love to play. People feel they can finally let go
and just have fun in your presence and not be judged. How do you train your light/playful muscle? 1.
State control. State you are in most often becomes your default setting. See Status Module on High
Status State. Shock yourself into that light/playful vibe (brwwrlrlr). JC spends 2 hrs each morning
writing his newsletter. First thing he makes green juice, goes back to bed and starts writing w/ music
playing. Every half hour put laptop down, and dance to get in state. Easiest state to access when you
want is that banter/light/playful state (you can be like this all day). Read through Money Lines a few
times a day (memorize & say it out loud to yourself; youre such a little shit I cant even talk to you
anymore, youre really the pick of the litter arent you, I cant even talk to you, your parents must be
really proud of you, get away from me, I cant even talk to you, thats it were breaking up) to get in
state and do brwwrlrlr (anchor) to get in state (incorporate this into your Brain Warm-up Exercise). Pick
2 or 3 models (light/playful men like Russell Brand & Harvey Specter, Hank Moody, Tony Starks, George
Clooney, Brad Pitt from any Oceans Movies) and watch their youtube interviews/clips for 5 minutes a
day. Flirting w/ girl technique: speaking about other people when talking about you two (when two
people who are like attracted to each other, what kind of eye contact should they make?). Lastly, (VERY
IMPORTANT) even w/ your light/playful vibe when you first meet girls, they might not give you
attention, a really good way to set charming tone right away, start off every interaction w/ a
playful/challenging tease. (Hank Moody shaking hands w/ girl setting the tone from the bat: Wow its
really nice for you to meet me, I mean for me to meet you, I mean for us to meet each other)

4. Interested but Indifferent. Interested but Indifferent is when youre making them feel like
theyre the only person in the world, but they still feel they dont have you. You need to have both,
because if youre just interested youre too easy, and if youre just indifferent they wont feel special.
Bill Clinton has this reality distortion field, when you meet him just the way he looks at you, talks to you
& charms you, makes you feel like youre the only person in the world. The interest can direct the
conversation will make them feel significant & attended to like theyre the only ones that matter in that
moment, but the indifference (which is mostly sub-communicated) lets them know that they dont at all
have you. You have all kinds of options. You have abundance and you are a man always in motion.
Women love a man in motion. Jack Bauer is always in motion (you watch him for 24 hours and he never
eats or shits true hero:) The indifferent attitude is forever (not something you fake, its something you
are), and because its forever you will always sub-communicate high status. Ex: Tell her shes a
fascinating creature but because you say it while leaning back looking to the side, youre body language
communicates indifference, but your words say youre interested. Being interested but indifferent
makes you a powerful listener beyond the words. A powerful listener listens/feels/smells/tastes/looks
at everything shes not saying; thats where the truth lies: her body language, eye contact, the words
they use, the language pattern, how they said it, how they reacted after they said it, etc. Indifference
leads you free to tease, challenge, play, or self-entertain when you feel like it simply because its fun,
and fun is always a worthwhile action. Being interested but indifferent leads you to be a powerful
listener, which leads you to lead the conversation to true passions and things close to the subjects heart
and leads you to talk about it in a relaxed way (real connection she can feel, but still feels she doesnt
have you = powerful attraction). If you start showing interest in a really hot girl off the bat, many times
this will freak her out and kill attraction. What you can do is talk to her maybe not looking at her and
your body language turned away (BTW David told me youre a model, what kind do you do?). Make her
earn your interest.

5. Eye Contact. See Module 10 of Status.

Day 38 Module 11 (Bonus Video): Get Admired

Why get admired?
1. It increases The Charm Effect. Charm is when someone you admire makes you feel significant.
The more admirable you are the less effort you need to be charming (Bill Clinton). If shes cant admire
you, she cant fuck; however, if she does admire you she cant not fuck you.
2. Guarantees loyalty and man-addiction. Shell never leave guy and will always come back to him.
3. Possibly the highest turn-on a woman can experience. Not a lot of men for women to admire out
in the real world, and when she comes across an admirable man in real life, its orgasmic.
4. Can become so overwhelming, its all she associates w/ you. This can happen to her when she
meets that admirable man.

Admiration vs Jealousy. For the most part, when someone acts negative or jealous towards you, its a
surefire sign that they are unconsciously admiring you and they just dont know how to consciously
interpret it. Part of their ego feels threatened by how admirable and bad-ass you are, and comes out as
jealousy. Jealousy = Misinterpreted Admiration.
Testing from women. Men decide/claims their own value; women are there to pick at & test your value.
Owning the test increases her admiration & attraction for you.
Huge Note before we begin: Acting in any way to just receive a reaction and want people to admire you
(outcome dependant), will backfire in being admired.

What JC likes most about Admiration? Admiration rises above social proof and Lollapalooza Effect
(engulfed in many different emotional triggers you cant think straight). Admiration cannot be
engineered without truth behind it, without true substance behind the style.

What triggers Admiration beyond UPLIE?

1. Higher Status. Unconscious Admiration. The 12 Honest Signals from Status Program.
2. Self-Admiration. Like self-love. In order for someone to truly love/admire you, you must truly
love/admire yourself.
3. Witnessing someone elses Greatness in Person. JCs witnessing coder in college super focused in
his project, lost in the process for 8 minutes. Adam Gilad & JC first meeting in hotel in Austin, TX; JC
flirting w/ receptionist giggling, and JC discovering the source of the flirting w/ another receptionist, and
it was Adam (instant connection); and Adam witnessing JCs game that evening where girl leaves w/ JC.
4. Witnessing COURAGE. JCs girl talking about watching/witnessing him work on his path (reading,
coaching, training). JC watching Olympics on TV at airport: girl mustering up the courage to catch up w/
two girls to win gold (AWESOME). Unbelievable if you can hang out w/ someone whos constantly
pushing themselves into courageous moments (if not through person, get it through audio, videos, &
5. Magnificent Communication Skills (especially storytelling). You can hear it in their words, every
word is succinct, enunciate/articulate clearly, talk loud, talk low, know when to put a lot of
emotion/energy into words theyre saying, & they know when to whisper to make you kinda get curious,
almost leaning in because its really important. Tony Robbins/Rocky story
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47K3hEe98iU: 9 minute story on YouTube very mesmerizing the
way Tony tells it, and you cannot feel undeniable admiration for Tony. Presidents like Kennedy, Clinton,
& Obama were elected because people truly admire them due to their speaking skills. There are all
kinds of communication styles; pick a few and model your favorites.
6. Valuing your Time & Energy. Genuinely having places to go & people wanting to see you (you
dont have all day to talk to someone). The Curse of the Minimum: even if you finish your work/tasks
for the day, you still want to do more than the people who just aim for the minimum (dont fall victim to
this). Energy: you do not put garbage into your body & mind. Mindset Protection Program: 60 minutes
per day of Good Mental Nutrition (no useless news or TV). People will admire you when they find out
youre doing these things.
7. Active Integrity. You live in integrity, and when people witness you in exercising this Active
Integrity (You say no to alcohol because you believe in not drinking), they gain admiration for you.
Personal Standards and Boundary Congruence (see Jabbas book). Your Mission first; then Her. JC > TV.
Possibly even more importantly, if you dont live w/ Active Integrity and give in, you will lose admiration.
Make sure you are living w/ integrity AT ALL TIMES.
8. Personal Evolution. Growth that appears easy. When someone hasnt seen you in a while and
notices the new you and obvious youve been killing it on your path, getting ripped, dressing well,
becoming super charming/witty/amped about life, they cant help but have admiration for you. Also
triggers misinterpreted admiration (Jealousy) in average folks, and triggers pure support and modeling
from top-notch people. Likewise, when you meet someone killing it on his path, you feel awesome also
for them, and think what you can model/learn from them.

Get Admired Action Steps.

1. How are you FOR SURE going to incrementally increase your High Status over the next 90 days?
Make a plan of at least 3 steps right now, too important not to.
2. Make a list of the 3 to 5 important values in your life today. What do you really believe in, and
stand for? What will you not stand for? What is unacceptable? Where do you draw the line?
(Standards & Boundaries) Whatever your answers are, if you want to indirectly ensure admiration from
everyone, LIVE by your standards, & stand by your standards.
3. Imagine a news reporter came to your city to write a whole feature article just about you. What
is the ideal description they could give of you? Describe it out, on paper and in detail, for one page. This
is the version of you that YOU admire most; this is your main model to become.

Day 39 Module 12-1: High Status Style: What is High Status Style?
Why is high status style so paramount to being high status? JC used to never give a shit about what to
wear and just wore basketball outfits, and thought because he didnt give a shit, its what made him
cool. While learning to be high status and game, he decided to make conscious effort to improve style.
Immediate results by making this change. Blink by Malcolm Gladwell: We classify something on average
w/in 3 seconds, and we do it largely based on what we see especially w/ fashion and style. Clothing is
an expression and largely why girls love it so much. We gather what someone is saying about
themselves from their clothing, even if theyre not trying to say anything. If you dont care about what
you wear, you dont care about yourself and how the world perceives you, which is a low status
behavior. The world will tend to accept the judgment that we place on ourselves. If you have your own
sense of style and very clear w/ it, w/ in those first 3 seconds when they see you, theyll automatically
assume youre high status.
Certain girls will only let themselves be attracted to guys who fit their tribe or one of equal or higher
status. A John Deer guy will not fit in w/ an EDM swimming pool party girl because John Deere style is
lower status; but a Ryan Gosling guy dressed in sharp suit even though is in a different tribe from EDM
girl, he is of equal status and can be attractive to EDM girl.
Taking care of your style communicates social intelligence and that you understand the importance of
first impression and how the world works. How you dress can trigger Fuckness instantly w/ Fuck triggers
(more on this JC concept next video).
Social conditioning. Because the people, who are conditioned allegedly to be the best looking (models
from magazines), are always wearing bad ass outfits, wearing bad ass outfits triggers that same
connection in her.
What does high status style look like? JC has his own wardrobe, 3 types of shirt, all V-necks (grey, white,
black). DTF Dressed to Fuck (Originally part of 77 Ways). More tomorrow.

Day 40 Module 12-2: The DTF System: Dressed to Fuck by Jason Capital
At any time of day or night, where ever you are, you are always dressed to fuck.

4 Steps to The DTF System.

1. Incongruency Theory. Get Rich SLOWLY ad sticks out, b/c all other ads emphasize Get Rich FAST!
a. Police Line Up. 99 dressed in red, 1 is dressed in orange (one in orange stands out)
b. Attention = Perceived Value. Brain locks in on that one orange different from the rest, which
is important for female attraction because what shes focusing on HAS VALUE; she cant help but focus
on you, but its only Perceived Value (not Actual Value). Perceived Value is still great because it gives
you a nudge into the right direction.
c. But When She Looks at You and starts talking to you, your Actual Value will come out.
d. Status + Congruency (within your brand) = Actual Value. Your wardrobe will represent a
brand or tribe, so you must be congruent w/ the style you represent.

2. Branding.
a. Apple represents what to you? Great products, great commercials. Rolex? Power, expensive
watches, James Bond. Vegas? Clubs, pool parties, drinking, gambling. Each represent something to
people immediately because our brains have:
b. Human Classifying Shortcuts. Women will immediately file you away in brand youre wearing.
c. You Want to be in the I Fuck That Brand File Cabinet. Theres also file cabinet she will not
have sex with: Collared Shirt Wallflower Guy, Nice Guy, Immigrant Guy, Blue Collar Guy, Try Hard Guy
(these brands do NOT get laid).
d. Different Girls have been conditioned to fuck Different Brands. Women have been
conditioned to fuck a man w/ fashion of a certain brand, but will still fuck another brand.
e. But you still buy PC products once in a while As long as you are one of the brands she will
fuck, you are money. Thats how you get your DTF style.
f. NOTICE: All final product brands about to be shown come under a layer of Incongruity. Select
1, 2, 3 or all of the brands to use to manipulate your new file, style, fashion. While they are all part of a
certain tribe/brand, each will come w/ a layer of incongruency.

Your Branding.
Step 1: Pick Your Brand. Most comfortable to you.
Step 2: Model. Get really comfortable w/ your new style in next couple months.
Step 3: Personalize. This is where you become elite w/ your model. Start playing w/ it and make it your

Types of Brand.
The Leather Jacket Look. Ashton Kutcher in movie Spread. It can be black leather jacket or other
color. JCs foundation is a leather jacket w/ a cool t-shirt underneath.
The Wall Street Look. Ryan Gosling & later Steve Carell in Crazy Stupid Love. This is a snazzy style, fits
well, tailored suit.
The Hip Hop Look. T.I. has really good style w/ baggy jeans tucked into high tops, glasses, bag-pack.
The Sophisticated Look. Jay-Z, Beckham, T.I. Only works in a context of Strength (Subcommunications +
Fuck Trigger). You need to add triggers to this style to make it work.
The Prep Look. Similar to Sophisticated Look but a little more subtle. Great for naturally good looking
and taller guys. Adding an out of place tie is a fuck trigger.
The Rock Star Look. Russel Brand in Get Him to the Greek, or just his real life. Russel Brand is not a
rock star. Hes a comedian and makes this look work for him. Long hair & accessories are fuck triggers.
The Surfer Look. Matthew McConaughey. This brings a lot of emotions to girls w/ his laid-backedness
and unattachedness. Longer hair, w/ cool button shirt, and bracelets/slippers.
The Artist Look. Johnny Depp. Button down shirt w/ chest showing, bracelets, necklace, long hair.
Balance this style w/ strong, dominant, & challenging personality.
The Metrosexual Look. Jared Leto. Balance this style w/ strong, dominant, sexual & challenging
The Sexy Geeky Look. Justin Timberlake. Nerd glasses, tight fitting jacket, geeky, cool. In style now.
Geeks are hot. Always display sexuality and edginess in your personality.
The Fashion Elite. Aim for this type of style. David Beckham, Johnny Depp, Cristiano Ronaldo. These
are the men that play all brands together. Youre only able to pull this off when your sub-
communication/High Statusness is ELITE. Keep in mind movie stars have fashion expert picking out the
very best fashion for them.

How to Model the DTF Way. Pick the one that appeal to you most. Practice until it becomes natural. If
this is a big change, prepare for and embrace what your friends and family will say. They care about you
but are just a little afraid of change around them and a little jealous of you improving yourself. Then get
ready to personalize.

3. Status + Conguency. Status + Congruency (within your brand) = Actual Value. Your wardrobe will
represent a brand or tribe, so you must be congruent w/ the style you represent.

4. Fuck Triggers/Accessories. The brands are similar the Fuck Triggers are for Incongruity and
Status Triggers. All kinds of triggers: Dominance, Money, Dick Size, Risk Taker. The more you standout
below her doing it on purpose threshold (when you overdo it), the more attention her subconscious is
paying to you, the more value you have. Bracelets, Adonis Body, Rings, Necklaces, Hats,
Sunglasses/Geeky glasses, Belts, Shoes, Tattoos, Hair, Leather Jacket, etc. These make the brand more
incongruent to the environment. Dont do no more than 4 fuck triggers, or youll be overdoing it.

Get out there, have fun w/ this. Its AWESOME!

Day 41 (Video 1) Module 12-3: High Status Style Review

3 minute overview of Module 12. Two-step formula: 1. Model the archetype you desire until you get
consistent results. 2. Innovate with your own personal style w/ even better results.

Day 41 (Video 2) Ryan Magin Presentation

Celebrities set the trends people follow. Ryan Gosling is a fashion icon. Adam Levine from Maroon 5
has awesome style. Celebrities are the epitome of high status. Celebrities hire guys like Ryan to help
them look their best.
Tip #1: Find a good hairstylist (not a barber). They are artists, follow trends, understand what looks
good, & are tired of giving boring haircuts.
Tip #2: Fit is Everything. Find a good tailor. Fit instantly makes you look more muscular, more
confident, and why celebs look better.
Tip #3: A Good Blazer Goes a Long Way. Makes you have better posture, appear more muscular, & sets
you apart from everyone else.

Day 42 (Video 1) Congratulatory Message by Jason Capital

What you just learned is not only admirable, great for the world and yourself, but its just bad-ass. Many
people take these various shortcuts to improve life, but mastering the foundation of all human
communications, human influence and social dynamics which is STATUS, everything else just comes
naturally. Everything is built on Status; if you master this, you master everything else. If you look at
historical leaders like Alexander the Great who learned from a very young age to be super high status,
even took him years to start conquering lands. But you have just covered everything w/in 6 weeks.
Remember to continue to practice. You are what you repeatedly do.

Go through this Status Course once every 12 months to be reminded of important concepts.
Day 42 (Video 2) Invite to Success Installation System
Held on April 25, 2014 in Las Vegas only available for 10 Status Graduates for $500.