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How can you protect yourself

from the White Walkers? Eat a

diet plentiful in vitamins and
nutrients! Poor nutrition leads to a
weakened immune system. That's how
the White Walker King can get you! What did Bran Stark WINTER

do all of Season 6?
Bran Stark Rested and had
visions! Get adequate sleep.
Vit C, E, B6
Vit A, C, E, B6,
Spinach Sweet Potato
Vit A, C, E, Iron Vit A, C, B6
Brazil nuts
Adults should get 7 to 8
hours of sleep per night.

Fortified cereals/grains n o er seeds Pumpkin/Squash seeds

Vit A, C, E, B6, Iron, Zinc Vit E, B6, Iron, Zinc, eleni Vit A, Iron, Zinc, Selenium

What killed Robert Baratheon?

A boar and alcohol! Drink less
alcohol because it weakens your
immune system and interferes with
muscle growth and repair. How does Daenerys
What does Arya do Targaryen maintain her
before cleaning bodies ra iant an a ess skin?
for the Many-Faced God? Oranges,
Practice good hygiene. Wash hands Pomegranates,
frequently. Perhaps this habit has kept Arya in an he fish
the Many-Faced Gods graces and alive are easi y oun in Essos an ranges an
The White Walkers are COMING! you need to get moving!
so long! omegranates are in season uring inter an
Get outdoors, stay active. Get at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity
a so rich in Vitamin C that i ma e co an
or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity exercise per week.
Additionally, do muscle-strengthening activities 2 or u season more bearab e he antioxidant
more days of the week. Thats how The Mountain stays properties o itamin ma e it a ro e or skin
so strong! Join our BAACHs Its ALLGOOD Step Challenge hea th so he fish are high in inc inc
through your fitbit account! Type Its ALLGOOD through he ps to repair skin damage and keep skin
your fitbit community groups search and kick those steps in!
so t an supp e

How to strengthen
your immune system
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