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Abortion vs War

A Religious Perspective
Political Football
The abortion issue was the political
football that Trump carried across the
goal post...while evangelical and
Catholic leaders and their congregations
cheered him on.

Trump preyed on the emotions of the

religious moral majority, just as he
aroused the prejudices of racists,
xenophobes, homophobes and others.

He would save the unborn from the

violent crimes of abortion clinics that
"carried out murder for sinful mothers."
He promised that all "abortion-related
crime" would be stopped and punished
when he was elected.
Misplaced Fury
Taking a life is always a serious
matter. Women are no less
serious about it than men.
Contrasting abortion to the horrors
of war and other legalized life-
threatening decisions that men
make, I question the misplaced
moral fury toward abortion while a
boys will be boys attitude
prevails toward war.

Churches condemn abortion,

citing Gods law as if they could
be absolutely certain of the mind
of God.

Disturbed by the abortion

question, I wonder, "What would
Jesus say?"
Matthew 26:24 and Mark14:21.
Judas had just departed from the Last
Supper intending to betray and deliver
Jesus to his enemies for 40 pieces of
silver. Jesus said to his disciples, It
would have been better for that
man if he had never been born.


Such strong words coming from the

lips of Jesus. Sounds as if Jesus In Jesus mind
believed that, if Judas had been
some human actions
aborted, it would have been better for
were far worse than
him and the world. The early
the abortion of a fetus.
Christians never forgot those
shocking words and chose to record
them for all time.
I do not favor abortion. I know happy parents of
adopted children, but as a social worker, I have
seen abused and homeless children too. The
abortion issue is complex, not black and white.

Abortion can be self defense when the

mothers own life is threatened by pregnancy.

Third-world mothers might choose letting a

fetus die over watching a child's slow agonizing
death from starvation.

Some women feel their bodies have been

invaded by a pregnancy resulting from rape,
marital or otherwise. An uninvited pregnancy,
regardless of the cause, bears some
resemblance to an invasion of private property.

There are numerous reasons why abortion is

Who am I to judge?
War is large scale later-
stage abortion performed
by violent men on already
born children, women and
men. War victims like
fetuses, never get to live
their lives into maturity.

Church leaders have been

disproportionately timid in
condemning the horrors
inflicted on humans by
acts of war.
Prior to the invasion of Iraq, there were huge anti-war protests, but no
visible signs of clergy in the marches, no encouragement from our
altars to publicly protest. Yet in Washington DC and other pro-life
rallies across the country, clergy of all ranks promoted huge
gatherings of faithful protestors and even joined them.

Diocesan offices are well staffed for ongoing pro-life actions and
education against abortion, while an office of Peace and Justice is far
less active or evident.
For centuries the Catholic Church has held to a
Just Wars doctrine, giving Gods stamp of
approval to mens killings. Even after World Wars I
and II, Viet Nam and Iraq, religious justification for
wars prevails.

The threat of global annihilation by nuclear

weapons has caused some theologians to question
if any war, for any reason, could be considered
moral or just. But the official verdict is still out.
Sinners and Heroes
Persons who submit to abortion, most often under great
duress, are labeled as fallen sinners and murderers by
religious leaders while fallen soldiers of war are prayed
over, mourned and honored as heroes.

The Just War Theory excuses nations that engage in

war and destruction, but theologians, even feminist
ones, have yet to develop a Just Choice Theory... a
theory that would exonerate instead of condemn, those
who find themselves in circumstances that result in a
terminated pregnancy.
Pro Life
Pro Death
A life lost in abortion became of greater political
value than the millions of lives lost and threatened by
war during the 2016 Presidential Election campaign.

Reproductive Rights safeguarded by our Supreme

Court became a determining factor for religious
leaders and their congregations. They helped to
elect a man who displayed obvious disregard for the
dignity of others, a man who vowed his intent on
creating international chaos and possibly another
world war.

He promises to defend the unborn but to eliminate all

levels of protection for the life and health of our
nation, including the environmental health of the
earth on which we live.
Family Values American Style
Women produce boots on the
Men produce bombs
Churchmen, along with politicians, are so intolerant of abortion that they
oppose any government funding allotted for reproductive health and
safety...vowing they will not rest until motherhood is under full
government control.

Meanwhile, they eagerly designate millions of dollars to plan and prepare

for nuclear wars over which they foolishly believe they have full control.
When I consider all the killings that take place under the sun, and
the events that I fear we will experience in future days, I recall a
saying from the scriptures of Jesus time, that might have prompted
him to say and mean those terrible words he said about Judas.

Ecclesiastes 4:2-3)
"And those now dead, I declared more fortunate in death than
are the living to be still alive. And, better off than both, is the
yet unborn, who have not seen the wickedness that is done
under the sun."

Reflecting on those words from divine revelation might put abortion

in perspective for the morally sensitive. Are we living in a time when
the living might be better off dead?
Have our Christian
Churches taken on
the role of Judas
by selling off
our democracy
in exchange for
30 pieces of
anti-abortion silver