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Learning Contract

Course: EDT 8610 Health Professions Applications Clinical Teaching (3 credit

Student: William A. Matcham
Purpose of course: Participants are introduced to educational technologies and
teaching applications that are used in the health professional environment such as
simulations, standard patients, team-based training, and active-learning strategies.
Students are expected to produce an artifact of learning from their experience.
My Plan: As part of an educational team, we received a teaching innovation grant
in Spring 2015 to develop a novel software platform to host unfolding case studies
as an online simulation experience for use in the active learning classroom. This
initiative combines knowledge transfer from prerequisite courses with new
knowledge from two beginning nursing courses to produce an interactive learning
experience for students. The project was piloted in Nur2100 in Spring 2016.
Outcomes for this class: To meet the requirements of this course, as first author,
I will construct a draft manuscript with my co-investigator (Cindra Holland) detailing
the interdisciplinary design and implementation of the software and how it was used
in the active learning classroom. The manuscript will be formatted in APA 6 for
submission to the Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics. The timeline for project
completion is below.

Task Strategy Evidence Timeline

Build an outline for Make an outline Outline with Outline on Google
sections of the based on current assignments Docs by May 15
manuscript to be published present in Google
completed literature in CJNI. Doc for
Have team select collaborative
sections they want writing
to write.
Construct an Work with expert Draft of literature First draft
introduction/ lit in the field of review and completed by June
review / simulation, the background 20
background librarian and section completed
section research team to in manuscript
collect background
Gather technical Gather written Technical sections Draft of section by
data from background from of paper drafted June 10
Engineers to build engineers. Make with table that
software specific list of missing includes technical Interview and
sections of paper information, then demographics for complete draft by
interview the server/ app June 20
engineers to
gather missing
Complete the Using the Sections drafted in First draft done by
discussion, information from paper on Google June 20
Learning Contract

limitation and the grant final docs

theory sections of report and
paper engineering data,
write sections to
link the project
Compete draft of Combine all Completed draft Draft by June 30,
manuscript for sections and fill in on Google Docs final draft by July
review gaps 27