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Title Audience

Critical research abilities and the internet Grade 4 students

Time Big Question
1 hour long class period How can the internet be used as a tool for research
Activate Supplementary Questions
Explain that you are going to learn more about the What is the difference between fact and opinion and
Prime Minister as part of the Canadian Government how can you determine which is which?
unit. Ask students where we could go to get more How do you determine if a website is a valid source for
information about Justin Trudeau. information?
In Google Slides presentation show screen grabs of web What are benefits and disadvantages of multiple
pages of information about Justin Trudeau. These pages research resources including the internet and print
are from a mixture of both reputable, parody, and media?
maliciously fake websites. Point out to the class the Supplies
inconsistencies of the information on the websites. SMARTboard or digital projector with access to the
Ask students how can we be sure which information we internet
can trust and which websites are wrong or making Computers for each student with access to the internet
things up. Google Slides presentation with screen grabs of
Acquire relevant websites
Discuss things to look for from a website to help us to Chart paper and markers to record group discussion
determine if it is a good source for information or if it Online Research Worksheet for each student
has incorrect information. Stressing the importance of:
How up to date the website is. Objectives
Does the writing seem like it has been edited or is Science
it full of mistakes? 4-0-2a- access information using a variety of sources
Who is the author? Are they an expert or do they 4-0-2b- review information to determine its usefulness to
work for a company that you know of? (e.g. The inquiry or research needs
Winnipeg Free Press, Government of Canada)
Does the author explain where they got their Social Studies
information from? 4-S-203- Select and use appropriate tools and technologies
Does this information match with what you to accomplish tasks
already know or what other authors are saying? 4-S-300- Formulate questions for research
Explain that not all good websites will meet all of these 4-S-301- Consider advantages and disadvantages of
pieces of criteria but if they meet some then you can solutions to a problem
probably trust that it is true. 4-S-302- Draw conclusions based on information and
Apply evidence
Divide students into pairs and have them visit five 4-S-303- Evaluate personal assumptions based on new
different websites about Justin Trudeau information and ideas
4-S-304- Distinguish fact from opinion
Using their Online Research Worksheet have them fill
4-S-305- Observe and analyse material or visual evidence
in information about the source (including author, date
for research
last edited, citing information).
Discuss with their partner if they think the website is a
English Language Arts
good source or not and colour in the happy face if it is
2.1.1.- make and record connections between personal
good, the neutral face if they are unsure, or the sad face
experiences, prior knowledge, and a variety of texts
if it is bad.
3.2.2- Answer inquiry or research questions using a variety
Come together for a large group discussion after to go of information sources
over answers as a class and to explain why each website 3.2.3- Assess the usefulness of information for inquiry or
was through to be a good or a bad source of research using pre-established criteria
information. 3.2.4- Use a verity of tools to access information and ideas;
Assessment use visual and auditory cues to identify important
Circulate during small group discussion and take notes information
Use SeeSaw's Assessment tool to record skills observed 3.3.3- Examine collected information to identify categories
for each individual student. or aspects of atopic that need more information