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Saptarishi Nadi
Aries Lagna
Translation by yenbeeyes

Chart 4


1. Parvati asks about the results for a native who has Aries Lagna and Moon and Ketu
are in Aries, Mercury, Rahu and Sun are in Libra and Mars, Venus, Saturn and
Jupiter are in Sagittarius. Parasarar first tells that this is the horoscope of a male.

While studying the planetary positions on various dates I found that on 13-11-1901 the
position was very near to that given by the rishis except Moon. On 13-11-1901 at a
Longitude of 80 E 17 and a Latitude of 13 N 05 which are the co-ordinates of Chennai at
15:58 I have drawn a chart in Jhora using Ramans Ayanamsa.
In this chart you will agree that the Moon is in Scorpio whereas in the chart given by the
translator of the Nadi verse it is shown in Aries. We have to carefully study the Tamil
verse here. It says:


The word siki indicates Ketu and is in Aries. The word Pirai means Moon and the
word Kochai means a low expression meaning that Moon is in a lower position that is
to say it is in a debilitated position and hence it must be in Scorpio. Hence the above
chart may be taken as the correct one.

In verse 29 the rishi states that the native was born in the 2nd pada and the balance of
Mercury dasa is of 16 years and 6 months. Kindly go through my explanations there also.
If the starting dasa is to be of Mercury then Moon must be in Aslesha, Jyeshta or Revati.
The corresponding Rasis for the placement of Moon for these Nakshatras are Cancer,
Scorpio and Pisces. Hence Jyeshta Nakshatra was taken. And it is in the 2 nd pada for the
time and date taken above. However, the balance of dasa of Mercury does not tally.

2. ..


Natives house

2. His house will be in the eastern street and facing the west. First in importance is
his noble character known to the world. He will be living near to the house of
King. At times smoke from the burning ground. This native will have such signs
of recognition.



3. This lads birth fortunes, Fortunes of the mother who gave birth to him, the highly
placed father, siblings as well his wife and children and also the previous and next
birth details will all be stated in this book. When the native is of 8 years old his
fathers lineage will get decline.



Siblings of the native

4. He will have one younger brother. We will tell about his characteristics. He will
befriend foreigners. Will have very little education. Will quarrel with his elder
brother (that is with the native). Will be doing business in gold. A short-tempered



Characteristics of the Native

5. He is capable of talking with cunningness. Will also talk contradictory word before
and behind. Sometimes there will be double meaning also in his words. There will
be only one marriage. His words will have no effect before her. She will be
beautiful and will be like that of a Moon. She will be long lived. No other problem
will come.



6. We will tell that he is of middle age. We will tell about the details later. He will be
well educated. Has a pure mind. Will have a subtle mind. Will be indiscrete.
Short-tempered person. Will have weak coloured body means an ordinary colour.
He will get urinary infection.



7. He will understand the new books. He will be interested in good deeds. Will
befriend ascetics. Has a doubtful mind. Has a destructive mind. Will educate
somebody. Is a patient person. Will be fond of butter. Will have a hasty and fast



8. He is capable telling the future. Will befriend Kings. Will be living with
discontent. Will not have the benefit of increase of cattle. Will be interested in
women. Will have a wavering mind. Will be devoted to Lord Muruga. Oh! Lady of
distinction! Listen.


9. He will be doing the work of five metals (called as Pancha Loka). A little lazy.
Mind will be like that of a poison. But he will be good to those who are good to
him. A deceitful characteristic person. To such a person of character, we will tell
that this is his 6th birth.



10. He will learn two types of skills. A clever man. Will be friend to all. Will have no
ill-feelings in the mind. Will get the best family. A pure man. Will not be a friend
of enemies. Will be travelling in a vehicle like those used by rich people. Will help
those who approached him for assistance. Will be fond of women.



11. Will be good to many. Will accumulate lands in the later part. Will talk like a
poet. Will have a righteous mind. He will visit holy places and take dip in holy
waters. He will live in a higher status than his father. He will save his position. He
will not permit inferior people to come near him.



12. He will have sexual intercourse with others wives. He will be devoted to elders.
He will love beautiful women. He will interview the Kings. He will also give them
suggestions and guide them according to his community laws. When the Rishi
with the matted hair (here it refers to Parasarar) said like this Jeyamuni
interrupted and said:


13. What is the reason for you to tell such fortunes for the native? The conjunction
of Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Mars in the 9th house gives such a yoga. After the age
of five, the native will get fortune and it will grow like that of an increasing Moon.



14. In addition to this in his 15th year he will get a treasure and that will come from his
own house. Beyond that he will have special yoga period. There will be evils that
will happen in the house about which we will tell later. He will perform austerity
measured in his house to attain eternal bliss. Loving mother! Listen.



Characteristics as well as previous birth of mother

15. There will be two brother and one sister which is certain. Others will perish. We
will tell about their results in the later part. We will now tell about the
characteristics of the natives mother. She has a loving mind. A little short-
tempered but will become calm immediately. She will get all comforts.



16. She will be living according to the wishes of her husband. Her birth place will be in
the west in Kudagu. She will have three brothers and two sisters. Her birth family
is a blemish-less one. Listen ! We will tell about the previous birth of her. She was
born in a lovable place. She took birth in a weavers family.


17. She got a child. She was devoted to Lord Muruga and offered food to destitute and
those who are hungry. At that time she became weak due to the effect of evil
spirits and went to the abode of Yama and thereafter as per the calculations of
Brahma took birth in this life as mother of the native. We will tell about her next



Next birth of mother

18. She will take birth in a small village situate at the southern part of Chidambaram
in a Vaisya community and will be living with name and fame by doing golden
works. We will tell about the previous birth of the father of the native. Will be
born in a cold mountain country and the Vadugar community. (Vadugars are thos
who migrated to Tamilnadu from Andhrapradesh).



Previous birth of father

19. Doing various kinds of business, was living with wife and children. At that time a
misfortune came upon him. He cheated the poor people. Such unsteady people
cursed him and that came upon him. He lost his position on the earth and while
living in a reduced status,


20. Attained the abode of Yama and was created by Brahma again and was born to a
person who was tilling the lands. Like that of the snake poison, the curse of the
poor people of the earlier birth approached him in this birth. He was subjected to
penury. Listen! Mother!



Next birth of the father/Marriage of the native

21. Next birth of the natives father will be in Kongu country (in Kerala) in Gangai
community. He will live getting the assistance given from the King. A dull person.
We will tell about the time of marriage of the native. She will come from Kudagu
country. She will join him in his 18th year. She will be long lived. This was objected
to bu Rishi Athri.

Note: 18th year of the native will begin on 13-11-1918 and will end on 13-11-1919. Venus dasa,
Venus Antardasa will be running. Venus is lord of 7th house of marriage and lord of 2nd
house of addition to family and placed in the dharma house of marriage. 18th year will
activate the 6th house. Its lord is Mercury who is placed in the 7 th house of marriage and
through its dispositor brought about the marriage.


, , , , .

22. There will be two marriages. Kindly clarify that point. Clearly and with
confirmation we say that because Rahu and Sun are in the 7 th house there will be
two wives. Agasthiya Rishi objects and says that Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars
placed in the 9th house of Baghya,


23. There will be only one marriage. Rahu in the 7th place is a blemish. Because of that
his wife will have two mothers. Oh! Rishi! We will say that the wife will have an
illegal connection with another man in her 32 nd year. She will perish because of the
illegal husband.



Children of the native

24. Apart from this there is no such position to show that there will be two marriages.
There will be only one wife. He will get 6 children. One will die. Three male and
two female children will be born and will have long life. Listen, Devi!



Previous birth of the native

25. We will tell about the previous birth of the native. He was born in a broad
mountain country in the disciplined Gangai community and lived doing
agriculture and was without poverty. Was giving food to the poor and reached the
abode of Yama and was created by Brahma.



26. And this native was born again. We will tell about his fortunes. He will
accumulate lands. He will do admirable work using the five metals. He will get his
fortune after his 5th year. Increase in wealth will be there. Listen, Devi !



Time of death of parents and native

27. When the native is of twenty years old his father will die. Three years there after
his mother will die. We will say that the native will die in the month of Ani(June-
July) in his 60th year.

Note: As per the dasa table given under verse 29 native in his 20 th year will be running
Venus dasa, Venus Antardasa. Venus is placed in the 9 th house of father along with a
host of planets. Of these Saturn and Mars merit our attention as one (Saturn) is the lord
of 2nd house of maraka and 3rd house of longevity and death and the other (Mars) is lord
of 12th house of exit for the 9th house. From karaka Sun, Venus is in the 3rd house of
longevity and death. In the 20th year the 8th house will be in operation and this becomes
the 12th house from the dasa as well as the bukthi lord Venus.

Mother will die 3 years after that means the native will be 23 years old. His 23rd year will
beging on 13-11-1923 and will be up to 13-11-1924. During this period as per table below
Venus Dasa and Moon and Mars Antardasa will be running for the native. Venus is the
lord of 12th house of exit as well as the lord of 7th house of maraka from karaka for mother
Moon (who also becomes the 4th lord). Also from dasa lord Venus, Moon is placed in the
12th house of exit. Moon is debilitated. So Moon Antardasa is a possibility. Its dispositor
Mars is placed in the 2 nd house of maraka from Moon and Mars is also capable of
inflicting death to the mother. Since Mars bukthi is for one month only during his 23 rd
year, and also since the month of death has not been furnished, we can conclude that his
mother must have died during Moon Antardasa. At the age of 23 the 11 th house will be in
operation. The two lords of this house are placed in marakasthanas of the planet
indicating mother viz. Moon Saturn in 2nd house and Rahu in 12th house.

Next the native will die in his 60th year. Native will be running the dasa of Mars who is
the 8th lord of longevity and death. But he is also the Lagna Lord. In this chart Mars is
conjunct the maraka lords Venus (2nd and 7th lord) and Jupiter (12th lord) and the
badhakasthana lord (Saturn). Next let us see the relation between the Antardasa lord and
the dasa lord. 60th year begins on 13-11-1960 and ends on 13-11-1961. Native died in the
month of June-July. So it must be between 14-06-1961 to 14-07-1961. Moon Antardasa was
running at the time. A look at the chart will clearly show that in the 8 th house Moon is
debilitated disposing its lord to the 2 nd house of maraka. So Moon and Mars are in 2-12
position indicating death. 60th year indicates Lagna and something to the body is to
happen and his death came about as the Lagna Lord is ill placed.



28. How you say that the native will have long life. Ketu is placed in the 12 th to his
own house (here Taurus becomes own house of Ketu) along with the faulty Moon,
it should be stated that there will be only short life. But because the Brahmin
planets (Jupiter and Venus) are in the 9th house, only long life should be predicted.
We will tell about his next birth.



Next birth of the native

29. He will be born in the same town in a Brahmin community. His birth time will be
a troublesome one. The second pada of Mercury dasa will be the apt one. In that
we will tell the results for 16 years and 6 months.

Note: This verse is not clear. In the first place the word pada has been used. Mercury
dasa duration is of 17 years. So for each pada the duration would be 4 years 3 months. If it
is the 2nd pada then the balance of dasa must be 12 years and 9 months only. Clearly this
cannot be the dasa at birth also. Because Moon is stated to be in Aries which has Aswini
ruled by Ketu, Bharani ruled by Venus and Krittika ruled by Sun. Clearly Mercury dasa
cannot be the 2 nd dasa also. In fact it is doubtful whether the native will see the Mercury
dasa itself. Clearly something is missing in this verse.
However as per chart drawn using Jhora explained under verse 1, I furnish below the dasa
periods taking 365.2425 days.
Dasa Bukthi Yrs Mnths Days From To Age Event
Mercury 9 11 2 13-11-1901 15-10-1911 Up to 10
Ketu 7 15-10-1911 14-10-1918 Up to 17
Father death
Venus Venus 3 4 0 14-10-1918 13-02-1922 18 to 21
And marriage
Sun 1 0 0 13-02-1922 13-02-1923 21-22
Moon 1 8 0 13-02-1923 14-10-1924 22-23 Mother-Death
Mars 1 2 0 14-10-1924 14-12-1925 23-25
Others 14-10-1938 Up to 38
Sun 6 14-10-1944 Up to 44
Moon 10 14-10-1954 Up to 54
Mars 7 14-10-1961 Up to 61 Death-Native



30. Mother will be subjected to many diseases. Will be affected by abject poverty.
Native will also get diseases. Adversity, trouble and vexation will be the path of
living. Mental worries, mother side relations cunningness and many other
matters, we will talk in the second part.